Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients


KarmenNow that the holidays have come and gone, you're probably feeling tired of that same old chocolate bar, and now you're craving something new. A pumpkin macadamia cluster, perhaps? Or how about some candied orange peels? Perhaps the treat you are seeking is so exotic that your only hope is to invent it yourself. Well, if so, then it's time to return to the life of a Chocolatier.

chocolatier2a.jpgA generation has passed since you last helped the Baumeister reach sweet fame in Chocolatier. Since then, the company has fallen into the wrong hands. Evangaline Baumeister's granddaughter, Alexandra Tangye, needs your help to save their chocolate empire by stirring up a little competition!

Enter Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients. You'll begin in the roaring 20s, with fresh ports to explore and new characters to meet. As soon as you begin to establish yourself in the chocolate business, you may start to run across secrets, both dark and sweet. As the title of the sequel promises, you'll need to uncover a variety of secret ingredients to ensure your success. Not only will you need to discover hidden, remote locations, where specialties such as saffron and spices can be found, but you'll need to figure out what to do with them.

As in the previous game, it is up to you to purchase factories and set the production levels by shooting ingredients into a conveyor. This time around, in order to create special treats with your exotic ingredients, you'll also have to purchase a tasting laboratory. (Has experimentation ever been sweeter?)

chocolatier2b.jpgIn the lab, you'll get the chance to try different combinations. Guided by the discriminating tastes of chocolate expert, Teddy Baumeister, you can decide which ones will sell the best. When your concoctions are just right, you can bring the recipes to your factory for mass production. Choose the right combinations, and you might just make your chocolate corporation world-famous.

Beware.... Not every part of the chocolate business is so sweet. You might run into some shady characters or find yourself broke and lost in the Amazon. This reveals one of the game's few drawbacks: without an undo function, one misclick during a dry spell can mean the end of your game.

Overall, a batch of experimentation, exotic travel, and casual shooting gallery-style puzzles, stirred into a mysterious plot makes for a delightful treat. Like its predecessor, Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients is as
addictive as, well, chocolate!

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"This reveals one of the game's few drawbacks: without an undo function, one misclick during a dry spell can mean the end of your game."

Or maybe it's just the price of the cut-throat chocolatier industry. :)

Ah, this will get me to finish the first game, which I think I'm very close to completing. Now I have something to look forward to afterwards... ^^

Are there any significant changes aside from the secret locations and the laboratory? Any aesthetic enhancement? Acoustic enhancements? Enhancements..? It sounds like it could be worth buying... now I've got to finish Chocolatier I.

I bought one sugar too much and couldn't leave a certain city once! D:

I've never played the second Chocolatier before but the first was SWEET (pun intended)!!!

I found this considerably better overall than the original -- I enjoyed the first one, but I thought the factory set-up portion got pretty repetitive, and I got annoyed with the way the game doled out new recipe discoveries on its own schedule rather than mine. The sequel improves on both those things: the arcade-ish portion is more challenging and interesting, and the ability to search for your own recipes considerably improves the pacing.

(Longer review is here.)

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, JIG!

I thought that it was much better than the first one, very enjoyable, but I think that they are overpriced since it can easily be beaten in just a few hours of play. After the story mode is complete, I don't really see the use in doing free play mode, since there aren't any more benchmarks to reach or recipes to find. I think it would be fun if they made a chocolatier that was either wide-open on the recipe experimentation where you could make any nasty creation you wanted, but they just wouldn't sell if they weren't good, or if they expanded the story to take much longer and be more complicated than just following directions. I really like the concept and the gameplay, so I guess that's why I want more!

I love Chocolatier 2 one heck of a lot better than the first one. I started the game yesterday morning and won it by 10p or so last night.

There's more to this game and it's a lot more fun. To me it's also easier. I like it that there are different ways for the chocolate to be made. I just didn't like it that you have to go in and remake almost every chocolate again and again. I don't know if it's a glitch or what. Some of them I didn't have to make over and over, but most I did.

This game is more fun too, because of the secrete ingredients.

JD, I like your suggestions of making recipes on our own. I kept looking for recipes to be made with the flowers.

There in the end, I had troubles getting my last three exotics, the chemist didn't like anything I put out in the tray. So I finally went to the recipe book and wrote down what was in every one of the other exotics and went back and was able to make my last three pretty fast.

I did notice I wasn't able to haggle with the people who had the secrete ingredients. I tried, but always got the message back that they were the cheapest or the only ones around, once or twice they just upped the price instead of even trying to haggle.

