DoraNetshiftBetween the time when the LOLcats drank intelligent internet humour, and the rise of obnoxious memes, there was an age undreamed of. And onto this, Rob Allen, destined to wear the jeweled crown of really awesome puzzle games upon a troubled brow. It is I, his chronicler, who alone can tell thee of his saga. Let me tell you of the days of Hapland! Of the great plains of the Farcade! And perhaps most wondrous of all... awwwww, yeah, it's Netshift, yo! PARTY!

Originally featured way, way, way back in 2008 and consisting solely of community-generated content, Netshift is back with an updated look, new tricks and traps, and 30 official levels by your barbarian overlord and mine, Rob Allen himself. The premise of the game is simple; navigate your little ship through the dangers of each level to the checkered exit for victory. Use the [arrow] keys to move, and [enter] to pick up or drop items, while [spacebar] fires any missiles you're carrying. Why do you need missiles? Because there are a lot of obstacles in your way, from force fields to proximity bombs to switches and levers and more. Your job is to figure out what each object does, how they interact, and use that to your advantage so you can make your escape. If you get stuck, tapping [R] reloads the level. A single hit or explosion causes your ship to blow up, but you can restart without penalty, and the larger levels feature checkpoints that, once activated, will be where you respawn. Oh, and this time around, pressing [M] mutes the sound.

Netshift is one of those great "just one more level" type of puzzle games, and the 30 new levels constructed by its creator are very well done. They start off simple enough to ease you into the mechanics, but gradually ramp up the difficulty until you find yourself clutching the sides of your head, gazing feverishly into the monitor muttering, "What does it mean?!". The one-hit KO would be a killer without the presence of checkpoints, and it's still going to be frustrating for some players. But where the game absolutely shines is its bevy of clever items all laid out for you to experiment with, like a Rube Goldberg machine with explosions and spaceships.

It's great to see Rob Allen back in action, and the good news is not only Netshift's new 'do, but the revival of his site and all the games on it. Does he have anything new on the horizon? Mmmmmmaaaaaybe. But right now, Netshift is back and better than ever, and together with its community content, provides enough of a challenge for you to sink your teeth into for a good long while.

Play Netshift

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

If you want to cheat and skip a level, you can put the following into the address bar (once on the page):

Replace [desiredlevelnumber] with the level you want to be your 'best' level

Intrestingly, to find that out - I looked in the javascript file and - as is Robin's wont - he left a little message:

Yes, you can look in the javascript file and go to any
level you want. What a fearsome hacker you are.



Maybe I'm disadvantaged by not having played the original NetShift (and missing something) but at the moment, Level 3 seems like a cruel joke to me.

Fun :) Now on 11, having trouble figuring out what these strange boxes actually do. Got to the checkpoint, and I think I get the idea of what needs to happen next, but I'm having trouble actually making it happen :/

How do you get past level 3? Am I just bad at this game?

Am I an idiot or is something wrong here. I go into the second room, and can't do anything I sit on the gray thing and hit both space and enter and nothing happens, how do I get past this?


Official level 16 has me stumped.

It looks like a total of four shots need to be fired to complete the level, but I've only found three shots anywhere in the level. Help?

I'm stuck on level 3 as well. Unless I'm missing a way to shoot diagonally, I'm totally stumped on how to solve that one.

Any help on one to get me started?


go right, to the rocket, pick it up with ENTER, face the green gem/rock in the doorway, press SPACE to shoot it

Sonic Lover I had the same problem untill...

Cryptic clue:

One rule that applies to other similar games doesn't apply to this...


More than one block can be pushed at a time so the three blocks at the top right of the map can just be pushed off rather than having to shoot the button in the middle

Level 3:

After tripping the orange switch once, you'll have two shots left. Pick one up and leave it between the two columns of orange pillars. Then, fire the last shot at the switch, and quickly dart across the first set of pillars before it hits. The rest should be cake.

It does not let me pick up the rocket

I am stuck in the second room, In the first room, I pick up the key go to the next room, and then I can't do anything, there is a gray thing on the left side, and I can't pick it up or activate it. the green rock blocks the path on the right.

Server just went down, and right when I was really getting into the game!

