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JayTontoko FamilyOn of Eyezmaze has just released this simple game of coordination and timing, all built in just 5 days (though he suggests he should have been able to do it in 2). Tonoko Family uses the same charming cartoon people we are familiar with seeing in his games.

Using the keyboard for control, press the [Z], [X], [C], and [V] keys (alternately, [A], [S], [D] and [F] may be used instead) at the appropriate time to get all family members to safety. Adding to the difficulty of this not-so-simple game is the fact that the keys control different functions, such as jumping, swatting, and starting and stopping. It's enough to thoroughly wrap your brain into knots.

Not a long game, nor a complicated one to understand, and yet oh-so-hard to do correctly. Give it a try and see if you can manage a reward greater than toilet paper.

Play Tontoko Family

Walkthrough Guide

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List of Rewards:

1. Toilet-paper
2. Scrubber
3. Bolt
4. Tontie bottle cap figure
5. Soy sauce-flavored ramen
6. GROW T-shirt
7. Black toilet-paper
8. A year's supply of Kleenex
9. Tontie bottle cap figure complete
10. Video game machine
11. Blu-ray Disc player
12. Vacuum cleaner
13. Hi-vision LCD TV
14. Home theater system
15. Ixal (calico)
16. Segway
17. Alpaca
18. Electric car
19. Theremin
20. sweet home (log type)
21. Sweet home (eco)
22. Space travel
23. Castle
24. Last boss
25. Planet
26. The bond

If I have enough time to play through the game, I will post the points necessary to get the reward as well.


A new eyezmaze game great i love his stuff

It's pretty tough. Just to let you know, pressing V makes the baby brake, pressing it again makes it go again.

Saviour-V teleports in...

Rest: 61.
Points: 5440.
Prize: Wii GET!

Saviour-V grins, and teleports out...

Saviour-V teleports in again....

On attempt #2:

Rest: 28.
Points: 12480.
Prize: Alpaca GET?!

What the heck is an Alpaca? Looks more like a wooly llama to me.

Ahh, well.

Saviour-V teleports out again....

The Alpaca is a domesticated species of South American camelid.

great 4-player game...

LOL @ martin1456!

I just earned a year's supply of kleenex for scoring 4470!

21760! Theremin get!!!

That orange kid needs to slow down before I smack him one. Seriously.

I seriously cannot get the bug-smacking timing correct. Very frustrating! I can't even tell if I'm swinging too early or too late.


You sure you aren't just swatting at the wrong bugs? Don't swat at the stag beetle things, only the roaches. I thought I had the wrong timing too until I realized that.

Love Eyesmaze! Love the surprise gifts!


Name goes under the comment ;-)

Oh, and yay! Finished!

Space travel get!!!

Rest: 74

1840 Point!

Tontie Bottle Cap Figure (should be figures) Get!!

23470! Theremin get!

I'd rather have the alpaca :/
The timing for the orange guy is hard to get used to.

The alpaca comes with an awesome alpaca-house! It's got a little alpaca-shaped door and SQUEEEEE!

Soy sauce flavored ramen!

A little late for me to be any good at this. It would be really winnable with a (small fingered) family of four, which just makes me think of On's family playing. Awww.

So far I've managed to win a scrubber, a tontie bottle cap figure, soy-sauce flavored ramen and a home theater system.

This game is just too adorable.

11340 Point
28 Rest
I got a Segway!!

*zips around in search of toilet paper*

BLACK toilet paper?!

The keys are not the same for me as in the review and the picture. I'm using ASDF by default.

31390 POINT (includes the 10000 clear bonus!!)
Rest 0
Sweet Home (eco)



Finally beat it :D 39790 - Space Travel! (22/26)

I wonder what the last prize is... S:

Gah, I can't get the baby timing right! I'll try again in the morning.

Finished with 53920 points and 2/3 hearts

Prize: Planet (25/26)

I believe you need a perfect game to get the 26th prize...

Finally got a perfect game (110500 including clear bonus and perfect bonus), took me a while to do it because of the stupid lifts. They keep going down on me when I get near them (despite what the author says, on my 4th try I got up to ~93 and then it went down on me right when I got on...).

For anyone else who got a perfect, does that red arrow do anything?

Woohoo beat it!

odd thing though:

Prize 26/26 first says "The bond" and "GET!!", but then the image shifts and reads "Heads" and "LOSE". Also, a red triangle button appears but does nothing no matter how many times I click on it...I think this is a bug, as the retry button no longer works either (but pressing space to reset still works.)

Hmmmm is there a bug with the bugs? I can't seem to find any place to hit that beetle scarab thing that won't hurt me.

That baby thing. Stopping him for too long will cost you a life. I dont' know how possible in real life it is for a stationary baby car to still flip and overturn, but apparently, it does.

I'm not sure what it is, but I got an ixal (calico)
it looks like a home made mouse-trap with eyes...

Heheheh, fun game as usual from On. I haven't done amazingly well on it yet though.. I think the Tontie bottle cap figures were the best prize I managed.

Jacob: As per the instructions, you're NOT supposed to hit the stag beetle - just let it pass by and you'll get the points.

the baby seemed to fall over randomly at times. of course, babies do that in real life, but this is a sophisticated, car-driving baby we're talking about here... is it supposed to do that?

mixed: if he stays still too long, he'll fall over!

Tontie bottle caps. Whee. :(

Wooh! 11510 points, 16/26...

Segway GET!!!

