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JayEntombedAs an archaeologist looking for artifacts, you venture deep into a dark, unexplored hidden cave. You can barely see ten steps in front of you except for the amber glow of the torch you carry wrapped in a leather casing. You stumble across an odd shaped marking on the surface of a nearby rock. It looks like a symbol, an ancient carving. You reach out to touch it and just as you press it the ground begins to shake all around you. Before you can come to grips with what is happening, the ground beneath your feet separates and you tumble forward into a vast complex of gorgeous rooms with shiny marble floors and walls decorated with enormous carvings like you saw on the rock just outside. The symbols resemble the sun, moon, and stars.

You have entered the realm of Entombed, an amazing and surreal, first-person, point-and-click adventure game filled with puzzles, mazes, traps, acid moats, tunnels and a glimmering crystal cathedral. There is even a room carved from ice. These puzzles will tease your brain and give your grey matter a work out for sure. A walkthrough may be necessary for this one, so please help out in the comments if you can. Click.

Update: Yes, the original post was an April Fools joke, but as several of you noted in the comments, the joke was in fact based on a real game ("Bend to Me" was nothing more than an anagram for "Entombed"). I've updated the links above to point to a site where you can download the game (sorry, it's a DOS game so it is PC-only).

After installing the game (accept all defaults), you will need to right-click the executable and select "Compatibility". Then check the box that says "Run in 256 color mode".

The Flash "game" was created using a few screens from the original game, plus the ForeverFlash engine created by Mouser over at DonationCoder.com. Thanks Mouser! =)

Original post:
Bend to MeThe downside is the game is HUGE with all of its stunning ray-traced graphics, 3D models and textures, so expect a bit of a load time as this amazing environment is created and assembled for you. It's surely one of the most ambitious games created in Flash that I have ever seen. But don't take my word for it, experience it for yourself. Enter the world of Bend to Me, and kiss the next few hours of your life goodbye.

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

For those who are actually playing Entombed, you will likely get stuck and need a walkthrough as some of the puzzles are downright devious...

Entobmed Walkthrough


This is an old DOS game. At least 10 years. I remember buying it at a discount bin in the late 90s. Looks like somebody just ported all the graphics to Flash. There's a HUGE amount of puzzles in here. Some are ridiculously easy. Some are IMPOSSIBLE.

seems like a interesting game
but, can anyone tell me is it creepy? =P

It's taking over 10mins to load. O_o

Wow. Still waiting for it to load myself. Thanks goodness I'm not on dial-up ;o)

They weren't kidding about the load time!

Is this an April Fools Joke?

Forget it. This thing is a joke to see how long you can sit and wait for it to load.

If it is a real game, I just don't care any more. I have better things to do than read endless descriptions of all the cool stuff it's getting ready to do. Oooohhh!!! Now it's VALIDATING my ICE TEXTURES! This is gonna be great!!!


Enter the world of Bend to Me, and kiss the next few hours of your life goodbye.

Far out. How many levels does it have to load? I'm aging here.
This had better be the best game ever if its taking this long ;o)

Great game so far but I'm a little bit stuck.
Has anyone made it past the first acid moat??. I used all my items on the previous puzzle am I missing something? or is there just a switch around?

I give up. 40 minutes and level 3 was still loading. If the game maker is reading this, can you have one level load fully and start, then have next level load in the background?

You actually waited 40 minutes for this?

JiG fooled you!


nice april's fool joke... i was waiting for it to load while doing something else, then i realised i'm not downloading anything from the internet while it's loading. nice prank you've got there ;)

This is a pretty awesome game. I'm kinda stuck on level 3 though:

I moved the first boulder, but can't get over the next acid moat. I've got some rope and I cracked the sun code, but I haven't found anything else that might help.

how long does it take to load and can you save the game

seems to be taking forever how many levels are there?


Remember the pentagonal chamber back in the begining of level 3? You have to solve the puzzel with the map as it is conected to the area with acid moats. There are actually two solutions but only the hard one is the right one.

If, after you've tried this Flash game, you're interested in playing the game that the graphics originally came from, it's called "Entombed"; Here's a review:


I played the demo version years ago and found it to be a poor knock-off of Myst in terms of gameplay, but then I didn't think much of Myst, either.

Puhh, Maybe it is an april fools joke, I have here a MacG5 and it loads bout 40 minutes now, caching lev 4...what the hell is goin on, Im starving
btw, music sounds nice but if you heard the track 20 times while loading, its goin on my nerves*sound off*
Cumon, Jay, April or not?

Shura and the whole bunch

What's the expected loading time for this game? And why can't they load 1 level at a time so that we don't fall asleep while it loads?

