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JohnBchoiceofthedragon.gifAah, the life of a dragon. Fighting knights. Hoarding treasures. Flying around scaring/eating things. Kidnapping princesses— oh, wait, is that considered sexist? Well, I'll have you know, I alternate between capturing princes and princesses, you just stumbled across me while I had the latter. But you know what? You can do what you want. Seriously, you can. Choice of the Dragon is a choose your own adventure browser game where you live the life of a dragon, moving from decision to decision and being as docile or cruel as you want.

Best of Casual Gameplay 2010Choice of the Dragon is almost entirely text, meaning you'll have to do some reading to extract maximum joy out of the experience. The writing style is crisp, though, and peppered with enough sarcastic humor to make it consistently interesting. In addition to choosing your path in dragon life, you also decide what your dragon looks like, its gender, color, and a number of other attributes that are all woven right into the story. It's impressive how much of the content changes based on your decisions, though due to the forward-moving nature of the game, you have to restart in order to see that in action.

Each screen presents you with a brief scenario and a number of choices. Goblins outside your cave squabbling? You could put a stop to that. They are, after all, your minions, and you didn't give them permission to kill each other. On the other hand, they should fight for your amusement, shouldn't they? Bring refreshments! On the other other hand, goblins are beneath your mighty dragon self. So, like, whatever...

There's more here than just reading a story, too. Choice of the Dragon tracks character stats such as brutality, finesse, disdain and honor along with health, wealth, and infamy, all of which are affected by the choices you make on each screen. Check up on your dragon status by clicking the button just above the story part of the screen.

Analysis: So, what's the point of the game? To be a dragon, of course. To fly about and sculpt your personality and your world as you see fit. You're also (initially) looking for a place to start your treasure pile, and mini-objectives come and go as the storylines progress. Choice of the Dragon gives you a surprisingly long leash in this, all with a well-written narrative that's sprinkled with just the right amount of humor. It's not about puzzles, it's about meaningful interactions with the narrative.

Games of this nature encourage exploration. Not necessarily of the "walk every road, dive into every lake" type, but of the story, the characters, and of how your decisions impact the rest of the game. You're encouraged to do as you please, but one thing the game is missing is some sort of checkpoint system allowing you to go back and retry certain parts of the game. It's a fine design choice to make your decisions be a permanent part of the game, as that gives things a sense of permanence and forces you to think about your choices before clicking. There were a few times I found myself morbidly curious as to what some other options would have revealed, though, and I wished there was a way to just peek around the corner before moving onward.

Those of you with an iPhone/iPod Touch or an Android phone will be pleased to learn that Choice of the Dragon is available on both the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Android Games!

If you're in the mood for a little reading and want a game that's more involved than smacking mouse buttons at the right time, Choice of the Dragon is definitely for you. It's well-written, engaging, and full of wonderful moments to explore and experience.

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A really good game. I found myself stroking my imaginary beard while pondering what to do many a time.

Thoroughly enjoyed Choice of the Dragon.
I realised after a couple of games that in the personality trait selection, despite choosing to be a dragon of finesse and disdain, I would make choices of brutality
and cunning which would seriously weaken my dragon's personality.
Well written and imaginative, I can almost see the greasy little orange goblins grovelling before me... :)

A quite well-written game. It does a good job of allowing the player to mold the dragon to fit his/her personality, and making the decisions feel like they have lasting impact.

Probably the one feature I would like the most is some way to save your final stats. I had one wound, one blasphemy, and I think around 18000 gold.

Now this is why I love JIG - I never would have found a game like this in my normal web browsing, but I just spent a fantastic hour exploring different paths within the game. Awesome.

Having fantasized about reigning over the populace with an iron claw, I can honestly say that this was a great game. At least for me. I just kinda wished that some of my actions had greater consequences. For instance, having decided to mate with the cunning black dragon. It'd be nice if the two dragons could somehow work in tandem. Even if it was a stat boost, that'd be awesome. Basically what I'm hoping for is a more extensively branching storyline. Dunno if that's possible in this format, but it'd be really cool.

But the writing style was quite good, and it's awesome in a way that makes me want more.

'Twas an excellent and interesting game - it's going to take a lot of playthroughs to see all that there is to see.

i wish there was a map of what the choices led to somewhere on the web, so i could see what happened w/o playing 20 times...

I tried 2 different tactics, but man, I'll play this for AGES! My tactics are:
-Evil Tyrant, harder to stay alive, but can be more fun (

Don't think you're a God, you'll die

-Nice Person, a lot easier(more like me lol) & not constantly thinking"will this get me killed"
Both are worth trying, then you could go for a complex one (like a coward who tries to be scary but is really scared of every little thing).

an absolutely wonderful experience.
witty humor sprinkled with just the right amount of sarcasm. i'm amazed.
entirely to short, though, i hate waiting for more ^^
about to start a third playthrough right now!

What a fun game. Surprisingly well thought through and it wasn't too long, nor was it evidently short.

Great find.

These are my stats... don't want to clog the page.

