Upgrade in progress

JayJust a heads-up about a major site upgrade that we've begun, so you are likely to experience a few bumps during the process, though we are working hard to keep them to a minimum. The site is getting a major overhaul to the underlying structure, as well as a much needed facelift, and therefore many scripts and templates are changing. The entire process will take at least the rest of the day to complete.

You may need to clear your browser cache when it's all over to make sure all the old scripts are replaced with the new ones. Thanks for your patience! =)


So is the site getting a whole make-over? or just some tiny adjustments?

no matter what it is I'll be looking forward to it!

Congrats and good luck on the upgrade!


replace all of my old scripts? what's that? And also, I out of anything, would LOVE to see a new version of that benner up at the top!

I hope the upgrade goes well! Also, I just noticed an "upgrade" while typing "hope". This posting thing spell checked it.

[Edit: Thanks! ^_^ But I can't take credit for the spell checker, sounds like a browser feature. :) -Jay]

Clear my browser cache? Wouldn't that erase my saved progress on all the online games I play? (...or is that something else?)

Oh boy! I'm excited! :)

i can't wait for it! :D

For firefox users, ctrl+f5 should be enough to clear the catch only for this site. No need to clear your browser catch, and make internet slow for all other sites on first visit again as well :)

Oh, good luck the the upgrade =)

Yay!!!! An upgrade!!! Unfortunately, it seems to have just cleared my favorite games from the "favorites section". Has this happened to anyone else?

For firefox users, ctrl+f5 should be enough to clear the cache only for this site. No need to clear your browser cache, and make internet slow for all other sites on first visit again as well :)

Oh, good luck the the upgrade =)

Good luck with that "facelift" :) Looking forward to seeing the New Jayisgames!

Great! looks awesome already!
(will you still be able to play the banner game somewhere else?)

i for one dont like change...but i must admit the site looks ton better

Already it's looking 100% better! I love it!

Good luck on the upgrades. I'm really liking the banner, very spiffy!

Like the new look Jay, very clean and "2.0"! New banner is excellent too! Well done!!

I know whats its like doing a site overhaul! Hope its all going smoothly...

Couple of minors, probably got them in hand so feel free to ignore me:
- would be good to have some padding on the comments they are bumping up against the left border
- I think the reviews/comments get a little lost with the left hand navigation not sure if a slight off-white nav background colour or darker left hand border might help?


WOW! It's so shiny, fresh, and delectable! pokedstudio did a great job on the banner!

♪♪♪ Cheers and Congradulations!!! ♪♪♪

So far... I like the new background (it has a fade black-blue on the sides, white in the center, and the cool pic at the top by pokedstudio... if that is the new template...)

Blue is so calming and the old banner game caused the page to load slower being a flash and not an image.

Good luck on the rest and keep up the good work!

♫ Ninjaz

is the chat still working?

Now i see the new look - and i like what i see :)

Sorry for the double post but two things i noticed (these may just be my computer)

At the top of the page there is something that looks like:


What does it do?

also... Are spoilers not working? because pages I revisited recently havent had spoilers where they formerly were...


ooooo... very nice looking!
so far I am liking what I am seeing :)

nice job on all of your hard work, jay :)

Wow, this is very....white. I understand the need for larger fonts because so many kids want to read the site on their phones. But man, this is really....white. Looks like Drudge Report & Google.

:O OMG, love it!!!! still, I wish that there was an interactive banner again :(

looking good,
I kept clicking on the banner hoping it was a game because it looks like a pretty fun one.

Gorgeous! <3 the banner. Can't wait to see the changes as they occur! What a pleasant surprise after being internet-free for 10 days (in Italy!)

Gorgeous! (heart) the banner. Can't wait to see the changes as they occur! What a pleasant surprise after being internet-free for 10 days (in Italy!)

(it seems the carrots cause a problem in the comments, as the rest of the latter comment is no visible after my *heart* emoticon using a left carrot, just an FYI ;-) )


The new tags are AWESOME!!!!

Now you can tell what is in a spoiler and what isn't... and which you have and haven't opened... and you can close the spoilers so w/ walkthroughs you can keep track of steps way easier...

I hope it works XD

Awesome, i love the new look of the site

Maybe Ninjaz is....

