Chaos Faction 2

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DanTheArcherChaos Faction 2 Imagine, if you will, a world torn straight from the action-packed sketches doodled in a third-grader's margins. Knights fighting robots, aliens dueling vampires... the craziest, unlikeliest match-ups, set against one another solely for the fact that, deep down inside, your inner child knows that this is the stuff of awesome. Welcome to Chaos Faction 2, the bombastic brawlfest from Dissolute Productions.

While controls vary on the mode and how many players there are, there's a standardized set for the solo player: [arrow] keys for movement, [down] to activate your shield, and the [Z] and [X] keys to let your fists or feet do the talking, respectively. There're other more advanced techniques, like evasive maneuvers and aerial acrobatics, which can be viewed via in-game help screens. Picking up items is as easy as walking into them, and you can use them just as easily with the attack buttons. Who knew that uproarious mayhem was so intuitive?

There's quite a bit to see; while the single player campaign mode can probably be trounced in a single sitting (with a couple of blood-boiling, endgame exceptions), it's all about the trendy character parts and gear that you unlock, which can be carried over into the deathmatch mode. It's from there that you can challenge a friend as awesome-obsessed as you are to single combat. Or, throw some AI players in there to make things interesting. Make teams, set time limits, and even account to have a magical toilet plunger appear for players to clamor over. Like I said, it's all about the awesome.

Chaos Faction 2Analysis: A lot of what this game stands for is that distilled, unadulterated, italicized awesome factor. Your personal avatar is customizable right down to their eyeballs, with dozens of parts salvaged from defeated foes. There's a trove of wacky items, ranging from boxing gloves and blowpipes to teleporter rays and localized black holes. Even a level editor is there for your meddling amusement.

The trouble is that, at times, the action can actually get a bit too hyperactive. There will be times when you're knocked off the stage and you're not entirely sure why. The melee combat, while wearing the trappings of complexity, usually seems to boil down to mashing. For a game that seems to draw a lot of inspiration from a certain source, there are oddly jarring changes made. You can jump up through platforms, but not drop down through them, which makes navigating some stages an endeavor. Items also always overpower unarmed attacks by about three to one.

That said, the raw psyche of this game isn't about creating a "balanced fighting game" where the outcome's always fair. It's clear that the heart that beats within this game is an awesome engine, constructed for the purpose of powering a game where a polar bear can throw ninja stars at a pirate with a flamethrower. The cartoony animation meshes well with the game's zany atmosphere, and there's enough level-specific music that you'll almost never need to hear a loop. Even if the controls are sometimes loose and the mechanics don't always seem to give matches to the most skilled combatants, you can't help but smile at the wacky, slapstick charm when you see those doodles in the margins. Hey, it's not your fault. Awesome is a tough emotion to hide.

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great game, can't believe i never heard or played the first. but too bad im stuck on the last level.

this is probably the last game I ever expected to see as sequel of. the original was fun, but this one doesn't really improve the game much. the inability to fall through platforms and the friendly fire in the campaign ruin it for me though.

This game was truly awful. It was really hard to track what was going on and as you say, a lot of the time you were dead for no apparent reason. Lack of consistency and any kind of 'feel' from the game make it a big no for me.

umm how do I beat the scaffolding challenge and the robot challenge, each in zone 3

Does anybody know how to get Up And Away and Lift Off! achievents? The ones where you must knock your opponent to stratosphere and space. I've got everything else except those two.

I've been checking the progress on for a MONTH and then I wait 2 days and it come out!!! GRRR.

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned that this game is basically a clone of Super Smash Brothers... If you've played that a bunch, tracking the action isn't that hard. I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

ive completed the game in seven hours and i only need one acievment how do you get the achivement zero gravity?

wow this game is awesome i got every achievement, avatar part and i play on it with my brother all the time. i hope there will be a 3rd !!!


You need to go off screen and recover. It's easily done with the gun that lets you change places with your opponent. Just jump off screen and use it.

uhm i need help with the pacifist achievement what campaign level should i do it on? and how? i have every other achievement too.