I finished with only 83 million dollars and I checked the global scores for the last 24 hours and I was down to number 104.

I'm going to play the game again under a different ID and see if I can come out better this time. I did notice that some of the ingredients I bought rotted without notice and some I got notice on. I would buy some ingredients way ahead of time because they were cheap and I knew I'd need them and I'd lose them.

I wish they'd put that menue box over on the side instead of at the bottom, so we could see everything in the box at one time.

sorry for the mistakes in the last post, I hit "post" instead of preview.

Warning! Spoiler Alert!

I have put a lot of time in the search of the exotics. Here are all the exotics you need to make in your lab:

1. Dark Coffee and saffron pearls = Sugar + Cacao Beans + Cacao Beans + Coffee Beans + Saffron (Sahara)
2. Spicy Chocolate Smooches = Currants (sahara) + Sugar + Cacao Beans + Cacao Beans + Cayenne Pepper
3. Tropical Fruit Ganache = Mahajange Cacao + Sugar + Indonesian Cacao + Mangoes + Amazonian Plantains
4. Amazonian Fire Ants = Sugar + Fire Ants + Coconut Shavings + Amazonian Plantains
5. Spicy Clove, Ginger and Anise Ganache = Sugar + Cacao Beans + Cloves + Anise + Fresh Ginger
6. Varietal Nibs = Mahajange Cacao + Indonesian Cacao + Cote D'Ivorian Cacao + Cayenne Cacao + PC
7. Candied Orange Peels = Mahajange Cacao + Sugar + Anise + Oranges + Costa Rican Cacao
8. Sweet Honey Hearts Mahajange Cacao + Sugar + Cote D'Ivorian Cacao + Caramel + Lavendar Honey
9. Tea and Toasted Pecan Ivories = Sugar + Cote D'Ivorian Cacao + Cote D'Ivorian Cacao + Black Tea + Pecans
10. Pumpkin Macadamia Clusters = Fijian Pumpkin + Sugar + Macadamia Nut + Truffle Powder
11. Varietal Dark Chocolates Wild Cherries = Mahajange Cacao + Sugar + Wild Island Cherries + Philippines Cacao + Costa Rican Cacao


where can i found (Amazonian Plantains)?

Amazon plantains are in the first secrete place. It's in the Amazon. If you haven't gotten the secrete place, you will before long. One of the people you do a task for, gives you the secrete place. There are three secrete places, The amazon, the saraha and the himalayas.

One thing you need to do, is have lots of money to go into any of them. The plantains are very expensive, I've never found them under $1500 before, most of the time they're way over $2200.

How do i upgrade my factories to make infusions?

I'm at a part in the game where they want me to make a truffle with Bing Cherries, Anise & a varietal cacao. But I have no idea how to make it. What is a varietal cacao? I can't find that.
No matter what I put into the tray, it gets regected. Does anyone know the excect recipe for this truffle?

Its a nice game way harder then the first considering every ingredient is like 50% more pricey then in Chocolatier 1 Currently am stuck trying to figure out how to keep my ingredients stocked i have gone broke like 3 times and i just started the game. Something that never happened in #1 .... Also Does anyone have a list of which ports sell certain ingredients and who is at what port? there was one for chocolatier 1 and it helped out so much.

i have gotten to the last stage of the game. i need one recipie to finish, and i can't find it anwhwere, no matter whom i talk to. The recipie is for the African Dark Infusions w/Orange. I was told to talk to this one lady at the Obelisk in Buenos Aries, but clicked the wrong button when she asked me to make her some squares with orange. i think that's what i did wrong... any suggestions on how to fix it?

i can not find cocaonut shavings anywhere??? where are they???

hi im stuck and i can't do anything...i have Amazon and do i get my next port or rank??

