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Rob Allen banner game

JayI am very pleased to be able to (finally!) share with you something that Rob Allen has been working on for some time now. A while ago we asked him to come up with a banner game for us, something reminiscent of his amazing Hapland series, with which visitors of the site could interact and have fun with while here. We thought of a goal-oriented game that involved lighting all of the letters of the Casual Gameplay logo, and he took the proverbial ball and ran with it. The result is a banner game that you play in the header of this site when the appropriate stylesheet is activated.

Rob Allen's banner game

It was designed to be played a little at a time, rather than consumed all in one sitting. It will save your progress along the way, so there should be no hurry to finish. Included are a few tricks and twists that Rob is so very good at. Take your time with it, and we hope you enjoy it. ^_^

You can visit his site at

And thank you, Rob! \o/

Play Banner game by Rob Allen

Note: Please limit peeking at spoilers and the walkthrough only as a last resort. The game is not all that difficult and is so much more rewarding to do on one's own. And if do you like the game, please help us spread the word about it. =)

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Hey, I beat it. Here is a clear and specific walkthrough.

Banner Game Walktrough:

Note: The letters are presented here in order for clarity. The letters cannot be lit in the exact order in which they appear in the words, but many of them can be lit in any order. Try to find as many as you can before resorting to this guide.


Get the wand, and use it one your man while he's on the left side of the lake. He'll be flung into the lake and a mini-game will start. The man will follow your mouse pointer, and jump when you click. Grab all the letters and avoid the crab before the meter at the bottom runs out. Success will light up the C.


Use the wand on the left lantern.


Enter the Jaytrix (if you don't know what this is, see "Secrets") and some circles will show up. The circles represent a 3x3 section of a maze. The big circles are walls and the little circles are pathways. Click the little circles to move in the maze. When you find a star, make sure your screen is centered on it and click. You may or may not have to get the "a" in "Gameplay" first.


After using the wand on both lanterns, a target will appear. Click it, then try to hit as many targets as possible. For the moving targets, I find that it's easiest to get them at the bottom of the screen. You need to hit at least 12 to win.


Use the wand on the right lantern.


Before getting the previous letter (refresh if you already did, you're progress is safe), move the man to the right side of the lake, near the fire. Click the fire to get a torch. Move the man to the left side of the lake and turn the right lantern on if it isn't already. When your torch burns out, the fireflies following you will move to the lantern. Press the button inside the l, then quickly turn of the lantern.


Are you signed into JIG to leave a comment? You will need to be to get this letter. If you're already signed in, then you already have this letter!


In the Jaytrix, there is a switch on a tree. Flip it.


Click on the hole in the tree on the very left side of the banner. Three red bugs will come out. When they are below the m, press the red button on said m.


Turn the volume on for this. In the sky, there are 5 stars that are slightly bigger than the rest and light up when you rollover them. Click the stars to play notes from lowest to highest.


At the top of the banner, there are some brown leaves. Click them. Go get a torch (move the guy to the fire and click the fire then come back) and click the pile of leaves below the p.


After lighting the second letter a in "Gameplay," reload the banner (your progress is safe). There should be a rocket ship. Go get the frog but do NOT click on him. Zap him with the wand to turn him into a real boy. Click him now to make him go in the ship and start a mini-game. Avoid the alien eyeballs until you reach the end. A word of advice, when you come to the moving blue eyes, don't stay near the top or you'll get a nasty surprise.


Get the frog and click on him to make him hop onto a lily pad. Now zap him with the wand to turn him into a human. Click the man to make him fish. If you look closely at the lake, you'll see a ripple come out of where the man is fishing, and another spot on the lake. Use your mouse to push the guy over to that spot and click him after the ripple.


Get the frog (don't know how? See "Secrets") and click on him to make him go on a lilly pad. Push him over to the other side of the lake and click on him until he hops onto the "a". Now click the hole in the leftmost tree to make some bugs come out. when they reach the "e" in "gameplay," click the frog. Click him again after the green bug comes out to eat it (though it's worth watching what happens if you fail first).