A H4X0R!

Dynamic proof of spoiler concept.

Or is he?


That multi-submit was an accident... XP

I was trying to post a comment and my computer sucks at computing (problem?)

I pressed the submit button twice cause it wasnt loading after the first click... then it went to the "Cannot process comment page" and hit back... refreshed the browser... didnt see my comment and the comment entry box was still full of what i typed (if you'd call it full) so i re submited and tadah!

I can do it again to make sure that is the correct process if you would like...

I'm sorry I have to test that </> thing too.

jay, what is the update button on the bottom of the screen for?

I suppose I'm just used to phpBB forms where they parse the comments for special characters before posting and amend any issues (like carrots.) Maybe I'm just delusional! But I love this and it gets better every minute (nice spoilers and comment page tabs!)


Nope... not working :(

Oh well... I might have forgotten something in there...

Wow, Jay, the site looks great! Love the comments too - didn't look down and thought the Update button might have been to post "What an odd post button..." and then - blam! New comments! Wow!

Seriously though, looking goooood

Will the white background have variations? This gives me a headache, and that's a problem because I visit often.

Just one more...


Holy crap the site is amazing!

Awesome work Jay :D


The banner is so cute! I want there to be an actual game that looks like that, lol! :D

Like most redesigns, this one will take some getting used to, but I like the clean feel of it, and I like the new spoiler tag look. I'm less thrilled about some of the layout - the very large post titles, for one thing, and the game-type graphics. (I assume they're game-type; they seem to fit categories. However, given how many games featured here resist pigeon-holing, I'm not sure they're a good idea.) On the whole the posts seem to take up a great deal more *space*, and I'm very anti-unnecessary-scrolling, as a design rule.


With the less than and creater than signs does that mean we will be able to use html code in our comments or is that the only thing?

Wow! Congrats on the upgrade. I LOVE the new banner! ^^

I'm loving the banner and the overall layout, but the big white empty spaces are hurting my eyes. :(
I suppose I should just turn down my screen brightness for now. I hope everything runs smoothly!

Yay, it makes me happy to see a link at the top for escape the room games!!!! I can't get enough of thwm at the moment!

Wow! Spiffy!
I just wish there was more of that gray from the top of the page around the borders. But then, I've always been a fan of dark backgrounds, and I know that's not the 'in-thing' nowadays. I've learned to live with it. :\

Love the way the spoiler tags work, though. Really cool!

Hey jay could you unban me from the chat now?

Umm...I really don't like the new look. I LIKE dark, muted greens. This just makes my eyes bleed. It's just too dang white.


The white! I burns my eyes, precious! Gollum, gollum.

But apart from that, very nice.

I have to say that the new look is beautiful. I love the wider display--it really fills my browser window now--and I like how everything seems...bigger. And better. And jayisgamier.

Keep up the great work!

Do the icons on the right side of each entry's heading have specific meanings? I noticed the psychedelic mushroom icon was attached to both the Phantom Mansion review and the Spore: CC review, and I can't think of what they might have in common. Other than both of them being quite strange :p

The other ones are kinda cool though. From I gather (or am completely inventing) - broken rubix cube for puzzle games, oddly shaped 'G' for escape-the-room games, pixelly alien guy for arcade games. And I think Legos for kids' games, or maybe sandbox games?

There should totally be a unique one for link dump entries. Perhaps a dump truck?

Hrm. Jay, previewing and submitting seem to work perfectly for me.

Maybe we could pin this problem down on an operating system or web browser. I'm using Firefox 3.0 on Windows Vista Home Premium. I'll try it again on my XP box and my Linux box later tonight.

I'm just happy I CAN preview. In the older version, that feature never worked on my computer. It would just sit there and pretend I never clicked on anything.

Test again



Cool! I like it. It already loads faster, without the banner game.

All right, trying again using Internet Explorer. Same Vista as before. I am already noticing some slight differences in the comments page, but these look like differences to accomodate different browsers, so I won't highlight them unless they aren't supposed to be there.

...Well, just tried clicking preview in internet explorer and I got taken to a page with nothing but my comment on it. Looks like the same problem Kero's having.

Conclusion? It does not seem to work with Internet Explorer x Vista.