** Ingredients List **

San Francisco
sugar, milk, raspberries, almonds

New York
cashew nuts, sugar, milk, mint, pecans

San Jose
cashew nuts, sugar, cacao beans, milk, truffle powder, costa rican

cacao beans

cayenne peppers, cacao beans, milk, coffee beans, sugar, truffle

powder, cayenne cacao beans

Buenos Aires
sugar, milk, lemons, oranges, almonds

caramel, milk, congac, bing cherries, hazelnuts, sugar

cashew nuts, sugar, milk, mint, raspberries, almonds

cashew nuts, sugar, cacao beans, coffee beans, almonds, flowers, cote

d' ivoirian cacao, (truffle powder)

fire ants, amazon plantians


mangoes, milk, lemons, hazelnuts, sugar

sugar, gingers, milk, oranges, almonds

sugar, cacao beans, mint, coffee beans, vanilla, mahajanga cacao

beans, (truffle powder)

sugar, gingers, cinnamon, pecans, vanilla, milk, macademia nuts,


cashew nuts, sugar, cacao beans, milk, coffee beans, mangoes, truffle

powder, philippines cacao beans

sugar, cacao beans, cinnamon, macadamia nuts, coconut shavings,

truffle powder, indonesian cacao beans

The Sahara
currants, anise, saffron

The Himalayas
lavender honey, cloves, black tea

sugar, milk, oranges, bing cherries, macadamia nuts, raspberries

fijian pumpkins, wild island berries


here are some helpful hints for you guys:

- keep your chocolate empire expanded through buying all factories &

shops (it's part of your mission as well...)
- random cards appear once in a while, you might encounter some

ingredients destroyed for particular reasons
- you will be using various transportation to travel around e.g.

cruise ship, train, camel riding, hiking or even airplane
- some ingredients are seasonal items so you should maximize your

revenue by buying & using them in their seasons
- cacao beans are available at cities situated along the equator only
- keep checking your factory status since the production might be

stalled due to ingredient shortage
- you can boost your production amount by matching ingredients in the

same color
- you collect chocolate recipes through characters you meet along the

journey or try combining ingredients in "Chocolate Tasting

- shopkeepers of your own chocolate stores are good sources for new

recipes and market trends
- once enter particular port, you should visit every building since

there might be some assignments / recipes available
- there will be new places (mountain, monument, park, temple, bridge

etc.) for you to visit on each port, you will get alert messages

about this
- strategically plan your journey so you don't waste time travelling

- you discover ingredients through buying them, this will reflect

your ingredients for your lab test

i really enjoy playing Chocolatier 2 for 3 days in a row. this is my

most anticipated PC games ever since i love the concept of the game

so much. i've already discovered all 12 exotic recipes. i'm currently

at the (final???) assignment to produce 100 cases of all exotic

chocolates for Baumeister Confections H.Q. at San Francisco. any

further comments are welcome!!! ;-)

I cant seem to sell my stuff for a lot money...what's going on there?? I only have 3 factories though...but it feels like Im half-way into the story...How come I cant crack a million??

I'm almost at the end of the game, but i can't make the last exotic chocolate, and the last truffles recipe, that's the only problem i've got and i'm in my 600M now,
how can i end the game, thanks

- truffle powder listed in (xxx) is not initially available at the beginning of the game. i'm not sure when it will be available but i've tallied the ingredients list i have and truffle powder just came up in some cities which are not on my list.

- all in all, San Jose is where you can get both cacao beans and truffle powder at the beginning of the game.

- chocolates with more expensive/rare ingredients sell better than those with simple ingredients. (of course!!)
i think producing chocolate sauces, infusions, truffles, exotics yield better revenue than producing those simple squares. however, you can produce more and more of squares than those complex recipes in 1 week.

to second2none

how did you acquire the 12th exotic recipe and the blended cacao ginger spice truffles


Thanks to the anonymus poster who posted the exotics recipes. That was a big help. I'm stuck like crazy trying to get the rest of my truffle recipies. Stupid thing doesn't like any combination that I put in for the wild berry truffle. I did manage to find a couple just by accident. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! This game rocks so much more than the first one did. I beat that game twice in a weekend!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

ok i need all the help i can get. I've been working on this part of the game for a long time. I just made chocolates for Evangeline. I have Ports San Francisco, New York, San Jose, Cayenne, The Amazon, Buenos Aires, Paris, Casablanca, and Abidjan. Someone please help me, ive been stuck for a while now

please HELP

i need to find where to get the blended cacao ginger spice truffles, thats the only recipe i havent, i almost finish


did you already go to the obelisk at buenos aires?

i need some help to, i'm stuck to. the himalayas are open, the only ports i don't have are jakarta, sydney, manila & shangai. this guy keeps telling me that in order to go to the next level i need to go to the lab to make some new recipes. in the lab the tell me that there's nothing marketable they can make of these ingredients. i keep going over all the ports, trying to find new ingredients, but i don't seem to find any. also, i don't see anybody selling any truffle powder? can anyone helpe me please??

did you already go to the obelisk at buenos aires?

