JohnBFans of Virtual Villagers take note: the Windows downloadable Westward could be your new favorite addiction. Taking a page out of the popular village management book, Westward by Sandlot Games (the creators of Cake Mania) drops casual strategy elements into the mix for a game that's both interesting and a bit different. Rather than spending your time in one pre-made area, Westward pushes you across the unexplored old west setting up towns and hunting for riches. There's a surprising amount of depth in this game, yet very little was sacrificed to keep it user-friendly.

westward.jpgThe basic idea of Westward is simple: strike out into the wild and build settlements from scratch. Once you've shed your training spurs in the tutorial it's time to head out on your own. Your over-reaching goal is to provide enough food and water to your population to keep them alive and happy. Each citizen needs a job and a place to call home, so put everyone to work harvesting food, mining gold or bringing in lumber. As you gather more resources you can build more interesting buildings such as a Trading Post, Ranch or General Store. There are also bonus structures you'll learn how to build along the way, allowing you to explore the land and create a town bigger than you could ever imagine.

In addition to keeping your citizens happy and fed, each town you set up has a main goal you'll need to complete in order to move on. Other mini-tasks crop up as the game progresses, such as strangers wandering into town seeking your assistance. These side quests reward you with gold, food, or maybe even a new technology or two. They're great diversions from the main game and keep Westward feeling fresh and full of surprises. Tasks are stored in a handy clipboard at the bottom of the screen, so you never feel lost or overwhelmed.

Analysis: Westward takes a lot of great elements from strategy and village sim games and blends them with a little Sandlot finesse. When you first start playing, Westward seems alarmingly complex for a casual game. Once you complete the tutorial, however, you'll be surprised how simple everything is. Each time something unfamiliar comes along help text appears to give you a nudge. A lot goes on in your tiny settlement, and it will take some practice before you can keep everyone's belly full while you mine for gold and build up a surplus of supplies.

The entire interface in Westward is mouse-driven, though there are a few optional keyboard shortcuts you can use. One very disappointing omission is the common "Shift + number" macro found in most strategy games. Selecting a unit or group of units and pressing shift plus a number assigns that key to the group. If you want to zoom back to that unit, just hit the number you assigned to them and away you go. Westward doesn't include such a shortcut, forcing you to manually scroll the map or cycle through your citizens one by one. A bit cumbersome.

If you like this game, be sure to check out the entire Westward series!

A lot of players point out the similarities between Westward and Virtual Villagers. While the two may share a common theme, the games are actually quite different. Westward allows you to venture out across the wilderness and create your own towns from scratch, putting you in control of almost every aspect of gameplay. It's more building- and resource-oriented as well, letting you play a much larger role in the creation and management of your town.

Westward is a fantastic casual strategy/town simulation game. It's simple, it feels fresh at every turn, and it's unbelievably addictive.

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1. Is anybody else having trouble moving the Sheriff right at start? It says to drag him to under the red arrow but I can't make him move.
2. Only one hour seems a ludicrously short time to evaluate a program.

Actually, you should right-click the mouse button, NOT left-click when dragging a person. That should have been noticed when they made the game.

I can't drag the mine I am suppose to build onto the map to add it close to the gold vain. It's just not working, even though I am in the green. *sigh*

It might be from the controls. I always check options before I play a game, and, without knowing much about this one, messed around with the "invert mouse" control. It doesn't invert movement controls, it inverts buttons.

In the options menu is a setting to "invert mouse". The reverses the function of the left and right mouse buttons. Depending on how this is set, the tutorial may or may not match the correct clicks. See which setting you prefer, and remember that if the instruction doesn't work, just use the other button.

Oh, and this game is quite buggy, unfortunately...

Make sure you're playing version 1.02 or later.

You can download the latest version (v1.02) of this game by using the links on this page.

The game ran quite stable on my computer. I had no errors whatsoever. The graphics are done nice, and the total atmosphere is done nicely kinda wild west.

Compared to Virtual Villagers. VV is better! Westward is technically done well, but it somehow misses "the magic". You get tasks you have to do, you don't really just discover. Strategically its too easy for me taste, you never have to retry using better tactics, you can do pretty well with very bad "tactics".

It didn't like the interface of moving characters by drag/drop. Its nasty, espeically as you can't effectively control movements over bigger distances. Right click to move would have been better. I disliked not having a mini-map onscreen all the time, like you usually have in games like these, as well as already mentioned the otherwise widely used keybord-group-select-shortcuts.

The gameplay had a bit too much micro-management for my taste, which isn't too fun. The drunk people for example. Why can't the sheriff go automatically go for drunk people (if set so, and not on a halt position because of a military task)? Also sometimes people seem to autoapply for jobs, but often I saw them jobless standing next to a "help wanted" sign. I constantly had to assign people one by one. (A general stratetic setting which jobs to prefer for new assignments would be nice).

The game uses 4 ressources (water, food, money, wood). Which is quite a bit much, this really gets close to "the settlers" complexity with 6 ressources (money, wood, clay, stones, iron, sulfur). Altough the Water as ressource just isn't much noteworthy. Wells are very cheap, and you can built them everywhere. Fires are like drunks some thing to thicken gameplay, but its effecitevly not much that enhances your game experience.

BTW: the game doesn't terminate after one hour. So if you keep going, it seems you can finish the game in one go, if you have the stamina. I exited after "hope river" (with sidequests) 'cause I had seen it, and it didn't manage to exite me much.

In summery, it ain't really a good strategy game, it ain't really a good economic simulation, it ain't really a good discovery adventure, it ain't really cute to just watch. It got from everything a bit, but in no dimension anything exceptional.

Yup, nice idea but definitely lacking in execution, I think. The art's nice, the atmosphere is very well done, but the interface needs work.

For example - drag and drop to move? Why? Once you've selected whoever you want, the whole "drag" part is redundant. You should just be able to click where you want them to go - a lot faster, and much easier if you want to send them somewhere off the screen. And of course there's no group assignment, so you can't jump to particular people either.

