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ChiktionaryCarrot TrackLife is so sweet when it's simple, like a Sunday afternoon strolling through the park or, even better, taking your new puppy for a walk. Aren't puppies great, sniffing, straining at the leash, wagging their cute puppy tails with their pink tongues hanging out of their happy, puppy faces? But aren't bunnies cuter, wiggling their little noses and waggling their cute cottontails in the sun while flying through the air with their helicopter backpacks? Ferry Halim, in Orisinal's most recently released flash game, has recreated the pure enjoyment of an afternoon in the park, where puppies and bunnies frolic, in Carrot Track, a vertical scrolling, avoidance game delight.

Like Drifting Afternoon, and in typical Ferry Halim style, the aim is sweet and simple. Help the bunny along the carrot trail by using your mouse to click and hold puppies on a leash and prevent them from colliding with the wascally wabbit. You can also select multiple puppies that are in close proximity, and leash them together. The puppies can be moved backwards as well as forwards, or simply held in one spot. It's so cute to see them straining at the leash, eager to keep dashing forward. Luckily for the bunny, it will encounter temporary power-ups like berries that provide a surge of energy and prolong its lifespan, helicopter back-packs to help it fly safely over the puppies, and dog-whistles that will command the puppies to sit and stay, allowing for an almost clear path. However, it seems Rotweiller pups are not so obedient.

It has been a while since we've experienced the finesse of Ferry Halim, so playing Carrot Track can be likened to a breath of fresh Spring air; sweet, uncomplicated, refreshing and absolutely essential. Halim's games ask for very little, but give so much in return, with gorgeous graphics, simple and beautifully smooth gameplay, and the music... well, just wait 'til you hear it, because it's absolutely lovely and you might just find yourself whistling along to it.

There's no point in trying to analyze Carrot Track, because like all Orisinal games, it's simply a moment of pure enjoyment; sublime and relaxing, like a Sunday afternoon walk in the park, with your puppy. Oh, and did I mention rabbits with helicopter backpacks...?

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I wish Orisinal once decided to make an actual game instead of these (admittedly gorgeous and relaxing) "postcard games". There's so much talent in there which I feel is somewhat wasted since every single Orisinal game is more of a lovely distraction than anything else, and just once I'd like to actually immerse in a game with such a relaxing and friendly atmosphere...

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269,000 on my first try. :)

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With the ability to grab multiple dogs, it's a bit trivial to to keep the mouse on one side of the field, and grab all of dogs and keep them leashed to one side or the other.

I made 340k my first try and only stopped when my hand got fatigued playing on a laptop trackpad. Unless the obstacles change significantly, it might not be too hard to play indefinitely with that strategy.

I love Ferry Halim's cute games and lovely style.

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Awh it's so cute! and the bunny is so cute! and it has a helicopter backpack!


makes me want to have a cute bunny.
or a puppy.

or both!

but srsly, this game is so relaxxing and so cute its awesome!

anyone know the song?

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I actually prefer the "postcard" games he offers simply because his stuff is what I turn to when I don't want to get engrossed in a serious game but want to kill some time in a friendly atmosphere.

I think part of the charm behind them is that they *are* so super-simple and can be enjoyed by everyone, without much to frustrate.

However, if Orisinal ever hosted a full-version game of the same ilk, I'd be one of the first ones to play.

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If anyone wants a longer Ferry Halim game, just go to his portfolio page - he's done a number of games for retail sites.

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I can instantly recognize his work via his art, and my thoughts were somewhat like this:

"Is that another installation?! THE ONE I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR?!"



You can tell how much I love his games...

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Pandragon Author Profile Page January 18, 2011 7:03 AM

I just hope he keeps making his orisinal games, I don't really mind how long it takes him but please keep on doing it!
and good luck to Felim on his iphone applications

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