i need some help to, i'm stuck to. the himalayas are open, the only ports i don't have are jakarta, sydney, manila & shangai. this guy keeps telling me that in order to go to the next level i need to go to the lab to make some new recipes. in the lab the tell me that there's nothing marketable they can make of these ingredients. i keep going over all the ports, trying to find new ingredients, but i don't seem to find any. also, i don't see anybody selling any truffle powder? can anyone helpe me please??

please help m, I'm really stuck. I think that I have all the ports and all the ingredients but I'm not able of make the last exotic recipe. Someone send me to Abidjan to talk to the lady in the plantation and she told me an idea for a new recipe but when I went to the lab testing they said that I don't have anything available to produce a new recipe. What can I do??

im already finished the game with 1B money, be sure to get all the the country's cacao, and you must have all the ingridients and all the hidden ingridients, just talk to everyone in every port,

San jose go there, they have truffles

I have been everywhere and made all the recipes I can make, but nobody will give me the recipe for raspberry squares, and I can't finish the game until I get it. Who gives this out, and where, please? Thanks!

I just bought the factory in New York and it seems the game has gotten stuck. It says the factory needs modifications and it has an X over the ingredients thing but I dont have any, but how am I supposed to add ingredients to it, if it isnt mine? Any help? Did anyone else run ino this? Plus none of the buttons seem to work when I click them.

Hello its me again, I got so far as the Himalayas. The guy is also telling me to get to the next level I need to market more products from my lab. I think those ingrediants are in the sahara. One problem, I dont have the sahara. Someone Please help me like jj did.

i can't finish the game. i have all the recipes. i've made and sold all the recipes. i have all the factories, and 4 stores (i don't know if there are more to get). now i'm going around to every building in every city and talking to everyone and no one is telling me to do anything, and nothing new is happening. am i missing something? help is greatly appreciated.


i'm stuck and i dont know what to do..

Please tell me how to upgrade my factory so that i can make INFUSIONS??

for quest database. (don't think the other parts are complete though.

Hey ppl. It took me a while, but I am now a master chocolatier! I have done almost everything except invent a few truffles, pralines, and exotics. I will use the exotic chart, but does anyone have charts for the invented ones for pralines and truffles? Help in past, Thanks again

This is my final comment, after this, I will never come to this forum, so you wont have to worry about my pointless questions that seem to state: you're-going-to-find-me-in-a-minute-but-you-are-commenting-on-a-website-asking-for-help-anyway kind of questions. My final question is: Where do you get the recipies for Filipino Cacao Milk Chocolate Truffles and Blended Cacao Ginger Spice Truffles?

I cant upgrade my factories. What do I need to do? Im just making and selling chocolate squares and its getting old. Please help

how do i make infusions? I cant upgrade

the blended cacao ginger spice truffles get it from russia in a building there, just every building,

you can't upgrade your factory maybe you are out of money,and also you have to have all the ingridients


I seem to have a slight problem, I was in cairo and Cyrus rush asked me to make him some prailines before i even had the factory upgrade, I accidentally clicked yes and now I cant seem to find anyone or anything to help me upgrade

because they all say come back when your not so busy.. is there a way of cancelling tasks? or just getting the upgrade without starting a new game?

I am now the chief executive. I have finished all the recipes. I have 400mILLION. iS THIS IT? IS THE GAME OVER?


i'm stuck and i dont know what to do..

Please tell me how to upgrade my factory so that i can make INFUSIONS??

Posted by: Anonymous | January 24, 2008 4:29 AM

Go to one f the factories you have. Select change recepy. Select the infusion you want to make. If your factoy is not equipped to make infusons it will tell you that in order to make them you need to buy the equipment. You just need to have that amount of money they ask and automaticly they will upgrade the factory. From tha moment you are able to make infusions.

how do you get sweet and spicy truffle? it's the last truffle i need

Thanks Che! Anyone know how to get Filipino Cacao Milk Chocolate Truffles?

I found it! Jay, I apologize for clogging this forum. I have found all the recipies and I thank all who helped me! You guys rock!

I am having trouble getting my infusion pan. I accepted to make banana infusions for Sara B. but, I have no infusion pan. OOPS. I have the bananas, I have the recipe. I just have no pan. So far I have opned new ports including Paris, I have tasting lab, I have amazon opened, I have tasting lab,have made recipe for choc. ants. I have over $5,000,000.00 but I cannot get infusion upgrade. I have continually talked to everyone at every port but still no upgrade. what am I doing wrong. Please help.
thank you,

I've done everything and discovered all the recipes and I've sold all the recipes, but I can't seem to get the final task. Everytime I find Alexandra she keeps telling me to make sure I'm developing exotics, but I've developed all the exotics. I've been to every port and every building multiple times I don't know what to do I'm stuck and I need help please.