Testing for the final time! (hopefully)

...yep, the sumbit button is broken too. Takse me to a list of comments formatted in plain html.

Thanks Griff. I was afraid it was just me missing something.


It's probably an Internet Explorer 7 issue
after posting a message in IE7 (on XP) with my typekey account the layout is not rendered... Only the comments themselves

I see we are having a comment issue? Let's see how this goes. Using FF on a Mac. Can I preview? Let's see - yep, preview works. Let's click submit. Here we go.

Oh, I really like this style. It's clean, and when the white was a bit much, I turned down my brightness a teeny tiny bit. I LOVE LOVE the nice clean look of it all.

appear, mr. jigman!

I love the "update" function

WHOA. And I love that it tells me how many new comments have arrived... and highlights them... and I can hit update to read them! Cool!

yay! earlier when I came on and went "whoa..." at the layout change, it wouldn't let me comment :(

but aaaaany way, the changes so far are looking great jay! i wonder what you have planned for the new right bar over there ->

yay... solved (I am not sure how.. i think it needs a url in your profile to show up?)

<testing my spoiler skills XD&rt;

and can't wait for the chat to be back up!

hint for chat

Use a chat client!
Colloquy is good for Mac users

ew.... let me try that agian...

testing again

This may have already been told, but in the all games section, the pictures of the games and the names of the games are WAY mixed up XD

Are we REALLY rating games with shrooms now? LOL!!!!!

wow jay, i really like the new look!

the colours are easy to work with, and i want to PRINT the new banner!

congrats, hope it all works out ^^

Oh god, I used to like how JIG had a sensible website design that didn't throw "ZOMG ANIMOOTED WEB4.2 SHINY" in my face while burning my eyes out of my skull with some hideously bright background.

Please for the love of all decent webdesign everywhere leave some way for us to go back to the old JIG that didn't scream conformity with ebaums, addicttinggames, and just about every other shiny-first userfriendliness last flash game aggregator out there.

Looking forward to the upgrade! Thanks, Jay and team for all you do! I couldn't make it through the work week without you!

Superslash, one of the things that makes jayisgames different then every other website is the quality of the comments. Although it is understandable that you do not like the change, your comment is hardly constructive.
Especially when Jay has worked on this site for so long, and probably given you hours of fun, you could at least keep your feedback friendly.

I realize that you probably feel upset because you like this site so much, but saying stuff like "Please for the love of all decent webdesign everywhere" does not help anything.

Ausgezeichnet! Lookin uber spiffy!

It's looking good jay, I love to see change around here.

The design looks nice, and the banner is lovely ... except that it's uncomfortably similar to the style of the Russian artist "dim.po". Particularly the black thing sticking out its tongue, on the right side, which looks *exactly* like some of his art.





A better alternative to clearing your entire browser cache is to do a hard refresh of the page. that way you don't lose cached files for other pages.

It's really easy to do! Just go to the page you want to refresh, jayisgames in this case, and press Ctrl+F5. this will clear all cached files for this page and recache it. Hope that helps!

Good looking layout jay! I like the banner and blue gradient, but i think the white center column is too bright. it contrasts a lot against the dark blue. just my two cents!

Totaly addicted to Jay is Games!!! Cheers!

Jay - I've been looking through the pokedstudio website, and I agree it looks legit … must be a case of convergent evolution, or perhaps the two of them have been eying each other's art for a while; maybe the cross-pollination goes both ways.

Now I'm really tempted to buy some of Jon's art prints. "The Sun That Fell" is quite amazing!


totally off-topic, but LOVING all that pop-art links!!

@ Gnauga

I actually never really used them. Instead I just put JIG as a RSS feed on my Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar Folder. That way I only have to click the "Jay Is Games" link and it lists the last 15 games posted (example).

SO many comments already... all I want to say is that I think the fonts are too big, but I don't want to turn down my font size, cuz then everything will be too small on all the other pages I visit

Well Jay what category icons are you looking for? And do you have an idea what you want them to be? Or are you open to submissions and you'll pick through to find the best ones?

50 pixels square did you say?

And you're going to have to do something about the glaring white before long. That IS slightly blinding.

All in all it's looking pretty good so far. I REALLY like the ratings option.

dsrtrosy - I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who couldn't finish the letters! :) And whoever posted that browser-viewing website, that is really handy - thanks!