You finished with the following stats:
6% Brutality vs. 94% Finesse
43% Cunning vs. 57% Honor
72% Disdain vs. 28% Vigilance
Infamy: 54%
Wealth: 13900 gold coins
Wounds: 1
Blasphemy: 0

My only regret was not going far enough to find a life partner.

Hah! On my second playthrough, I discovered a clever (but cruel) touch! Depending on your statistics, some choices are made for you. My first time through, I chose to

destroy the effigy

, but that had notably bad consequences. During my second game, I was planning on doing the opposite, but apparently

my vigilance (which includes "impulsiveness") was too high

, so I was forced into that decision. :(

How do I get the black dragon to the west as a mate?? or any of them really. I keep ending up alone *sniff sniff*

Apparently people are having trouble attracting mates. I played through the game twice and on the second time I got the Black Dragon of the West and I have a theory on how attracting the others works as well.

You have to pay attention to the description of each dragon. Depending on its personality, you have to win them that way.

ex. Black Dragon of the West: Very cunning and smart -> challenge it to a game of wits -> don't cheat -> win a mate

I also think that you may have to have a higher cunning status, though I'm not sure.

I think that the other dragons work in the same way where you have to choose an action that will please them

Anyone else find the

Trogdor reference? If you decide to conquer a nearby village, It'll ask why, then one of the options is to burn the village (and the thatched-roof cottages!)

Made me LOL

Mundham -

For the black dragon, all I had to do was challenge her to chess and then not cheat. I don't know if I wasn't allowed any other options based on my stats, as StephenM3 mentioned, but it got her as my mate. I think what matters is that you do something that coincides with their personality, i.e. cunning - chess, and then go about it similarly, i.e. not cheating.

Not even yet done with my first playthrough, but so far I have found it highly entertaining. In particular, dealing with G'leal.

"Unfortunately for Vermias, G'leal is flammable. You cough once; that's all it takes."

I laughed pretty hard when I read that. Next time I play through though, I'm thinking of trying to be somewhat nice. This time I'm just being as evil as I possibly can without doing anything completely retarded that will get me killed. Like, as stated by 5h0rty,

Believing myself to actually be a god. Who would do that when it's at least vaguely possible that there are other gods around who are actually gods?

Anyways, awesome game. Infinity bonus points of awesome for being about a dragon.

Dang, double posting here, but I apparently got quite a good ending soon after I posted that. Stats in spoilers -

69% Brutality vs. 31% Finesse
81% Cunning vs. 19% Honor
13% Disdain vs. 87% Vigilance
Infamy: 77%
Wealth: 14650 gold coins
Wounds: 3
Blasphemy: 2

The 3 wounds were... getting the weak point on my belly, getting blinded in one eye... and that's all I can remember. I can't remember what the blasphemies were either, haha. My favorite part I think was the repeated option to just eat things. Every time a challenge presented itself, almost, I just ate it, and found myself chuckling malevolently.

I finished with these stats:

You finished with the following stats:

12% Brutality vs. 88% Finesse

40% Cunning vs. 60% Honor

20% Disdain vs. 80% Vigilance

Infamy: 54%

Wealth: 16650 gold coins

Wounds: 2

Blasphemy: 0

I tried to get the black dragon to the west, but I couldn't impress it :(

Wonderful game, really enjoyable. Played it only once, but I'll definitely play it again.

Something else about getting a mate that I've found, is that they each seem tailored to a specific trait. We've got the destructive one, the clever one, the one with a huge pile of loot, and the honored one.

I found that trying to go with one that contrasted too heavily with my own dragon's personality ended up in failure, while going for one that matched me better seemed to work. On top of that, you have to impress them by doing something that relates to them, i.e. playing chess with the clever one, or attacking a town for the destructive one. Then you have to make a second choice, and if your choice also relates to your potential mate, then it'll work.

One example would be if your dragon is heavy on the brutal and disdain, but also more honorable than cunning, you'll probably be unable to woo the black cunning one, since your cunning is not high enough. On the other hand, if you go after the crazy destructive dragon, you'll pretty much be a shoo-in. I also found on one try that I wasn't famous enough to be noticed by the revered mate, not even showing me a second decision to make.

Hope all that helps! :D

Darn it! The gods struck me down!


I've been trying to figure out if it's possible to keep the shield at the beginning but I don't think it is.

These were my stats, first time through:

You finished with the following stats:
10% Brutality vs. 90% Finesse
88% Cunning vs. 12% Honor
76% Disdain vs. 24% Vigilance
Infamy: 58%
Wealth: 19750 gold coins
Wounds: 1
Blasphemy: 1

Loved it!

You finished with the following stats:

21% Brutality vs. 79% Finesse

75% Cunning vs. 25% Honor

64% Disdain vs. 36% Vigilance

Infamy: 82%

Wealth: 16300 gold coins

Wounds: 1

Blasphemy: 1

I'm a big fan of being disdainful. I love the breadth of choices!

Well I managed to believe I was a god, as well as destroying the temple in the nearby kingdom, without attracting punishment from the 'real gods'. I think this might be luck?

