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KarmenFlora Dale has been having one of those days. First there was the excitement of the birthday party and the lottery ticket, and then later, the horrible fall down the stairs. Now she finds herself in a hospital bed, trapped inside her own subconscious. If she hopes to survive, she must discover what has happened. Faced with obscure puzzles and hidden clues, Flora must pull off the most challenging of escapes: from her own mind. She can't do it alone... she'll need your help. If you think you can handle the disturbing landscape of the victim's mind, then you must play Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare.

hiddensecrets.jpgDon't let the title fool you. Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare is not your average hidden object game. While searching for certain items in a scene is an essential aspect, the game resembles more of a point-and-click adventure. Items often need to be combined once they are found, or used within the scene to reveal hidden clues or codes. Each scene offers clues which will eventually need to be put together in order to solve the mystery: Who threw Flora down the staircase?

A small bit of narrative follows the completion of each scene, leading Flora closer to understanding the cause of her demise. Once this plays out, you will be presented with one or two mini-games. These challenges vary throughout the game, from puzzles of sliding blocks, rolling balls, and jumping pegs to tests of memory and observation. One simple, yet elegant mini game even requires you to sort out Flora's tangled neurons. If a particular mini-game gets to be too frustrating, you are allowed to skip a few. Use your skips wisely, otherwise you may later find yourself stuck in a gridlock of memories with no time to waste.

hiddensecrets2.jpgYou are only given a certain amount of time for each set, scene and mini-game(s). While the game will automatically pause if you leave the window, time will pass quickly as you search each scene for clues. Be careful! Random or erroneous clicks will take away small chunks of time, while asking for a hint will take an entire five minutes away. If enough of your time is used, you may not be able to complete the required puzzles. In this case, you will have to repeat the scene from the beginning.

With a blend of puzzles, adventure, and mystery, Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare is sure to please. While most of the challenges are variations on the same old puzzles (some as ancient as the Towers of Hanoi), they are combined with beautifully detailed scenes, haunting music, and an intriguing plot. Overall, this adds up to a delightful casual gaming experience.

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reminds me alot of Azada with the puzzles and the point and click scenes. I like it!

Impossible to play the mac version.

"Director Player Error - Property not found - #gravityPointLoc - Script Error"

(Same last week with the "Goliath The Soothsayer" game.)

Any clue ?

Bob - I had the same problem at first, but I was trying to play the game running from the .dmg (disc image).

Once I copied the game file to my Macintosh hard drive (I have a folder created in my Applications folder named "Games") the game ran fine.

Thanks Jay !

I'm just wondering if this game has any jump moments in it, because I hate those kinds of games.

It's more of a mystery game laced with puzzles. There is nothing that jumps out and scares you. :)

This is a pretty good game, I just couldn't get into the story. I'd much rather play Azada... or the new Mystery Case Files. I figure since earlier I was buying games for my mom, but now I have no use for BFG until the next MCF game.

Jay, I'd rather use your games page to purchase games, but I've been trapped into buying cheap with a Jumbo game club account... any exclusive games available from Casual Gameplay?

It seems like now that Big Fish games is in the lead for casual gaming, nobody else can compete with membership prices.

Thanks for the support, Kirkpad! We really appreciate it and helps to keep the site running and moving forward.

As for the Casual Gameplay games page, that's basically a Reflexive storefront, so anything offered by Reflexive will be available there. They do tend to have a few exclusives from time to time, and there are some games that you just can't get from Big Fish (Gish and Gumboy Crazy Adventures come to mind to name a couple). But in terms of pricing, you're right, Big Fish just can't be beat. That's why you may have noticed us providing links to Big Fish in our reviews when available.

Reflexive has recently allowed us to offer discounts (no doubt feeling the pressure from Big Fish) and we are presently running a 20% off special (using a discount code) on every game through the end of January. But that discount reduces our commission by the same amount, so it's not without a downside.

Where Reflexive really blows it, in my opinion, is with their support for the Mac platform -- there just isn't any from Reflexive and that's a big problem. I am considering switching the CG storefront to feature the Big Fish inventory instead, and augment that with the few games that Reflexive offers that you can't get anywhere else.

We do make commissions from most of the major providers, so as long as you follow the links we provide, you can be assured that you're helping support this site.