Jay, one thing I always appreciated about the old site design was the ability to navigate between blog entries via the "next" and "previous" links. Any chance of that being re-implemented?

I'm assuming its 100 comments per page, is it?

Ninjaz--yep, it is. That's a lot to wade through!

I'm fairly certain that it was the same amount of comments in the old design though, it just seems like much more now that the font has gotten a lot bigger.

I'm fine with the current setup, but I would definitely also applaud less comments per page, or an option, as mentioned, to choose comments per page yourself.

Is it me, or is the background all white and grey with black text?

Imo the upper banner area looks stylish and good. But when scrolling down, the black text against white background looks dull. Somehow it reminds of some academy websites. I would love to have back the old brown style. For me it was the sign of JIG.

Themepark--it is indeed the same number. I mentioned in my original post about this topic (which was somewhere in the middle of page 2 I believe!) that it was something I had wondered about before the redesign--I just never got around to mentioning it! This seems like a great forum for that.

But, as with all other nitpicky details, Jay, I am just throwing it out into the mix and letting you work your magic in your own time. I really do love the redesign.

By the way...I keep looking at that great banner graphic...can't you just see that as a "grow" game married with a higher-end platformer? Now THAT would be a platformer worth playing! I gotta find the time to learn flash!

Is it me, or is the background all white and grey with black text?

Imo the upper banner area looks stylish and good. But when scrolling down, the black text against white background looks dull. Somehow it reminds of some academy websites. I would love to have back the old brown style. For me it was the sign of JIG.

Nicely done, Jay. Just checked and both bugs are indeed gone. I don't know if you've done this already, but is it possible to make the preview disappear once you've submitted your post?



Testing using Firefox 3.0 & Windows XP (SP3)


Umm Jay, I'm still getting the hourglass and the preview cutting off...sorry :(

[Edit: Please reload the page. Some scripts have changed, and you're most likely still using a cached copy. -Jay]

Testing using IE 7.0 & Windows XP (SP3)...

Woot! Appreantly it's a Firefox 3.0 issue. In IE 7.0 I have no persisting hourglass and no preview clipping.

Let's try again, per Jay's suggestion...

Yep, that fixed it. Thanks!

Just noticed that the preview is removed once your post is submitted. Thanks for doing that, Jay! ^^

Just thought I'd add to the list of browser/OS stuff. I'm using Win XP home w/ SP2 and Firefox 2 and have no problems what so ever.

made ya look

The preview seems to work fine too.

@Gaidin It's not the new ones. I like to go back and waste time reading archives of Jayisgames, and hopefully come across a gem or two that I missed. I could really do with adding them back in.

Yeah it's a lot better Jay. Its got a bluish hue. Quite tranquil and relaxing. You can really see the difference when comparing it with the comment box background. Thanks.

Yeah thought there was an "e" in blueish lol. I suppose when I look at it could be described as gray. Colours are a matter of perception sometimes and maybe I call it blue and others call it gray. I do have a loose monitor lead that tints everything purple when its moved, maybe that lead is worse than I thought. I'll be getting a new one soon so I'll see soon enough. Whatever the case, there is definately a vast improvement. My girlfriend is here and she says its gray and she is ALWAYS right lol.

FYI Jay,

I miss the links at the top of the page that move to the previous and next post. It was convenient for me.

The new site does look great!


I thought of a few things that might improve the site: (I used spoilers to make this comment smaller)

- when browsing a category, allow the user to sort by date posted (ascending and descending), highest rated, author's name (alphabetical; like Gotmail and jmtb02) ascending and descending.

- also, while searching (or browsing a category), maybe there can be filters that can narrow down the user's choices. For instance, one to eliminate all reviews before a set date (and one after), one that only shows reviews that have a certain tag, or even one that only shows reviews at or above a certain rating.