Heh. I love this game. Where else can you play a tyrannical lesbian red dragon?

I tried to be a nice dragon, but I kept getting beat up. :(

I too tried to entice the Black serpent-like Dragon from the West for a mate, and even though I played Chess with him and didn't cheat, he still rejected me and I ended up alone :(
Seems from the comments above that the Black Dragon is the most desirable for its ability to transform into a human and whisper in king's ears...
I tried twice to win him over, but no dice.
Perhaps Waycooler's adventuring may provide insight into the ways of internet dating... maybe...

I rarely have the patience to sit through an entire text-based game, but I finished this and am planning on going through it again. It's an awesomely entertaining and satisfying game!

How do you win the heart of the luck dragon? I can't get my honor or infamy up high enough.

Overall a great game with a simple but fresh idea. I just wish there were more options to play a truly benevolent dragon, or a more mysterious/mystical dragon that doesn't have to capture princesses or rule kingdoms.

If anyone here has yet to play How to Raise a Dragon, then I suggestion you check out the action/arcade version of this concept.

I love it!
It would be nice if the story was different depending on your choices. It feels like I'm re-reading a book when re-playing.

2nd playthrough!

You finished with the following stats:

7% Brutality vs. 93% Finesse

34% Cunning vs. 66% Honor

59% Disdain vs. 41% Vigilance

Infamy: 42%

Wealth: 13000 gold coins

Wounds: 2

Blasphemy: 0

I liked this game. Took up a good half-hour of my day, but it was worth it. I had far more finesse than brutality, like 90%-10% or something. I had more vigilance than disdain (~70-30) and my cunning and honor were like right in the middle (45-55).

I liked how Callax was not actually the conjurer of the wraiths. If I had eaten him, I might have lost to the real wizard.

I look forward to more games from this company. All in all, this game was a relaxing and imaginative experience. Good show, chaps!

PS: I named my dragon Steve. LoLz!

my stats:

You finished with the following stats:

80% Brutality vs. 20% Finesse

89% Cunning vs. 11% Honor

35% Disdain vs. 65% Vigilance

Infamy: 66%

Wealth: 10650 gold coins

Wounds: 2

Blasphemy: 1

I love having stupid, brutal and savage minions! haha...great offering, my boyfriend and I have been looking for something like this.

Unfortunately for Vermias, G'leal is flammable.

You cough once; that's all it takes.

Best. Line. Ever.

Anyway, I tried to be a nice dragon. It worked usually.

Yeah, I think I did good.

4% Brutality vs. 96% Finesse
85% or so Cunning vs. 15% or so Honor
63% Vigilance vs. 47% Disdain
Infamy: Around 60%
Wealth: 23250
Wounds: 0, or 1
Blasphemy: 1

I mated the luck dragon, you just need a lot of infamy

Excellent implementation of the multiple-choice story, with some clever twists. I understand the writers desire (as mentioned in the About article) to have as much of their text encountered by the player as possible, but in some ways this reduces the playability just a tad.
Having said that, there are still plenty of entertaining branches and a definite sense of "what would happen if..." at various points.

I may go and dust off some of my teen m/c games and see if I can get them to work in this engine...

It took me a while to finally get the gods to notice, but with enough blasphemy,

a god just strikes you down out of the air out of the blue. before you even get to the mate part

I wanted my dragon's personality to mirror my own, so I made my choices accordingly. Of course, being a dragon, my pride and greed were amplified considerably. I was a kind but shrewd dragon, avoiding violence and recklessness whenever possible, often as much for my own benefit as that of others. My followers, as long as they were loyal and supplying me with treasure or services, received my respect and protection. Any who dared to oppose me were struck down. Whenever I think of the glorious kingdom under my control, or my delightfully large collection of treasure, I can't help but cackle with glee! An absolutely wonderful game - I enjoyed it immensely, and am looking forward to more from its creators.

I did manage to win a mate, after about six tries. At first I, too, went for the black serpent, but no matter what I did, I could not impress it. So I chose the sea dragon to the south, and was victorious. Hoorah! It moved into my lair and we lived happily ever after with our glorious treasure.

I angered the gods twice, I think, but they never struck me down. Lucky for me, I suppose.

My stats are below

13% Brutality vs. 87% Finesse

50% Cunning vs. 50% Honor

72% Disdain vs. 28% Vigilance

Infamy: 50%

Wealth: 15150 gold coins

Wounds: 1 ("battle-scarred")

Blasphemy: 1

This is my favorite game EVER!!!!!! I SO want more of these games!

Fun but I think your stats should affect your results from actions in turn as they come from your actions, such as high brutality affecting your fighting strength and cunning affecting your chance to avoid a trap even if you do pick a path leading into it. Though by chance I don't mean it would fluctuate per game, certain cunning would just allow you to avoid some traps. Other than that, great game.

How odd. Apparently, you can finish with negative blasphemy if you never anger the gods.