Cool, speaking of which, I've meant to suggest Gish as a long awaited review for a while now, it has been my secret gaming lover ever since it was released 2 years ago.

Also, just recently, a great online game known as Toribash just recently became free, so if you haven't checked it out then maybe I'll review it.

Maybe the suggestion form would be more appropriate, but I would wonder what your take on posting reviews for these games would be. Talk to you later ;D

Yeah, we know about Toribash, and Lyman was interested in submitting a reader review for that one. It might appear in an upcoming weekend download.

As for Gish, that game came out before we started doing reviews for downloads, and is the reason why you haven't seen a review from us. But I agree, it would be nice to feature one even if a couple years late. Perhaps we can get JohnB to write up one for us? :D

I'd love to see a Gish review.
By the way I forgot about Gumboy Adventures and now that I have a credit card, I'm going to buy that right now. :D Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks, Kirkpad! :D

I think Jay should open up another blog called "Jay is Hidden Object Games". :)

Seriously, do we really need another hidden object game, regardless of what the "twist" in this one is? No matter how much the designers try to muddle up the original premise, it's still boils down to those same old bland AutoCAD rooms (why aren't there any hand-drawn HO object games, I wonder?) you have to stare in for dozens of minutes, after which you must solve a same old jigsaw/letter/memory/whatever puzzle. Zero creativity, zero challenge, zero fun. Only MCF series seems worth playing, and even that just barely.

Point-and-click adventure genre all but died because of low sales, yet hidden object games are all the rage. Go figure.

Believe me, baba, I would love to feature nothing but innovative titles rather than another hidden object game. But as you noted, hidden object games continue to be all the rage and the casual game developers are generously filling that demand. Plus, there's a Mac version available for this one, and we're hoping Mac users who complain about Windows-only downloads are appeased for a while.

Funny thing is, until you mentioned 'hidden object' here, I never once while playing realized this was, in fact, a hidden object game. Yes, there is some seek & find going on, but as Karmen noted, it's more a point-and-click game. So, there's that.

So, to answer your question: Does the world really need another hidden object game? In my opinion: No. Does it want one? Most definitely: Yes.

If you want a hand drawn hidden object game, I believe that Magician's Handbook is hand drawn. I could be wrong but I think thats what they say anyway.

And if you want to try a HO game thats a little different from the others, you should check out Mystery of Shark Island. Rather than the standard format where all the objects are in a set location, here you have to find 'precious' shells which are hidden amongst a pile of broken ones, and they are randomly placed each time so you can't just memorize a scene and then get it every time.

Allthough this is certainly a good looking game it's far too short. I did the stupid misstake of buying it after the demoversion expired, only to find that there was about 30 min left af playing time. Diappointed offcourse.... It did have some nice qualities, like a compelling story and some intresting (allthough quite easy) puzzles for a relaxing and not too hard gameexperience it's definitly not worth the price.

Hi Hanna, sorry you were not pleased with the game. If you send me your email address, I'd like to ask you a few questions about where you purchased the game to see if there is anything I can do to get your money back for you.

I am one of the few that still try every new hidden object game that comes out. I wouldn't say they're my favorite genre of game, but I like them because I can watch TV and pay half-attention to the tube and half-attention to the game, in effect maximizing my laziness. It doesn't get much more casual than that.

Having said that, I'm with Jay in not calling this a hidden object game, per se. It's under the "puzzle" section on the Big Fish site, instead of the Hidden Object section. There are a couple of things you have to find in each level, and there are shadows of the objects, which makes it similar. But it is definitely more of a P-n-C adventure, for sure. In addition to the admittedly-weak storyline and the things you have to find in each scene to move the story along, there is a fairly wide variety of mini games between each level that might actually be my favorite part of the game. There is enough to this game that hidden-object opponents can still have fun.

I bought it a couple of weeks ago from Big Fish Games. Your offer is very kind, but don't worry about it. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose!

I've been visiting your site for a couple of years now, and I really enjoy it. Keep up the good work!