"500 - Internal Server Error"

Regarding level three (and hints in general)

Try shooting all the different objects with the missiles to see what happens. These missiles will fire in your ships directions, rather than a fixed direction like the old ones.

Note that you can pick items up and drop them if you need to recover something in a different location after a switch is triggered.

You can fire missiles through blocks that have openings through them, even though you can't walk through those blocks.

Is that enough?

Matchu for level 11:

Remember that the strange boxes copy things if you shoot them.

still stumped?

Notice that there's a key in the room next to the save spot (before the 1 way path)

If you go beyond that 1 way path, you'll find you need a second key.

Try copying the first key to make a second one

Good luck

OMG I can't believe I couldn't think of that...

Thanks SonicLover.

Level 5 is the one I don't get...

I can't seem to move fast enough to outrun the shot. Any hints?

503 - Service Not Available

JIG strikes again...
we broke it :(

Syntax, that's also down :(

@Jaebn: Yeah it's the same domain.

500 - Internal server error


@Hassle Free

I finally managed to figure out level five.

see if you can manage to make the red bug speed up the rate the bumpers flash on and off.

Thanks Marcsin :) I managed to work out what the boxes were actually doing (I thought they just spawned things), and made it through. Now I'm ready for 12... but the site is down :( Getting alternate 500 and 503 errors. Did we flood the site this quickly?

Please have patience folks. Rob just got his server back online, so cut him some slack and come back to this later. I'm sure it will be all sorted soon.

It's back up! \o/

Aaaand, back down. I got through 12, though :) Loads of fun!

And up again. Phew. I was going through withdrawal :o

13 is taunting me. I can see two things, but I feel like I need three...

For 16:

You can push multiple arrow blocks at a time. You only need 3 rockets.

aaah of course! Thank you Glomer.

Seriously, this came before Netshift, was downloadable and was (in my opinion) a far superior version.

Netshift is still pretty good though...

Please help on level 8. Can pick up all the pink diamonds but then what? Thanks

back down again.

Server down again - the curse of JiG. Poor guy only got the server up and running again about a month ago after a long period of inactivity...

1st) I agree with grosie
2nd) most if not all of these are just remakes of the same maps from Blackshift
3rd) I am stuck on 17 - I can get the first diagonal-bouncer, but then not much after that. Anyone there yet? Help?

Scratch that. The ability to comment for help and then immediately go back and figure it out yourself never ceases to amaze me. I got it

Annnnnndddd it's back down again. Sheesh.

Stuck on 6

You think the server problems are our doing for giving the site so much traffic?

I never like games where you find new "things" and you're never really told what they are. Is this going to blow me up? Can I push it? Is it friendly to me? etc etc

@SonicLover - Probably.
@eric - I still have an old version (1.24A) installer on my hard drive, think I'll go and play some now.
Would have been nice if Robin had done the same level pit thing but for Blackshift. And multiplayer (everybody edits stylee) would have been interesting (or maybe more like asynch racer)

Hrm. The start of 19 has me stumped. I'm not sure what moves I can even make... (Note that by posting this, I ensure that I will have it solved within minutes.)

See? Got the start of 19. That was fun :)

Fire as you go.

I am stuck horribly on level 15.
I think I know what to do I just can't do it.

I don't get official level 13 ("The Warehouse.")

It's just a closed room with some iron boxes and robots that bounce off of each other. I've tried closing them up separately and together in all kinds of configurations, but it doesn't seem like anything's about to blow a hole in the wall. What am I missing...?

Typical (I guess... first time poster)--post for help, go back, make progress immediately. Still stuck on 13, though:

I found the two hidden missiles, which seem to put a dent in the wall, but driving robots into the cracked wall do nothing... how to break through...?

Ashiel - if you're talking about the first bit, yeah. You need to be fast.

How do I do level 12?

Power of posting...but now 13 is stumping me.

Stuck on level 11 as well. Can't use the key twice. I have figured out how to route the little purple guy, but he doesn't detonate the bomb. Uggh!

OMG ITS BACK!!!! I tried looking for it a few months ago, and apparently it was torn down completely. I was sooo sad. But its back!! Can't WAIT to play.

Out of interest... why were my mentions of Blackshift deleted?