There's a bug, though it doesn't affect anything else in the game:

If you don't steal from the temple and also forbid people from worshiping you, you can end up with a blasphemy count of -1.

anyways, my best (IMO) result was this:

15% Brutality vs. 85% Finesse

95% Cunning vs. 5% Honor

81% Disdain vs. 19% Vigilance

Infamy: 64%

Wealth: 16150 gold coins

Wounds: 1

Blasphemy: 0

Mated black serpent dragon

What a brilliant game; I went through with a few 'characters' and got various endings. It was fun.

Only slightly disappointing was the lack of branching paths; it would have been good to get a variety of alternate endings to hunt for. I only found two

hibernating and getting killed by a goddess - by blaspheming three times

And I guess there's probably one other.

getting killed by people, from getting too many wounds.

It would have been great to have a more branching storyline, so you could get more out of each playthrough. After two or three games, you're really left with little more to accomplish. It would be cool if your choices had more impact; if you abuse your goblins, they might turn against you. If you're good to people, they might start standing up against your enemies, or if you abused them they might turn on you. I played a female dragon and got a mate; it'd have been good to see some impact from that (baby dragons!) It'd be cool if leaving enemies alive led to retribution later.

On my last playthrough I set my brother against the sorceress you fight later; it'd be so cool if when you reached that fight, you'd found she'd allied with him!

It was fun while it lasted, but it would have been cool if it had lasted longer.

As for getting a mate, you need to pick something that interests them but you need to be good at it. There's no point showing off your brutality to impress one if you're stats focus on finesse, for example.

I first found out about this game on an iphone gaming site, so I had this app on my ipod. I loved it so so much, and now I'm glad to find out I can play it on my computer too! I want more of these kinds of games!

What worked for me to get the eastern dragon:

Keep your brutality high so you can kill those bothersome adventurers, and play cat and mouse with your brother. Between eating people and getting revenge, your infamy should shoot way up. When you seek out your mate, spread some rumors, and you should be good to go.

Wait, how do you

Turn your brother against the sorceress? Even if you leave him alive, he just leaves and never comes back.

The patterns in what gender they use for characters are funny.

The first time, I was a female dragon who always kidnaps princesses (it's tradition, don'tcha know). And every major character in the whole story was female :). Right down to the knights. Yeah, there are a few bit parts by guys. And I'm not sure how my little minions reproduce, since I've never seen a female one :D.

Now I'm a female dragon who alternates in kidnapping (you see, you just caught me on a princess day). And I suspect the characters are alternating genders.

I wonder if the ruler of the distant city is a king if I start out male . . .

It really is pleasant and funny to have a choose-your-own story with flexible genders.

I've played this game several times (to try out several different combinations of dragon), but I just played the most fun one just now.

I was trying to force the

gods to kill me

so I was being as blasphemous as I possibly could and making every idiot decision I could think of, and I ended up with 80% infamy, 10,000 gold coins, and only 2 wounds, AND a mate.

I've gotta play that again!

Very fun game! I really enjoyed the tongue in cheek writing style. After several play-throughs I finally managed to mate all the dragons (not at once of course ;)), and find a couple "happy" endings where you don't lose your treasure.

The mates:

Green dragon: Get a lot of brutality and destroy a village.

Black dragon: Get a lot of cunning and play chess with her (I won without cheating, not sure what happens if you cheat).

Sea dragon: Get a lot of finesse and fly circles in the air.

Bearded 5-claw: Get a lot of infamy and spread rumors of your arrival.

The endings:

1.Get your brutality and infamy high, and when you need to hibernate select "no one would dare steal from me". Your reputation is so fierce that indeed, no one steals from you.

2.Get your cunning high and train an elite squad of goblins to guard your treasure.

3.Leave your lair and join your mate's.

4.Get your cunning high and cast a magic trap. I haven't actually gotten this ending, but I did make a dragon with a reasonable amount of cunning and cast the trap, and got the response "your trap catches most thieves, but you are not cunning enough to make one that will catch them all." Thus it seems that if my cunning had been higher, the trap would have prevailed.

I went for near pure cunning and finesse, avoiding direct conflict and instead going the subterfuge and trickery line. All in all, it worked pretty well for me.

I got the kingdom to bow down to me, got my own fake religion to worship me so I could horde the tribute, kept the gods off my back by keeping temples in tact and not believing my own hype, won a war, and even slipped my way out of Vermias' trap (after confirming with Callax that he had nothing to do with it), killing her on my escape and ransacking her tower afterwards.

Final stats:

You finished with the following stats:

7% Brutality vs. 93% Finesse

90% Cunning vs. 10% Honor

61% Disdain vs. 39% Vigilance

Infamy: 70%

Wealth: 18900 gold coins

Wounds: 0

Blasphemy: 0

It pays to be a tricksy dragon.

Perhaps not the best run, but it's my first time.