Then, not enough automation of basic things - I heard gunshots, had to manually pan around for half a minute before I found the bandits, then had to select my gunslingers (thankfully there IS a shortcut button for that), then drag them over to where the bandits were. Annoying.

Like grid, I ended up playing through Hope River and its sidequests, then quit.

The "Oregon Trail" educational simulation game http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Oregon_Trail_%28computer_game%29 might be considered as a significantly superior alternative IMHO.

@ Matt... *slaps herself on the forehead* Oooh... I did click on the 'inverted mouse' option. Now I know why I have to use the 'wrong' mouse button. Thanks for reminding me. :)

How do you build the bridge. I'm having a lot of problems, please help

Virtual Villagers isn't the best comparison; it's almost antithetical to Westward. Where VV was about gently guiding your villagers to solve puzzles and build up over a long period of time, Westward is about micromanaging your resources and hoping a random bandit attack doesn't level your town in the first 10 minutes with no means of recourse. Even the controls are dichotomous with each other: VV allowed you to pick up anyone and drag them right where you needed, while Westward makes them walk the path you trace (poorly).
These completely different control schemes are ironic symbols of the philosophical divide between both games. While VV's direct transportations were contrasted with "intelligent" randomness in your villagers, Westward's indirect control scheme is pitted against the manual assignment of villagers to tasks, the direct way in which you pick and choose buildings to create as a form of strategy.

Westward mimics the control schemes of modern RTS games such as Blizzard's Star/WarCraft games, Age of Empires, etc. And it has a lot of heart and style, trying to create the fantastic image of the Wild Wild West. I appreciate that they are trying to create a casual gaming environment, but sometimes I feel as if the authors of this game have only read about RTS games instead of actually playing them. The controls can be unwieldy, especially in combat, the random events are frustrating, and resource management is ... wow.

Also I'm in Pleasant Falls or something and I keep on restarting because bandits keep on attacking me after way too little time, and there's no wood and I can't gather enough resources to build a Saloon. No game should do that to its players :(

Argh this was really long, sorry I get excited about these things :)

@Zach: "only read about RTS games instead of actually playing them" - spot on! I was thinking along the same lines, but you've articulated it very well. It's basically the poorly implemented RTS elements that annoy so much, specially when you're used to the brilliantly intuitive controls of games like Warcraft 3...

I have had a number of problems with this game. I tried to download and install at home and got an unpacking error 5-11. At work, the game seemed to play fine until I got to some of the smaller side missions. For some reason, when the side missions start my window changes from full screen to a smaller version which removes my saved games and prevents me from being able to save again. I think I have completed the Russian valley mission twice now. Not too happy with the $20 I spent on this game.

Glomer - if you purchased the game from us (ArcadeTown), don't forget they offer a money back guarantee. I would rather you get your money back than be unhappy with your purchase.

I'm really enjoying Westward, despite its sometimes irritating interface - yes, it does get tedious having to drag everything around the map and cycle through characters; then again, the maps aren't that big, and I like the way you find new sub-tasks with sub-maps as you go. I also like that it is simple. You can do the wrong thing, and lose, so it is worth saving as you go.

However, I'm stuck - if anyone can tell me how to get to the Wong saloon up north to destroy it, I'd be very grateful! I have gone over every bit of the map I can get to, and have no other tasks outstanding, but I just cannot see what to do to get there. Tried dynamiting the fencing on the bluff to see if that would blow the bluff up and let me up there, no good. Help, anyone? thanks!

If the Wong saloon is the one I'm thinking of (the level where you have the rabbit find what's down the hole)then you have to place that tornado looking irragation thing on the bluff bit

I'm having problems getting past "Defending the Bank" part. It says I have to defend the bank until 15 people come to live. I have about 35 now. What's the deal?

I'm trying to put the posse back together and I can't find any chickens to kill! Is this is a bug or did I miss a step?

No it's not a bug, there is a guy you have to find who has the chickens.

I too am stuck on the Defend the bank task. Any one else stuck with the game long enough to get this far. Help.

Leigh, thanks for the tip!!! I'll do that right away.

Folks, I was having trouble defending the bank, too - you need to repair the saloon, put someone to work there & buy gunslingers. Buy LOTS of gunslingers, whenever you can! I found food a problem but got a farm going eventually. Then you just... keep going, killing bandits & their camp, until there are enough people in the town.

I am stuck on the one where you have to collect 300 x gold, 300 x wood and 30 food. I was totally enjoying playing this game untill I got to this level cause I stoped playing it for over a week then picked it up again last night to try and get past it. It is sooooooo hard.

Has anyone got this far to be able to help me out?

I have finished the game now, and enjoyed it despite the frustration of the characters just not going where you wanted them to... grrr...

on the 300/300/30 - it was very hard, I'm trying to remember what I did, but I concentrated on one thing at a time, trying hard to make food, that was really hard. I saved the resource as soon as I got to the total. I thing I used bridges quite a lot, and gold totted up on its own somehow in the later stage - or I sold wood for it - look around before building if you can, you can save resourced by finding damaged but savable buildings.

Yeah I've used hoards of bridges and uncovered all of the island. I've managed to get the food sorted but once I've found all the gold there's nowhere to make any more and there isn't enough trees around to keep the lumber yards going. Also I didn't find the guy that you're meant to find!

I wish someone would come up with a level select.......

I bought the game but can't activate my license. I don't know if this is a Yahoo problem or if I did something wrong. If I can't activate my License I would like my money back. Thanks

Dick - did you buy the game through the links here on this site? (We have an affiliate relationship with ArcadeTown).

Who was the sender of the email you received with the registration key on it? If you downloaded the game from one site and purchased it from another, that could lead to the problem you're having, but you haven't provided enough information for me to know that for sure.

I've just bought Westward after playing Virtual Villagers for a while and I like it a lot.

