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ArtbegottiPowerupCan you feel it? That buzzing in the air? That's the feeling of the excitement of a new Nitrome tingling at your senses. Or someone just stuck a fork in the microwave, but it's more likely the former. Power Up is a physics-based puzzler with a high-voltage bolt of challenging fun that lasts for up to 32 levels.

On each level, you'll find two robot heads. One's surging with luscious electric beauty, while the other could use a bit of a charge. Your goal is to create a path of metal blocks to transport some of that electric power from the first robot head to the second. This is done by grabbing blocks with the mouse and carrying them where you want them to go. When your path reaches the goal, you've still got to hold your breath for another few seconds for the robot to charge, so you'd better hope your building isn't too precariously made!

To help you build your paths and towers of teetering blocks, you'll find some levels have magnetic blocks that can hold metal blocks together, honey-covered blocks that can stick to any surface, coffin blocks that help you cross treacherous grounds, tesla coils that can pass electric current between non-adjacent locations, chests that store and move unused blocks, and other tricks to help you get from Bot A to Bot B. Keep in mind though, you've got to keep your current out of water and other dangerous situations, and the current has to pass through electricity-conducting objects to count (so those wood blocks and honey blocks are great for support, but they can also become obstacles if you're not careful).

Analysis: While Nitrome's take on the A-to-B puzzle game is unique, there are unfortunately some notable bugs that may make playing this game a bit frustrating. Aside from some glitches with visual and audio elements (sound effects looping after the associated action has already ended, "collision" clouds appearing where there isn't anything happening at all, etc.), there are also some gameplay glitches to deal with. The physics engine used here gives the objects a bit of "bounce," but perhaps a bit too much bounce. Occasionally, the tiniest collision can send pieces flying in an almost exaggerated flurry of motion. Some players have also noted that the current may flow from one robot to the other, but the second robot does not charge.

The controls for this game can be problematic to get used to as well. When you grab a block, you're essentially holding on to it by the specific point your cursor is on. This means that it can rotate on your cursor's axis, due to gravity. This is useful for flipping blocks to different orientations, but a pain if you just want to lay a block flatly on top of a tower. This, in conjunction with the collision exaggeration mentioned above, means that a very patient and steady hand is useful in completing most levels.

Despite the numerous bugs (which may hopefully be fixed in the future), credit must be given for what could be considered a bit of a change of pace from some of Nitrome's other products. Rather than a time-pressured rush to the finish line where three hits means you have to start a level over, Power Up is a game that relaxes the pace a bit. You have all the time in the world to finish a level (although there is a scoring bonus for speedy runs), and you don't have to worry about losing lives. Drop a piece in the water? No problem, you can either fish it out or pull it out of the chest again, depending on the level. Power Up doesn't force you to play any certain way at all. In fact, each level is practically a sandbox for experimentation by itself. Sometimes, taking a few extra minutes to plan out a level makes the victory charge all the more energizing.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Power Up Walkthrough

Title screen

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

Level 9

Level 10

Level 11

Level 12

Level 13

Level 14

Level 15

Level 16

Level 17

Level 18

Level 19

Level 20

Built the system on the ground and if you are lucky enough it will fly through the robots that way. http://images.jayisgames.com/power-up/level20.jpg

Level 21

Level 22

Level 23

Level 24

Level 25

Level 26

Level 27

Level 28

Level 29

Level 30

Level 31

Level 32

First connect three squares with baloons and let them fly. Then place the other three tiles by throwing them up and catching them between the glasses. It worked for me. http://images.jayisgames.com/power-up/level32.jpg


I noticed this game before you wrote about it, and I think it's nice. I'm on lvl 13 now, it's really hard,but I almost did it once.

@mPeti Level 13 was hard for me too, but I passed it :)

I think the game is really great. Music is good, level design is good, looks good too :D.

Any help on level 15? I know what to do but it is very hard...

I couldn't really get into this one; the physics are too wonky. It seems like if I pick up a block at the top center it should stay relatively stable as long as I don't swing it around, but it swings around on its own. It's too difficult for me to place them reliably and that really kills the fun.

With a bit of a trouble you can also connect the two robots in the title screen =D

Just wondering, is it possible to do the one on the title screen?

p.s great game, physics, very off... but i still like it and all nitrome games, Reason: there are so many new things that are on each different level

Level 13 had me stumped for a while. A reeeeally long while... But I got it! I seriously hope the next levels will be easier. It's not worth playing if all that you get is frustration.