I thought it would be a nice mention, and bearing in mind it's the same author, was relevant...

Please don't link drop in the comments. Although it is somewhat related, and yes we mentioned it back in 2008 when we first reviewed Netshift, Rob does not have all of his games back up on his site right now, Blackshift being one of them. Thanks for understanding. :) -Jay]

Level 25, anyone?

I think my goal is to get a constant stream of purple enemies to the yellow gun in the lower left, but there's no way to get either of the yellow blocks down there to ferry them around.

Understood :)

I don't get 15.

I'm trying to shoot the bullet into the mirror to hit the gun, and then run, grab the mirror and move it to the place next to the purple button, and move out of the way. But this is nigh-impossible with the bullet physics being what they are. If I run too fast, I get killed by my own bullet. Is this what is intended?

for level 13

find hidden missiles under crates

and then

shoot crates to make them blow through the walls

Has it really been four years since the last Hapland? Oh man.

Sonic Lover for level 25 I just figured out...

That the purple ships bounce off the infinite missile icon when its on the ground, so you have to swap the purple ship which is being copied for the missile icon so it can be copied instead, the purple ship you release must not die though and must be swapped back after you have set up a path for the ships to follow. If that makes any sense?

For level 25:

You have to clone the red rocket, and alter the purple enemies' path with the two rockets.

Someone please post some help for level 13

help on number 12 please?

level 12

You need to move the grey circle with the yello dot twice

Rob Allen's back?!!?
Where's he been?
Seriously, Hapland was one of the first great, great things JIG taught me about (along with On of Eyezmaze).

Okay, sweet. Beat all the built-in levels from 0 to 29. There's an amusing but slightly long-winded message for those who do what I did; it's way too lengthy for me to copy-and-paste here, but it's hilarious enough that everyone deserves to see it, so I'll provide a link to it.

My favorite paragraph is the one about the blank card and the 600-sided die.

I can't get lvl 15. I'm pretty sure i need to

place the mirror underneath the scarab-looking shooter, shoot the missile at it from the hallway, then quickly move the mirror up to the spot to the left of the pink block.

I just can't seem to do it quickly enough. Am i doing it wrong, or am i supposed to be doing it this way? My left trigger finger is spazzing...

Simply unable to complete level 8 - I HATE arcade games masquerading as puzzlers. It may be my reflexes going, but the timing constraints on lvl 8 are simply too tight to make continuing worth it.

When you figure out level 13. You will wonder why you didn't try that hours ago.

You still haven't tried the obvious thing.

Also need help with Level 15.

My finger is developing a twitch in my trigger finger switching between left arrow and Enter and back again.

Ok, sorry, But I am just not getting 25. I don't have any missiles to clone because I have to use the first red one to stop the yellow gun. then all I have is the blue missile which isn't enough to do anything...I don't think......What am I missing?

The website is back? Yay! Pity about the level pit, though.

Isn't level 29 too easy?

The exit isn't actually blocked so you don't need to set off the fireworks. Alternatively you can set them off from the safety of the start position anyway???

I'm stuck on the 2nd half of 9...

I need an even number of bullets to make it through to the end in order to be able to drop the blue block in place, but no matter what I do, I get an odd number every time

Since it hasn't come up in the comments up until now, I'll probably be missing some vital clue. Anyone?

Hands up if you've ever posted a request for help, switched back to the game screen and wished you could undo the post...

Turns out that, although there's no such thing as a stupid question, stupidity may rear its head unexpectedly. Thanks anyway, great game.

stuck on 27!!

Stuck on level 17.
I've done a lot already but now I'm stuck with three mirrors and a block.

Level 2

I can see you probably need to go back for a mirror but as soon as you pick up an object the gate closes?????

Don't know how to make spoilers as a guest.
But for level 2 you don't need an old mirror.
There is a mirror (the square one), shoot your down rocket at it and move away so the down rocket can go up (after bouncing on the mirror). Then take the going right rocket and then you're almost done.

What is up with level 17? I can only get the first "mirror" then stuck :(

The only thing I could think of is that you have to shoot, hit the mirror, then pick it up and outrun the bullet and place it again. But there just isn't enough time.

I just can't move fast enough.

Help please!