Alix, I'm having the same problem as you. How do you finish the game?

Hi, I have one last truffle to make I have all the ingredients (I think) and the man at the lab says he can't make any thing new, v. annoying help!!

Hello!! I am trying to give a dozen roses and a dozen tulips to the wife of the store owner in Cairo. I went and bought the flowers and when I visit her, she just tells me that something is up with her husband - that he must have a suprise. Does anybody know how I actually give them to her? Many thanks in advance!!

Does anyone know who is Teddy Baumeister? Who are his parents?

Hi i have a problem after i travel and buy some ingredients when i go back to san francisco they go away! Can someone help me?


The last recipe you need is probably in Moscow. Go and visit all of the buildings and a guy should give you the recipe.

Is the game over after you take over the company? It seems like there's not really an ending...

I need help. I have to find ginger. I know it is in Bombay. I had a guy tell me he could sell me a ticket or something for $500,00 or I could go see some guy in Cairo. I chose to go see the guy in Cairo and cannot find him!! and I am stuck on the task of making ginger sauce for the guy in Russia. How do I get Bombay to open now?

I am at the last stage. I have 5 more exotics to make but I am stuck in the Himalayas. I don't have enough money to get out. HELP!!!! I bought too much black tea and I need to see if I can undo it so I can get to port to sell and make some money.

hey im stuck >>>> and i need more money do you know where to get a lot of money?

I need Help! I purchase on Amazona ingredients and now no have $$ to bak factory


I can't figure out the praline recipe using the cloves and other ingrediants from Mahajanga. Can anyone help me out?

Aren't the pralines the hardest chocolates to make?

Chocolatier 2 is basically easier than the first one. I suggest that buy as many factories as you can during the start and assign diff. kinds of chocolates to make:
e.g. San Francisco-Squares
New York-Infusion
Paris-Sauce bla. bla.
It will make your money go large. I have achieved $40 Million when I was just an Entrepeneur...

Hi. PLEASE, SOMEBODY HELP ME! Now I'm playing, and I've reached the Entrepreneur grade. Now, I was speaking with Alex Tangye and I'm a Novice. Why??

Where can I find the recipe for the African dark chocolate with Orange? This is the only recipe, which I haven't got from the infusions.
And where can I find the ginger??
I'm playing, and I've reached the Entrepreneur grade. Now, I was speaking with Alex Tangye and I'm a Novice. Why??
Please somebody help me, I'm stuck!!

How can I end the game? I am now an Executive... And the gameis not at the end. What I'm supposed to do?

in case you still want to know:
are you getting fireworks in San Francisco? If so, the story portion of the game is over.
there's a quest you need to go on. Keep visiting the buildings in the ports you have open.
go to chocolate tasting lab. look towards the bottom of the screen and make sure "pralines" is selected. Start with vanilla and cloves.

I have all the recipes except for the Tea and Toasted Pecan Ivories I have all the secret locations and all of the varietal cocoas but the lab won't let me create anything else! Any suggestions? thanks bunches!

i have exactly the same problem as amie, i have loads of money, have opened all the ports, have all the secrets opened, and have all the ingredients, yet i have i recipe missing, which is the tea and toasted pecan ivories exotics, i keep going back to my lab, but it wont let me make them, and i have been everywhere and spoke to everybody, and i have no more tasks to complete so that they might give me the recipe. so i have hit a dead end, please help, as i am so close and yet so far.

To the unfortunate few I saw posting who were stranded in places with no money to escape: there is no escape, you must restart (as noted in the review, there is no "undo"). Suggestion: before you go to a place, the game tells you how much it will cost. Make sure you have at least twice that much money before you go, unless you already know you'll be able to sell things when you get there to raise the money for the ticket out.


ive been playing this game all week and have obtained every recipe except the cayenne dark choc sauce.... anyone remember where it is or how to get it????