Tried playing this game but I had the same issue as Bob. I tried loading to the hard drive but that didn't fix the problem, I downloaded the latest version of stuffit expander but that doesn't seem to have solved it either... any other suggestions? (running OS 10.4.11 btw)

Hi Jane, I'll try to help, but I'm running 10.5 so I can't reproduce your environment exactly. Here are the steps I took, which worked for me:

  1. First thing I did was download the game file. The file received was F2275T2L1.dmg.zip

  2. Double-clicking that file unzips a directory with the disc image file inside (F2275T2L1.dmg).

  3. Double-clicking that file mounts the disc image (named "Hidden Secrets - The Nightmare") on your desktop with two files in it: the game file itself ("Hidden Secrets - The Nightmare") and a license agreement.

  4. Drag the file named "Hidden Secrets - The Nightmare" to your Applications folder.

  5. You might want to dismount the dmg from your desktop to be certain you're not running from that instead.

  6. Now run the game by double-clicking on the Hidden Secrets file in your Applications folder.

That should work for you without error.

I hope that helps.

Thanks that definitely fixed the problem.

I apparently needed the step by step because I thought I had done all that... but obviously I hadn't. Thanks for taking the time to write out the very clear and concise instructions for me to follow. =-)


Yay! Glad that worked for you. ^_^

HELP!!! I'm stuck!!!!!! I'm on level 26

and I'm in the store thingy and I found the cash, how do I work the cash register??? So I think I can get the key to unlock the thingy...yes i used hint, but it doesn't show how to work it...ARRRRGH!!!!!!! I've come so far and even used one of my game club credits to buy it (Game fish rocks yo...Member for almost 2 years here...

Price on the scanner tag.

Stuck on Level 14 where is the roll of paper for the printer?


re: your reply to Jane, how do you dismount the game from the desktop (step #5)? I have tried everything recommended by big fish (much like another user, I am stuck with their membership program for a little while, so I emailed their custumer service). Anyway, so far nothing has helped.

I am trying to play the trial version to see if I actually want to purchase the game. Please help!!! I'll be forever grateful. BTW, I'm glad to have found your site while researching this game problem!! :)

I'm not sure where to go for help...it's pathetically early in the game to need this, but I've been staring at the screen for two sessions of ten minutes, clicking everywhere, and not getting anywhere. I'm usually quite good at these games so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong...I even wondered in this case if something's faulty with the page somehow.

So here's where I'm stuck...Level 4, I believe...

...when she's scoping out her kid's room. I found the blocks and put the truck into the trunk thing, and now that incessant piano tinkling seems to be the next step. I opened the colored toy piano and tried clicking on keys, corresponding the clicks to the music notes on the trunk, to no avail...no sound comes out when I do click on them anyway, so it seems to be useless. I've scanned the whole room with the mouse to see if I'm missing a keyboard mallet or something to use with the piano. I'm guessing this step somehow unlocks the scissors so I can open the package. I've clicked the 'hint' icon but it only points me to the piano.

Can anyone give me the step to get out of this snag?

Hi Michifus, glad you found us! :)

There are two ways to dismount a Mac volume:

  1. Click once on the volume to select it on your desktop, then press Command-E (to eject it).

  2. or, Press the little up-arrow symbol next to the volume in the "Devices" list that shows on the left hand section of a finder window.

You really shouldn't have to dismount it, but doing so will ensure that you're not running it from the disc image, which apparently causes the "Director Player Error" noted above.

gen - I wish I could help you, but I think I got stuck with that one, too, and I skipped it.

gen, you should be past the level now. (I know, that's not helpful.) It might be a previously unencountered glitch, or you could be missing an obvious step. That happens to me often enough.

So, you're at the piano, and you've tried the combination of notes on the lid of the chest:

Light red, violet, turquoise, yellow, blue

by clicking the appropriate keys on the piano. Once the notes are in, the back of the piano should open up to reveal the scissors. If your note combo was correct, be sure to look at the piano closely... I missed the scissors the first time around, myself. There aren't any other things that you need to open it, so if this doesn't work, you've found a glitch. I did hear tones while clicking the keys, and the usual tinkle of discovery when the song was complete, so I fear you might have a bug.

Good luck!

YAY!!! it worked!! THANKS so much Jay!! SO very glad I found this site. Will be coming back. :)



I really appreciate your response. I think in this case it is a bug (I clicked on those keys in the order given over and over and over last night), and I can't seem to skip it (maybe because it's a demo? Not sure on this one)...anyway, I have several other downloaded demos to pass the time and I believe I'll move on rather than drive myself even crazier.