For 17:

Remember the replicator trick? If you don't have any use for this yet, there's still something you've missed.

For 2, after checkpoint:

You indeed have to use a mirror, but not the portable ones...

Thanks for 17
Now completely stuck at the very beginning of 18. Only have a rocket that goes to the right and a key. Don't know where to use that rocket.
By the way is there a way of saving the game?
I don't mind playing all the levels again, but not level 15. Took me a lot of tries before I was fast enough.

Gotcha, ta!

Stuck at the very beginning of 18. Can't do anything with rocket or key.
Anybody know how to save the game?

I'm having the same problem as eric on 25...not enough missiles. What am I missing?

In other words,

I can't even get to the red infinite missile

help please?

I still can't get past the second room on level 1, any help? this game is so frustrating.

There is no second room on level ?
All you do is

take the rocket from the top right. Use the rocket to shoot the green stopper and then move the box to the exploding tile

I'm too slow for level 21!?

For those stuck early on in Level 25:

Use the blue missile to shoot across the mines south of the large room where you found the two crystals. There's a switch down there.

@small-tool: you're absolutely right. This leaves you exactly 1 other option...

As to lvl 25: wow. It took me about 100 tries, but I made it. Only thanks to Bleh's post, above, I think.

Well since I am not getting any help, I guess I am done with this one.

@Saltone: try everything. Move everywhere, push stuff, pick it up, fire it. It doesn't matter how many time you're blown to pieces, since you can just try again and again. Don't give up on this one, it'll be worth your time...

Lucky, I can't make it out of the second room of level 1! I have spaced and entered on every single space, I have pushed on every single wall, I really think it does not work righ on my comp. There is a gray thing in the second room, and I can't pick it up or anything.

Not geting Level 4

I was assuming your supposed to guide the sliding blobby thing back to the bad bits with the mirror but that don't seem to work


Not really sure what you mean with "second room", but once you go down from the starting position, the center square in the room should be push-able. Push it onto the mine that sits in the opening before the goal.

Monty Zoomer:

The mirror is a read herring, and the red enemy is just an obstacle. Use the pushable block.

@Saltone: got me confused now; are we talking about level 0 or level 1?

For 0:

The blue and yellow vaguely skullshaped things are cannons, actived when fly onto them. Pay close attention to how the shots react to the different sort of terrain they encounter. Entire walkthrough:

Pick up key; go to 2nd room; step on cannon; go to 3rd room; step on cannon; go to 4th room; move bottom reflector 1 square up; step on cannon; finish

For 1:

If it moves, it'll usually kill you when it hits you. The green obstacle should be familiar by now. The brown block can also be manipulated, but differently.Entire walkthrough:

Go far right; pick up missiles; shoot green obstacle; go down; push block into mine on right (don't go too fast or you'll blow yourself up as well); finish

If this doesn't get you there, you might wamt to order the latest Compy Catalog (It's here, it's here, it's finallally here!) Good luck!

Ugh, level 26 anyone? I must be missing something. No Rush?

I'm loving playing Netshift!

It reminds me of a game from my childhood: you were a small blonde haired person, from a top down view. You had to collect keys, avoid enemies, and slide on ice and other weird surfaces. Anyone know what I'm talking about?!

For 26:

Don't let the title fool you - time is very much of the essence. Keep a close eye on the bullets flying around...

@ LuckyDee, any more info? i must have played the level 415 times. I've tried killing the first bug before he can activate the switch. timed my movement etc etc. I have NO idea how to get that mine out of the way for the bullet to get through.

Questioner - I think you're talking about Chip's Challenge... great game!

Can anyone help with level 17. Used the box to copy moving block, but stuck after that.

Can someone help me with level 8? Many thanks!

Need help on level 13

It seems like I need 8 missiles, but can only get 7. What am I missing?

I also need help on 17.

LuckyDee's comment just confuses me, unfortunately =p In order to even obtain the first mirror, I have to use the replicator to obtain a second block to get past the mines. The replicator as far as I can tell is essentially a "one-shot" since there's no other way to shoot it after I use it to duplicate the block... am I missing something? Am I just supposed to race the bullet?

Level 13 defeated me...
It's like the solution is there in plain site, but it wore down my will to continue.