im desperate

Can anyone help me out?
I've been playing for a while here...I'm an Entrepreneur right now, and I've been traveling around to all of my available ports (except Shanghai, Manila, Jakarta, Sydney, and the last secret port) and I've been to my lab multiple times. I haven't been given any tasks or new recipes or tips, they're just telling me that if I want to move up to Chocolatier I'll have to create some more new recipes at my lab, and every time I go to the lab it says that they're unable to develop any marketable recipes with the ingredients I have available (I have all of the ingredients available to me from the ports I have access to).
Could I be missing something or is my game just stuck and I need to start over or what? Thanks in advance for any help!

hooray Philippines its about time they got included in a game (P.S. i am a Filipino)

Ok, i am in chocolatier 1 and i need to know how you get the sydney port open. Plz tell me

Thx loads to whoever tells me
yours sincerely


Can anyone help me? I'm stuck at the end. I just need more recipes in my book, but everytime I go to the lab, TEDDY BAUMEISTER won't let me try to make any new ones. I've been around the world a thousand times talking to people. After talking, I have two new recipes, but Teddy still won't let me make anything. All ingredients are there, but I don't know how to make him test new stuff.

waa pleaase help! hoow do i get da cinammon?!

Please HELP!!!
I ran out of money and i got stuck in the Sahara. I tried clicking every port and nothing happens.. I can't even buy any items 'coz I had no chance to haggle.. And Darius doesn't show up.. What should I do??? I don't want to start all over again.. :(

can someone please help me im stuck i need to make a recipe with sugar bing cherries anise and varietal cacao and i cant seem to do it please help

I finished the game!!!! with 1 bil $$$$ I was so excited!! has anyone else gotten the much money??

I finished with $250,000,000. Heh.

Tangye! I've heard that name before. Jarrah Tangye was Evangeline Baumeister's fiancee, and now this guy must be their descendant!

This is more a tech question I'm about half done or more, been hit with a nasty virus and need to wipe my drive but want to save/move my saved games. anyone know where they are stored?

To himomma: The recipe for Indonesian Cacao Cherry Anise Truffles is:
1 Sugar
1 Cacao Beans
1 Bing Cherries
1 Anise
1 Truffle Powder

I hope this helps.

OK, I need to get to Sydney- my last port and I keep on getting a message that says dont forget to visit the lab in buenos aires to make the indonesian cacao cherry anise truffles but even if I buy all fo the ingredients when I get to the lab it tells me "sorry, there are no new recipes to be made at this time"...any suggestions? Thanks

Hello. Can anyone tell me how I can "bribe" the shop owners with flowers? I bought roses, carnations, etc. but can't seem to dispose of them. Thank you.

I need help everytime I go to the lab to make something with my secret ingredient from the himalayas I can't do it the guy there will say unfortunately we are going to be able to develop any marketable recipes these ingredients right now I got everything they asked for because I can't make antthing in the lab I can't delivier the pralines to the guy in bombay

Hi i'm stuck in the amazon with only $550 left and i don't have enough money to get home. Any way of doing this without restarting the whole game?

To llw:

Oh, if you're in the Amazon, there's noplace to sell chocolates, right? You're basically stuck. Don't ever make a trip if you don't have enough to get back home. :)

i need help about money
how can i get a lot of money
i must raspberrysauces to make but i have no money?
have any a solution
where can i find a trainer for the money?

Like Liz, I have one last recipe to collect and that's the Cayenne Dark Chocolate Sauce. I've been zipping around for nearly 2 game years and visiting all the locations in all the ports and yet nothing's happened... Does this mean I'm going to remain stuck?

I think I have an older version of this game. I got it over a year ago, and the version I had would never end. I did everything they asked, but it just would not end. How do I upgrade to a newer version?

[Edit: Download the game from the same place you purchased it from, and install it over top your existing game. -Jay]


What is your tip to earn a lot of money. I have no real problem in getting recipes, but I always seem to run out of money. Should I produce more chocolates from 1 recipe, when should I buy factories.
In short what is your strategy to earn a lot of money?


Hi Guys,
I love this game and I am almost at the end.
I am in the process of making 100 of each exotic to give to the father at headquarters. This is a costly and lengthy process - any hints? I can't seem to get past this point.
Thanks :)

So.. Im kinda STUCK. I just accepted this task:
Create a new recipe for TRUFFLES that use Anise, Bing Cherries and varietal cacao.
I already know the exact recipe thanks to the tips from this site
but when I go to the Chocolate Tasting Lab.. stupid Teddy says that I dont have any ingredients to make a new recipe!
Anybody know how I can get him to cooperate? PLEASE. Im desperate!

How do I get the factories set up so I can make infusions?