I just can't play this one. It's got the same problems and infuriating controls as the Assembler series. I've banged my head into that wall too many times.

I have to agree with Arcan, the controls are just broken. When you hover a piece in the air it bearly turns, but the slightest contact with the ground, or a brush off a block and the piece swings wildly. Not to mention the other block sometimes flys half a mile away.
Nice idea, and great looks, but the controls are just too broken at the moment for me to want to play.

This is one of Nitrome's worst games, at least that I've played. Stopping the blocks from rotated is nearly impossible, and worse, uncontrollable. If you have a block upsidedown of how you want it, you're screwed. That's only several times more true when you're in a level with dead zones. It's not even fun for me, and that kind defeats the purpose of a game, doesn't it?

I have to agree, this is not only one of the worst controls in a Nitrome game, it also feels very much like the idea's been done before. There's been a lot of physics stacking games and, much like the Match 3 genre, it feels like they've worn it out sorely. Also, maybe its just me, but iit seems like everything moves very poorly. Like they focused too much on the style and not enough on the gameplay. Usually they've been very good at combining the two, but this time it just doesn't work for me. It's not enough to turn me off of Nitrome though, it would take a LOT to break me of it. It'll always be one of my favorite sites.

To add to what others have said, the whole "chest" mechanic is really poorly thought out, too. You can only see 2 pieces, so you never know what you have unless you scroll through. Also, the fact that pieces can "disappear" off the sides feels like a mistake in the first place. Oh, and the chest keeps "eating" pieces when they go flying in that general direction because I barely bumped them.

Finally, why does a game like this scroll?? I've been frustrated with the scolling mechanics on just about every Nitrome game. They could have easily made the game pieces smaller, and fit the puzzles on one screen.

It feels to me like Nitrome now has this toolbox to build games, and they don't try to innovate in the slightest. They just take out the same hammer and start pounding in screws.

Though I'm having difficulty, Nitrome really makes somewhat fun games every time. They're pretty easy, and some only take some practice, and others get out of hand for me. But i am enjoying this one :D

im confused on lvl 13 any help or tips?

I'm on level 14 currently, and marching on. I agree with others that it is an idea which has been used in some form or another before, however it has been infused with the Nitrome originality (the robots, the lightning, the various factors).

The problem of the scrolling is nothing new, but in this case if the screen size was small enough to accommodate all, it would somehow not be right...

I've just noticed: "Physics Powered by Box 2D" on the credits. I've seen the site, and it seems they are fairly new, with their open source physics engine... maybe the physics are Box 2D and the programmer Carl Trelfa on his second game?

Oh, and another thing I've just noticed is that the sound of the magnetic blocks is the same one as when you move Magneboy across blocks.

If the dang blocks could just stop flipping around like crazy when you're holding them, this would be really fun. It's okay, but more annoying than it needs to be.

Agreed. What I call the "bouncy physics" in so many of these stacking games drives me up a wall . Blocks do not rotate so freely and uncontrollably, and big metal crates do not bounce off eachother (and walls, and ceilings, and floors...) like hyperactive jello. It's more work to actually stack the blocks than to figure out the solution, and that's not fun.

On level 13:

The key is to use 2 of the coffins and the the really long piece to bridge that gap. I also used the third coffin towards the beginning of the "Dead Zone". After that it's a very precarious balancing act until you make the connection. It's tricky, and one false move is disastrous, but it is doable.

I think Powerup does add a lot to the balancing game; the special blocks in particular are really clever. But the controls are SO bad. That whole "Chest" idea is really crummy...I think a scrolling bar with the unused pieces at the top of the screen that I can see all of the time would really alleviate the frustration a little, but metal blocks that have the same physics of a soap bubble would be nice, too.

I got to level 15, figured out what I had to do, and quit the game. You'd need the patience of a saint and the reflexes of a cat, neither of which I possess. I don't think I could do it if you had a gun to my head. Any hints?

Nice concept, I've enjoyed most of the Nitrome games. I only have one problem and it seems to be common to nearly all of these 2D physics games. Everything feels like it's made of foam rubber, not of wood/metal/stone; the weight and, most certainly, the 'bouncyness' [sic] of the objects detracts from the realism of the game, and (for me) my enjoyment of it as they seem to be unneedlessly difficult. Can this be addressed gamemakers? I used to enjoy physics-based games immensely, but I find myself hating them.

