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Classic Hashi LightArtbegottiLet's say you're stuck on a deserted island. For whatever reason, there's another island over there (*points) that you want to get to. To get to that island, you've got to build yourself a few bridges connecting all of the other islands around you. And there's a limit on how many bridges you can build on each island. After a certain point, you'd probably be tempted to give up and just swim, but some might see this as a puzzle waiting to happen. Classic Hashi Light is another addition to the growing line of Conceptis logic puzzle packs that takes a more abstract view of puzzling.

The goal of a hashi puzzle is to connect all of the numbered islands using a series of bridges so that every island is connected to each other in one system. Bridges may connect horizontally or vertically, but not diagonally, and no more than two bridges can branch off of an island in any direction (meaning an island can have up to eight bridges total). The number listed on each island is the total number of bridges to come off of each island. To place a bridge between two islands, mouse over the island you wish to start from, then move over the shaded direction and click. Click again to add a second bridge, and once more to remove the bridge(s). When all the bridges are in place, you win, and you can relax on your new island home! Or start a new puzzle.

Unlike some of the other entries in the Conceptis Light series of puzzles so far, the final result isn't a clever picture or a pleasant grid of numbers. You'll be left with a tangle of lines that might not be visually appealing. Hashi puts a more abstract twist on logic puzzles, forcing you to play by the numbers more than ever. Since this is Volume 1 in a periodically-released series, the difficulty might be a bit low for the experienced Hashi-head, but it's a great introduction to the puzzle for newcomers. There are even a few larger puzzles that might take more thorough scouring to find where your next move is.

If you've not experienced Hashi before, Classic Hashi Light is ideal for getting familiar with the format. Who knows, perhaps trying out new puzzles will help you build the bridge into more puzzling adventures! Or you could swim.

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Hashi Tips and Tricks

  • A good starting point for solving Hashi puzzles is to look for large numbers in certain locations. For example, an 8 in the middle of the puzzle must have two bridges coming out of all four sides. Similarly, look for 6s along the edges (with three possible directions) and 4s in corners (with two possible directions).

  • Keep other large numbers in mind as well. If you see a 7 in the puzzle, you know every direction has at least one bridge. Why? Even if you fill all of the other directions with the maximum of two bridges, there will always be one bridge leftover to fill up that last direction. Even if you can't confidently mark off all seven bridges right off the bat when you see a 7, you can at least place one bridge down in each direction. This helps by limiting the directions some other islands' bridges may go. Like the above point, This tip also applies to 5s on sides and 3s in corners.

  • Don't forget the low numbers either! Sometimes a low number (or a larger number that already has a few bridges marked) can limit what other islands can do. For example, picture a 1 and a 6 next to each other. Since you know that you can only use 1 or 0 bridges to connect these two islands, there must be 5 or 6 bridges that have to branch off of the 6 in the other three directions. And what did we say about having 5 bridges for three directions? You can put one bridge in these three directions (not the direction with the 1).

Classic Hashi Light Solutions

Level 1 (6x6)

Puzzle 1:

Puzzle 2:

Puzzle 3:

Puzzle 4:

Puzzle 5:

Puzzle 6:

Puzzle 7:

Puzzle 8:

Puzzle 9:

Puzzle 10:

Level 2 (8x8)

Puzzle 1:

Puzzle 2:

Puzzle 3:

Puzzle 4:

Puzzle 5:

Puzzle 6:

Puzzle 7:

Puzzle 8:

Puzzle 9:

Puzzle 10:

Level 3 (10x10)

Puzzle 1:

Puzzle 2:

Puzzle 3:

Puzzle 4:

Puzzle 5:

Puzzle 6:

Puzzle 7:

Puzzle 8:

Puzzle 9:

Puzzle 10:


Like from Games Magazine. Looks like fun. I've never tried Bridges? Islands? (forget what they called it) when it showed up in Games. So this will be a first for me.


Cool game, but you can find the same one, and more, on Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection page.

[Simon Tatham's puzzles are all downloads. This is a browser game. -Jay]

Can't really fault this game at all. It's a perfect introduction to Hashi ("Bridges").

* Control scheme was actually quite intuitive and faster than [other sites]
* Good range of difficulty. As a seasoned puzzler I only needed to put my thinking cap on for the 10x10 puzzles, but I really needed it. Still, the difficulty is limited by the small size of the grid. The range of logical possibilities to think about just isn't present in this puzzle set.

I love hashi! I was sad when Conceptis switched to pay to play, because I had to cut down on my hashi habit, so this was nice. Way too easy for me, though.

Nice! I understand this isn't something original, but I've never player it before.

I completed the level 1 puzzles under a minute, the level 2 puzzles under 2 minutes and the level 3 puzzles.. well, the ones I did complete took me more than 10 minutes! :P And there were at least three (from level 3) that analyzing every knot and it's neighbors wasn't enough, I had to mentally guess something and see if it works on the rest.

ooooh. A logic game which is actually a logic game. Fun!

As always, no "Next" button. While the puzzles are a nice enough distraction, retrieving every level individually is too tedious for me to bother with.
It is interesting that their puzzles always have a unique solution (that I know of). Perhaps they are all handmade, accounting for the limited number of them, but it would be greatly improved if the game included the code to generate a far greater number of valid levels automatically.
I wonder if these limitations are part of a deliberate commercial strategy or just design flaws.

One of my favourite pen-n-paper logical game types. Thx for reviewing this!


Conceptis is great!

I liked that.

6x6 and 8x8 were easy but 10x10 made me think.

It is possible to do all the 10x10 games without guessing. There is always an arrangement which allows you to place another bridge with only a minimal amount of logic. It does sometimes take some time to find it though...

Remember that all islands need to be connected. This allows you to rule out combinations which would leave an isolated section.

Fun and thought-tastic, but I can only do so many in a row before I get bored (that is, about 15).

Thank you. For the first time, a review of a game that did not begin as a conversation you might have with a 6 year-old.

Inane does not equal fun.

Nevermind. Forget I said anything.

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