After you light the "l" in "Casual," click your man to move him to the right side of the screen, then roll your mouse over both sets of reeds. A wizard will pop out from a tree. Click him while he's flying to get him to drop a magic wand.

The Jaytrix / do a jig / jay is MOST DEFINITELY games:

Assuming you're using an up-to-date browser and the latest copy of flash player, when you right click on the banner there should be an option called either: 1) "the jaytrix has you", 2) "do a jig", or 3) "jay is MOST DEFINITELY games". Click it and you'll be sucked into the Jaytrix.

The Frog:

Drag and drop the rocks to destroy them. Click the tree above where the rocks were to make new rocks. Eventually, a big rock will fall. Drag away this rock to find the frog.


Was that new header banner just added today? I have the l in casual lit and the a, m, p, and y in gameplay lit. This seemed like the only suitable place to discuss that. It's interesting xD.

I'll post something about the banner soon. I wanted to give it some time without discussion in the spirit of discovery, so please hold off on comments until then. :)

Glad to hear about the new contest! I love the games the contestants create.

Hey, cute Hapland-esque banner. I've gotten pretty far after 30 minutes of tinkering. :o)

Jay, you can't put up something like this awesome banner without letting us talk about it! I'm bursting at the seams!

I know we shouldn't talk about that banner yet, but I just want to give a kudos to whoever did it. It's very well done, and addicting! I especially like the mini-banner that displays only the lit-up letters from the large, game banner. I'm missing S in Casual and G, A, and E from Gameplay.

The jaytrix has you!

Tell me about it. Gotta be the same artist who did Hapland. And that's all I'm gonna say till Jay says otherwise.

This banner is driving me insane! I spent the last 2 hours at work doing nothing except playing with it. I've got everything lit up except the first G, and I feel like I've tried everything.

I've spent way too much time trying out clicking different things on the new banner. Must be a Rob Allen?? Thanks!

My poor banner just says "mep" ... I need some help on this thing

I've only managed to get l in Casual and mpy in Gameplay... stuck...

Everything but the e. I'm dying over here.

Collectively we have solved the whole thing, just not one person individually...

Adding to the list: I love the new banner...haven't had enough time to play with it though, only got the P lit...will give it another shot later.

Cool beans.

wow, love the new banner! ...and, oh, it's interactive. I've been wanting that for this site.
I'm going to resist solving it - it's fun just to play with. :D

This is interesting however I've kinda hit a wall.

I've got C and L in casual and M E P and Y in gameplay.

Any hints would be appreciated.

Finally, we can legally (as in Jay allows us to) solve this thing. I have everything but the 'e'. Any hints - not spoilers, just hints - would be appreciated.

Then I can put up a walkthrough or something.

I need the "G"

whoa..... i just saw this here: i figured out about the hole with the bugs at the bottom of the tree on the left, getting the man to walk to fire then light stick, but now what? most perplexing. yes, most curious.


for the "e" there are 5 stars in the sky. They are slightly bigger. Each plays a note. Play them in order for lowest note to highest note.

i only have the m p y of gameplay o.O

and jay, you forgot the horray guys body:


I'm missing the S, G, and E.

I'm not sure if this "counts" as a spoiler, but I'll put it in tags anyway.

The wand can change the colors of the lily pads, but I'm having difficulty figuring out what to do with them.

Thanks so much Rob for an entertaining (and sometimes very frustrating) game! It took me many hours to solve it (G had to be my favorite). Thanks Jay for taking the time to get it up and running on your fabulous site! Cheers to you both! :)

I have everything but G, l, and a in Gameplay.

Hint for the e:

When you wish...

Noticed the banner about 2 hours ago, have not done anything at work since! Love it!!

I need S in Casual, G,A & E in Gameplay.

do they have anything to do with

changing the colour of the lily pads?? what about the eyes in the shadows??

Thank you so much Psychotronic. I couldn't have asked for a better hint. :D

Walkthrough is on its way...

Thank you so much Psychotronic. I couldn't have asked for a better hint. :D

Walkthrough is on its way...

Good luck with the ever-elusive G

Wow, it's kind of weird how the comments appear in random order. I posted my hint for the 'e' long before Sean posted the *complete solution*, but it appears afterwards. Odd.