For the pacifist achievement play the

Lava Palaver level, and just run away from all the baddies. That's what worked for me, anyways.

controls were way too frustrating

does anyone here know how to get the

zero gravity award

or the

take the plunge award

now I got all the achievements.
ill show the characters that you get

kapow:dad n me
zero gravity:futility
kill it with fire:weebl
arcitect:(I think it is)ragin brain
pacifist: salad fingers
up up and away:(I think it is)bitey
lift off: awesome face
Take the plunge:gorrilli
veteran:(I think it is)tankman
4 on the floor:hominid
fantastic 5:madness
And if you get all the achievements you also get the old vortigon!

lol I have a character code

33,26,3,26,4,4,4 and its name is Hoboe

To Dragonfang:
I've been waiting for this game since almost one year.. -_-"

i made a character and hes awesome!!!

and fuzzly, those achievements/characters are wrong i got different characters for different schievements

My character code is 1 28 3 39 27 50 16. Besides this game is so cool.

I have played both Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Melee, this game is a clone, but absolutely awful in comparison. Gives no real controls as there are obviously a bunch of combos and you can go flying off the map for a reason never explained. Truly awful.

plz someone explain how to get the lift off achievement with saying knock your opponent into space or put a video or a link to a video of how to get it

Character code 33,26,20,26,20,4,4 Funny LOL!

5,41,41,41,5,8,50 is a dark knight

4,13,8,9,4,13,13 is my character, hes awesome! and so is this game!


play this, it's awsome

look its a Zombie (3,7,3,3,3,7,17)

how do you get somone into outer space P.S. THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!!


character code AND i have no idea how to send people to space or whatever for the would be nice.

to get lift off first you have to activate 5x damage on a deathmatch and do a rage hit or a charged hit

How do you unlock 5x Damage? And how do get lift off and the other one?

oh yea i unlocked everything look at my beastly dude 33,37,9,30,3,50,37

29,41,20,41,4,20,19 tigress

how do you do up up and away???

5x damage? how do you get it ???

2,28,41,22,50,2,28 character code

33,37,9,30,3,50,37 is my character code

x2 damage is achieved by gaining Immortal. Once this is activated in the "more options" settings in Deathmatch hit an enemy with a charged or rage hit. This will earn you Up and Away and unlock x5 damage. Activate this and use charged or rage hit like before to get Lift Off.

i love this game and i have waited for this long
my char is leopergin or in code


i have named him perfect being 1

dude my guy is awesome, really i love his name too! :D 37,35,31,6,37,37,37

41,41,5,5,5,8,41 (flamming kight)
Try it out!!! =]

Super game I finished all the levels but unluckily I haven't unlocked all the achievements (only 2 more!)


Dr Horrible

18,2,5,16,17,47,15 Solid Snake

I have a few one is
and another
and another
thats it for now il post more later

My character is Awertigon.

My character code is 38,31,31,19,24,45,2 His name is Sadness, He Looks Sad Too, Here's another code, my main Character 38,31,31,19,24,45,2 His name is Koreo and he's a Kid. Really cool game, i always play multiplayer with my brother. Btw, I've been waiting for this since i finished the first.

my code is 4,41,3,41,5,25,33. its awesome and so is this game

7,42,32,42,50,46,42 so cute :)

40,18,40,40,40,15,40 Check him out

33,41,41,50,32,47,50 apocolips is awsome!

where do you put the codes!?

33,42,21,21,16,46,37 HES SOOO CUTE

37,35,31,6,37,37,37 COOL

heres my western knight:17,2,15,18,40,45,19

41,9,41,22,5,33,50 he is cool name:spleek

4,41,42,33,30,23,6 it is a angry builderman

Lol you should so check out my dude >.< SO EPIC his name is little Satan...And just copy and paste the code on the edit char then import thingy... 31,31,42,41,40,50,37 Fanks :D

funniest thing ever! Ben Franklin Brain --> 24,30,30,10,30,30,24

how do you import you character?