Still a really good game though.
This is from the same guy that made Hapland?

What a versatile dude!

Beat it, finally.

Ending message, tl;dr

Questioner, I think you are thinking of Chip's Challenge. I LOVED that game. Now...if only I could figure out 24!

Been playing for about three hours, and finally finished. Really good game. I enjoyed the more difficult levels at the end.

Level 13 was a toughie. Here's a big hint:

Put an explosive box in a corner and you can blow your way into two compartments at once.

And for level 17:

The one yellow cannon that's been your friend the entire level can be redirected to hit the copier once you've got the right mirrors.

Questioner and wildflower12: It was the first thing that came to mind. It even has those perpetually right-angle-turning monsters that look the same!

@LuckyDee: Um... I'm having the same problem on level 9. What do I do?

I'm having the same problem as Eric and Juxta.

I need more explanation for level 25 :(

I... oh, that's a missile. Well, now it all makes sense. Never mind. :P

Dying repeatedly at various points on level 13... I'll come back later.

Finally cracked level 25 with the help of the spoilers in this thread. Thanks for that - I'd still be stuck otherwise. And it still took ages.

In short:

The level was impossible for me until I realised you can turn the replicator on and off by blocking the horizontal red slider thing that fuels it.


After escaping the initial section by trapping the vertical red slider, get the other gun and go and collect the gems. Then set up the movable blocks, one to funnel the purple rockets down the tunnel with the mines and one ready to block the tunnel on the left.

Shoot down the tunnel to release the key and set the replicator going. After four purple rockets have come out and removed the mines, block the tunnel on the left, and go and collect the infinite gun. Fire your way through up to the replicator and shoot the trapped purple rockets.

Turn the replicator off by dropping the gun and blocking the horizontal red slider with the red symbol thing. Pick up the gun again, and release the trapped purple rocket. Drop the gun on the right of the replicator while the rocket is to your right, so it won't bother you. Now go back and turn the replicator on again. Arrange two infinite guns where they will funnel the rockets into the yellow thing.

Turn the replicator off. Get the gun on the left and drop it somewhere out of the way. Then collect the gun on the right - carefully, as this will unblock the remaining purple rocket - and use it to trap the rocket back where it started. Unblock the end of that tunnel and get rid of the block you used.

Finally turn the replicator back on and carefully follow one of the new stream of rockets back down the tunnel where the mines were, turning towards the exit at the end. Rockets should now be being funneled into the yellow thing, so you can reach the exit.

@stuck on 26 (assuming you still are):

The mine is blocking your path to victory - or rather, the bullet's path to your victory. Speed to it and pick it up. Oh, and get out of the way of the bullet.

As for 13, I found that

chain reactions are a big help as well, there are more hidden missiles than you might expect.

For level 15:

The "obvious" way works. I was able to place the mirror at the bottom, shoot the rocket, grab the mirror, race up (without catching up to my own rocket and getting annihilated), put it down and get out of the way.
With that said it took me about 15 tries, and

I only managed after I had figured out that WASD also works for movement control.

Could someone give me a hint on level 28.

Nevermind, I figured it out:P

Can someone give me a hint for level 20? Here's what I got:

I deactivated the grills and got to the two rockets (one right, one down). The rocket to the right, I use for the button to get to the lower part of the level. Not sure about the other rocket, but how do i get to the red rocket in the lower half?

Awgh!!!, I can't figure out how to beat level 24! Could I have some help, please?

Stuck on 17 as well.

I used the replicator to make two blocks and get the first mirror. then, I blow everything up to be able to push the red switches down. from there, I can SEE the second mirror, but i've wasted my two blocks already and I can't manipulate the blocks below me to go up. similarly, I can't move fast enough with the mirror to blow up the green things to the right. help please?

@JIGuest - Agreed, I'm stuck in the same situation.

Also stuck on 17. I have three mirrors, but have no idea where to go from there. Please help anyone. Been stuck here for 24 hours and am on the verge of giving up!

If you want to cheat and skip a level, you can put the following into the address bar (once on the page):

Replace [desiredlevelnumber] with the level you want to be your 'best' level

Intrestingly, to find that out - I looked in the javascript file and - as is Robin's wont - he left a little message:

Yes, you can look in the javascript file and go to any
level you want. What a fearsome hacker you are.