Anyway, thanks again for your help!

I am on level 44. I have shredded the document, dusted the desk, re-assembled the note. I click on Help and it shows the book A Tale of Two Cities. I get only "Nothing Happens" on any book I click. What have I missed?

spoiler tag

I'm stuck again...The stupid parking lot!!! Help!!! Turning the lane thingys around in the parking lot...I get to the last one and I run out of time. I've been at this all day(hey it was a snow day for my son and i was bored...lol)...Can anyone show me where I can find a diagram or something for the last two or three?

This is the first time I've found your group here and I'd like to ask for some help. I'm stuck on the match stick game where you need to form four squares by only moving three sticks. I tried forever. Even had my husband helping. We just couldn't figure it out. I'll blame it on the fact that it's way past bedtime and I'm sure we'd get it after a good night's sleep. lol

Anyone willing and able to let me in on how to pass this one? I've already used my two skips and would like to see more of the story part of the game, but sitting on this one mini game for an eternity isn't exactly fun anymore.

Thanks in advance for any help guys. :)

I'm stuck on that one, too, Debboggy. I have yet to find a solution anywhere I've looked. It's a pretty classic game, so I guess my next, if I can't find a solution here, will be to see if I can find a solution somewhere unrelated to the game itself.

SB ---

What did you do in the previous level in the office that had the paper shredder and the books on the shelves? I cannot get beyond assembling the paper. I need help. Thanks.


i can't figure out how to create the 2 boxes with the matchsticks. please help!!!!

cor ---

You want to make a square in the lower right corner and much larger square is what remains.


Debboggy --

I am guessing you are on the 4th match puzzle. You want a square in the upper left of the "field". Next a square in the middle. Move two matches from the right side top square and one match from the left side middle to form the upper left square and you end up with 4 small squares.


SB, if you're still stuck in the parking lot:

My advice would be to practice until you're fast with it... there is another series of puzzles that has to be done in the same time span. That was actually one of my favorite sets of puzzles, but the time pressure makes it tricky. If you can't get the solution to the last car puzzle on your own, try this diagram. It should get you through the puzzle, but I can't help with the limited time.

Jim, for the book:

You have the right idea, but may be clicking on the wrong shelves. There are four separate shelves you can click on, and only one book on one shelf (the upper left one) has a visible title. That should be what you are looking for.

Good luck!

Thank you Karmen.

I have assembled the shredded note. When I click on Tale of Two Cities (or any other book) I get "Nothing Happened". I have tried clicking the individual words of the title, the logo on the book. What is supposed to happen and how do make it work? I clicked on the Hint. It just points me to the same book. Nothing changes. I assume the computer will come into play but thus far nothing there either. Thanks for a clue.


oh, Jim, have you tried:

Typing the word on the note you assembled into the computer? Typing it in seems a little odd... It doesn't give you any sort of prompt or cursor; you just click on the computer and (maybe) click on the blank space and start typing. Then it should actually tell you to look at a Tale of Two Cities.

Karmen --

Thank you.

I am a bit disappointed in 3 things. 1st there should have been a blinking cursor. 2nd the trigger wasn't "active" until the password was typed. I know this because I had clicked on every item on the spine of that book before your help. 3rd the "Hint" button directed me to the book instead of the computer.


the strange thing is.. i downloaded the demo/free trial.. and it let me play the entire game for over 2 hours.. :s

i'm pretty sure thats not supposed to happen??

Can anyone help with a problem I am having with the piano in the kids room. When I click on the keys in order nothing happens. The keys don't even respond at all. They don't look like they are being pressed at all. I have watched a video spoiler and repeated the note sequence but the keys just don't work. I think it could be a bug or something and it means I can't progress in the game. Kinda wishing I hadn't bought it now as I can't play it any further. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

cant get the 4th match game to work. im completely stuck help?

I need help on I think it is either 29 or 30 it is the shoes.. both hubby and I have tried to get the black ones and the red ones switched and cannot figure it out. HELP please I even restarted the game and tried to pass some other mini games so that I could have a skip but I can not get past the matchstick games so I am screwed. Really only care about the shoes seeing it is driving us both nuts. THanks PAtricia

Patricia --

I think the idea is to move a shoe (say a red one) to the center bottom box. Now a black shoe can move near the other red shoes. Put the red shoe with the black shoes and move the black shoe to the bottom center position. You need to shuffle the shoes back a forth several times.