31,29,22,37,37,37,37 WTF? THIS IS Weird

Where I put the codes????

my character is an chilled polar bear: 40,21,25,21,21,20,50

Hi all!

This is my players codes:

9,39,25,7,27,50,16 5,27,8,27,17,25,15 16,2,27,20,22,47,27
22,5,5,7,11,5,33 17,21,12,7,20,47,50 18,7,7,25,27,50,16


Say Hello to Chad! My Little Hiding Tiger!








41,39,41,41,50,50,37 (lil, satan)

look at all of mine :

9,3,41,32,11,47,16 this character code is a zombie like ninja on fire sheck it out its name is Dkota087.

19,30,12,19,1,45,24 My character!!!!!

Chaos faction 2 is the best internet game ever
btw this is my character 18,2,5,16,17,47,15

41,41,41,41,5,41,41 TRY THIS

and this


My characters might not look too great, but they're unique from what I know and can tell... except for the last one... (second one was based on a movie, but with my own little twist added on.)

Were-Lion : 11,9,8,2,14,4,4

Terminator-TL : 25,9,25,25,5,4,4

Pac-Man : 23,33,33,50,33,1,22

this game is the coolest ever!!! these are my main characters.........
and of course i use the beloved salad fingers....

YAY!!!! Game completed...

where is the more options button?


for a really tough character see above

you must have rage mode and x5 or x2 damage on then you must do an upwards punch to knock someone in space.

21,30,41,30,30,50,18 3,24,14,8,18,50,2

These are my main, they are legacy ranked.
Try them there really cool.BTW i have all achievements.

TITAN 9000


Dave the Crackhead(funny)

My awesome character:


Hi all! Does anyone need help regarding Chaos Faction 2? I can supply info for everything except for 2 achivements which are Survivor(Get a score of 10,000 or higher in Survival mode) and Fantastic 5(Get a 5x multikill) because I have not done those yet.

this is the best game ever

this is my char and his name is anker but I changed it to anger

my cool character its dynasty but the name is a coincidence its my tag hes cool 40,41,12,6,5,49,50


Has a really cool name [face is cool too :)]


Try My Char -> 29,15,15,39,18,46,15

If you have any problems about this game please tell me !


My character code is 41,30,38,31,3,5,37 a weird chararter! lol comment if good.

try my ones

i completed the whole game already!

i have some cool codes:
tixtor(cool version)
Rola face
liodne face
Derir bear
tabl man
apert(need chaos tower)
hynigon(need chaos tower,hypergon and minigon in one code)
more codes at 10.10.(20)10 (i' am 10)
question without answers:
send me cool code ^^
sorry mistakes i' am from germany

I make Bart Simpson


mines pretty sik


my guy is awesome!


Future Zack,dexter and derek come from time machine to help you guys
25,17,25,25,15,49,15 for zack
49,14,25,25,14,49,14 for dexter
49,17,25,25,17,49,17 for derek
hey anyone cant say future polar bear?
then this also for u all
21,21,25,25,21,25,50 now enjoy hmmmm
dont wanna have knight polar bear?
then this is it
ok then so enjoy m searching more


Ult. Vortigon's code: 36,36,41,35,8,8,8

He is one of the creatures. Shoot fire out of control! Use it abundantly. :P

3,38,38,23,1,38,38 - homer
41,5,8,5,5,8,1 - evil knight
11,15,6,16,25,47,15 - solid snake
37,40,40,40,19,50,37 - batman

The pets that everyone wants!

And btw, for those people that don't know how to post codes and use codes:
1) Posting codes: Go to campaign, deathmatch, or survival.
2) Click on edit player.
3) Edit the dude however you want.
4) Click "share" while you're still in the editing screen.
5) Copy the code and paste it here!

1) Using codes: Do steps 1-2.
2) Click import.
3) Copy code character code that you found, and paste it there.

Hope that helped!