He leaves those in all his javascript games, it seems. They are like tutorials on how to make them.

Level 24 is impossible... I activate the only 2 cannon and they disapeared and nothing else can be done.

Whats the secret to level 24 ?

Am I missing anything about level 27? It seems what you have to do is

Outrun the gray enemy

but I die every time no matter where I start. Is there something I'm missing?

level 24 is pretty tricky and took me a while as well the trick is:

try to get the shots to hit the gun at the same time. It will only shoot one bullet and you will be able to get through

Hope that helps.

amazingly, my level (Completionist) has 200+ views and 7 favorites, but it doesn't look like anyone but me has beaten it!
If anyone who's been persistently trying to beat my level is here and needs hints, feel free to ask...

Might as well drop a link to my own user-created level.

I can *see* how to solve Level 11, but can't get the timing right. Grrrr.

And speaking of Chips Challenge... my best friend and I miss that game a lot. We used to e-mail each other back and forth as we solved levels. I wish JIG would do a Chips-themed competition sometime.

Ah, the power of posting...

I'm so pleased that Mr Allen is back. I think there was a general sense of worry that something had happened to him. Welcome back!!!!!

I am also still stuck on 17. I use the replicator for the box to blow up the mines to get the first mirror. However I am stuck after that. Do I need to race the shot?

For those stuck at the beginning of level 17:

When you get to the three arrow blocks just above three green spore things, you need to move the arrow blocks enough to blast through the spores.

Imagine the three blocks are labeled A, B, C. Push block A down, push block C down, then push block B to the side. Now bounce the laser through the row where block B used to be, and blow up the middle green spore. Voila, you're on to the next part of the puzzle

I'm still having difficulty with level 25. Can anyone clue me in on how to

get the red gate open?
I can only seem to get past the very start of the level and don't see any way to clear the red gate since I've used the only remaining missile at that point

All the others came so easily - this one's got me stumped. :/

Blast it - curse/cure of posting. If anyone else is lost on level 25 yet, my problem was

with discovering that one can shoot _over_ the mines on the southern edge of the large room. Missiles _can_ indeed fly over to hit the red switch at the end of the coridor

Doh. :)

Patrick, Level 20 had me until just now.

If only you could get that 8-piece block down to take the blow of those explosives on the lower portion of the level. But you can only move it left and right, right?

Unless you can get into the middle section.

Move it to the far right, then out-wit the bot and get underneath it to push it up so the teleportation space is in the middle. Teleport in, then you have the necessary movement.

See if you can figure it out from there.

Totally and completely stuck on level 14. Hints?

Hint for 27:

Dodge past the grey dudes and pick up the key

Drop the key in the upper left-hand corner of the grey dude's path in the same room you started in. The grey dude will leave his path and will trigger the laser

Wait for a few seconds and pick up the key again. The goal is to trap the grey dude in the upper right-hand corner of the level. If the grey dude makes it into the biggest room, you were too late

Use the key, get the missile, and shoot the last remaining laser. The laser shot will blow up all of the mines and you can get straight to the exit.

Does anyone have any hints on level 14? I'm stuck on this level as well.

@ Xindaris: I finally beat your level and I loved it : ) I thought it was even better than the ones you made for the "old" Netshift.
I'm really looking forward to the next one.

I'm afraid my second level is way too big, I'm pretty sure the size limit was good for me in the old one because it kept me from making levels that lag...
But, the third one is just the result of starting off and running out of ideas. I'll try and find my happy-medium size with this next one.

I am quite enjoying this game, it reminds me of my all-time favorite game from back in the day "chip's challenge". Different look but some of the same over all feel. It brightened my day.

I have the same problem as Darrell on level 17...have 3 mirrors, but don't know what to do next!

Please Please Pretty Please.. Level 17. I also have 3 mirrors. Cannot work it out. Could someone please provide a screenshot maybe? I will kiss their feet ;)

Uhh... Did JIG delete the comment that explained the javascript workaround that allows you to bypass a level if you're stuck?

Because I could really use that now. Still freaking stuck on 14. I KNOW there is someone out there who could drop me a clue.