I only have two gripes. One is that I can't find my people easily in any mode and the other is that I'm finding it difficult to navigate around because I keep wanting to drag the "playing area" like I can with the one in VV.

I've tried clicking on and dragging the settlers to where I want them to go, but in some cases I can't drag them off the screen (especially to the top and bottom - it's better to the sides) and so I have to move them in little steps then zoom out, move the red square, zoom in again and try and find the settler I've been dragging. The only people who seem to be highlighted on the zoom out map are ones who can't be moved.

Apart from that, I'm enjoying playing it and I don't mind the micromanagement aspects of it - in some ways I prefer it. It's better than VV in that respect because it leaves a lot of the responsibility to the player so it makes it more interesting.

I actually loved the game! Finally, someone has created a western pc game to play. I have always loved western movies, and in the past decade or so, they are not even on television anymore. I'm sooooo sick and tired of reality t.v. shows, and stupid sitcoms that are not even funny. Likewise, I'm tiring fast of the same ole same ole pc games with monsters and medievil story lines.

What a breath of fresh air when Westward came out. I hope the gaming industry starts putting out more western type games, and not just linear mission play either. A western type sims game would be exellant, in which you can make your characters really interact with their environment, such as building camp fires, riding horses;working; fighting and surviving the harsh pioneer weather elements, etc... with side missions involved as well. Kind of like a Grand Theft AUTO and Sims type western game, where you can do much more then just straight missions all of the time.

Again, I love this Westward game. Thank you gaming companies... PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING!

where do you buy these kinds of cd for pc games called Oregon trail, West Ward and Virtual Villagers????????

i need help ?? i need to go up north but can't how do i go up north

I was wondering if anyone knows how to gain health or something. I'm trying to attack the last group of bandits to get my mayor, but my sheriff keeps on dying. What should I do?

Defend the Bank - I've defended the heck out of the bank. Got the population up to 35 but the challenge doesn't end. I eventually run out of resources (gold & wood) and then everything fails. The challenge states you only have to get the population up to 15 but it doesn't end whne you hit that number. I see a couple of other posts with the same problem but the only reply just says keep defending the bank. Not much help

I up to the level called some thing like Trappe Canyon
But my sheriff always dies on the third group of bandits
Help Please!

The problem I have with this game is like a bug. After the sheriff and deputies defeated the Bandits, the game takesx me back to the start instead of the continuation in Hope ville.

How do I tackle it? Or nis it just part of the game?

can someone help me please with the pieces of the map? i can find them!!! please ;;)

I am going insane with the "Where's Waldo" section. (the one with finding the mayor) I, too, cannot get my Sherriff to stay alive through the third set of robbers. I hve tried everything. Help.

I am having trouble with "Defend The Bank"...I have 39/39 towns people, the sheriff, 25 gunslingers and 25 deputies...I have destroyed the bandit camp, built every building, mined out the gold, cut down all the timber, I have a ranch and ac ouple farms, the bank is still going. What is the deal? How do you get out?

I have been trying to get get my Sheriff through the 3rd set of robbers and thus far been unsuccessful. I just now realized that you can go back to the "base camp", click on it, and hire more deputies and gunslingers. This will allow you to have the extra man power that you need.

Solution to Defend the Bank -
Blow up ALL parts of the bandit's camp BEFORE your pop reaches 15 and the game will end when you reach that population goal - Otherwise that section of the game will not end no matter how many peeps you have.

Hey i am stuck on the mission take you coverd wagon through the maze to stinky petes' ranch before you run out of food.Well i get there get all of the gold that is lyin around and everything i blew up the boulders and it will not let me turn my coverd wagon into the wagon camp.Pete tells me to put it whever i like, and when i click on him it says not yet or yes i cant click on yes can anyone help me on how to make my coverd wagon into the camp it tells me to. and it will not let me do anything else

This seems a really stupid thing to write, but I'm having trouble in Hope River trying to hire a sheriff....

in order to hire a sherrif u have to have a station... and enough gold ....or if im correct you had to build the ranch in order for the deputiy to become the sherrif ....so try building the racnh and then see what happens....i hope that helps...

I got it thanks anyway guys and girls:0)

i need help on Bandit traitor - sheriff is disguised and i should get that horse back but i have no idea how to do that. Help please

i just got past that what you have to do is make your way west and talk to the guy about his friend in the river then buy a bridge from the store save him. IM not sure if you did that but thats what u have to do there then you just have to follow your tasks if u didnt get all the way southwest over the river to the arrow u need to do that as well then you have to go back to the saloon and it will tell u that ur horse was stolen and you will know u talked to the right person it will ask you if you want to get on your horse now say okay and then take the girl and yourself back across the bridge to the arrow and there you go hope i helped you out enjoy.:0)

"Holy Run-on Sentences, Batman!"

For those who are having trouble with keeping your sheriff alive. If your sheriff is accompanied by deputies and gunslingers then have them do all the fighting and leave the sheriff behind. There will be several fights where you are told to make sure your Sheriff stays alive. Whenever that was the case, I made sure my sheriff stayed out of all the fighting.

I absolutely loved this game. I didn't have any bugs except once because I performed a task out of order and I guess the game didn't like that. However, I found the gameplay very fun and addictive. I also enjoyed the humor in the game.

The problem I have with this game is like a bug. After the sheriff and deputies defeated the Bandits, the game takes me back to the start instead of the continuation in Hope ville.

How do I tackle it? Or nis it just part of the game?

Ok. I am at the part where you are going after Wong dressed up like bandits. I have defeated them all and am at the Town Hall. I destroyed teh 2 gazebos and don't know what else to do. What is left for me to do in order to finish this mission?

Thanks. I was being a bit stupid is all. Got up to Lightning Bluff where they repair the train station and couldn't be bothered to go on.

The game's a good one though, can't deny that. If I wasn't so skint from all my christmas shopping I'd buy it.

