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numbskull.gifThank you for your interest in the the Numbskull puzzle playset from Nitrome toys, the makers of the Twang construction set, Final Ninja combat gear, and In the Dog House sliding puzzle game. This manual will teach you how to use this playset, unleashed just in time for the Halloween season. Included in this release are the following:

  • 1 toy skeleton with detached head
  • 1 block grid with "spooky stormy graveyard" backdrop
  • 1 grid stand
  • 500 assorted blocks of various shapes and sizes
  • 1 expandable square grid-rotation clamp (integrated into the mouse)

To play, use the cursor to draw boxes around chunks of the grid. When you release the button the selected squares rotate one quarter turn clockwise. The goal is to deposit the skull on the skeleton's body without any hazards (electricity, pumpkins) getting in the way. Pipe blocks will instantly suck the skull from one end to the other if the path is clear, and the conveyor blocks will carry it from one location to another. Certain other blocks, like chained blocks and large blocks, will inhibit your ability to rotate parts of the grid, and some blocks will require you to rotate the entire thing or make different rotations. If you get stuck, dump out the grid and start over (you know, by clicking the swirly arrow "reset" icon).

Analysis: Is it possible to be entertained and frustrated by the same thing at the same time? It must be, because that's exactly how I feel with Numbskull. It always drives me nuts trying to figure out how to rotate this to get that from here to there. But I love it. And I'm one of those freaks who actually likes slide puzzles.

This is a 100% puzzle game, no fast-paced action involved. There's not even a timer; all the game keeps track of is how many rotations you make. The fact that you can only make clockwise quarter-turns (unless you include a special block in your box) can be frustrating at times, however, and sometimes it can screw up your plans (Aaack! I didn't mean for the skull to go THERE!). As usual, Nitrome delivers in the visual department with great-looking pixel art, so no quibbles there. All in all, it's an enjoyable and challenging game!

Play Numbskull


I need help with 14. Is Nitrome taking a more puzzley approach?

solved 14

Fun little game. I wish it had a limit to the number of turns for each level... some of the harder ones are too easy by just turning blocks all over the place, when I'm sure it's not the "intended" solution.

I love nitrome, and their puzzle games are good, but their platformers are the best. Final ninja was amazing.

I'm sure I'll love this though.

HA! Used most of your article all the same. :-)



any help on lvl 10 please?

final ninja annoys me cuz if your on a laptop which iusually am u cant use the keyboard and mouse at the same time which u need to

off the rails is fun cept i wish u had lives in that game

I need help with 36!!!!!!

Love it! O_O

Nitrome is seeming to love puzzles now.. but they are still amazing!

P.S. Toxic 2? Its been like 2 months since they said it was coming soon!

I like this one, though I'm better at platformers.

Please! How do you beat level 14?

Anyone got to level 43 yet? I'm stuck...


anon: unless it's just me, 43 is really subtle. I think it took me longer than everything else combined. let me figure out how to explain it with typing...

Help on 47

I'll use S for the skull, w for the conveyor block, and n for the solid block.

Configuration 1:

for now, we'll only deal with the bottom 3x3 section of the map.

start by getting into this configuration:


Configuration 2:

rotate the whole 3x3 block


Configuration 3:

rotate the whole 3x3 block again


Here comes the fun bit!
Configuration 5:

rotate the upper left 2x2 block


the skull will slide over and you'll get:

Configuration 6:

rotate upper right 2x2 block


And, the trick:
Configuration 7:

Now, rotate the 3x3 block that has the skull in the bottom left and the conveyor block in the bottom middle.

And you should be able to get it from here!

Drat, this lags too much for me to play. My evil computer wins another round. It looks cute, though.


When you first rotate all of the chains, don't let the skull move.


Manipulate the smallest chain and pair of blocks so that they are against the left wall, with the chain connecting the blocks to the left and right. Now rotate all of the chains using an 8x8 selection (one more than selecting just all of the blocks). The skull shouldn't move. Now rotate the whole contraption (including the skull). The skull will fall down on the right onto the ramp and down to the goal.