Hi. Cn anyone help me how to accomplish infusions made from amazonian plantains?
I can't seem to find the right ingredient for it.Teddy always tells me that I won't be able to make any marketable recipes with my ingredients. Please help!

Chocolate Squares ingredients list:

1.Basic Chocolate Squares;
1xCacao Beans
2.Dark Chocolate Squares;
2xCacao Beans
3.Milk Chocolate Squares;
1xCacao Beans
1xMilk Solids
4.Chocolate Squares w/Almonds;
1xCacao Beans
5.Chocolate Squares w/ Cashews;
1xCacao Beans
6.Chocolate Squares w/Coffee Beans;
1xCacao Beans
1xCoffee Beans
7.Chocolate Squares w/Orange;
1xCacao Beans
8.Chocolate Squares w/Lemon;
1xCacao Beans
9.Chocolate Squares w/ Raspberries;
1xCacao Beans
10.Chocolate Squares w/Hazelnuts;
1xCacao Beans
11.Chocolate Squares w/Peacan;
1xCacao Beans
12.Chocolate Covered Ants;
1xCacao Beans
1xFire Ants

Hey Anyone that can tell me, do I accept to join the Moreno Bros. or do I decline? I don't wanna have to start the game again if I mess up, so any tips for that or does it even matter? Help please.

To TJPunk:

I'm really just guessing here because it's been so long since I've played this game. I think they are part of the gang who wants to take the company away. I think I declined.

I'm doing fine on getting recipes and inventing new candies and making money. I don't have Synday or Bombay or the Himalyas open yet. What do I need to do to get the airplane?

I'm stuck in the Amazon. I bought too many plantains. If anyone can help me (any cheats or something), then please send me one.

To ethan:

I'm guessing that you're stuck because you don't have enough money for travel out of the Amazon. There are no cheats that I'm aware of. You're just stuck. Learn from the experience and start a new game. :)

I just downloaded this game from RealArcade and was looking forward to playing it as I love the first game.

I already have a problem. I started the story saying yes to help and made my first chocolate and bought my first sugar. I was given enough money to travel to get my first cocoa beans. The problem is that I am unable to open the store in Costa Rica. I went to free play and cant open any store there either. Many of the buildings auras show up so I can open them but not any of the markets. If I can't buy beans I can't go any further. I contacted RealArcade who told me to uninstall and reinstall (I have dial up and this takes hours and hours). The same problem is there. Is there some patch? Did anyone else have this problem? I have windows xp is that a problem? Help please and thanks in advance.

Hi Mary-G - RealArcade is not one of the affiliates we recommend, and we have no idea what they do to their games that may conflict with your computer setup.

I suggest you download the game from Casual Gameplay and try a completely different version. That may indicate whether it's something specific to RealArcade, or to the game in general.

Chocolatier 2 (Casual Gameplay):

Hi, i nearly finished the game but i am stuck, ive spend hours looking for someone to tell me the recipe in the game for a infusioni think its the dark raspberry one for some strange reason its the only onei havent got, and the labortory says that they cannot make anymore recipes and that i have to go else where to find the recipe and ive collected every single ingredients, and ive looked in all the countries, has anyone else had this problem, and could help me?


I've been playing this game for quite a long time, and I'm up to the last mission thing, and I need to make all recipes, and I have every single ingredient but whenever I try to go to the Chocolate Tasting Lab it says none of the ingredients I have are marketable at the time being. I've waited for soooo long, and tried it again but it still gives me the same message. -____-''

Could anyone please tell me what I should do, I've seen this question loads of times but I can't seem to find a legitimate answer. o.o

Thanks to whoever has the answer.


I love this game and continue to improve my score. Does anyone know what parameters give you the option to buy the airplane? I have gotten it as late as 1935 and as early as 1931. Also, has anyone been offered the plane in Free Play mode?

Please help! How do you unlock the Sahara? I can't go any further without star anise.

Only those which have question mark can be discovered in the lab. Whenever you visit different ports make it sure that you buy at least one ingredient, same to the secret ingredients. only those acquired ingredients will appear in the testing lab. it doesn't matter whether you go back to the lab with zero sack of the ingredients, what's important is you bought them.

Hope this helps!!

Ok, i have no idea how to get philipino cacao.
ive been to every port, eery building, checking for new open buildings and to talk to people hoping to get so kinda of clue. i have all the recipes but the ones that need the philipino cacao. please please please help!! im going crazy..i took a break from the game for a week thinking this might help me think clearly...but no. to who ever answers thankyoiu thankyou thankyou!!!