That's because of moderation, Psychotronic. Those comments didn't appear until after we approved them.

Sometimes there is a little delay depending on whether we're busy over here on the JIG campus. xD

Now I'm imagining an actual campus, with grassy courtyards and austere stone buildings and college students laying around with their laptops, occasionally flirting awkwardly with each other. And a big marble statue of the JIG mascot.

I'm where Sean was when he posted the first post, any help?

Can you do anything with the rocks that fall from the trees except get the blob thing and make them explode?

How do i beat the Jaytrix game?

I love how the banner when you not on the homepage keeps track of your lit of letters, and how it seems to be laughing in you face at your unintelligence. :P

This is by far the best banner I've ever seen. Simple, yet ingeniously inventive!

Any help with

the jaytrix has you puzzle

would be great

Got the two a's and u in casual done.

You'll shoot your eye out with that wand!

i only have the m-e-p

is there anything to do with the rocks or the frog

someone make a walkthrough already!!!!!!!!

Hey!!! I finally found the "G" (but not really much else)

When you are on another part of the site, there should be a weird star cluster, almost like a circle with a dot in the middle, and if you click it, it will light up your "G"!

Finally found something helpful to put on the site!

aagh, and hard, too! long live foon!

(There's gotta be a pattern to those stars.) This banner is killer. Excellent design and game.

Curious if EyezMaze will ever do a banner.

aah! i found a leetle froggie thing! and eet ees soooo cute!! And he helps me! (that's the best part...)

anyone get anything out of the lily pad colors?

AH! I only have the S left! HELP!!!

how do i get this "wand"

i have g-mep-y

Frogie helps a lot.

Gah, this banner's driving me crazy! All I've got is the C and l in Casual and mep and y in Gameplay...

I did manage to

Turn the frog into another stickman.

But I can't figure out what to do with him! All he does is wave.

i'm sure he does, but i can't figure out how, lol

does he eat the green zappy thing? he just tries and tries, but never succeeds :(

Froggy went a fishin' and he did ride uh huh, uh huh

S, anybody?

This is really hard! I have Caual mpy.

I can't get the stars, someone said 'when you wish...' but i'm pretty tonedeaf...

does that mean to make the stars play 'when you wish upon a star'? I tried going from lowest to highest notes (I think) but that didn't work...

I also got changing lily pads and turned the frog into a fisherman. I noticed a bunch of leaves hanging down at one point, but I clicked them and they've been gone ever since... And what do the eyes do?! I thought maybe you had to light them up with the torch from the fire...

I want to do it alone, but at the same time I wanna solve it now!!

Great banner, but oh, how frustrating!

Scratch that, I found the G!

Now its C----l G-mep--y.

More tinkering is in order here...



to get wand, after you light the 'l' in casual, put person on right side near fire and shake the weeds at the top of the lake. a wizard will pop out from behind the tree. click him when he flies away to get him to drop his wand.


to get to the jaytrix, right click in the normal world and click "the jaytrix has you"


throw away any rocks below the right most tree. click the top of the tree twice. throw away the large rock.


get the wand, then put the guy on the left and use the wand on him. He will fall to the bottom of the lake. Avoid the crab and get the bubbles with special characters in them until the exclamation mark appears. get it to get back to the top and light the C.


use the wand on the left lantern


go to the jaytrix and solve the puzzle to the right. not sure how.


after you knock down both lanterns, targets will appear. Hit at least 12 of the 14 targets to get the u.


use the wand on the right lantern


make sure the right lantern is on. put the guy on the right near the fire. click on the fire to get a torch. quickly click on the guy to move back to the left. the fireflies will follow you. let the torch burn out and the fireflies will go to the lantern. make sure the left lantern is off and then, click the red dot in the l and quickly click off the right lantern.


view the banner from any other page than the home page. click the second largest star from the right trees.


go to the jaytrix. click the switch on the tree in the middle of the banner.


click the hole in the bottom of the tree in the lower left corner. when the bugs are below the m, click the red dot on top of the m.