Nitrome appears to be down. :(

God. I could listen to that music for hours. And their idea of a game is fantastic too. Awesome music, awesome gameplay, fits with current time and a fantastic inventive idea. That combined = l33t pwn8g3. Everyone, don't forget to vote!

I first thought it was going to be like Roly Poly, but then I read the instruction.
It's a great game, and apart from the fact that the Menu and Level Music is the same (and it is not a quick game), it succeeds.

Platformers are my type of game, more so than these puzzling ones, but I still like the concept: simple but effective.

I also like watching the skull yawn. And the purple lightning. It just goes to show that all the little details count.

Wow, these get tough. Stuck on 42 right now.

I still laugh every time the skeleton does his little dance.

Anyone know the solution to Level 10? I just can't get past it.

Hint for 10:

Consider moving the big block on its own separate from the chain at some point.

I hate thirteen. Apparently it is unlucky.

I've been avoiding doing this the whole time I've been playing. Every time I've been stuck so far, I've worked it out but, I just can't do level 36. Can anyone please help me??

Does anyone else find the scoring penalties when you die to be excessively harsh?


Hope this is clear:
make a 2 x 2 box containing the box (with arrows) in bottom right, rotate it once. 2 x 2 with box in top right, rotate once. 2 x \2 with box in top right, rotate once. 2 x 2 with box in top left, rotate once. 2 x 2 with box in top left, rotate once.

Any hints for 50?

[Edit: Corrected to 2 x 2. -Pam]

Another thing:

Is level 16 even possible? It seems the body is entirely blocked off!

Re: Level 16

*sigh* Never mind...

(Where exactly do I go to sign up for an account, so I don't have to keep bothering the mods to approve my dinky posts?)

[Edit: I think you get the option to register whenever you post an anonymous comment. -Pam]

10 is so easy once you actually get it.

I see the future: Toxic 2 is coming out before the next skin change.


How about some help on 44?

help on level 8 would be much appreciated...


Thanks for the help with 43 and 47 - they're pretty brutal. As for 50...

There are only two possible 2x2 squares to turn. From the initial configuration of the puzzle, I will call them TR (top right) and BL (bottom left - the one closer to the skeleton body). Obviously their position changes as the castle rotates, but I will retain the same names for the sake of consistency. The order is:


ahh finally got 25!
so simple once i found out.
Hint (really helps, you should figure it out from this):

remember that you can move the pumpkin with the block also!

Answer (come on, you don't need this, do you?!):

Move the block next to the pumpkin, then rotate it so the pumpkin is on top of the block. Rotate the 4X4 grid so the skull falls on the body.

PLease help with number 23, please!!!

Thanx for the help on 47 Pure. I beat the game

Any help with L29?

level 34???

Nitrome rocks! Ever since I've first bumped into that trolley game, I've been hooked! Who knows, maybe next Halloween they'll come out with a platformer.

Lol, I found out 42 in 2 or 3 (I forgot which) moves

move the conveyor belt block 1 down and move the arrow block down one so you can turn the rotator block with it
the skull will miraclously fall into place.

You guys can make fun of me, lol, but I can't figure level nine out. Any help?

Oh I forgot

you drop the skull onto the conveyor.

So.. Anyone have a solution for 15?
I'm stuck.


[Edit: Once is enough thanks. ~Kero]

I need help with level 42. Thanks

42 I happened on by chance with an unusual outcome

All in 2x2 squares
Skull + up left
Arrow + down right
Gravity changer + arrow
Skull + belt

Help with 44 anyone?

Can someone please offer some real help for level 10?

help with 13 PLEASE!!!!

I need help with 13!!!!

I'm having a huge mental block over level 39 - help would be appreciated.

Level 15. anyone? Really stuck. Tired so many ways and it just won't work!

Need help with level 43 pleeze

stuck on 46!!! :(((

really stuck on 44, any help?

Hi. I am stuck on 43 because you only have two blocks to move the skull to the top. Please help.

Hi there i got a big problem with lvl 43 plz help me, thy

Any hints on 40? I've been working on it for two days...

Totally stuck on 15... anyone?

Got 40; power of the post, I guess. I like this game, but too many times I just luck into the solution. It would be very hard to help anyone when you can't remember how you got through yourself.