4th Match puzzle

Thinking of the 9 possible squares, you want the top left square, the center square on the second line, and the left and right squares on the bottom line.

To achieve this

Move the match on the middle row left most position up. Take two matches from second row right side to make the upper left square.


Phaeds --

It sounds like a preferences problem. Locate the preferences for the game and throw them out. The worst that should happen is that you start over.

My experience with the piano was that I played the notes and the scissors appeared inside the piano (I think that was it)


heylia --

I am guessing that the game checks for time only at the start of the game. I think the game will not re-start for you now.

my 2 cents worth


Hi Jim. Thanks for the advice. When you say locate the preferences, do you mean do a finder search for a preference file? If so, what should I be looking for, i.e. what would the extension be? I have deleted all files with Hidden Secrets the Nightmare and reinstalled the game but I am still having the same problem.

Again your help is greatly welcomed as I would like to continue with the game if possible.


Phaeds --

In your user account, Library>Preferences>HiddenSecretsNightmare.

HiddenSecretsNightmare is a folder that has information about where you are in the game and your other settngs.

When you are re-installing, that may not be replaced. Toss it in the trash and the program will re-generate it on the next run of the game.

I hope this gets you over that problem.


Hi Jim. Thanks for the tip. Alas, I am still unable to get past the piano. Just does not respond. I have totally removed the game and redownloaded but still no good. Oh well, just means I shouldn't be sitting playing games I guess.
Thanks again for your help.

Phaeds --

Just to be sure you are doing all the steps properly ....

You collect the 4 different shaped items and place each in the proper slot in the related toy on the right side of the toybox.
This opens to show a toy truck. Click on the truck and deposit it in the toybox.
The list of colored notes shows centered on the toybox near the top.
Click on the piano and key in the notes as shown.
The last note opens the piano and the scissors needed to open the shoe box on the right appears. Click on them and then on the shoe box on the right front.

I hope this helps you beyond this point. It really is fun and I enjoyed all the puzzles.


Hey Jim

Thanks for the tip. I have followed the step exactly and found video showing the steps, the problem is when I get to pressing the piano keys I get no response. The keys don't press down or play any sound. Any other suggestions?


I really need help with this game. I'm stuck on the last round of the matchstick game, the one where you have to make 3 squares moving only 3 sticks if anyone could help me it would be really nice. I want to see what the rest of this game is like.

Stephanie --

I sounds like you are on the 4th match puzzle. I have given hints above on that one.

If you are on the 5th puzzle .....

You want squares in the middle of the left most row, bottom center and middle of the right most row. If you need more help let me know.

I hope this helps.



I think it is time to contact the program writers. My only guess at this point is that you have a conflict with another program that is running.

Maybe put the game in a different user area and try again? At least that would isolate the game and then you might be able to play it through.



Save your money on this one. If there were negative star, I would use it. The plot is ridiculously tranparent. I'd be embarassed if I realeased this game. The mini games/puzzles are nice looking, but you can find free versions of them online, often with better variables. There is nothing new or inventive with the mini-games.

Each "chapter" consists of clicking on hot spots that hold items to add to your inventory and then using the items on more hot spots. So my 6 year old could do it. The screens are dark and you often can't even see what you are clicking on until you add it to your inventory. As far as I am concerned the appeal of point and click games is experimenting, using items in different places. This game penalizes you for that.

So no intriguing plot, unoriginal puzzles, and terribly designed pages makes for the dark matter version of a good game. I believe there is a tear in the universe now seeping the idea that other companies can design absolute crap and charge money for it.

I need some help please. I'm on the part with the cell phone and i have no clue what to do now.

Hi, I need some help on the match game where you need to make two boxes by moving 3 sticks. I thought I had it but it keeps telling me that I'm wrong and to try again. Can anyont help me?

Who figured out the car key pad on level25, I'm stuck PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

I'm stuck on that key pad to. please help!!!!!!!!!!

I am stuck on the the blue and red pegs, does anybody know how to solve the puzzle?


I was having the same problem. I was playing it in full screen at that time. when I took it off full screen (options menu on main page), it worked immediately for me!

hi,am on level 25 pressig numbers on pad can only get down to 1 number plz help doing me head in lol.