Heh, not fooling me :P

this has got to be a joke, I've been letting my compy sit here for half an hour while I've done other stuff XD

"Bend to me" is an anagram for "Entombed"

You're joking, right?

it says i got a"crc error"after 1hr loading...
could anyone tell me what it is? or just tell me i can't play it. thanks!

April fool? Yeah right.

I'm on level 5, anyone got any idea what i'm supposed to do with the blue keys?

I've figured out where i'm supposed to put the, but getting the lights to come on at the right time is just like.. what?!

For the 2 first blue keys.

Use the first one in the little hole in the middle of the second star.
The second blue key goes in the red room (the one with the statue without head) it open the blue door. The hole is hard to find. Just under the second big nail.

For the last one I need help.

Can anyone tell me how many levels there are? I'm still waiting for it to load...

I havent decided yet if this is a joke or not, because people could just be going "oh, in level 8 i have three keys, where's the fourth one? I got the rock codes puzzle, but it didnt unlock the sand timer!" But seeing as i have nothing better to do with my computer as of yet, i will continue to let it "load". Also notice Jay hasn't said anything in this post yet.... suspicious?? methinks yes ;)

Unreal how long it takes this game to load....coulda played 4 other games in this time...

I thought that graphic on the load screen looked familiar. I remember playing the demo of Entombed as well. Don't think I ever got around to the fullgame either.

As for this entry... Good choice Jay. I'm enjoying this one alot.


Actually I think Jay is asleep, it is Sunday morning ;)

I'm stuck on level two :x I think I'm brain dead this morning or something, but I actually want to beat a game with no hints for once xD

it's caching level 4 now... how long before i actually get to play something? and why cant it do this while i play level 1??

jay you will have to say april fool before mid day or it will be you who are the fool

nice joke its the second one in memory

Okay, you got me! April Fool you bugger!

If it takes a while to go I have something other people don't have...ummm.....HOOVES! NO....make that time ^ ^

lol, flyingsheep, wtf.

Caching level 7 now, jsut how many levels are there to load before i can play???!?!??!

dang it, my browser closed and now i have to start over :'( *tears hair out*

To answer your questions...26 levels. You'll be letting it load for an incredible amount of time (Jay wasn't kidding when he said HUGE!) but trust me, once they all load, it will be worth it.

Yes, it's April Fools day. =)

But the game referenced is real, as several people recognized and indicated. The title "Bend to Me" is indeed an anagram for "Entombed" and it was a game created by Blue Water Entertainment and released in 1996 by WizardWorks Software. The game really is a gorgeous first-person point-and-click adventure with some devious puzzles. You can download the game free (sorry, DOS/Windows only) from Abandonia.


I do believe we live in the same city :O

and I must agree, the game is TOTALLY worth the load. It's fantastic :D

YAAAAY!!! I just started loading level two!!!

*dies during loading....*

TWENTY SIX?!? okay, so i'll plan on doing this sometime... next week, hopefully. (i'm on a college campus network...)

OK, this game has been running for about 2 hours, and my computer is still on level 9.
Jay, is this entire game just a joke???
How am I supposed to wait for 26 levels!?!?

I just got a CRC error on level 10 "Epilogue" so I'm guessing there are 10 levels

Same here, nearly 2 hours, and currently loading 'pathfinding algorithms' on level 9. This is crazy!! couldn't they have, as other people said, had it load the other levels in the background and allowed playing to start once level 1 had loaded? It's nuts! o_O only 17 levels to go. only 17 levels to go. *twitch*

Meh. If there's 26 levels, then why is level 10 "Epilogue"?

Anyway, my browser got to about level 10 before I got an error.

Thanks for killing about a day of my time Jay, thanks.

*goes off to play Combat Heaven*

It takes forever to load!

i've cooked roast dinner done the ironing been the shops and its still downloading - is this a joke or what

do you hear that, Game, DO YOU HEAR THAT?? Joy has BEEN the shops!!! She has not just been TO them, she has TURNED INTO THEM she has waited so long!!! So long no one even uses correct grammar or punctuation!!! what's next, the syntax??? Game, have mercy!

I started loading an hour ago! And i'm only loading level six!

I'm expecting MYST quality here Jay.


I'm going to go play some Virtual Villagers 2

sorry people, you've been juked... you know it's fake because if you right lick, you can rewind to the beginning of the "load". darn it jay, i was looking forward to this one =(

very creative though. haha

Well into hour 3 of the d/l and got the CRC error as well.
I don't understand. The game for which you posted the link to is not even 7Mbs and what's with the "benchmarking"?