You finished with the following stats:

13% Brutality vs. 87% Finesse

45% Cunning vs. 55% Honor

66% Disdain vs. 34% Vigilance

Infamy: 47%

Wealth: 15900 gold coins

Wounds: 3

Blasphemy: 1


89% Brutality vs. 11% Finesse

54% Cunning vs. 46% Honor

46% Disdain vs. 54% Vigilance

Infamy: 82%

Wealth: 20000 gold coins

Wounds: 3

Blasphemy: 2

Rich as hell, and as blasphemous as I could be without incurring a Bad Ending.

I did fine claiming that I was actually a god, when my Honor was very high.

This is a pretty deep little game. I like it a lot!

You finished with the following stats:

4% Brutality vs. 96% Finesse

55% Cunning vs. 45% Honor

56% Disdain vs. 44% Vigilance

Infamy: 67%

Wealth: 23900 gold coins

Wounds: 0

Blasphemy: 1

My dragon can't ever seem to find love though.
There there my little dragon, shh, it's oka - ACK, IT BURNS, IT BURNS

Does anyone have an idea how to beat the hero party? I lured them, dueled them but every time i get beaten ! The only way i found is to ignore them :(

You can

lure them into a trap with high cunning or beat them down with high brutality

but I'm not sure what other resolutions there are to beat them.


You can always eat the princess right before their eyes :P The lose morale quickly after that... MWHAHAHAHAHA

Would anyone be able to recommend a game similar to this one? I highly enjoyed the writing style and choices of this multiple choice game and would like to play others if possible!

Great game. Upon finishing it, it immediately reminded me of Alter Ego (a game where you decide the actions of a person, your alter ego, as opposed to a dragon). I decided to torture that bully that broke my shield, and the game really made me feel bad about it. It just comes right up and goes "How could you? What is wrong with you? What kind of contorted person are you?" And I was just, *cringe* *cringe* *cringe*. Surprising how it could do that with just so few sentences. Great how the game's many choices give it a replay value that lasts as long as you have a different route to go through, and of those routes there are quite a few (I have yet to figure out what happens if you accept the princess's bribe). Great game.

I really enjoyed this game, and spent a good 2 hours playing several different dragons. It took me a while to get a mate, but was so happy when I finally figured it out! I love these kinds of games, and can't wait for them to make a second installment!

I really enjoyed this game, and I hope they make a sequel, or more games like this. I played it maybe 5 or 6 times, and I absolutely love it. Here are me stats. :D
You finished with the following stats:

64% Brutality vs. 36% Finesse

70% Cunning vs. 30% Honor

22% Disdain vs. 78% Vigilance

Infamy: 80%

Wealth: 9900 gold coins

Wounds: 3

Blasphemy: 0

It says on their blog that they're making another one with a human protagonist. Meanwhile, I downloaded their script, hoping to try my hand at making a narrative game, but can't make heads nor tails of how it works.

Loved it! I agree that I wish the paths branched more, but it was fun.

Only played twice, but here's my second play through:

6% Brutality vs. 94% Finesse

43% Cunning vs. 57% Honor

61% Disdain vs. 39% Vigilance

Infamy: 60%

Wealth: 17000 gold coins

Wounds: 1

Blasphemy: 1

I enjoyed this game a lot. and am pretty proud of my score. not the best but fun.

my scores
19% brutality vs. 81% Finesse
93%Cunning vs. 7% Honor
88% disdain vs. 12% Vigilance
mated with the black west dragon.

I tried to be as me as possible and it turns out i'm not exactly "honorable". i can't remember where i got the wounds though :P.

enjoyed the game a lot but the problem is it's making me remember the hard tests. -_-U

Very good game!
Make you want to try again and again...
Remind me of some good old games 25 years back..
Aaaahhhh!!!! (Sigh)

I heart this game! It's definitly one of my favorites.

You finished with the following stats:

5% Brutality vs. 95% Finesse

73% Cunning vs. 27% Honor

53% Disdain vs. 47% Vigilance

Infamy: 58%

Wealth: 18750 gold coins

Wounds: 1

Blasphemy: 0

Got the Sea Monster mate

I tried to be fair, but still look out mostly for myself. I kinda wish

the goblin "hero" could end differently. I'm only able to send him to his death, it seems. :(

So far, being a dragon is fun fun fun. :D

57% Brutality vs. 43% Finesse

72% Cunning vs. 28% Honor

56% Disdain vs. 44% Vigilance

Infamy: 70%

Wealth: 13750 gold coins

Wounds: 1

Blasphemy: 1

Great game, makes you think like a dragon.

About Credits Why? Blog

My Dragon

You finished with the following stats:

90% Brutality vs. 10% Finesse
56% Cunning vs. 44% Honor

12% Disdain vs. 88% Vigilance

Infamy: 85%

Wealth: 8000 gold coins

Wounds: 1

Blasphemy: 2

I played this game, and I did find it rather interesting. The mechanics revolving around sculpting our personality really give the decisions you make a lot of weight; I often found myself unwilling to make a decision because I wanted to walk down two paths simultaneously. In that regard, I do agree with the analysis. However, I did not find the game's narrative to be as captivating as the reviewer. I thought that it was sort of boring and basically just led you from personality sculpting point to personality sculpting point. Overall, it's a decent game. It doesn't take very long to finish, and I think that adds to its benefit.