Level 17 anyone?

I still cannot get level 43. I can get the skull just to the right of the base on the belt, but do not know how to get the belt up one space to get the skull on the base.

Can anyone help?

Anyone help with lvl 46??
I'm stuck!!


(eg C6 means 6th column along, R5 means 5th row down, from top left)

C6 R5 2x2 square rotate once so the 2 x 1 block is vertical on the right hand side of the 2x2 square. C7 R5 2x2 square containing the vertical 2 x 1 block and the block with the arrow, rotate twice. C6 R5 2x2 square with block with arrow on top right, rotate once. R5 C5 2x2 square with 2x1 block on left and block with arrow on top right, rotate once. Now rotate the whole 7x7 square 3 times. The skull should be in C7 R3. Move the block with arrow so it is directly to the left of the skull. R6 C2 2x2 square rotate it twice so the skull drops onto the ledge on R6 C5. Move the block with arrow so it is directly above the skull. C5 R3 2x2 square with box with arrow and skull, rotate it 4 times. The skull should drop to the floor. Rotate whole 7x7 square once. Move box with arrow so it is in C5 R5 directly above a 2x1 block sitting horizontally. In C5 R5 make 2x2 square containing block with arrow on top left and the 2x1 block horizontal along bottom. Rotate it 3 times. C6 R5 2x2 square containing box with arrow top left skull bottom right, rotate twice. C5 R5 2x2 square rotate it twice. C6 R5 2x2 square rotate it 3 times. Rotate whole 7x7 square 3 times.


45 help please, pictures or something

Please help on .. 14?

you know what? I really wish that someone would post on level 30. Most users just skip right by the pleas for help!


♥ it would be much appreciated

*sigh* forever on level 30 *sigh*

and yes, when is toxic 2 going to be out? they were saying two months ago that it was coming soon!

I'm stuck on level 20. help?

What is it with Nitrome's current obsession with mouse games!?!!? I hate mouse games!
Where are my darling arrow keys and space bar games (this does not mean I'm a fan of Onekey, I got past one level and stopped playing)


Use the pipes to navigate the middle right corner - you only really need to use one straight one. When you go to move along the bottom line up the blocks along the bottom and then just scoot through the middle.


Move until you are two blocks to the right of the middle metal block. Shift the group of four single blocks from the middle left to immediately below and left of you. Then...


Head off (no pun intended) to the left first then it's just a matter of working your way down and across. At some stage, it might be helpful to station a block on top of the the bottom zapper block.


Back to basics for this one. You should be able to do it in three moves. Just keep it simple.

This one took me ages to figure out.

Let's number the boxes as if they are a phone keypad i.e. the top line is 1, 2, 3 from left to right, the middle line is 4, 5, 6 etc. OK. So, make a square from 2 & 6, 5 & 9, 1 & 5 x 2, 2 & 6, 1 & 5, 2 & 6, 5 & 9, 2 & 6 x 2, 5 & 9 x 3, 1 & 5, 4 & 8 x 2. Enjoy.

Argh, even with mmm's excellent guide I just can't finish of 43!
pls help!

Ha, just after posting that I finished 43!

Level 43

Following on....

Get the solid block to the right of the skull, so you have


Then rotate skull and solid to give you:


Then rotate the conveyor and solid to give you:


Which will cause the skull to roll onto the body.

Again, massive thanks to mmmm for posting what he did.

Pleaase help with level 20. Sorry to upset you jan.jan but I don't get what you wrote. The middle right part I crossed but the lower part is a little difficult. Your help will be appreciated. Thank You.

- Mystic Nidhogg( not my real name ).

Please, help on level 13! It's tormenting me! How do you get that skull on its body?

stuck on 13 it really is unlucky

I need help for level 40

Stuck on 41. Any hint, please ?

I need help on 30


Can anyone help on lvl 39

L 8

do the ones nearest the skull first:

do the pipes with the 2 blocks above them twice, then do the same with the pipes and the other 2 blocks.

then do the first block at the top and do it with right 3 around it twice, then do the left 3 around it twice.

then with the last pipe do the 3 left blocks around it twice.

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]

now on lvl 40

anyone help out with 13?