you need sound for this one. There are 5 clickable stars above the lake. when you click each one, it makes a sound. you have to click them in ascending tone order. the order varies from game to game.


there are some leaves above the 'l' in casual. click them. now click the guy to go to the fire. click the fire to get a torch. go back to the left and click the fallen leaves below the p.


after lighting the second 'a' in gameplay, reload the banner and there should be a spaceship. uncover the frog, DO NOT click it. use the wand on it. click on the resulting guy to get in the spaceship. avoid all objects on the side scrolling.


uncover the frog. click it to put him on a lilypad. use the wand on the frog. click the resulting guy to make him fish. push the lilypad with the guy on it to the lower middle of the lake. unsure of the timing, click on him and he will eventually catch something.


uncover the frog. click on him to get him on a lilypad. push the lilypad with the frog on it to the other side of the lake. click the frog to get to land. click him again to put him on the second 'a' in gameplay. click the hole in the bottom of the left most tree. when the bugs pass under the 'e'. click the frog. quickly click the frog again when the green thing comes out to eat the green thing.

To get the s,

You have to right-click and click "the jaytrix has you"

Which takes you to the jaytrix puzzle.
How to solve it: This is a big spoiler because it feels great to figure it out yourself:

it's actually a maze in which you can move up/down/left/right.

I think you may have to form the S on the jaytrix puzzle, but I'm not quite sure how.

thank you Carl Foust now I'm finally done! I can sleep now...haha

I found the a in Gameplay but I have no idea how...

Maybe from the switch in the jaytrix?

to get to the 's'

right click where? no "jaytrix has you" when I right click

Still not sure how to get to the jaytrix

right clicking isnt working.

Carl: um, what? Could you explain the jaytrix puzzle a little better? What do you mean by

maze? What do you mean by move up/down/left/right? Do you mean you can move the circles to different dots? I think everybody knew that, it's just that the circles appear in seemingly random places...

If you don't know where to find the jaytrix, you may have to update your Flash Player.

Use the "Get Flash" button in the sidebar.

ah... i'm at work now. can't update flash on this laptop. haiz... guess i can only complete it when I get home...

The "s":

When you're in the "jaytrix" puzzle, look at the trees on the left side of the banner. Notice anything different? There's a switch on one of them (close to the center of the banner) that you need to hit. Then solve the puzzle and the S will be lit up.

My mistake, that was another letter...
Here is the S:

Think of the circles in the 3x3 grid as "walls" and the small clickable ones as which direction you want to go in (North, South, West, East). After that, it's just like a maze. You can make a map if you want to. The trick is to find the star, then when you've found it and have it in the center, click on it.

I have the latest flash and I still cant get jaytrix to show up. I am using IE, do I have to use a different browser?


It doesn't look like a maze because you only get to see a tiny bit of it at a time. But once you learn to see it as such it's easy to find your way through.
The large circles are the walls of the maze. When you click one of the small circles that appear on the sides, you are actually moving through the maze.

I understand the jaytrix is

a maze and I understand that the walls are the round disks, and that instead of them shifting up, down, left, & right like a normal maze view would show, the disks just appear and disappear, destroying the illusion of 'moving' in a direction.

Here's the tricky part...

What the heck am I looking for? I feel as if I've at least covered the entire perimeter and quite a bit of the interior. I really don't want to drag out a pencil & paper but...

Of course when I'm posting a question someone else always posts the answer at the same time. Thanks! :o)

Goda - I just tried it in IE (6) and I could not get the jaytrix to come up. So, I installed the latest Flash Player, and voila! The jaytrix! xD

No, you do not need any particular browser, any old browser will do. You will need the latest Flash Player, however, to find all of the letters in Casual Gameplay. :D


Somewhere in the maze is a star which you can click on to escape. If you a desperate, there's a sure-fire way to solve most mazes. Just pick a wall and follow it. The only way this method can fail is if the goal is not near any wall, or if you're in a section of maze that's isolated from the rest.

I do have the latest flash player.