I couldn't get past level 5, with the magnetic blocks. I connected the two robot heads, the charge went across, the indicator lights on the second head flickered, but its charge never went up. I reset the level and got the same result a couple times, then gave up when the game froze completely. Could be fun but it's too glitchy. :(

Now that Chipmunk (I bet his name is Alvin) mentioned it, I noticed quite a few glitches too, after playing for about half an hour.

Starting off from the basic, harmless graphic bug: the effects from hitting a block on the floor, or sinking it on water started to dance the Macarena in my screen. As annoying as it was, the game was still playable, so I moved on.

In a later level, the chest gobbled up a block I was holding over it. Up to this point, everything was normal. But then, when I went to take the piece back, it had been cloned! Now there were two blocks of that kind, which was actually useful. (Just in case you're wondering, this happened in level 13, with the T piece.)

Finally, the bug that made me throw the towel: the robot wouldn't charge up. I had a complete circuit and those tiny lightning bolts were jumping up and down through it, and the goal was blinking as usual, but nothing happened, just as Chipmunk described. Unable to finish the level, I just quit.

Put all this together with the clumsy physics, and you have a game that should have never left the beta testing. Better luck next time, Nitrome.

great concept for the game. normally i am a huge nitrome fan, but this time i am sorry to say that nitrome has done a terrible job with this one. the game lacks all control of precision which really frustrated me. i think nitrome should add a better engine that you can control all of the pieces better with...

Nah--I don't have the patience for this one.

I'm really confused with Level 10! I filled the right side with all the small blocks and then the left side only has 2 long blocks and they don't reach the Robot. D:ROWR!

Umm... level 8 is severely bugged. After I resetted once, none of the sticky blocks work well. I don't know what to do! They keep dropping off walls and losing clipping altogether.

I agree with the negative comments about "wonky" physics and ill thought out game play with the chests. Not to mention the fact that a tesla coil won't work through solid ground. But the thing that annoyed me most consistently was the fly-out ad to the right of the game. Every time I went off the game window and touched it, the game window disappeared until I touched the ad again to make it go away. If I were trying to get a better time score that would be a major impediment.

I know they have to display ads for revenue but product placement should be more carefully considered or it will have adverse effects.

I think Nitrome was a bit premature in releasing this one.

You guys should keep trying.
I Have gotten up to level 17 in about 20 minutes. Just work each level through and it won't be too dificult i think you guys just gave up to quickly once you get used to the bouncyness of the boxes it a very easy control
Just keep at it!

Tesla coils do work through ground. However, the coil will not light up until you let go of the box and wait a minute (and you're in range), which is infuriating when you have to get the distances exactly right.


Why keep trying when it's no fun?

You certainly can connect the robots on the title screen. It takes a bit of finagling though.

Clickety-click for a screenshot.

I apparently don't have the patience of the rest of you. I gave up after level 3 or 4.
And strangely enough, when I pick up a block, it won't swing at all. This makes it impossible to rotate the block without dropping it and trying to catch it and missing and potentially ruining the whole delicate balance situated precariously below.

@ neddo
Because i have a feeling that it's not to dificult the only problem is that when everyone said that it is too bouncy you agree. However i have gotten to a few levels where if it was any different it would be alot harder. Maby you are giving up beacuse everybody else is Not because it is not fun anymore.

On level 18, the two robot heads are too far apart and we need more of those floating boxes. I just can't reach it. Does anyone know how to finish the level?

Well, if you like it, then more power to you.

I didn't think this was too bad, I quite like this type of game and I was able to work with the dodgy physics.

However, one thing made me stop playing after a few levels : SCROLLING. When the words 'Nitrome' and 'scrolling' appear in the same review, I usually don't even try the game. They really need to find a better solution!

Reminds me of http://jayisgames.com/archives/2009/03/assembler_3.php

Cut and paste:
"A game about TWITCHING RAGE"

"Just click and drag stuff around with your mouse; it's very intuitive."

"What is not so freakin' intuitive is the skittish, cracked-out physics engine, which has a habit of making the piece (...) you're holding spin around like the Tasmanian Devil after three espressos, knocking the living spit out of everything else you're trying to balance.