This game is really great - well worth the download time. Thanks for this! I think this might be my new favorite game ever!

Wow... this is long. still on lvl one... well, hello everyone!

I love the title of Level 8.

Harukio's Revenge

Guess how long it's taking to load on my somewhat old computer?

Two friggin' hours and counting! How many levels ARE there?!?

GAHHH!!! *tears at hair in frustration*

Is this a joke or not - well i really don't care im doing other things and the loading music is making me happy for some reason :s

Ok music is good but its annoying, just started loading lvl 2! why can't we do lvl 1 and have lvl 2 load while we play - this is crazy Jay. And evil.

Well, at least the long download is persistent. When I lost my WiFi connection it just kept on downloading. Now that is some innovative technology.

In level six, how do you get to the switch? I can see it through the bars, but I can't figure out how to reach it.

Oh god, I've watched the rest of Bring It On(yes I'm a girl :P) and it's STILL only on level four.
Is there anyway to mute just that window of music? I could stand the loading time if I was listening to my own music...


Aprils fools ;D

DARN IT!!! I closed the window and tried to download it, but now I don't know how the installer works! Q_Q

Oddly enough, I was under the impression that Entombed had only 5 levels (I played and finished the original).
So when level 6 started loading, I tried to find a walkthrough. I terminated the loading when all the walkthroughs had their end-puzzle in level 5.

forget this, the crc error at level 10 starts it over. And since it's not downloadable for mac (right?) i'm going to have to miss out on this one...

Brilliant april fool jay :P

fooled a hella lot of people.

Stupid crc error, im just going to download the .zip entombed and play it with WINE.

If you're able to install it, please tell me how you did it. When i try to, it just brings me to something that tells me to type in a DOS path, but i can't get a working one.


It won't load in IE, and it only works in Firefox if you're running it under a Jeffries emulator. Try getting a Mac, or using Opera. Safari loaded it fine, if you have a fairly old version of Flash installed.

As for me, I'm stuck on Level 17. I'm at the bit where you have to get the pig feet out of the refrigerator to please the dragon. But they seem to be glued down. I figured I need some sort of solvent, but the Draino container is empty [under the sink]. Any ideas, anyone?

To add to the confusion there's also the other Entombed, the one created by Ultimate for the C64: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entombed_%28video_game%29

I've been letting it load in the background ever since I went to sleep last night and pulled out the internet cord. Never trust anything anyone says on April Fools Day.

hehe, you made my day with ur description...
try to look UNDER the container in the hidden drawer, babe

I'm with all da mac users, bright cookie as you are

Shura and the whole bunch

I thought the images looked really familiar... I remember playing a demo for this a looooong time ago off a MECC CD or something similar. Remember MECC? Oregon Trail, Amazon Trail, etc? Damn I loved those games. I would go to the BioDome in Montreal and be able to identify all the animals in the Amazon River area because of MECC. *is carried off on waves of nostalgia*

Man last level already? And its already 1:09? Well, at level 26, can someone help me with...

telling everyone that this game is an april fools joke like Zombo.com

It would really help, thanks

in tally? that's cool if you do.


I am having a difficult time on level 18 with "the largest grape in the world." I mean, how do you not find a fruit this big? I checked the rocks...and I asked Cocheese about his exploits...but to no avail. Thanks for any help.

Its been loading now for a long time, probably a few hours but I haven't been paying attention because I have been doing other things. Now, I posted earlier when I started loading, and now I am only on level 7 and it was loading: "decompressing pathfinding algorithims" I mean WTF! Oh well. I must go and rest in bed soon and I can't be bothered to keep pc on. Looks like I will have to awake early to start her up. But it just takes the mick, from what I have heard, this makes out to be a good game but hey, the loading really does suck. The music is the only thing which motivates me to stay alive and not to slip into a coma while waiting. But even that will wind me up soon.
Please Jay, no more games that require mass amounts of waiting, April fools joke or not... Well I suppose the big loading games should be the best. Time to rest for another round of "Try not to get p***ed of while waiting forever for a game to load". Lol, goodnight all.

ok i took a shower cooked dinner and cleaned my room waiting for this to load how much longer does this take. i hope its worth the wait

I get a CRC error while loading at level 10 for both IE and Opera running XP. Any ideas how to get this to work?

Shoot. I thought I had it figured out after beating the Heavily Armed Clown on level 12, but I lost the Full Contact Origami challenge and had to reload.

Oh, well. I probably wouldn't have made it past the Extreme Knitting challenge anyway......

Installing it with WINE doesn't work, so for all you people with slow internet, get Google TiSP www.google.com/TiSP, its FREE internet.