Can anyone help me at level 49?!?! Is this possible? Thank you!

Can some1 give me a basic walkthrough for lvl 43

Managed to get the rest of the lvls but this is driving me nuts


(C1 = first column from top left, R1 = first row from top left, etc)

C1R1. C2R1. C1R1. C2R1. C1R1. C2R1. C3R1. C2R1 X 4. C3R1 X 3. That's the process for getting the skull moving towards the right, just keep doing this until you're done.

I also need help for level 40 - been stuck there for two days!!!

Me too! Please can someone help?







I can't seem to get in to this game.
I get the "loading" bar, goes to 100%, then I get this screaming flashing skull with a logo on it. I have clicked everywhere (for several days now! lol) Any help would be appreciated.

Sorry, but i don't get your description of level 49. Can you explain your system to me?
Thank you very much!!!


(eg C3 R1 = 3rd column along from top left and 1st row down from top left)

Rotate the chain once. Move the square with the single arrow in it so it is in C3 R1 with arrow starting from left then turning up. Make square starting in C1R1 and 6x6 and rotate once. The skull should be next to the legs. Use the other square to rotate the whole thing so the skull sits on the legs.

anyone have any tips for level 34? i'm really stumped.


I need help with level 42. It is impossible!

can someone tell me how to do level 27?

Sanwalka a.k.a. Mystic ... a.k.a. ...
Now you've upset me. Nah. Just kidding ;D
Sorry my comment was a bit vague - its hard to know how technical to get. I am finding that these walkthroughs are really hard to put into words. Shall give it another go though.

Even before you end up at the bottom part you can drop the 5 bottom left blocks down one row so that they are at the very bottom. When you arrive at the bottom part you can shift yourself onto that row then just rotate the 2x2 that gets you, the blank space to the left and the two blank spaces above. You should end up one space to the left. Repeat.


Start by rotating the 3x3 down and to the right then just keep working your way across. You can use the conveyor belt blocks to block the skull so that it doesn't skid off to the left. You also might like to shift the conveyor belt block that sits just above the skeleton out of the way.

Thank You jan.jan if you were telling me. Now I advanced to lvl 25 and am stucked there. Thanks again for repeating the spoiler. Again, Your help will be appreciated. Thanks. Bye

Can't understand the guy's explanation for 47.
Anyone have an easier solution?


For level 42. It's the long way round but the only one I know.

Move conveyor belt(CB)to the 2nd space to the left of skull
Move single arrow(SA)to immediately below it
Move the multi arrow(MA)to maximum from right to left
Move the CB to the left of the skull
Move MA to max right to left
Same again with MA
Minimum move on MA
Take CB to left of skull
Bring SA to right of MA then move MA and SA together

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]

Level 34

In one move, move everything
Bring SA down beside skull
Move everything 3 times
Move skull and SA together

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]

Still stuck on level 43, help

I can't do 36. I tried to follow the one that was posted but it doesn't work.


Shift the single block from the bottom left to where you want the skull to end up. Drop Mr Pumpkinhead onto that block then into the bottom left-hand corner. You can rotate everything else in one move to finish. 8 moves, tops.


You only ever need to rotate the box with the arrows in a 2x2 box with the arrows in the Bottom Right corner (BR), Top Right (TR), TR, TR, Top Left (TL), TL. Or you could just say BR, TR x 3, TL x 2.

Oh no! I finished it. I should have rationed myself to one level a day.

Do we have to wait until next Halloween for more? Could they be persuaded to do a Christmas one?

Can someone help me with level 10?

Level 12?
It's too hard.

I don't get 36. I don't understand any of the posts so far.


Move the large blue block until its right side sits under the stone block where the skull is resting. That should take 3 moves. Now rotate the entire chain assembly once. The skull should fall nicely into place.


Start off with making a 3x3 box that includes the skull and big box, make another 3x3 that includes the skull, the smaller two blocks and the space just above the body. Now there's only one move left to make.

level 40 in 5 turns:

1)Grab left arrow only, (correction) 4x4 square
2) Grab left arrow + chain link, 5x5 square
3) Grab chain link only 5x5 square
4) Again Grab chain link only 5x5 square
5) Grab scrolling arrows only 2x2 square

Level 18? Stuck with skulll at top and pumpkin on body.