Alyssa and Jim

Yeah. Yes switching from full screen to windowed has fixed the problem. Now I can continue the game. Lost interest for awhile.


I am stuck on the broken radio, level 25. I can only get down to one number...just like Jules. Any advice would be much appreciated!

I am stuck on level 26 i cant seem to find any thing but the money and i cant seem to be able to open the cah register ive been stuck for 3 days now if any has any help please help me pass this level

this might help

click on the mega lotto box beside where u found the money and there will be a price...i think $2.49-go to the register and type it in and the register will open and put the money on top of the dollars then get ur change which is a coin the key will appear..go back to the lotto box and use the key...grab the lotto ticket and us the coin to scratch it off then ur good

I'm also having trouble with the broken radio puzzle on level 25. Like Jules and Micki, I can only get down to one number. Help!

still stuck on level 25, anyone???

If anyone could walk me through all of the match puzzles I would be extremely grateful! I can do most if the puzzles, but these ones have me stumped, and I've been through the game twice now and can't figure them out. Please help.

I can't get the suitcase to open that is in the closet I have put 642 but then do I have to push something special cause it still won't open.

I can't seem to get past the 2nd match puzzle. Please someone help me.


You need a square of length 3, and inside that a square of length 1.

I'm in the Art Studio and I have charged the cell phone. However, I'm not sure which numbers to push to move on.

When I hit "hint" it just highlights the cell phone.

I believe I am stuck on level 31 with the picture puzzler. I got the first puzzle in order, but I can't get the second...there are three pieces that don't look like they belong anywhere!! Help me please.

match Stick Mini Games
How do you make 4 boxes out of 5, by taking away 3 matchsticks? Help chapter 23

Can someone please help me. I have been trying to move the shoes from the red to the black boxes for weeks now but not successful. Someone posted some instructions earlier but it is still not clear. Anyone managed to do it... would appreciate if you tell me the steps. Its been sleepless nights. Many thanks

hi, just wondered if anybody could help me out, i am currently playing hidden secrets.the nightmare,,, i wondered if anybody knows what notes need to be played on the piano in order to open it, it gives no indication as to which notes to play nor to which order they be played please help, its very frustrating!!!!

AngelBaby - Karmen provided some help for the piano a ways up the page. Look for the comment:
Posted by: Karmen January 30, 2008 9:50 AM

how do u solve the red and blue peg puzzle

ok im having a real issue at this point. im getting extremely frustrated. i have the same problem as an above player. i can get the first jigsaw puzzle done, but the second has 3 pieces that dont belong!!! what am i suppose to do?????

Someone help! I'm stuck on the level where you have to move 3 match sticks to make 2 squares on hidden secrets: the nightmare. I've tried everything and nothing is working!! I'm doing it right but it keeps saying I did it wrong!!! Please someone help!

Okay I am on level 49, past the mini game of foot prints...usually 2 to 3 minutes to spare and I get the coffee pot and cup filled and cannot go any further. Am I searching for what looks like a paper and what to do with the hot cup of coffee? Can anyone help me? I think it's the end of the game? Really bad place to get stuck!


Ms. Sybersyd

Help please, I am unable to open the briefcase in the closet, I know the combination is 642, but there is no response when I try to enter it. I have tried to enter numbers on my keypad and have tried clicking on the 000 on the suitcase, can anyone tell me what to do, or is this just a glitch in the game?

I also having trouble opening the briefcase in the closet.....please help

Just throwing it out if ypou buy the game and get a director Player Error. Try updating your Direct X through microsoft. It fixed my Error.

Help! I am stuck on Level 28 matchstick game 2 ( I think) I have to move 3 sticks to make 2 squares. I hate games that make me feel stupid!

I bought this game and have got to the puzzle where they are at the table with the birthday gift. There are 3 pieces of my puzzle that are part black. They don`t fit anywhere in my puzzle. I think I have a bad copy or something. Anyway, I`m stuck here and can`t move on.

Am also stuck on the puzzle. Have the 3 part black pieces that don't seem to fit anywhere. I have run out of time and started that level over and still the same thing. What are you supposed to do to finish the picture and move on???

I need help with Level 25 with the broken radio~! I can't get past it, i can't get all the buttons green~! How do you do that?

ok im stuck. im at the match stick puzzle and i got to make 4 squares by moving 3 match sticks. can some one tell me what the pattern is? im lost.