Okay, I'm having trouble with getting my sherrif to take the 1,000 to get the one lady back (kiddnapped) and I can't find the treasure. I got the first part of the map and it said to look on the eastern bank of the twin waterfalls, but I dont see anything! and I can't figure out how to get my shrrif to take the money, am i supposed to move him to a certain place? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys! ^_^

I need help with the kidnapping. I can't find out where the kidnappers are. Please some one help me asap.

I reckon this is a pretty good game but im stuck on lightning bluff. i cant get enough gold to hire enought lawmen so i can defend myself from the bandits that attck. Please help!

To get by the bandits without getting your Sherrif killed, try hiring tons of gunslingers and deputies and make them do all the fighting. Keep making your sherrif stand behind and not fight...
Use up gold to hire them as soon as you get it - you dont need it for anything else anyway

I am at the part where you must figure out why the train isn't running. I have to attack 3 groups of bandits and a group of 5 gunmen without losing my sheriff. I have been stuck here for days because I CANNOT make it through alive. Does anyone have any tips for me? I appreciate it!

am having trouble with defeating wong can't keep my gun slingers alive and can't find enough gold to buy enough dynamite and a bridge to get over to the side of the water coz I can't kill all the bandits as I only have 2 gunslingers and the 2 im not suppose let get killed, lol HELP!! is there a walkthrough for this somewhere?

I need help...
im at lightning buff, i saved the sherrif, but now nothing is happening except for tornados and fires. nobody's attacking! The task says i have to defeats wongs hired goons. But i cant find any goons. I found the treasure and there isnt any black fog left on my map. im at 45 people with max population of 44... no hotels or churches are bringing up the maximum population!

Can someone tell me what to do? pleasseee?

Where do I find the rabbit to go down the hole in Lighting Bluff...I have been stuck forever! Thanks

Can anyone help me at the train station with the Sheriff and 3 deputies? I am supposed to move to the next level and my sheriff just keeps disappearing. What do I do now?


the rabit is on the right side of the river... keep clearing fog till u see a man. he is the farmer. u need to buy a rabit from him.


your sherrif is probably dying. you can save him by making your deputies do all the fighting. if he dies, it'll ask you to restart level if it doesnt ask you to do that, then he has just wandered off somewhere. you can find him by clicking on the gun in the bottom left of your screen.

I am having trouble finding the 3rd part of the tresure map. Look on the east bank of the twin waterfalls but I can't find it. Am I missing anything

Something really annoying keeps happening, I go to build something and it just gets demolished straight away, what am I doing wrong??

Hi everyone. I've fallen in love with the game so far but I am COMPLETELY stuck! I am in Hope River and I've finished all the tasks. I have no little "!" icons that may lead me to something new, there are NO tasks under the task menu, and I have explored every part of the map possible. I've blown things up trying to find some secret on how to move onto the next stage but I can't! The last task I remember doing was finding the treasure. I "rescued" the girl, I built the hotel, etc. What do I need to do to move on?

I have seen this question a few times and no answer ... I defeted the bandits in Hope River and it restarts that level instead of continuing it. What do I do????
How did you all get so far if it does this??

Hi guys, I hope you can help me with this.

I'm having the same problem as a lot of people here. After completing a mini-game/task like the one when you go after Mr. Wong and Rescue the Mayor, the game starts all over again and you have to build your town all over again.

Do you have to do the tasks in a consecutive order or what? ALso, I'm at the part where I have to check out why the train isn't arriving, and I sent my sheriff west to east to check out the tracks but nothing happens. WHat should I do? Thanks I hope somebody will help us with this =)

I am at Lightening bluff but I am not permitted to build any new buildings (blacksmith or bank) even though I have the money and lumber.
Also, now my gold mine has finally dried up and I can't build a new one. For sure there won't be any new buildings now that there is no mine.
Any suggestions?

I am on the lightening bluff level, have beat the bandits who stopped the train, when offered a ride home to Lightening bluff it starts at the beginning of the level. HELP!!!

I love this game and would not compare it to Virtual Villagers because in my opinion this is much better. I am stuck at the mission where you have to buy the dynamite and blow up the cliff. I can't figure out how to light the dynamite to destroy the RR tracks. I've completed all of the tasks.

Any time I've used dynamite, I didn't have to light it. I just selected it and placed it where I wanted it. The rest happened automatically. Perhaps you are at a place that I haven't been and this is not the case.

On my above message, I wanted to clarify that I have completed everything except building the bank and blacksmith. I "found" a mine but can't erect a mine camp so that I can use it.
I've been stuck in this same place for days. There is nothing left to explore.

I finally got out of Hope River. I just did it over and did not do those bandits. I helped find kidnapped Maureen and I am now on Lightening Bluff. I think you have to do tasks in a certian order or it restarts.

This may be a silly question, but I am in Hope River, and for some reason I can't figure out how to buy anything from my general store. I have enough gold. Could someone help me out? thanks.

i'm having a problem playing the game. after i completed some levels like finding the dynamite and etc, the game does not continue from that place but it goes to the beginning of the game. i stated doing it again and again but i can't get out of hope river whatever i do.

You have to take the deputies to the places where the red arrows were to stop the train.

OK I love the game but I am stuck on a side game where you have to get the old gang together. I have everyone but the last guy. The one where you have to get the 50 wood. I found one stack then I was able to demolish the lumber camp b/c it wouldnt hire me. but I have completely searched the enitre map no wood stacks any where and you cant blow up anything else

Ok, well I figured out my other problem, but now I am completely stuck on Lightning Bluff. I can repair all the buildings except for the farm. I can't build a new farm either. Is that because I have to find the farmer first? I've looked everywhere but can't find him...Can someone help me with this problem? My people keep dying from lack of food eventually! Thanks.

As for finding the farmer, it has been a while since I did that, but I think he was off to the East somewhere in the fog. Have you gone over your entire map? If you find abandoned buildings, try to blow them up. Sometimes people are hiding in there.
I'm sorry to say I am only guessing at this point since I can't honestly remember.