Fantastic! Best game I've seen from Rob!

when you think of the Jaytrix as

a maze, which it is,

it becomes so much easier to do.

aaah! i 'did a jig' on one of the letters and now its all upside-down and purple!!

I have the newest Flash player for Linux and right clicking has "jay is MOST DEFINITELY games", which doesn't seem to do anything, but that is it!?

wait and now,

i can fainly see a circle game on the right-hand side, but it's not making any sense

Yes! After taking a break (and my browser telling me the site was too busy), I've finished Casual! Now all I need is 'la'.

As of now, U is my favourite. =]

I'm never going to get the u!!

Those targets are HARD to hit -- and I'm doing something wrong or it's counting wrong, because there are 8 "stationary" targets, which I hit consistently, and 6 falling ones, right? Well, I've gotten up to hitting 3 falling targets twice now, and still my little sign has only said 10/14! :(

i cant make the

wizard come out

more than like once or twice. any tips??

I updated my flashplayer and i couldnt get the jaytrix using Internet Explorer 7. It was only when i used Firefox that i got anything other than, "Settings" and "About Adobe Flash Player".

I also have downloaded the latest version of Flash player, yet I am still unable to enter the Jaytrix. Right-clicking has yielded nothing.

Yay I did it!

Only used a spoiler if I was really stuck and for hints. Great idea for a banner, Jay! I've never commented this much... =]

whoa, not exactly sure what that jaytrix thing did, but now i have Casual Gamep

Add me to the list of people who can't get to the Jaytrix. I'm on Linux, like K. Engels.

Fix, please? *puppy dog eyes*

I'm having the exact same problem as K. Engels. Any suggestions?

Meanwhile, for the time being, I've given up on

the spaceship part. I just can't get through those tightly-packed eye-looking things! I'm blaming my laptop touchpad, though I suspect I may just be incompetent.

So besides that, I don't think there's anything I have left to do without being able to enter the jaytrix.

Allegra -

Did you try mousing over ALL of the weeds?

on BOTH sides of the lake?

Yeah, same here. IE 7, XP, latest version of flash player, no jaytrix still :( Even more frustrating I had everything except the two in the jaytrix :(

I'm fairly certain the Flash Player for all 3 platforms (Mac, PC, and Linux) has support for customized right-click context menus.

Have any of you who are having trouble with it tried selecting anything from the context menu? If yes, but it still doesn't work, does the context menu work in other Flash applications?

Ok so I finished it. Has anyone managed to get anywhere with the lights on the trees?

I have tried everything to to the puzzle to work...It doesn't work for me either...And yes it does work every where else

Context menu using Flash player 9.0.48 for Linux looks like this:

Forget my progress
jay is MOST DEFINITELY games
About Adobe Flash Player 9...

Context menus work other games... Not crazy enough to try clicking on "Forget my progress" after how long it took me to beat some of the action oriented sequences, but the 'jay is MOST DEFINITELY games' option, as I stated previously, does nothing.

Oh and also, found a small problem. When you make the large rock fall, if you click it before it hits the ground, it will follow the mouse, but be stuck off the mouse, so you can't let it go, and have to refresh the page.

I even tried't honestly think it would work...But I'm really getting frustrated seeing as all I need are the two letters that require the jaytrix

jeez this banner is really cool. Rob has outdone himself this time for sure.

i have all the letters except for the s in casual and a l a y in gameplay. part of the problem for me is i cant get to the jaytrix i've tried right clicking in the banner and out of the banner but i dont get "the jaytrix has you" in the scrool down no matter how many times i've tried.


I also only have settings and about adobe flash 9

it seems like jaytrix does not work on IE7 even with latest flash installed.

i need help on where to click to get "the jaytrix has you" on the right click menu

An errant tag in the embed code caused the trouble. My apologies.

My guess is the jaytrix will get everyone now. :x

*goes and hides in the corner*

Help!!!!!! I can't get the Jaytrix puzzle! I right click everywhere! No message! Do I have to use Firefox? WHERE DO I RIGHT CLICK!!!!


thats ok jay atleast you figured out the problem and fixed thats the good part about it

yes i did it

i finished and i was right about one thing it is hard to get through a maxe if you dont understand how people are doing it or whether you are the circles themselves

how come the wizard isnt showing up????