Please Help. I am stuck in the lab. this truffle recipe asks for bing cherries, and a variety of cacao and I have tried to mix up all different types with truffle powder and the varieties and it rejects them all can someone tell me the recipe please?

To Tina:

This is the recipe in my book for truffles that have bing cherries -

Indonesian Cacao Cherry Anise Truffles

Bing Cherries
Indonesian Cacao x2
Truffle Powder


im having some problems getting sydney to open any body who knows when it will open as i need to do the bing cherry recipe but cant get to sydney as its not an open port yet. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks

I need help!!

I can't seem to locate the recipe for Cayenne Dark Chocolate Sauce.. it's the ONLY recipe I don' have yet, and it's driving me crazy traveling here n there just to find it.

Thank u!!

I stumbled onto the game on Thursday when a thign for the realplayer games poped up...they suck but I got linked to another site ( where I downloaded and bought the game. I am totally addicted btu I have already started iver 3 times..on my 4th and am gonna start over again. The 1st time I got stuck in the amazon...i will never make that mistake again...the other times I just ran out of money and couldn't make enough to even keep up production. I made it up to Entrapanuer and have the tasting lab but have only made 2 thngs so far..plantain sauce and infusion. I have left one of everything I have foudn so far int he lab. Paris is the furthest port that has opened for me. HELP!
I am hoping some of the walkthroughs I have found will help me out. Maybe ther's a specific order you're supposed to do things in and I just haven't caugh on yet. if Alex doesn't tell you what to do then you kinda have to op around and waste money on trips hoping to find someoen with a request. can anyone tell me if thete is a chronological walkthrough that takes you from beginning to end?

heyy i became a novice ages ago and now im an entrepeneur and the buenos aries port or anything else opened

I have finished Chocolatier 2 with over 2 billion dollars who can HONESTLY beat that!

Does anyone have a list of where you can find each recipe? I saw they have one for the first chocolatier game, but I can't find one for this game.


I just started playing this game and am completely hooked. Should I buy the plane? Does it make that much of a difference? Will I make the same amount of chocolate while I'm on the journey as I did while going by boat? That's my main concern.

Thanks for any help...

[Edit: Yes, buy the plane. You can still make plenty of chocolate and travel expenses will be much better. -Pam]

I need a list of when the seasons for the ingredients are...

I need cheaper ginger.

hi i am stuck in the i need the • Sweet Honey Hearts exotics but i cant make it in the lab what do i do need this last reciepe to get my final task can someone help me

hi, i seem to have a problem. i have all the 72 recipes completed,all ports were opened, i got all the awards,but & i cant seem to find how to end the game. how does it end? =)

HELP NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where can you get Anise????
I really need it to progress.

Choclover55 - Anise
Please have a look on page 1 of the comments. A user provided a list, where to find every ingredient.

Greetings, Kayleigh

I've completed this game 3 times now. I got the plane thing twice, both times when my recipe book was full and i was travelling between New York and Paris. It could be chance but try it and see.

I've been playing quite a while and have a ton of ingredients (shelves are almost full) But the lab keeps telling me I can't test anything - It won;t let me try any recipes. Any suggestions?

I'm playing it right now and I'm in The Himalayas and I can't get out because I don't have enough money. What do I do?

i accepted a challenge to make truffle with bing cherries, anise, sugar, indonesian cocoa but everytime i go tothe test lab it tells me i havent got any ingredients to work with! help! i have all the ingredients and everywhere i go it tells me to go and test them but i cant!
please answer x

hey im stuck in the amazon because i do not have enough money to get back... what do i do?

Hei, are you really going to buy the plane?


Can you help me perhaps with chocolatier 2? I must make bonbons with bananas but cannot do that.

I could make bonbons with ants and a other type of chocolate with bananas only. Can you help me? I do not come any further now.

I live in Holland so execus for my writing.

Help Please!!! I have bought the flowers to bribe shopkeepers with and do not know how to give them the flowers? anyone who knows how, please advise. thanks so much.Cindy

in choclatier 2 you can also make lots of extra recipes different types of recipes and you can get to places faster

Hey, there. Umm..I need helps. I'm currently have only one more truffle recipe to find; Coconut Almond Truffles. Can anyone tell me where to find it??

Why i can't buy Cayenne Pepper ? It doesn't appear in the shop where you can purchase cayenne cacao . :((

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