You so got me Jay! I had the computer running for about 2+ hours and then got a CRC error, so I started the whole thing again! Total time: all afternoon!! Then I saw the comments, ah. I always forget about April 1st.

@Brent0: For lvl 17, to get the solvent

try looking UNDER the draino bottle. Notice a puddle? Remember the pet sponge that merchant was rattling on about? Go back and steal it from him using the magic mirror, then mop up the draino from the shelf! (it kills the pet sponge, so make sure you talk to it BEFORE getting the draino. Otherwise lvl 20 takes forever)

@bumoftheums: For lvl 18's giant grape, have to really thought about how big it might be?

Take a good look at the shape of the map...

The room is the grape. Go to the center and use the Hammer of Turin on the seed-looking thing. It's the item you got back in lvl 2. You might have forwent taking it in favor of obtaining the medalion. if so, you're gonna need to travel all the way back to the island, which means going through Dante's happy land, which means dying 50 times.

Good luck

omg jay, i think i am one of the few that thought this was hilarious!!
thanks for that...

i am lucky cause i didnt even bother clicking on the link this morning-- i figured it was too much time for me right now....

hahaha--but i mean, even "decompressing ice textures" lol!

thanks a ton

p.s. i like how a website dedicated for casual gaming is casual itself!

p.p.s isnt it time for a color/theme change? :)

That was a pretty clever April Fool's joke. Had me fooled until I looked in the comments. But I was wondering why it was taking so long, and why it would take so long to decompress pathfinding algorithms, which should be just a few kilobytes of code, and so on. I managed to do my spring cleaning and reorganize all my stuff while I was waiting for it to load.

This is so brilliant. I wish you guys had left it up so that I could have been fooled. I love a good prank. :)

Hey folks!

Nice game! I found level 7 to be quite tough, especially when Sanjaya's tomb failed to open. Silly me, I forgot the order was

...Randy, Paula, THEN Simon!

Does anybody know of a good DOS emulator that us Mac-heads can use to play this?

WHY is this a joke?

I wanna play it, waaaaaaaa! :'(


I'm expecting something really good in the next few days to make up for this, y'know. <3

kerrigwen - well, it wasn't ONLY a joke, it IS indeed a very playable (and EXCEPTIONAL) game, though you do need to be able to run DOS to play it.

The Flash version (which doesn't exist) was the joke.

For those who are actually playing Entombed, you will likely get stuck and need a walkthrough as some of the puzzles are downright devious...

Entobmed Walkthrough

Steven, I had to install it using windows, then reload Ubuntu(Linux). Now all i have to do is find out how to make my display a 256 color display.

I was under the impression that abandonware isn't strictly, er, legal.

WOW that was frustrating. I knew my initial gut reaction was right, which told me it was a joke.

...aren't jokes supposed to be funny, and not frustrating??

ps Jay, did you make the fake one or was it someone else's?

Well luckily I was off doing other things while it was endlessly loading. However, this punking was unjust! It was not April 1st where I was at the time. As punishment Jay, you must hold another poker tourney! :b

Wow, I remember this from years and years ago. Cool stuff. TOO BAD IT WON'T RUN. And good NIGHT is it ever frustrating. I keep getting a small pop-up saying "Can not find Shell.dll" I've redownloaded three times now. Does anyone have this "shell.dll" file they could host somewhere just so I can put it in the damn directory? Assuming I get it working, thanks for the trip down memory lane, Jay!

i agree with slgalt!~

Great April Fool's joke! The actual game is pretty good, though. The one peeve I have is that you have to disarm the traps every time you go throgh the door. At the moment, I'm stuck at the Star Door (the thing that leads to level 2). It's very nice that the game has a built-in hint system.

"...kiss the next few hours of your life goodbye." Ha. Ha. Brilliant. :P I actually tried loading twice; I should've suspected when the rate of download remained exactly the same.

Hmmm. Am I the only one around here would go ahead and let the 'joke' version run, just because it's a nice BGM?

*pokes at what IE caches, instead of Firefox* Heh--it's a couple of different flash files and pics (one for the background, one for the progress bar, one to control it) and...hey, the music loop's an mp3, yay! So I can listen to the nice BGM without having to deal with the rest of it...

hmm that was the best april fool's joke i got until i saw google's :)

and their others..

hi, the past four months I've been making myself a good fan of this page, this is my first post here :D

well, I have a problem whit the 256 colors thing, my OS is win XP pro, and doesn't have that option avalaible. I also have ubuntu (but I'm learning to use it)

What can I do to run this game?