The farmer is somewhere to the East of the map. You have to cross the river using the railroad track and there he is.

At the bandit traitor part, I have already saved the guy, and the red arrow appeared, I built a bridge to get there, and when I tried to go to the red arrow, it wasn't there any more. I've gone back to the saloon, the lady with the exclamation point, and every other building and person, and nothing happens. Any suggestions?

Thanks! KE

Please please please help me. I am going crazy here. How do I get the Sheriff to pay the ransom money to the kidnappers?

Help please, Shelby

Hey there... I think I'm almost at the end of the game... I lost my Sherrif's horse but then found it at the hotel, but when I go to escape through the canyon in the south by the river--am I going to the wrong place or is this a bug? The head gang lady also has the ! mark above her head again and it won't let me click on the "Ok" / "Ready"

Can someone please tell me HOW you get up north to the bandit's saloon? thanks.

"Please please please help me. I am going crazy here. How do I get the Sheriff to pay the ransom money to the kidnappers?

Help please, Shelby

Posted by: Shelby | December 27, 2006 10:13 PM"

When you have the 1K, select the event icon and tell it ok. Sometimes you have to be quick due the resources being used.

Re..Can someone please tell me HOW you get up north to the bandit's saloon? thanks.

Use the irrigation tool to relandscape.. once done, it should let you past.

Now, anyone care to let me know how I can find "Simon" to talk to please? . Same level.

Ta, Jon.

Never mind, I figured it out

All I had to do is go farther south than I had realized!

I'm on the paradise falls level and I've completed all of the tasks except for the "Unlawful Withdrawl" where you have to defend the bank from bandits coming to rob it. They've come several times, and I've defeated them, but I still can't move on. Am I doing something wrong? I've explored everywhere I can and I'm afraid I'm going to run out of resources. Please help!

Please help...I am in Lightning Bluff and can't build a mine and therefor can't build a blacksmith or a bank. I found the gold on the island but I can't build a mine near it or anywhere for that matter. I also am having a hard time picking up whatever it is north of the train by the hole (I've tried irigating, tnt) Thank you for any help.


You have to build a mine, not a mining camp, for the gold vein on the island. This costs more than a camp, so you'll have to save up for it. The mine goes on top of the vein, not next to it. You should build mines on your veins whenever possible, because this increases your gold yield, even if you already have a camp.

The bunny gets the shiny item(s) out of the bunny hole. Find Farmer Tim.

Im trying to save the boss in one of the levels but i can;t find him, who is the boss???

Ahhhh! I am in that Paradise Falls place and i have no idea how to sort the water problem! All my people keep starving and its awful! And once when i got back from a side adventure my place got shot to bits by bandits! What do i have to do to win that level???

i need help with the tresure hunt i ned to find the last peice of the map sumthin about 4 red trees ?? PLZ HELP !!!!

Help! I'm in Lighting Bluffs; I have tons of resources, all the buildings/mines/camps, and 50/49 people. I'm stuck on In The Wong. I've defeated all the bandits I could find and I've explored the whole map. I don't have anymore tasks to complete. What am I missing? Thanks in advance!

Hi everyone! I'm on the Paradise Fallen part of Paradise Falls. I am totally stuck now! I've saved the 300x300x30 but now I can't get any gold saved up for the other guy. Is there a mine anywhere? There's not enough lumber to sell and there's no way to get gold other than to sell things. It is pointless building too many bridges because most of the time you only get 50 gold out of the crates when it costs 100 to build the bridge. Any suggestions?

Thanks! Cali

Lisa did you go up north and shoot the Saloon up yet? After you have all the bandits shot shoot the Sallon and your next task will pop up.

the 4 red trees are to the West i believe on an island. They look like a diamond. Not hard to miss if you look at the mini map. Use dynamite to blow them up the map piece is in the middle of them.

I've gone up north and tried to shoot up the saloon, but no little gun icon appears. I've got my lawmen up there, but they won't do their jobs! A bug maybe?

quote: I finally got out of Hope River. I just did it over and did not do those bandits. I helped find kidnapped Maureen and I am now on Lightening Bluff. I think you have to do tasks in a certian order or it restarts.

chelle, can you please tell me the order in which you did the tasks? I've replayed the hope river mission 6 times already & am losing my mind!

Is there any way to turn the doggone tutorial off so that when I restart I don't do the same things over and over?

Never mind! I restarted the level and it worked this time!

I'm stuck in Lightning Bluff. I have finished all the tasks and now all I have to do is defend against Wong's hired Goons but they never seem to come. I read previous threads about shooting the saloon but I don't get the gun icon. Is there still another task that I'm over looking? The only thing left in my task list is the Wong Goons. Help!

Where do I find a sheriff to hire? I am at Hope River. Where do I get the gunslingers and how do I repair my buildings? Thanks to anyone who can help.

im stuck at the place where you have to free the mayor it's saying to search the house for the mayor but there is no house. and i think i've defeated all the bandits. i freed one mayor and he said he was going to send some people but they dont turn up and the base camp needs fixing but it wont let me fix it HELPP!!!

I have searched for hours on the internet for hints to complete certain tasks and I've only found people asking the same questions I was with few, if any, answers.
Therefore, I took it upon myself to write a complete walkthrough for this game, from start to finish.
You can find this walkthrough at WestwardGame.bravehost.com
Hope this helps!

"1. Where do I find a sheriff to hire? I am at Hope River. 2. Where do I get the gunslingers 3.and how do I repair my buildings? Thanks to anyone who can help."

1. you have to build a jail/sheriff station - than you can hire sherrif and deputies

2. you hire gunslingers at the saloon - build it, have someone work in it and then you will find them, there

3. Finally, press left mouse button over the building to see it's status and what it needs to be repaired. when you have enough wood and gold, with left button drag a character to the building and drop it when the hammer shows up.