They just updated the site. Now they have a cool new scroll theme. :D

Scroll theme gone. :(

I liked it allot. Text based games are almost a forgotton genre. And if they don't make a sequal, I'll make one myself. (cracks knuckles)

my score is this:

59% brutality vs.41% finesse 74% cunning vs. 26% honor 14% disdain vs. 86% vigilance infamy:82% wealth:16900 gold coins 3 wounds and 2 blasphemy a blue dragon with eastern luck dragon as my mate.

I'm so evil!

Worth it just for the line, "Behold our new master, the Pennsylvania Barn!"

Kept railroading me into its own decisions, instead of letting me make my own. The text was better than old choose your own adventure books, but the structure was not.

...Wow. The first time I played I couldn't get a mate, so I finished the game (I was male). The second time, I STILL couldn't get the black dragon as my mate. I finished and started over. It took me three more tries to finally get a mate... oh well. I want to try being really brutal now... hehehe. That really fits my personality.

my stats

Choice of the Dragon

6% Brutality vs. 94% Finesse

95% Cunning vs. 5% Honor

81% Disdain vs. 19% Vigilance

Infamy: 76%

Wealth: 22400 gold coins

Wounds: 0

Blasphemy: 2

Scroll is back!

HA! So cool. Did you know:

If you get three blasphemies you will get owned by lightning from the gods XD.

Your Dragon can find a mate with...
The same sex.

It's really hard to get a mate, especially the black one everyone seems to like...

Yay! Fun game and I got the luck dragon with the whiskers (or something like that :D) All in all - very cool - though I wish I could have kept Axelmeus as a slave or something....

I've gotten every dragon except the Eastern dragon and I've tried using a high infamy several times, as following the comments here, but they've never worked. I'm pretty sure I had 80-90+% infamy and it's never worked.

This is how I got the other dragons, anyway.

North, brutal dragon - high brutality, smash a village.
Clever black dragon - beat him at chess. Don't cheat.
Sea dragon - high infamy, spread rumors. This is where my results deviated from the comments spread out before.

I've tried aerial displays for the sea dragon and that hasn't worked, and I'm pretty sure I've tried every single stat for the eastern luck dragon. None of it has worked :( The eastern one is the last one I'm trying for, but at the moment I have no clue what to do.

@ FruityJellyfish, you must have very high finesse for the aerial thing to work on the sea monster.
And for the eastern luck dragon, I know you must have very high infamy, and then I think you have to spread rumors of yourself.
Hope that helps you!

hey people! all you have to do to defeat the group of heros (with the young paladin) you just have to
1.kidnap a princess to lure them out
2.refuse the princess's offer her before the group's very eyes
it works!

oh, and let them run away after, they will spread rumors of your greatness. fun fun!

*sigh* perhaps it's a problem on my computer, but certain paths will spontaneously cause my browser to crash :\

other than that, very fun (when I manage to get through the entire thing)

which color is the stat on the left and which color is the stat on the right?

04% Brutality - 96% Finesse

54% cunning - 46% Honor

67% Disdain - 33% Vigilance

Infamy 63%

Wealth: 24.050

Wounds: 0

Blasphemy: 2

mated the black dragon

Love this game.
Finally managed to impress the green dragon on my 5th playthrough.

These are my stats

You finished with the following stats:

68% Brutality vs 32% Finesse

56% Cunning vs 44% Honor

54% Disdain vs 46% Vigilance

Infamy: 90%

Wealth: 13800 gold coins

Wounds: 0

Blasphemy: 0

This game is a lot of fun. I love it! :D
I was able to get the green and black dragons, but the other two don't like me at all. D:
Does anyone have any advice? I've tried both rumors and flips.

Awesome game, although it's more based on reading and thinking and not quick reflexes and hand-eye coordinations, I think that's what makes it so much fun to play over and over. In addition to the story that plays in your imagination, what makes this great is you can do it over and over and not have it turn out the same way once.

Although, I do wish they had a checkpoint of some kind so you could revert to the last chapter. But i guess that's what sucks you into spending even more time playing the game. After playing multiple times (being injured, getting killed, being robbed) i finally finished the way I wanted...

You finished with the following stats:

6% Brutality vs. 94% Finesse

96% Cunning vs. 4% Honor

66% Disdain vs. 34% Vigilance

Infamy: 64%

Wealth: 16650 gold coins

Wounds: 0

Blasphemy: 0

Mated Black dragon (living in my lair)

Set magical traps while in hibernation
(no thief succeeds in attempts to steal)

Looking forward to the next type of game they have like this...
Happy hoarding/pilaging/peasant-burning everyone!