If you are having trouble with the

Rocket Level

, this tip might help:

At the beginning of the level you can skip many of the obstacles by hugging the very bottom of the banner. You'll have to move once the "Blue Eyes" start appearing, however.

Solved it!!

I had to consult the walkthrough though for the letters s, G, e & l.

The game is really easy :D:D:D:D

I've lit up several letters and the wizard will peek out from behind the tree, but he won't come all the way out. What do I do?

could someone please tell me --- HOW DO I GET TO THE GAME?

[Edit: It's called a "banner" game because the game IS the banner at the top of this page. If you're not seeing it, perhaps you changed the default stylesheet? The banner at the top should look something like the image shown at the top of the review, above. If it does not, then please read the paragraph above titled: If you're having trouble finding the game. -Jay]

I light my torch, but the guy won't go over to the L or the other letters to light them. I click on him and he just walks back to the fire. What am I doing wrong??

thanks jay

omg how do you even play the game?

Given the fact that

I don't currently have any speakers,

getting the 'e' was... difficult. I eventually got it by

recording the sound of each star into Audacity, zooming in really far, and measuring the wavelength of each tone.

It added a little Not pr0n vibe to the experience, which is a good thing. (:

For people who hate stick people:

move the stick guy to the right and use the wand on him

I've been working at Banner game for a couple of weeks now. I can't get past the target game......LOL....but I will eventually....probably with in the next year.

Thanks for all these wonderful fun games.

i can't get the "l" lighted and wave my mouse over the reeds? help? it doesn't stay lighted. is that right? so far i have m, p, and y lighted.

I would love some help with the jaytrix. I've read everything here at least several times a week and I'm doing what was told, but am just clicking, it seems for nothing.

I appreciate any advice and hope I'm not ticking anyone off for not trying myself.....I am indeed trying very hard.


I cant seem to get the rocket to appear! what do I do? Anyone just tell me!:(

thx jay. i didnt know u had to

do everything else first

. so thanks

o yea i beat it!!!!!!!


hehe you though information was going to be under here

To get the rocket to appear restart the browser, don't just refresh.

This game is not nearly as good as it clamis to be. Using firefox and the latest version of the flash player, i cant enter the jaytrix. Also it frequenly delets my progress.

im done.

[Edit: Don't confuse user error with a flaw in the game. The Jaytrix only shows up in Windows. In Mac OS it's called "do a jig". In Linux it's something different again. The message changes depending on what OS you're using, but the result is the same. -Jay]

this game is kool , i remember trying to do it when it first came out and never could and gave up on it .

stumbled onto it again today and finished it with ease

nice work Rob Allen very imaginative and entertaining , and Jay what can i say , your sites just sweet lol =]

happy gaming

you thought there was somthing good here hahaha

Dont Click ^^^

post a walk through for the banner game

[Edit: There already is a walkthrough posted. -Jay]

For lighting up the g,

You should try zooming in the screen. The circle with the star in the middle is really hard to find otherwise.

Nice little game.

I got them all lighten up. nice ending.

infact Hapland series and this is great, nice and fun.

Im glad you made it Jay.

Please can anyone help with the

little fishing man

I can't see a point on the lake and have spent HOURS on this now. I have also read the walkthrough dozens of times. Thanks...

I got it!! But now I am stuck on the targets. Maximum I can get is 8. Those bottom ones are SO hard. I was thinking maybe it was because I'm using a lap top and its harder to move and click as fast than with a real mouse...or am i just rubbish? Don't suppose there's any tricks anyone knows.. :)

how to do the game in the lake
can grab letter but when clik can jump higher to grab high letter

I find the target game to be much easier when you are in the jaytrix

I finally got all letters lit up. What a great tease. I had to switch over from Opera to Internet Explorer to do the Jaytrix, but then switched right back afterwards for the last letter (G). This game really got me stuck in front of my laptop all weekend. Awesome! Thanks a lot.

loved the game but i can't restart it. i wanna play again!

i can't get the "s" in casual. . . I've tried clicking all the circles but i can't get the star to come out. . .

any suggestions?