41,27,42,41,3,17,50 Is my character. he's called Apocalypse

what is the

robotic pac-man



28,36,37,37,36,36,36 this is my dude!!!

9,9,8,41,9,8,9 TGRNIGHT

phantom goth

mine da colliest

What you need to win this:

MINIGON-----win the last campaing challenge

HYPERGON-----win the last campaing challenge

dad 'n' me-----hit someone with full powered punch

WEEBL-----kill someone fith fire

SALAD FINGERS------win campaing challenge without killing anyone

TANK MAN------play 10 deathmatch game

GORILLI-----deathmatch>plunger match>hold the plunger 15 seconds in a row

AWESOME FACE------make 4 kill combo

MADNESS------MAKe 5 kill combo

VORTIGON(the last)----complete all achievements


PS:if u have questions, write it! I am complete this game many times.


try this its so cute ^_^

how do you put in the characters tht are weird?

These characters are awesome seriously try them after you've gotten all achievements

terminate is his name

punk rex is his name

the god of rage




Hey If you want some awesome buddies in the game then I`ll be posting new codes every week! here are the buddies (they know each other in the game!):

Mr. DudeMan:

My Ghost Friend:

Greg Heffley (Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Movie):

Enjoy Killing your opponents!!!!

Kick arse with this guy 41,34,41,3,3,47,17

Here are my most used fighters
14,36,4,9,50,47,15 (truely most used)
4,4,9,9,4,4,4 (most original)
and 9,41,11,37,37,41,41 (Like above)

My characters are

I call him Smiley Ninja


41,36,41,41,37,47,37 This is my Character and I'm keeping him...

I can complete the whole game in less then a hour. It's not that hard actually.

Can anyone tell me what is their record on Survival?

My best characters from Naruto and Ben 10
Naruto Uzamaki - 16,15,15,8,15,47,17
Kyuubi Naruto - 41,15,41,41,3,47,17
Pain - 11,15,8,8,15,40,16
Rock Lee - 16,15,25,8,15,40,27
Wild Mutt - 50,34,34,9,3,40,50
Fierce Shinobi - 41,40,40,40,15,40,50
Enjoy! Oh, and if anyone has a level editor code...please comment...thanks

These are the characters that I made from Ben 10
Ghost Freak - 48,12,12,50,50,27,50
Wild Mutt - 50,4,4,4,37,27,50
Heatblast - 37,41,41,41,37,27,50
Grey Matter - 29,7,7,7,40,27,50
Brain Storm - 1,30,3,34,16,27,50
Dodge Ball - 1,32,22,22,38,27,50

TRY IT Twilight+Pirate_of_carribean+BEN 10= 41,41,41,11,11,10,41

Yeah, an awesome game. I completed it all. Look at my chars:
41,37,6,36,41,5,37 - It's called Necros
40,16,8,16,15,50,17 - It's called Pwnerer
33,16,24,21,50,8,50 - It's called Cutegliator

Hope you like them!

MY Characters!!!!:

Ken: 17,24,14,23,19,9,15 (Zack's Dad)

DAREDEVIL!!!: 40,41,41,41,16,25,15

Dave: 16,10,15,16,17,19,17 (Kevin's Dad)

Phil: 16,19,14,24,20,3,19 (Bruce's Dad)

Vinnie: 21,40,20,20,50,20,20

Flaming Knight: 8,41,8,8,8,8,8


my character code is


so awesome!

My Character's code is 41,12,41,26,21,47,37

how do you use the character code?



my character list

super knight

flame ninja

cool knight

cold kitty

mr. no fear

yo dog

each is awesome in there own way. try them out.

Check this guy out RoboCop 49,25,25,25,25,25,25

this my level go to level editor click import :


A Nice Awesome Man 41,41,41,40,5,10,41 Code

Nice Robo Fire 24,41,25,25,5,49,19

THE NAME IS CATIR : 10,29,14,38,4,40,5

Random hybrid animal:


he is abomination


Punk of the Future

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