I keep getting an error and now I can't restart the game even after I refresh it/open the link in a new tab. :(

Error is here:

{"message":"line 450: Non-existent variable \'vermias_killed_axilmeus\'","fileName":"","lineNumber":381,"stack":"Error(\"line 450: Non-existent variable \'vermias_killed_axilmeus\'\")@:0
evaluateValueToken([object Object],[object Array])@
evaluateExpr([object Array],\"CLOSE_PARENTHESIS\")@
evaluateValueToken([object Object],[object Array])@
evaluateExpr([object Array])@
runCommand(\"*if (Vermias_killed_Axilmeus=true)\")@
safeCall([object Object],(function () {doneLoading();self.execute();}))@
([object Event])@

I click ok. Then it says:

Sorry, an error occured. Click OK to email error data to support.

I click cancel since OK means going to Outlook.

Then it shows this:

line 450: Non-existent variable 'vermias_killed_axilmeus'

And lastly;

Sorry, an error occured. Click OK to email error data to support.

Judging from the error, I believe I went down a path and a variable needed to continue here wasn't shown for me.

Nope clearing my history didn't work. Well, I'm out of ideas. Shame, I wanted to finish it tonight.

By the way the page where I'm getting the error is here:

You fly off to Crooked Mountain with Callax clinging to your back. As you approach, you see Vermias levitating above the top of the peak. She smiles as you approach, holding up her dragonbone staff in a defensive posture and muttering a spell.

I wish I knew what to suggest other than try to contact the developers about the error. I'll see if I can get a message through to someone on the ChoiceOfGames team.

Sure thanks, Jay! I managed to play it with another browser though.

My stats are

95% Brutality vs. 5% Finesse (I got that by eating literally EVERYONE! Even Callax, I just ate him after killed Vermias.)

63% Cunning vs. 37% Honor

38% Disdain vs. 62% Vigilance

85% Infamy

6650 gold coins

0 Wounds

-1 Blasphemy

Green Dragon as mate

The game called me an evil, cruel, horrible, savage, or monstrous dragon at least 5 times!

Awesome game. I totally loved it <3
My partner: Sea Dragon (very cute). He loves Kokoro (her name, which means 'heart' in japanese).

Why can't I find a mate on the internet? Why is it just a joke?

I finally got to mate with the luck dragon! It took me three attempts but after building up my infamy I finally did it, amazing game, I just cant put it down!

Not once has my dragon got any mate, meh

I tried going the Honor route and ended up with these stats:

57% brutality / 43% finesse
6% cunning / 94% honor
52% disdain / 48% vigilance
infamy 63%
wealth 10750
wounds 2
blasphemy -1

but even with all that honor, they stole my gold at the end.

22% Brutality vs. 78% Finesse
83% Cunning vs. 17% Honor
39% Disdain vs. 61% Vigilance
Infamy: 56%
Wealth: 16650 gold coins
Wounds: 2
Blasphemy: 1

Screwed up the effigy thing and the mating, damn lol

You finished with the following stats:

5% Brutality vs. 95% Finesse

28% Cunning vs. 72% Honor

56% Disdain vs. 44% Vigilance

Infamy: 38%

Wealth: 21750 gold coins

Wounds: 1

Blasphemy: 2

12% Brutality vs. 88% Finesse

56% Cunning vs. 44% Honor

28% Disdain vs. 72% Vigilance

Infamy: 56%

Wealth: 15250

Wounds: 0

Blasphemy: 1

My mate was the black dragon.

I took the path of Finesse and Cunning + Wealth and finished with the following stats:
17% Brutality vs 83% Finesse

69% Cunning vs 31% Honor

69% Disdain vs 31% Vigilance

Infamy: 56%

Wealth: 21650 gold coins

Wounds: 0

Blasphemy: 2

Mate: Black Dragon of the West(Male)

To get the gods to kill you/strike you down,

First, when they are worshiping their god, say you should have all the attention. Second, sack the nearby temple.
Third, encourage them when they are worshiping you. Then, bless the statue and send it back with them. A god shall then come down from the sky and strike you down, killing you with a lightning bolt.

Sorry if this is a double post!

(I should really make an account, but I'm too lazy right now, LOL)

I played several dragons, one based of my OC, and a couple others. But my favourite was Ozora!
I focused on speed, finesse, cunning, and honor.
She was a six legged/ six winged iridescent serpent dragon. Epic.
Her brother stood no chance after she grew older, stronger, and speedier. Flying out of the sun to smash his wing? BOOYAH!
She teamed up with Callax to whoop Vermailias, in her tower. No minions can help her win I eat them as soon aas she summons them before snapping her AND her little staff in half.
Best of all? She got quite the gorgeous sea dragon mate! (He loved her little sky dance)
She settled down at the end with him, happy as could be, her lair big enough for both of them, and the ogres and humans a little worried about having TWO dragon tyrannts... I did try to be a good leader.
Here's her end stats.