No bug -- don't swing at the beetle. Those are kabuto mushi-- rhinoceros beetles to most, and samurai helmet beetles to Japanese. (Thanks to google.)

My record: 810 points.

My reward was bolts.

Brilliant game! It reminds me of a combination of Ferry Halim's "A Dog for All Seasons" and Mausland's "Go Go Plant" (not reviewed here, I suggest you give it a look; the sequel is better), although considerably harder than both of them. So far, I've managed to do 60% of it, and the prize was

a segway with yin yang symbols on its wheels

I'll keep trying until I finally beat it (if I do).

[Edit: Catu, we have a process for suggesting games to make sure they get attention. Please use the "Suggest a Game" link at the top of the page. Thanks. -Pam]

do you win real-life prizes?

[Edit: um... no. -Jay]

Last boss GET!!

Does anyone know what all of the "rewards" are? I'm curious.

The alpaca is the best!

Here are the first six ranks, if anyone is interested.

1. Toilet paper 2. Scrubber 3. Bolts 4. Tontie Bottle Cap Figure 5. Soy sauce flavored ramen 6. Grow t-shirt

Just 20 more to go!

yay, soy sauce flavored ramen! mm, now i'm hungry :]

woot! black toilet paper, how emo...

Electric car get! much better!

Woot! Eventually got the last boss! Did anyone actually get 25?

Also, I am pretty impressed with this game. It should be pretty easy, except the little bit of differentiating between actions. Well done Eyemaze! Well done On!

Plus, yeah, it's the baby that gets me all the time.

Reward #25:


I got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10! it says 10 is a video game system, but it's picture is a WII! Now I have 2 Wiis! (1 in-game, 1 in real life.)

level 26 reward

bond (of family members)

gryphon78, Ixal has also appeared in HATCH today.

Video Game Machine GET!!

1290 points!

My record is 3810 points:

Black toilet paper?!?

3750 Points!


OK, now my reward for 6040 points was:

Blu-ray Disc player

Now I got 6340 points!

Blu-ray disc player GET!

22210 Points!

Theremin GET!! 19/26

Love it -


the year's supply of kleenex

I got for a score of 4300.

List of Rewards:

1. Toilet-paper
2. Scrubber
3. Bolt
4. Tontie bottle cap figure
5. Soy sauce-flavored ramen
6. GROW T-shirt
7. Black toilet-paper
8. A year's supply of Kleenex
9. Tontie bottle cap figure complete
10. Video game machine
11. Blu-ray Disc player
12. Vacuum cleaner
13. Hi-vision LCD TV
14. Home theater system
15. Ixal (calico)
16. Segway
17. Alpaca
18. Electric car
19. Theremin
20. sweet home (log type)
21. Sweet home (eco)
22. Space travel
23. Castle
24. Last boss
25. Planet
26. The bond

If I have enough time to play through the game, I will post the points necessary to get the reward as well.

Awesome, and fun. You get a sense of him being a father, with the sick Grow (v.3 i think?). And this exercise, it's an effort to get everyone (wife and 2 kids) on the same page. The end prize (26 of 26) is super cute. It's a delicate balance, raising a family.

Looks like it was recently updated to avoid some of the "troubling" stuff like the elevator dropping while you're on the corner and the hit-zone of the "S" character.

What a fun game.

points: 4470
I got a year's supply of Kleenex!

this is fun~

Very fun game! I am not talented enough to play it by myself though. I got to the Alpaca but, I had something coming at me at all four levels at once, and got way too confused!!

My Prizes:

1.Toilet paper (9)
2.Scrubber (2)
3.Bolts (4)
4.Tontie bottle cap figure (9)
5.Soy sauce-flavored ramen (8)
6.GROW T-shirt
7.Black toilet paper
9.Tontie bottle cap figure complete (3)
11.Blu-ray disc player
12. Vacuume cleaner
14. Home theater system

Sweet! Now I can completely clean and remodel the bathroom, decorate it with tontie bottle cap figures, install a giant entertainment system, have ramen for dinner/lunch/whatever, all while advertising Grow with a t-shirt!

I'm not sure what to do with the black toilet paper though...

Fun addictive game. I think I'll add it to my favorites.

Love this game, held off commenting until I got perfect, but I think I'll keep on playing just for fun. One of my favourites from Eyemaze for sure.
To fish: I don't see a red arrow, and I got perfect bonus, clear bonus, final score of 110500 and The Bond as my final prize (sort of cute that of all the things On wants, a kind of psychic family bond is the highest!)


Wii GET!

if anyone doesnt want the

Black TP

can i have it? i need more than 1 cuz black tp is emo and i need it now cuz i want my bathroom to have black tp

o and bump

My stuff so far is:

Toilet paper (Alot)
Home Entertainment System
Grow T-shirt
Tonite Bottle Cap Collection (not finished)

So I can put my T-shirt on and ride my Segway with my Wii, some bolts, and toilet paper. When I get there, We can play Wii on the HES he rented from me. After that we can drink soda from bottles that have Tonite bottle caps he also rented from me.

Now I got an Alpaca and Flat Screen TV!

Gotcha .. xD

Last prize .. The Bond ..


My energy level is always low, how do you bring this up? I've tried to get them to drink coffee, but they never do, they just want to make snacks!!!!!!!

To Karen:

Did you mean to post in the Virtual Families thread? If so, please follow this link for helpful information:

lol so far i got
toilet paper (endless)
1 bolt

YES I got "The Bond" on my third or fourth try!

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