If this is a dos game, Mac users can play too. I love old Dos games and I downloaded DOSBOX for my mac. If I am not mistaken, it works on linux, and often improves how dos software runs in windows. I just thought I'd help any mac users out there who want to give this game a shot.

Is this game supposed to be a joke, or something? I gave up for it to load. I waited for nearly an hour.:(

Read the post Todd.

Wow Jay...Just wow man.

Are you amused or sad that people are still being fooled? :P

Does anyone know what the music is?

aww punks i spent like 2 hours loading it.

C'mon Adam, don't spoil it for newcomers!

I'm having the same problem as Maite with XP Pro- is there any way to get around this?

I, too, am running XP Pro (SP2) on my PC, and I had no trouble at all.

My main system drive is F:, however, so I changed the default settings to install it there. Once installed, I right-clicked on the executable, chose properties, selected the compatibility tab, and then checked the box next to Run in 256 color mode.

When the executable ran, it asked me to locate where the files were stored, I changed the c: to f: and everything was hunky dorey.

Got it, thank you Jay- I was puzzled because usually for games like this I have to manually change my display, and I only have 16 bit and 32 bit available.

No seriously, where is this shell.dll file supposed to be?? Could some one run a search on their HD (someone that got the game running) for "shell.dll" and just let me know what directory it's in. I've installed and downloaded this thing several times now and I keep getting the same error. I'm befuddled. Or maybe this is like, the first puzzle of the game.

Dan - on my XP Pro system SHELL.DLL was in the \WINDOWS\system directory.

I've uploaded a zip containing the file in case you need it.

Having read the comments I am disappointed, it looked like a beautiful game! lol!

Haha, I remember this game on my old Windows 95 Cd-Rom. Good one jay!

Can I just say that to all the people who posted "hints", I thought they were really clever, and may now even want to design a game that involves The Biggest Grape in the World, and where a room is the grape, etc., etc. Very nice, guys. :)

So has anyone been able to do this installer thing?

Hmm. Bugger. Looks like I've already got that shell.dll file. My file system isn't exactly the neatest of setups here. Anyway, thanks for all the help uploading the file!

made it!
without help :D.

great game!
but in the end it says that entombed 2 came out about 12 years ago...

Oh my gosh! That music is great! I'm impressed just by the choice in music for opening credits!

Yay Downtempo!

Ahaha! Also: MANAX uses his magical Speed Gear to zip through the fake loading and see the stupid things this is programmed to make you think it's loading. Funny. Who made this joke, btw? Did you programm it and/or make the art for it? I can see how it could be very convincing.


Help! The second level's puzzle? I turn right and end up at the first level's puzzle..?

Debb - the perspective in the game confused me at first, too. Take a look at the overhead map in conjunction with moving around and you should be able to orient yourself properly.

um, how do I pick things up? i can't get past the electric doors because I can't pick anything up?

My suggestion to those of you who are frustrated with the loading time: click it to start loading and play other games while you are waiting. That's what I'm doing.

Is it just me, or will the game not play? When it is all loaded up, a little thing on the screen says CRC error encountered while reading game data. Restart? and then when I restart it over and over, the same thing happens. What do I do? I've tried it on all three of my computers and it still doesn't work.

i got an idea to make it faster! change quality to low!

glad to finally see a link to the webs best free game download site (abandonia)this has some of the best point and click games in the world (i HIGHLY reccomend 5 days a stranger, 6 days a sacrifice and 7 days a sceptic) . keep up the good links jay


I used to have this on a "best of DOS\WIN"
I loved it but i couldn't do the second puzzle. Anyway i don't have 256 coulor, is it like a driver that can be downloaded or what?

is there a difference between Bend to Me and Entombed?

loading about an hour now...at level 5 of 26.should be ready by morning.Hope it's worth it!

The song is called "Tournesol" by Mosaik (formerly known as Radix).

You can get the song from www.scene.org/~radix/mosaik/

You can also check out his myspace page.

I am a little disappointed that he wasn't given proper credit even if it was just for a silly april fools joke.

(Sorry for making my first post a complaint. It's just that I hate seeing good musicians missing out on potential listeners.)

Lasse Laserman, I do feel that the song deserves more credit. Personally I love it and even after listening to it on April 1st 2007, I find the song so wonderful to listen to still. (I have the mp3 : ) )

Heh - going through archives and decided to see what was tagged with "aprilfools," saw this and got confused - I used to own the CD-ROM version of Entombed. Now that I've seen what the joke was, I must put my two cents worth in:

Entombed is definitely worth a try at the low, low price of abandonware. I paid $10 for it when it was still being published, IIRC, and felt only SLIGHTLY overcharged.

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