5% Burtality vs. 95% Finesse
50% Cunning vs 50% Honor
Infamy 55%
Wealth 14250
Wounds 0
Blasphemy -1

You finished with the following stats:

8% Brutality vs. 92% Finesse

92% Cunning vs. 8% Honor

60% Disdain vs. 40% Vigilance

Infamy: 64%

Wealth: 17250 gold coins

Wounds: 1

Blasphemy: 0

I almost got the black dragon of West but because I cheated he rejected me... :(

Choice of the Dragon

You finished with the following stats:

8% Brutality vs. 92% Finesse

92% Cunning vs. 8% Honor

60% Disdain vs. 40% Vigilance

Infamy: 64%

Wealth: 17250 gold coins

Wounds: 1

Blasphemy: 0

Mate Black drgon

I have played this about 5 times, and have not yet succeeded in aquiring a mate. :( Maybe next time...

Truly a good game..But done bossed thru it like a O.G

Yay, I finally got a mate! I got as much Finesse as I possibly could (and also tried for Disdain and Cunning) and won over the sea dragon with my maneuverability in the air. He came to live in my lair. :)

4% Brutality vs. 96% Finesse
54% Cunning vs. 46% Honor
71% Disdain vs. 29% Vigilance
Infamy: 51%
Wealth: 14650 gold coins
Wounds: 0 (awww, yeah)
Blasphemy: 0

I got killed two ways I didn't see here-killed by a war priest, and captured by G'leal and used for experiments by Vermias (not sure how the second one happened) and finally being able to stop my own heart. Not a nice way to go.

I've managed to get all the mates.
I think everyone knows how to, but in reality it's harder.

I am now trying to die all the possible ways.

Killed by a god
By Vermias

Any other ways???

Will be checking back for posts in reply.

I have no idea how to get the black dragon, I had as much cunning as I could get and the chess game still didn't work.

she doesn't respect cunning
she respects brutality

I was so confused on why

I couldn't get the sea dragon with my great finesse.

I finished with these stats:

9% Brutality ; 91% Finesse
45% Cunning ; 55% Honor
41% Disdain ; 59% Vigilance
Infamy: 54%
Wealth: 21250 gold coins
Wounds: 1
Blasphemy: 2

A lot of my decisions were foccused on gaining wealth. At first I played more into

the cunning angle by starting with book smarts and using words and trickery

but that score began to go down a little because

I would keep my word where it mattered and protect my subjects, gaining wealth and loyalties

When it came to trying for a mate, I tried to go for the Black Dragon but

while I had enough cunning to be a good match, I chose to play chess, but to cheat. Cheating ruined my chances. I'm sure if I didn't then I would have had him

At the end I

listened to the wizard who I brought with me to meet the enemy wizard. I convinced him to come by pointing out that the enemy tried to finish both of us

When it came time to hybernate I tried to use

magical traps

but it wasn't the best idea for me because I didn't realize that my

cunning dropped below 50% and I'm guessing it had to do with the fact that I let the wizard live and become a useful ally for the future

17 Brutality, 83 Finesse
94 Cunning, 6 Honor
67 Disdain, 33 Vigilance.

I named my character Discord, after the fearsome Draconequus from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I tried to model my choices and stats after him, and it cost me my potential mate (Discord cheats at Chess). I sustained only one wound and 1 Blasphemy, though I'm not sure what that means in the game itself. I've definitely done more than one blasphemous thing. I am the God and protector of the people, after all.

Oh and, 18,000 gold coins worth of horded treasures. 58% Infamy.

I believe I was able to get all of the possible endings:

This will be so your treasure is not chosen:
1: if your brutality and/ or infamy is high, choose "None shall dare steal from me!"
2: if cunning is high, choose either " Set a magical trap" or "Train an elite squad of goblins"
If not, some of your loot will be stolen.
Other endings:
1: If you fight Vermias, but are too overwhelmed by her sheer number of demons, you will be tortured until you are able to stop your heart.
2: If you destroy the temple, start your own region, claim to be a god, you will be struck down and beheaded by the gods and goddesses for blasphemy.
3: You choose to leave your kingdom and live with your mate.

Hope that helped!

Did anyone die? I hibernated.

I am arguably a pro at this game, and sorry to brag. I'm going to give you guys few spoilers if you want to ace this game.


If you steal from the temple, have people praise you and claim the statue, a God will strike you down. DON'T DO THIS.


Black Serpent:

To get the black dragon, you need very high cunning. Once your cunning is high enough, play chess. Don't cheat.

Green Dragon:

To get this dragon you need high Brutality. Destroy a city to show your strength, or she will reject you.

Luck Dragon:

To get this dragon, you need Infamy. 75 or over is recommended. Infamy often comes with brutality, by the way. Spread the word of your arrival and she will invite you.

Sea Dragon:

To get this dragon, you need high finnese. Show off your flying to woo her.


It's likely many of you have fallen to the wrath of Vermias, so here's how to beat her. Do not destroy Callax, but listen to him, and take him with you if your brutality is high, but leave him if it's low. You need high honour for this. If your cunning, follow the same steps as you would with Callax and remember not to attack the top of the tower.
First, you do not attack Vermias' illusion, it's a hoax. Get Callax and tell him to weaken the rocks and smash down the tower. If you are brutal, this will work. If your finesse is high, is best, start from the bottom and work your way up. You'll eventually beat Vermias either way.

I hope I helped!

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