Amanda -

Here is a screenshot of the puzzle, the three matchsticks you need to move, and where to move them to. Here is what it looks like when finished. Hope this helps.

Ok, now I can't get past the matchstick puzzle where you have to make 3 squares by only moving 3 matchsticks. I'm no good at these puzzles. I tried the hint above, but I couldn't get it to work. Please help me.

Amanda -

Here is a screenshot of the puzzle, the three matchsticks you need to move and where to move them to. Here is what it looks like when finished. If I remember correctly, this is the fifth and last of the matchstick puzzles.

man i hope so. i have never had this much trouble with a game. thank you so much for your help.

ok well i just finished the game. its what i thought it was. thanks for your guys help. good luck to everyone else.

Hi there, just like the three others before me I am stuck on Level 25, the broken radio, I can get all the numbers down except one. I have even stopped playing for a month or so out f sheer frustration, and I hope I'm not too late in asking for a help request.

Jules4286 -

The solution to the radio is random, so there's no way to walk you through it. Do you have a skip left that you can use to skip the puzzle?

I know this is random, but I just finished the game. Anyone know of any good pc games that I could try?

Amanda -

If you go to the top of the page where the review starts, you'll see some "tags" listed right under the title. Click on some of the tags like adventure or hidden object to find lists of similar games.

I need help finding the scissors in the boy's bedroom.

JIGuest -

To find the scissors you need to:

First find all four of the little shapes that go in the child's toy, a square, a circle, a triangle, and a star. Then you click on the toy for a close-up and put them in the proper slots. The toy will open up and give you a truck. Place the truck in the toy box and the toy box will close and reveal a tune for the xylophone. Click on the xylophone for a close-up and play the tune (the notes are colored to match the keys if you don't read music). Once the tune is played the xylophone will open up to reveal the scissors. Here's a screenshot.

Im stuck on level 28 the 4th one where you have to make four squares moving only 3 lines can you help me. Ive been trying for 2 days. Thanks i would appreciate it alot.

Luann -

Is this the one you are stuck on?

Ummm someone help!!!! Im stuck. I can't figure out What to do after I dialed in the 57 that shows in the candle light, the hotel key will not show up. Did I do something wrong or do I have to press anything after i typed in the number??? Please help me figure this out soon....

Help please! I'm stuck on the first picture puzzle. I'm not good with these puzzles!

in which order do you place the toy towers on the pegs? i know they go purple green blue and red but i some how didnt beat the mini game?? help!! thanks :)

I can't get the the toy xylophone to give me the scissors. I have everything else in the room and played it 20 times but it won't give them to me.

I am stuck on the shoe mini game: Sort the shoes with all black shoes on the right and all red shoes on the left. No matter what I try I can only get two pairs of red shoes in the box. Please someone help me. This is driving me crazy.

How do you get past the part of the matchsticks that you can only remove 8...No skips left

Hi I'm stuck on the level with the puzzle of icing the cake. It seemed so simple!! I have tried every way to do this and can't get it! I have used up my skips and it won't let me go until this is solved. HELP!!
Thanks, Lynn

On level 28 does anyone know how to get past the match stick mini game?? I am completely stumped one this one d: help please! ):

I'm stuck on level 12 with the cockroaches and the moths and candle!!!
I have tried everything but I cant do it!!
Can anyone help me?

Hello everyone. Can someone please help me. I'm on Level 32 on the mini game with the security lasers. I got the first two, but can't get the last one. Thanx.

BeccaDel -

The corner reflectors are white and the other reflectors are blue, green, and red going left to right and top to bottom.

Hope this helps.

Thank You, but i still can't get it, i only got one minute left before i gotta do the mission all over again, i tried, but i know there's something i'm not doing right or i'm just not following it lol.

Thank You so much Jazz, i finally got it, now i'm stuck on the puzzle one with the family round the table lol, i'm trying to get it though.

Anyone know how to get the peg puzzle done? Been trying to solve it since yesterday afternoon and still trying, thanx.

Got the peg puzzle solved, stuck on level 10 mini puzzle, where the ball goes into the hole, stuck on third one, can someone please help, thanx.

BeccaDel -

left, up, right, down

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