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Mobile Monday

JohnBWe hereby declare this Mobile Monday "International Skip the Lite Version Edition"! We had such a great time with the games below, we're confident enough to suggest you just take the plunge and skip all that extra downloading and such. It's especially true for Sword & Poker, as if you try the lite version and fall in love with the game (which, you will), nabbing the full version will force you to start over again from the beginning. :-O

ALSO! A quick congratulations to our winners of last week's BLOCKOBAN giveaway: ScrapPaper, Malorion, nfields, EyeOpener, DrMage, kevinb1229, anestoh, seancurry1. We'll be in touch with you shortly to pass out those magic sequences of letters and numbers!

swordandpoker.jpgSword & Poker - Say hello to your new puzzle/RPG hybrid addiction. Sword & Poker combines Best of Casual Gameplay 2010dungeon crawling with elements of poker, allowing you to drop two cards around a set of cards to make the best poker hand you can. Not familiar with poker? You don't have to be. After one or two fights you'll get the hang of the setup and be dispatching bats with the best of them. Loot treasure, buy better weapons, and dig as deeply as you can into the depths of the cave. An excellent game with a fantastic presentation, smooth gameplay, and just the right level of complexity to make it hideously addicting. Do yourself a favor, skip the Sword & Poker Lite version and go straight for the real deal.

blockswithlettersona.gifBlocks With Letters On 'A' - All the twisted brain-teasing word puzzles of the Flash game, now in the palm of your hand. Blocks With Letters On 'A' (the first in a planned set of puzzle packs) presents you with a jumbled collection of movable blocks along with a string of yellow squares. Arrange the letter tiles in the yellow squares to spell a word. Later levels introduce free-moving blocks, sticky tiles, and more physical obstacles to make your anagram-untangling a bit more interesting. Blocks With Letters On 'Free' is also available.

mrspace.jpgMr. Space!! - From the creator of Mr.AahH!! comes another fantastic one-button arcade game. Well, it's technically not one button, but it's pretty darn close. Each level has a jagged floor and roof, the latter of which quickly rumbles and crashes down. Move the stick figure left or right to a safe gap before you get squished by the nomming jaws of doom. This one is so packed with humor and charm you'll come back to over and over again. A free Mr. Space!! Lite is also available.

imporoaf.gifImp or Oaf? - Good question! And it's your job to answer it! A laughably simple game made fun by the creative artwork and setup. You're given an up-close view of a picture that shows either an imp or an oaf. Each time you tap the screen, you zoom out a bit, giving you a better look at the character, but shaving points off your final total. Guess as soon as you can to be an imp/oaf expert!

NOTE: Games listed may not be available outside of North America. Prices are subject to change and are therefore unlisted. Please see the individual game pages for purchasing info.


Thanks for the code, folks!

Admittedly I might not have tried Blockoban but now that I have I'm enjoying it. My wife loves these puzzles so I'm sure she will thank you for the code too :)

Tried to grab Sword & Poker Lite from the Australian App Store but no joy. All the text in the store's entry is in (presumably) Japanese but I tried to get it anyway and got a message saying it couldn't be downloaded and would be available when I connected to my computer. I'll give it another try when I get home tonight.

Mr Space!! looks like it's worth trying too.

Keep up the reviews, John! It's nice to have reviews I trust to tell me about new iPhone games rather than relying on the Top 10 lists in the store! And just how do they work, has anyone figured it out?!? No, I'm not really expecting an answer to that :)

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Anonymous January 18, 2010 6:35 AM

Love your work guys, but when are we going to see Android games included in Mobile Monday?

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Dang it. Sword & Poker sounds so cool, but I don't have an iphone or anything like that...

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Sword & Poker is very cool! I played it for a couple hours last night and enjoyed it immensely!

Looks very addictive, too. I'll definitely be playing this one for a while.

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Blocks with Letters On is not compatible with 1st generation iPods, just a head's up. Rather disappointing.

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No Swords & Poker on the Australian App Store! :(

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sword and poker is a nice little game. I am enjoying it a lot. Fun twist on an old idea....

But one problem (at least in the first 5 levels): it does not play the best hand it is delt. I wish it was just a bit tougher...

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Carldec, if you look at some of the monster stats you notice that certain enemies can't play certain hand types. Later on, enemies become more powerful and are able to play better hands. Also, you can repeat previous floors if you need some more money. I wish I had known that before I died on the same floor three times.

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BWLO! On my iPhone! Happy day!

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Not to sound like a whiner, but are they working on a Sword & Poker for those that DON'T have iPods/iPhones/etc.?

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samalakar Author Profile Page January 19, 2010 8:09 PM

My goodness Sword & Poker is addicting! I have never had time pass so quickly while playing a game.

I think I beat everything (End of Chaos) within 24 hours of getting the game!! :O

It's amazing what you can get for 99 cents these days.

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