I am also having some trouble finding the kidnappers to give my 1000 gold ransom to. I'm going nowhere at the moment and need your help!

hi i am stuck at defeating wongs gang, i have already beaten the game once but this time around i get " the non existent character" help me please

I need help with wheres waldo! I have defeated the bandits, but I cannot find the "house" that it says I need to free him from ????? help!

I am stuck after Trapped when the task says talk to Simon @ going after Wong. He does not have a ! on top of his head. Do I have to do something else first? I still have to get the bank but all my other tasks are done. thanks

how do you find stinky pete?

Here are some answers to questions I see on here - hope they help and then a question on the hidden levels.

The beginning characters (of each screen) usually won't leave even if no food. I try not to bring more people to town until i have enough resources in place to feed them. I also don't click on the I's until I am fairly set up to deal with the task. Those 5 people who come looking for 40 food don't get it until I have used them to mine all the gold and cut all the lumber - cruel but they won't leave no matter how hungry.

To make a sheriff - build a jail and there is no need to put someone there as employee - just click on building and you will see 2 icons - star (clicking it will create a sheriff) and a deputy badge (clicking it will create a deputy) cost of sheriff 150 cost of deputy 100 -

To deliver the ransom - go to left side of area - via a bridge and go to the blocked arch shaped rock formation and blow it up with dynamite - take several gunslingers and the sheriff with you. You will see a camp with people standing around - when you have the 1000 ransom and a sheriff inside this area the conversation will begin and the ransom delivered.

In the 300/300/30 area stop worrying about your people leaving - stop worrying about feeding them - you need lumber camp / gunslinger inside saloon/ trading post/ sheriff/ and maybe 3 more people. I don't even click on the initial I's until sheriff has killed off the bad guys. I put 30 food in crate asap cause beginning people won't leave even if no food - then i put 300 wood in then 300 gold (via an island treasure) after trading post built. I then sell lumber via trading post for 400.

In the save the bank task - all you need to complete level is 15 people. So I again don't care if they leave I create 12 gunslingers...positioning 3 at upper far right....3 at middle far left....and 6 at lower middle - hiding sheriff by the bank. Then you can worry about building population to 15 as the positioned gunslingers will fend off the bad guys.

The level where you have to get the person back across the river. You encounter a general store with bridges and I never put the sheriff in diguise so i don't have any problem at the end, so as soon as you get to the lower left where you can use a bridge and cross it says end and takes you back to main area.

Now my question. I have found the hidden outhouse screen and the gold tooth screen. At the gold tooth screen it says this is 3rd secret screen. What is the one i haven't found and where is it.

does the fruit on the trees ever come back?

I'm stuck in Littening Bluffs and cant figure out the task:

In the Wong; "find a way up north and destroy the bandits saloon headquaters".

I am looking for the way and trying to go between two posts north west but cant proceed with any guys.

What should I do? or did I miss out on something??

Anybody who completed this task, please help me!!!


please help i cant find simon anywhere what do i do

please please help! i can't get the last north townsperson to come to Lightning Bluff. i have all the "advanced" buildings already and whatever. the last that i built was the bank. but this building didn't attract any people form the north! :( am i doing something wrong? that's the only task that's left!!

which mayor is the real mayor the blue one or the red one?

amy you need a sheriffs office

you need the rabbit to get the hole and you need money for that

[b]Hi, For those of you having trouble on Defending the Bank I had the same problem so i restarted the level and made sure that my original sheriff didn't get killed...i pretty much put him way out of the way of the bandits the whole entire time. Then I just hired gunslingers to do the shootin'. I passed the level after i beat all the bandits. Here is a tip, explore the map and pick up every single extra(crates, bushes, trees and treasure chest) and pick up everything that the bandits drop.[/b]

i can't convert my covered wagon into a mining camp, when i press he saw and hammer button it doesnt show anything, plz help!

I am stuck at lighting bluff with no more trees available and a dead gold mine. I see the gold mine in the middleof the river and have built bridges to it but cannot figure out how to use the dang thing !!!help !! how do I get money, wood and food now??

To find the kidnappers, build a bridge to cross the river

To go down a rabbit hole you need a rabbit, explore till you find someone to sell one to you

John use the land clearing thing irration? And then once you destroy the saloon u have to re build the town.

I'm in Hope River. I found a few bushes of berries but I can't find anymore food anywhere and the people are starting to leave due to hunger.

Where can I find more food?

Thank you

how can i build mining camp? near the mine? i cant build the mining camp? pls help

Can somebody help me!!!!! I'm stuck at Defeting Wong's Hired Goons.... I am so lost, i can't find them?

Im on paridise falls where its ruined and you have to collect 400gold for the bandit well I can't find a mine and my lumber camps cant get more wood so I san't sell it what do I do

Please Help! I have explored the whole map in Lightning Bluff and I am on the part where I must defeat all of Mr.Wong's Goons. I have explored the whole map and cannot find any more. It is not doing anything after this? What must I do so it will go on to the next part of the "adventure"?


My game has an error, as sson as i get to level three and will help the lady with the farm everything else i did dissapers. it says something about error... i can't sav my game after yhat happens. and have to start all over again. what is wrong???????

If the game won't let you talk to Simon in Lightning Bluff, make you sure you build a bank!

How the BLEEP do I zoom back into the 'map' so that I can play once I zoomed out? I'm playing the ONLINE version if that makes a difference.
*pulling hair out*

Oops. Found it. It's the closed button at the upper right. I figured that closed the whole game.

I am in lighten bluff, My gold dried up, I see another one on a small island, i added a bridge but no room to build another mined, what do I do. I can't add a blacksmith or bank. I am stick.

I need HELP I can`t find the saloon up north and finished up all other tasks how do I get up the rigde??
please help send tips to

I have both a question and an answer.
Q: How do I get a drunk sobered up?
A: To get a Gunslinger:

Build a saloon, hire somebody there, click on said saloon and click the icon with a gun. Said icon is where the "convert to mining camp" button would be on a wagon camp, or near there.