I push the block so the purple chaser takes out one of the bombs surrounding the skull, but stepping on the skull doesn't do anything and I can't figure out how to get my hands on that key in the second room.

[Check out Grosie's comment on August 14, 2010 4:53 PM In fact, I'll add it to the walkthrough section. -Jay]

I think I figured out what I'm doing wrong on level 14. I forgot that a certain item could be picked up. Not solved yet, but at least I have some new stuff to try.

Hello dear friends,
I was so happy that Netshift was back, and happily started to make my levels again. It was nice to see that other players from old were back again too with their (new) great levels.
I have some questions thoughh:
1. Again there is a problem to get connected with Hope they can solve it quickly, we really missed Netshift.
2. I was wondering what had happened with the old Netshift and all the levels we made, there were some great players, making so great levels like Lunch, Obie, Ren, Mannax etc etc (sorry I don't remember all the names!!!, and I myself made some levels too, so my question is, has it all disappeared???
3. Does Rob Allen plan to launch it for download evently???

When Netshift is back again which I hope, please check out the players levels folks, you can do that by right clicking on their names!! You can even check out my games!
thanks Domna

Dear friends,

I forgot something to mention in my previuous message:
When you play the games levels and don't finish them all in one time, you have to start from the beginning again (I have logged in, so not being logged in is not the reason).
Would it be possible, when the game is back and the server problems are solved, that Rob could fix that???
Regarding those server problems, I was thinking that maybe there should be some basic criteria for keeping the player levels, because I see that some just put the rocket and a finish and that is all. I remember in 2008 that there were some players launching huge amount of player levels justlike that, I assume that is taking a lot of server space.
Thanks for hospitality,

The Farcade appears to be down again. :-(

I need help from the second half of 11!!!!

Yeah, level 25 took me many tries, too. I think it was the hardest, and 29 is just a joke? Anyway, I'm surprised nobody bet my level
until I had a look at it last time. I miss the show-scores-button from the beta.

I am happy everything is functioning again, and we can play and make our levels again. Very great levels are being made by a lot of people. Check them out!!!
You can find my levels on following link
But there are many other people making levels, so right click on somebody's name and you can see all the levels they make. Have Fun
Be well my firends, Domna

This is cool! Maybe if someone gets stuck on the user levels, you can post the solution.

Yo Wunk - I made a level for you - ha ha ha!!!


Hi Obie,

I'm stuck in this level:

Is it still possible to solve this or am I only too stupid for it?

kadoffe - dude you are an awesome gamer! Grab the mirror and put it in the corner. Grab the deflector and put it down before the down arrow but be quick! Hide, facing down at the arrow and wait. You will disappear when the explosions happen. Then, grab the diamond, go down and the rest is fairly simple.


Oops - better grab the key kadoffe before you go down but I figure you got that one by now!


Hi Obie,
thanks a lot for your help, but my problem was not the beginning but the "fairly simple rest".
I try to get the blue stone out of the maze to destroy the mine with it, but i find no way out of the maze with this stone...

@Kadoffe, push it down and around the corner. Then clean up all the diamonds except for the two near the sliders near the exit otherwise it is impossible. You can get them later to open the door.

Not sure if this pic will work

Once you get through the top maze, you will need another rock but first, take the key down and open the door. Then push the block!

Thank you. Its so simple. I always took first all the diamonds and then I tried to push the stone around. I feel awful about it...

@Kadoffe - I am trying to make my levels more transparent so that you can see the next problem or the goal. It isn't easy as the field is limited. On the new one I made, grab the deflector!


Does anybody have an idea what to do in this level?

Kadoffe - I'd like to know as well!

Hi Obie,

Level 1706 was a great idea. What I really miss at netshift is a comment function...

Kadoffe - Rob may yet put one up but he is sometimes slow at doing so!!! I finally figured out your "Only one place Level" Took awhile to find the safe zone!

Obie - Your last one (1743) was really hard. It took me nearly two hours to solve it but it was very funny.

Thanks Kadoffe - I still haven't solved yours yet but am working on it! Bin busy... If you note in that level that there is a specific way that the squares fly away from the teleporter. I screwed up tho about the red death ha ha ha - I should have blocked it so that you had to ride the blue train over the last part. I see you solved that enigma! Good work!!!