"These boxes look (...) feel like they're made from monkeys. Weightless, somewhat sticky monkeys who have no mass but nevertheless contain all of the world's evil."


I like Nitrome, but this isn't one of their winners. The controls are a tad too fidgety. Also, I'm not very good at this, I'm spending a bit too long on level 3 :P

Heh, at the main menu you can move the blocks that spell "POWERUP!" I tried assembling them from one bot to the other but there wasn't enough space :(

Level 13 is so bloody difficult that I'm not even interested in playing it anymore.

Seriously, I almost never give up on a game, but forget it. It's not worth the trouble.

The game won't load for me... freezes on the Nitrome logo.
Yes, I have the latest flash plug-in, the same happened with their previous game but I was able to play it at miniclip.com, I guess it's the holding page...

This is not a game... more of a physics toy, it's not fun or engaging... Nitrome's gameplay has been lacking from their past few games IMHO.

As much as I love their graphic skills and attention to detail (sheen on the boxes as they rotate) they're not enough to make this game enjoyable, they need to spent more time refining the gameplay!
A **** is still a **** however pretty you make it.

Sorry Nitrome

im stuck on lv 7! =D
i know thats bad!
can anyone help me ...
fank oo

(Edit: You really shouldn't give out your email. In any case, people who are willing to help are more than happy to use spoiler tags. Thanks! -Kyle)


@Aegeus - When I stated that a tesla coil won't work through solid ground, I was referring to the real world, not the game. In real world applications, they transmit "line-of-sight", and any errant discharges to ground would be dissipated to useless levels.

Probably more info than anyone wanted but I thought I'd clear that up.

If you short circut in fish water the fish die...

I don't hate the game.

The physics aren't screwed like asembler.

I'm on 13 but I havn't played it yet....finaly the cifins...

In game: "Drag you mouse to the edges of the screen.."

Why? Well I did that, nothing happened.

I suppose one should drag the mouse *pointer* to the edges of the *game* screen...

I'm at level 25, but the screws in 16 are my favourite! Very fun gameplay, but the physics glitches are frustrating.

It won't load on my computer! Help!

Need a little help with level seven.

Well, I've gotten to level 15, but I think I'm giving up. I've completed the level, but for some reason the second head won't charge. There's a connection, nothing's touching water, but it's like the charge isn't moving fast enough through the bridge to keep the thing charged. Very frustrating.

I don't understand level 18 :(

Yeah, I managed to solve the title page! =D

Well, I finally did the whole game. The concept is nice, but... it's just not very fun. Now for my list of aggravating bits and pieces:

1. The pieces have little/no space allowances. If your pieces aren't pixel-perfect, they're not going to transfer electricity.
2. Stickiness/magnets. Particularly how they let go if you click on them.
3. Nitrome's favorite method of ramping up the difficulty in their games: glass. Glass glass glass. I was about ready to break something on that last level.
4. Wrecking an entire layout with one itty bitty mistake.

Gah. I'm surprised I let myself finish the game.

Kinda interesting at the end, though, the way you're powering up a robot army. :-D

[Edit: Please use this > brackets to do the spoiler :), Greetings, Kayleigh]

D: please someone help! i am stuck on level 11 it seems like no one else is though so well maybe its not that bad but someone please tell me what to do or send a link to a page that can help ive searched high and low for help cant find anything!

I NEED HELP WITH LEVEL 11!!!! :] please someone help me

This game became infuriatingly frustrating after they introduced magnets. The magnetism was inconsistent, the collisions between hanging blocks and everything else were overblown, and getting blocks in the right position to stick was a chore due to the lack of fine control.
This game could be fun, but like many others have said, the controls just ruin the experience.

I agree with the rest: bad controls.

Particularly when you drag your mouse beyond a wall, and the block just doesn't clamp to the wall, but hovers a few pixels away from it. It only 'clamps' once you position your mouse carefully.

Too tiresome. As for the scrolling, it's ok, as long as you use the arrow/wasd keys. Scrolling was a bit too slow for my taste though. They people at Nitrome should add a configuration screen to their toolkit one of these days...

I'm having issues with level 16. I've connected the line several times but the electricity doesn't flow through. Is it because of the screws? What gives?

on 14 i took away the bannannas while the monster was being electrified lol

What banans and glass like?