Can someone please help with level 30?
Or if there's a link to a youtube with all the levels because I am much better with a visual.
Thanks, guys..

go to this site for the walkthrough for 43

can someone help me at lvl 17 ...
i can't finsih it
the whole body and head is stuck i cant rotate the head

Solution to 42:

1 turn with 4 square box, skull in bottom right corner

1 turn with 4 square box to make arrow box next to flip castle box

1 turn with 9 square box, flip castle box being in top center quadrant, arrow box being in top right corner.

1 turn 4 square box with conveyor box in bottom left, skull in bottom right


Can some one help me on level 10?? Im so Confuzled

Can you help me on level 41? Thanks! :)


T = top
R = right
B = bottom
L = left

Make a 2x2 box with the arrow block in the BR corner, then BR, TL , TL, 3x3 BL, BL, BR, 2x2 TR.

I can't get past level 9. Help me!


Just keep it simple. 1st move - make a 2x2 box with the skull in the top-left corner. Now you only have one more move to make and then your done.

Hi i need help with lvl 16. No one else seems to need it, but I can't get the stupid chain out of the way!!!!!


Make a 2x2 box with the skull, 3x3 with the skull middle-left, 3x3 with the bottom large block, then a 5x5 block.

Need help with level 13. The spoiler with rotate 3 by 3 did not help. Totally stuck.

I still cant get level 43,

Can someone do an easy walkthrough, I tried to do it and it just wont happen. help me on "43".

I cant get through lvl 9, help!!

That was a nice game that I beat. Fun puzzler, and level 49 just takes a while, but is easy!

Did you notice the new Halloween skin :-D

someone put up a spoiler for level 50 please. its impossible

can someone please help me with level 39? I'm just not getting it... thanks!

Please help with level 15. I am stuck.


Make a 4x4 box starting with the box just to the right of the skull then going up to the top right-hand corner - twice, then a 5x5 box starting with the piece of pipe just below the skull then going to the top right-hand corner, then a 4x4 box starting with the skull then going right and down, then you only need to make one more move.

for level 10 just move the big gray block next to the chains and then from the top drag down and get the chains and block together then do it again to win the level

Stuck on level 14-helppppppp!






how do you do #19?

LEVEL 8!!! It's the stupid pipes at the top right.

Thanks so much for the help guys! Great game.

PLEEEEEAAAAASEE some 1 help me with level 41 im gona kick my own hed if i dont get it
=] thanx bye x x x

i did 41 now stuck on 42 :(

could somebody help me get passed level 29 i can almost get it but am left with one piece to move?

Why has nobody put level 39? I need help! I think I know what to do, I just don't know how to do it. Please help! It's much appreciated!

--Wildpath the Warriorcats reader

Oh nevermind I got 39. I'm so proud of myself. :) Here's how to do it. There'll be a lot of repetition.

1. Turn the 2x2 with the left arrow, NOT THE UPSIDE-DOWN ONE. 2. Now do the 2x2 with the left and upside-down blocks. 3. Repeat number 2. 4. Repeat again. 5. Repeat again. 6. Repeat again. (Getting bored yet?) 7. Repeat. 8. Repeat. 9. Repeat. 10. Now move the left arrow and ONLY THE LEFT ARROW twice. You should end up having the two 'magic' blocks in opposite corners. Now turn the upside-down block. 11. Turn only the upside-down block again. 12. Repeat 11.

Hope this helped. It's a bit confusing, I know.

-- Wildpath the Warriorcats reader

i really dont get how to do level 9! any help would be great!

I need help on 26. thx

I am stuck on Level 20. Can anyone help????

Hey Amanda,

in the bottom section rotate the blocks 2X2 until the 1st 6 blocks are on the floor then rotate the 1st 2 pieces of pipe once, then the pipe piece on the bottom 3 times until it is on the top floor. rotate blocks on top until a few are on floor(make sure to cover electric block with one) then just prgress skull until he gets next space on pipe, he will shoot too bottom then move skull by itself until you get right by body and roatet him in!

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