- a way to go to the top and bottom of each page. I'm pretty sure you can use HTML for it (I forget what it's called, but I think it's used for FAQ's. You click on a link, and it sends you to the point in the page where you inserted the HTML tag) You can use it with

<a href="#1">Go to bottom</a> <!-- This is the link to the bottom -->

<a name="#1"></a> <!-- This is the bottom -->

- somehow fix the spoiler tags so that one <br/> tag, or a single "enter", would show any text after that on the next line within that spoiler. For instance, any words after the word in bold
in this sentence should be on the next line. However, if the preview is correct, it is on the same line, even though I hit "enter" after the word "bold". I'm not quite sure what causes it, nor how to fix it, so I'm not even sure if it can be fixed.

Of course, as it is now, I like the new design. I personally was getting tired of all the green of the old design, and it seemed a little reminiscent of Halloween. Now it looks very professional, and it just goes to show that this site's come a long way since its beginning. I did notice one thing though; at the bottom (below all the white), the blue is lighter than the blue to both sides of it. Here's a picture of it. Maybe my widescreen resolution (1280x800) cuts the shading on the sides short so that it doesn't reach the light blue? If that's the case, then maybe the shading needs to be tweaked to accommodate widescreen users?

Wow, is that a silvery background I see? Yep...it is a bit different, and still stylish and professional. Great compromise, Jay--of course I liked it white, too!

Wee, XSLT \o/

And EMDF, they're called anchor marks. Quite common and easy to make, too. ^^

There is, Jay. It's the Home and End keys for top and bottom, respectively.

My only reason for recommending an anchor at the bottom is that I always come in and read the last few comments I have missed. I see your dilemna, but I've been following this very long thread for a week now and it would be nice, when I'm through posting, if there was a "Top" button to click. I can do the command-keystroke, too...it just isn't a second-nature kind of thing. Yes, the internet has made me lazy!

If it matters, from my web design background I would put it between the page numbers and "Leave a Comment." If you want one at the top that would send someone down, I'd put it next to or beneath the "comment count"--which, when I post, will be 241!!!

If anyone still checks here, the white has been toned down a few shades. I'd love to know what you think. :)

That's much much better, thanks!

I think I may have found a posting bug? When i was posting at the newest entry (Ruins of Pantheon), it didn't notify me of my comment having been posted, and below the comment box (but above the preview and submit buttons) it said "[object Object]". At the same time, the update button was taking forever to work, so I had to reload the page to check for new comments.

Or could it just be that I have some of the old scripts in my cache that are conflicting with the new ones?

EMDF--I'm having the same problem on that page.

Heh heh--top of page! Woo hoo! I giggled like a school girl when I saw that today.

Meanwhile, I am now having the same comment problem on this page, so it may be site-wide.


The update button seems fixed, now to test the posting error...

yup, it's fixed

I love the upgrade, however, I do have a question: what do the small icons (mushroom, disassembled rubiks cube, etc.) mean? Or are they just random?

Now I have noticed the site loading a bit slowly, though it could just be the new format not liking my POS computer :)
It is not that bad, only annoying when I am trying to see updates or get to a link to a new game.
If the upgrade isn't done yet, good luck. If it is done you did a pretty good job. By the way I like the slightly muted background, very pleasant to look at unlike many other sites. People do not always notice little details like that and the little things are what keep people coming back. Like lighting in a restaurant.

Sorry to be such a stickler, but I think that the legal notice needs to be proof read.

Sorry, must be a usage of copyright that I am unfamiliar with. I expected it to say something along the lines of: ...are the copyright of their respective owners.
Just ignore me.

okay, this is weird. I'm using Firefox 2, but for some reason, when I tried to post, it said that the "Your comment submission failed for the following reasons: Text entered was wrong. Try again." or something to that effect. I previewed it, and it called me "JIGuest", but everywhere else it had me signed in as EMDF. I cleared my cache, but it won't sign me out no matter what I do. I had to use Internet Explorer 7 in order to sign out and sign in again just to post this.

It appears as if the cookies weren't expired, but I did notice that there were two "commenter_name" cookies, one of them expiring in november 2008, one of them somewhere in 2009. None of the other cookies were expired either. So far, I was able to sign out and back in, and I'll see if I can post as well using Firefox 2.

Testing with Firefox 2...

and it worked!

I dunno if your even bothering with this now Jay but I recently upgraded to FF3 and everything seems to be a lot faster. Just thought I'd let ppl know that upgrading from FF2 to FF3 will improve their loading times. I can definitely recommend FF3 over FF2 when connecting to JIG.

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