I have beaten the game as well Hydra, leaving me with two more games to beat. I have to beat Pest Control, Hot Air, and Nanobots. I have beaten every other game.

Help with number 11 please. I can't figure it out!

I need help with level 11.

...man. sticky ballons on level 20. Even better to just throw those dang things up with your cursor than with ballons.

Level7, I'm stuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


lvl 20 is annoying any help.

p.s. no help on youtube.

Definitely one of the worst Nitrome games. :\

The controls are OK, but the bugs and glitches just tests my patience. I try to get a piece out of a Chest, and the thing just falls right back into it. Not to mention I came across a scrolling bug, where the game wouldn't scroll to the right side. v_v

I just hope the next game makes up for this. :P

For level 11:

There's no secret, you just have to keep finding different spots for the tesla blocks.
I would give you guys a clicky, but I don't know how to upload a screenshot :(

Power Up Walkthrough

Title screen

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

Level 9

Level 10

Level 11

Level 12

Level 13

Level 14

Level 15

Level 16

Level 17

Level 18

Level 19

Level 20

Built the system on the ground and if you are lucky enough it will fly through the robots that way. http://images.jayisgames.com/power-up/level20.jpg

Level 21

Level 22

Level 23

Level 24

Level 25

Level 26

Level 27

Level 28

Level 29

Level 30

Level 31

Level 32

First connect three squares with baloons and let them fly. Then place the other three tiles by throwing them up and catching them between the glasses. It worked for me. http://images.jayisgames.com/power-up/level32.jpg

Wow, some interesting solutions in that walk-through. There are definitely easier versions of some of them!

Well i was having fun until level 20 when it got a bit buggy. Some of the blocks would sit in the middle of the screen, i couldn't move anything, and i'd have to reset. Then at level 22 it just sits at the loading screen and won't move to the next level.

wow some of the levels can be really easy hard and then the next level can be really easy. I have gotten farther than you guys (twenty-three) with a whole lot of patience. My insight- a lot more luck than skill with this game. By the way dont be afraid to use a video at youtube for some help.

noopynick, I beat this game on Friday. Pretty difficult game. I have only 3 more Nitrome games to beat. They are Pest Control, Hot Air, and Nanobots.

Im having alot of trouble with lvl 28?

Even with the walk-trough.

Any pointers?

Urgh level 16 is infuriating.
I've connected the robots twice but the power wont flow,
I don't understand because the blocks are connected but it wont work!

sorry cheesemeister! I was referring to most of the peeps who commented above my post. oh and gotide1, i just beat it and since this so late, you might have alredy beat it but all i did was stack the wood on the left to numb the cannons, and then i just stacked the metal.

I agree with most of the comments here, obviously not the walkthrough ones which were awesome, but there's just nothing to agree with there.
The game definitely has a few glitches, such as the ''physics'' ordeal and the whole rubber blocks. This game shouldn't have come out until at least 2 more weeks in its BETA period. Usually I like Nitrome games because they're creative, entertaining, and challenging without being a pain, but aside from the admittedly catchy music, this was one of the worst Nitrome games so far.

Well, the dodgy physics make it that much more rewarding when you do complete it, but until you do, you'll want to strangle your monitor with your mouse cord, or anyone nearby. It's a bit like having PMS.

I just powered up the Menu box. It was basically a held-with-a-bandaid situation.

I don't think the glass level is really necessary. Because of the bouncyness of the blocks, it makes it very difficult to place them,

Level 10 is IMPOSSIBLE!!!! Literally! I created a circuit and the electricity is flowing through it, but when it enters the second robot, the robot doesn't get the electricity! Help! By the way, the circuit isn't touching water. Any ideas?

I like this game but level 15 gets on my nerves! 3 times I almost got it and the 4th time it wouldn't charge!

Level 15 is too hard! Can't get past it....have to say the controls are irritating.
Normally like Nitrome though, but some of its games are just not good. ;(

I have encountered quite a few glitches in this game. For instance, some of the honey crates don't stick to the wall when I put them there, and when I remove the honey crates from the wall sometimes, the game doesn't let me move any more crates past where that honey crate used to be! And what about this? Sometimes the circuit will flow through the crates yet the other robot will not power up!

Still, I think this game is enjoyable to play. I mean, I'm still playing it and all. =)

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