How Do you get to the comments page?

how do you reload the game?

[Edit: Just reload the page. -Jay]

bring it back quickly

Argghh!! I couldn't wait to so someone this game and it is not here!!! Please bring it back soon!!

no more banner game i cant find it:(

I really want this game back!
Please bring it back soon!

Hi Jay,
I know it's not the banner anymore, but is there anyway to play the banner game now? I never did have the time to get through it back in the day.

Thanks, Jay! You rock (except for the part where I don't get anything done because of all the great games you recommend, inspire and sponsor).

please, let us play this awesome game again :/

Better opened in new small window than nothing.

[Edit: Coming soon. Please be patient while we put the finishing touches on a brand new banner game. -Jay]

And leave a comment to finish the game.

any other way to get the G if you don't have an account???

this game is great!

I'm glad the game returned :D
Enjoy :D

this game sure is awesome!

no matter what i do refresh etc i still no get the game and i am signed in...what the

[Edit: The stylesheets work via cookies, so be sure your browser allows cookies from -Jay]

Lots of fun

yay this is my last letter its the only one i had to use the walkthrough for. YAY FOR ME!!!

Even if you know what to do to earn a letter, it's hard to solve. It's fun though.

finally beat it

Did you know that:

if you use the wand on the lily pads they change colors?

Does anyone know if this affects the game??

Thank you so much golden_cow2

Finally finished! I finished the

rocket game

on the first try, but I don't know how.

i just wanna beat the game. im not staying. maybe i could help other people though...

that was really fun

An awesome game, to say the least.

Get it

Well, only took over three years, but I finally got to the end. In fact, I got both JIG banner games today. Playing the second one got me thinking again about the first.

If they're all this good, then more by all means. Although the "banner" space is a bit constricted, especially for the "action" elements.

Hey, how about an adventure banner game?

Yay! finally got around to doing this. Can't believe I left it so long before giving it a try.

I can't hear the stars, even at max volume


Nice concept.

How do you get the s and a?!?!?!?!


Help. I can't make the banner work at all. I've tried clicking and dragging everywhere on it and nothing does anything.

[It's Flash, so you'll need the latest Flash Player plug-in installed. Also, make sure you don't have any Flash blockers installed. When you right-click on the banner, is the first item "forget my progress"? -Jay]

I installed the latest flash, no difference. When I right click it says "Back... save background as... set as background..." etc. As if it is a picture I'm clicking on.

[Yeah, I suspected that. Hmm, can you tell me what browser and OS versions you're using? I'll try to reproduce the problem here. -Jay]

I'm using Windows Internet Explorer on Windows Vista.

[Unfortunately, I don't have Vista to try to reproduce the issue. I just tried the game with Windows 7 and IE 8.0.7600.etc.etc. and it's working fine. Would you please send me a screenshot of the banner that is on your page? Please send it to our contact address found in the site footer. -Jay]

This game is a good idea and is nice but the gameplay irritating, it seems like is not responding.

Finally finished it!

Been visiting the site for years now but only just signed up...

to get the G! Sneaky!

Anyway,now that I am signed up to comment figured I might as well pass on some helpful info to anyone having trouble with..

..the jaytrix maze.

Got so fed up with the maze that I ended up drawing a map for it: it's basically a 15X15 square with a spiral wall in the middle (the only entrance/exit of which is about halfway up the right hand side of the maze) & afew smaller walls thrown in for good measure. The 1st time I did it, the star was in a clearing in the top left corner of the maze (if it doesn't seem to be there, you might still be inside the inner spiral).
Also, I think it started me in the bottom right corner, so just keep going left and then keep going up & you should come to it!

Tried it a 2nd time and the star had moved to the innermost part of the spiral. Hopefully it will be in one of these places for you.

Hope this helps people, I couldn't find any similar info when I was stuck on this part!

Great work on the site Jay! Cheers!

the jaytrix is hard! I love a challenge though ;)

Awesome! New wonderfulness by Rob Allen. There goes my productivity at work today. :)

Yay~ Love banner games!


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