Yer last one kadoffe has me stumped!

Its a mean little thing, i'll make a simpler one to show the solution a little bit...

Dang - I saw that but I thought it was a trick like the one before!!!

Congratulation. The only bad thing is that the falling rock and the treadmill is not always running. Thats a little bit annoying.

Hey Kadoffe - I made you a level - he he he

[url=]No saves for Kadoffe[/url]

It was most irritating to beat and one trick is to get all those blocks down the pike. The last two go to different places - enough hints ;)

Great stuff, Obie. I love such games where you have to think and a little bit trial and error.

Kadoffe - Look for a user called azrael - levels 1704 and 1712. I haven't done crapland yet (it's a bit monotonous) but his stuff is different. On spamland only one blue is pushed down the tubes.

Oh, I thought i've done these two levels a few days ago but now they are total different and not as easy as they were.
Spamland is nothing new and actually simple.
Crapland is boring and not as difficult as it seems to be. You only have to take the mirrors from the left top side to guide the bullet from one of the cannons through the maze. Its very simple because you have time enough to put the mirror down on the right place and to run away but you have to do this a plenty of times.

Ha ha ha - on Crapland, the mirrors are a ruse. Take the gun and one mirror. Shoot the tree, go around and push the red block over the flare and you win!

Hey - does domna visit this thread? He/she has some fun levels!

Doodlebird spam was fun. I need to find another use for the other push bomb and then kill the yellow dot. Maybe where the exit was, I put a key and now you have four choices for the bomb - down each one of the lanes for a win - I'd put a save in though and a hint.

Crapland: The very first try I did it so but I,ve forgotten this way :)
Domna was here in october.
Your last thing was a teaser. My first solution took 15 minutes, but it works and now I have to play it again...
Maybe its better to tell me the number of the game and not its name. I wondered wich of Doodlebirds spamlands was as hard for a need to discuss here ;)

He has some talent but wastes it in dumb levels. Maybe with a level named after him, he may get wiser. So be it.

I am trying beat a level by Wunk (who was a regular on the Beta version with some difficult games. This one is very difficult I think. At the point when you get to the blue microdots, you have to push the wood block before the first electrode and quickly pull your key away. You also have to do some blocking to get blue to spin aimlessly before you get the key.

Once you figure out how to get him to fire the blue gun to open the door - guess what, the one eyed fish appears - have no idea what to do with him yet. Really difficult level!

A nice level, yes, but the eyefish at last is simple.
A better way is it if you destroy the first electrode with the wood block. Than you have only to put the key up or down to route the magneto round the electrodes. Then put the key in front of the last electrode, wait for shooting and hide behind an electrode to destroy the eyefish.

Never thought of that - thanks! Merry Christmas Kadoffe!

Merry Christmas - Obie, and don't forget the mirror in 1809. Partly inspiratet by Wunk and I'm curious about how you fix the part with the diamond-counter...

help lvl 23, please!

@jinx - grab the key and move it up the board so that you can see what is going on. Shoot and run to the key manipulating the blockers to guide the mouse to it's target. There is another way if you know how to skip over the blockers but you will learn that when you play user levels.

Hi again!
I haven't been here for a long time cause some time nobody else was there, and now it seems like I was too late.
I hope you will keep discussing here, I want to join!
In the moment, I don't know which of my levels you mean. Perhaps my english isn't good enough.
By the way, you can play my beta-levels? I tried to recreate the best I could remember. "Boxed in" also was planned in beta, but I think I didn't finish it there.

@Kadoffe: Congratulations, your level really confused me. I'm impressed that you beat all my levels. What do you think about "Bonus level"?

Hi Wunk,

maybe my first post is lost...I try it again.

We had to leave this board cause our discussion about our DOK-levels was to extensive. Therefore we talk per email. Here is the contact (I'm sure, you find the right adress) mausilibaer und yahoo in deutschland. I don't want to post here the complete adress...
Here you will meet obie and domna, too.

Hi Obie

plaese help me, to solve your Netshift Level "Directional"


just so you know:
as of 111712 it coughs up a 404.

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