I have the answer to the person who had the TRAPPE CANYON pro blem here's the solution.First go down from where you started to the first camp then move on in order until you find mayor.Warning there are two mayors I chose the one on the right I think it was right-CHOW

Againt, here's a problem about not being able to find any more of Wong's goons at Lighting Bluff. Also, I can't seem to find the last piece of the map

Thanks in advance.


uy hi do you know any cheats on westward can you pleas tell me thankz just reply here i will always update thankz....

Any ideas for getting gold quickly? I'm in Lightning Bluff.

If there's no room to build a Gold Mine, build the one that goes directly on top of the vein.

I just need to know how many more tasks for Hope River there are before the next level. After building the Sheriff's Office I go on the task to beat the bandits and I come back to Hope River and have to start all over again. Do I have to complete all tasks before I move on.


I can't seem to beat Paradise falls. What do I do?

How am i able to get to the trapped canyon? is my westward-version bugged, so there'd no ! even if i reach the 5000 ransom for the mayor?

guess it's bugged, kaylee allways wants to say something but isnt able to because of an error just like: "there is no person called kylee" and i am not able to rewrite it to get "its not kylee, its kaylee"

Hw can I find a vein to harvest. Please help me

I finished Hope River but on the map there's a location called Chicken Run there that blinks like I didn't go there yet. I don't think I've been there either. Does anyone know how to get there?

What are the secret areas.I found the outhouse and gazebo secrets. please help

I can't seem to get past the part with the Fantastic 6 or something. I have to blow up the house or the rocks, but I don't have any dynimite. And I can't destroy the house when it says TNT. The game says "YOU CANNOT CONTROL THE HOUSE SELECTED" It's really annoying. And all my deputies and gunslingers are dying. Please help ASAP!

you can get the web version at arcadetown!
(but it sucks and is glitchy)

I am stuck on the Lightning Bluff level. I am at the end of the level were I am supposed to destroy the Saloon up north. How do I destroy it? I have tried dynamite. I tried to get the gunslingers to shoot it. Nothing is working. Help. Thanks.

I am stuck in (I think) Lightning Bluff. I'm looking for the map. I have three of the four pieces: from the busted-down house in the lower right, near the train tracks in the upper-right and from behind the train station. If anyone knows where the fourth piece is, I'd really appreciate the help. Thanks. =)

i'm stuck:(
i'm at the part where you have a sheriff and two deputies and i have to defeat the bandits. i found the first mayor and he told me he was sending help. i have not recieved any help and my sheriffs and deputies want to leave due to hunger.
what do i do?:(

i'm stuck on turtorial level 2.i cant build a gold mine.please help!

Ok, I'm getting frustrated. I'm in Paradise Falls, and my Train Station got hit by a twister, and now it wont progress...It shows hammers and boards, but the bar is blank. It's been stuck like this for days now! Please help.

Has anyone ever answered about the third secret level? It sounds like there might be one called 'chicken run'. I rescued a chicken once (i've finished the game several times now) but there were no extra levels around that I could find.

I've been playing this off and on for a few weeks. I liked the game alright despite the ridiculously cumbersome interface. But I've gotten to the Defend the Bank scenario and I've got a population of 30 and it just won't end. I'm tired from just dragging my gunslingers around chasing bandit after bandit. How can I end this? I don't know. I'm afraid I'm going to have to give up on this game. I can't take it anymore. It sounds like the buggy game & annoying navigation will just get worse/more cumbersome. So to the makers of the game. Thanks for wasting my night. Study a real interface before you design again.

why can't i get enough food for the hope river refugees?

I am in Wong Way (the part off of Lightning Bluff where you have to dress like a bandit and kill all the bandits (who are dressed like deputies) and then you get to the north and there's a sheriff and a own hall). I killed all the bandits (deputies), but NOW WHAT?

Please help! What do I do now, I've resarted the game twice now and went through all the levels and keep getting stuck on this. I also got a message that someone else mentioned "Character non existant" or something like that, and it says "Deputy" or something.


I need help with Westward II. I have completed all quests presented except, defeating the Mad Russian. I've defeated all the bandits, outposts, etc. that I can find. I haven't figured out how to defeat the Russian. I've upgraded guns and bought all the gunslingers I can. Now, I've run out of gold and lumber. I'm having to trade food SLOWLY to keep rebuying Gunslingers, sheriffs, and deputies. What can I do to beat this guy?

[Edit: Please post your questions for Westward 2 on the Westward II review page. You might actually find the answer you need there, too. Thank you! -Jay]

Hi can anyone help me, im stuck on dead mine, it says somone is stealing money and i need to investicate it but i cant work out how 2.

can anyone help me??

Is it true that Lumber Mills can cut trees anywhere? Because I cann't do it!!!

Help, how do I get North in lightning bluff? I have seen 10 people asking but nobody answers. Please guys, some seem to be a lot further ahead, just leave a coment on how you got there.

Paradise Falls - Russian Town
I've killed all of the bandits (around the bandit camps, up in the northeast corner by the treasure, and the ones up on the ridge northeast of the mine) as far as I can tell, have 2 sheriffs still alive (+2 gunslingers). Have been by the mine w/ no result, the entire map is clear...most tips say to interact w/ some guy to get dynamite but none of the characters have the exclamation point. I've played the level a few times, started from the beginning, looked everywhere...what do I need to do to talk to the dynamite guy? Thanks for any help.

I am lighting bluff and I have one last task. It says find a way up north and destroy the bandits main head quarters. Well, I have went as far north as I can go. The only area I haven't explored is probably where the bandits are which is north west of the town. I am so stuck...if any one could please help.

URG!!!! How frustrating. I'm stuck just like Mel above ......
I have completed everything there is to complete except for capturing the Mad russian. I have killed all the bandits and have killed the Russian at least 100 times....but each time he regenerates and sometimes becomes invincable. There is also a bandit spawn in NE corner. I have 5 deputies/ gunslingers and a sherrif up there and 4 deputies/gunslingers and Melvin by the Russian.......

Finally I finished the game but... i cant seem to get the last two awards. Happy Town - Town Happiness of 200 and Capital Gains - 8,000 Gold. I think its nearly impossible, some prove me wrong please!

Oops sorry you all, that comment i left was for a different Westward. Please disregard.

Ok, I have read about the 5 skull and I have to build a bridge and blow up a rock but which rock??? I have tried all I can with blowing up every rock around the skull in the water but I can't figure it out. And if I have to build a bridge first, where does it go? Please help. This is probably so simple but it annoys me.

It's impossible to find kidnappers to give them the 1000 gold ransom. Can you help me?
(No encuentro los secuestradores)

I need to get rid of the drunk guy! pleeeaaase help!

@ Diana

# Sheriffs and Deputies can throw Drunks in jail to sober them up.

# Drunks will reform if they are taken to a Church.

Greetings, Kayleigh

So many questions...

I have been through westward 3 times and am loving westward 2. Thought I'd help out here;
1) To get the rabbit- go east on the railroad tracks across the water until you find the rabbit guy. If I remember right, it'll cost 50 gold.

2) To go north in the same game,
you'll have to irrigate around the fence blocking the way AND dynamite the fence.

3) The 300/300/30 in paradise falls, yes, use many bridges, dynamite rocks when you have to, fill up the wood one as soon as you can- the food one next after you have enough coming in on the farms, for the gold, eventually your trees will all be gone and you'll have to employ these people at farms or ranches. Sell your food a small amount at a tie until you get enough gold. Make sure to build a sherriff office to keep drunks from 'eating up' your gold. Also, don't click on the saloon until you really need to or have a sherriff office. This will keep people from getting drunk.

4) To find stinky Pete- have the man go to the right when leaving where he starts. In a tiny space to the right is a map to the whole area.

5) the kidnappers can be found. Build a bridge across the river above the falls. To the south of that area, you'll need to dynamite some rocks and go through with a sherriff.
In the same game, the bandit camp is to the extreme south and west. Will not require a bridge, but will need dynamite.

6) Im Wong Way, to finish, you also have to shoot up the town hall, when it falls, a man will appear.

I know these questions are old, but maybe someone still needs help? I'm off to master Westward II...

how do you get into the rabbit hole that says it has hidden treasure in it...
i have tried blowing it up with dynamite,
and it just wont work...
if you can help please send me a email...

I have finish playing at Lightning Bluff, but I don't know how to play at Paradise Falls. When I finish building a farm and a mine, bandits come attacking but I don't have any gunslingers, sheriffs or deputies. Help me to solve this problem.


In Paradise Falls, when you need to build the statue of the Mayor, I can not select the statue, even though I have the materials. It just picks up the silly gazeebo. :( Ideas?

I'm having trouble in paradise falls. I'm in the part where the bandit and I strike a deal. (400 gold for the location of the mad Russian). I had troble at first but eventually managed to smooth things out. Well... Anyone have any tips or suggestions on speeding up the gold process? I have a Lumber camp and 3 farms but it's taking too long... Collecting money seems quite impossible, I can't possibly wait 'till my measly 39g increases to 400g without driving nearly everyone in town out, nor can I build new buildings since I can't afford them in the first place! DX

Oh, nevermind my comment above. I just finished the game =)

Oscar: I know this won't help much, but... Try building a saloon. That's the only way to stop bandit attacks.

Colene: Explore the eastern part of the town, there should be a man who sells rabbits there. Buy a rabbit and use it to get the treasure out of the hole.

Well... I suppose I should give my feedback :)

I love this game. The storyline is fresh, the humor is nice, it's pretty addicting. I even play and play it again, even though I've already beat it.

But, the games quite buggy. I hate it when my sheriff randomly gets stuck during a gun fight with 4-6 bandits. I swear, one time, my character just myteriously turned invisible. Whenever I click the character button, his profile shows up, but he AINT THERE. It's as if he was unselectable and unseen by the naked eye. I tried everything; The lasso, lasso-ing the area with another character, chopping down all the surronding trees. starving my whole town in hope he'll just leave. But eh.... Seems like my poor char is lost forever. Sometimes, when I click a shop/person/area a random building gets shown on the profile area insted. (Usually happens with farms and ranches). It might not even get selected at all...

Another thing is the length. Many people feel pleased/happy/awesome/whatever when they finish a game but I was disappointed. I loved the game too much I didn't want it to end. I would of liked it better if you had more towns to run. Maybe even go back to a town you've previously encounterd (Chippewa woods, anyone? :])

Also, add more buildings to build. I can never get satisfied with just that... How about another house, nicer and prettier than a 'regular' house but cheaper than a hotel. A place where sheriffs/deputies/gun slingers can regain their health would be nice too. But of course, it shouldn't come cheap.

On the missions where you have to keep the Sheriff alive or someone else, you make everyone else walk first and then if your people are really getting hurt THEN you bring the sheriff in. If you try to make everyone do the mission together, two to one your sheriff is going to die and you're going to have to start over.

Can someone please tell me where the 4 map pieces are and how to get them in lightning bluffs. Ive found 3, but not sure which 3, so wondering which one im missing. thks

I saw some comments about a rabbit. Is This for Westward or Westward 2? In Westward 2 I didn't see any rabbit. If it is, please tell me what to do about it.

I need help...i need more experience points to build a lumber yard and a bridge to go to the next area and talk to the guy by the sign...i have nothing else to do! no more quests except that one and the dead cattle one, so i can't get any more exp. Any ideas? need more exp to finish.Any cheats or something I can get to give me more exp? Thanks.

Hello I recently got a new computer and started to play westward 3 but I am having a problem with the computer not saving my progress, I keep having to start over. The other weird thing is that on the save game page it shows the correct times that I saved the game but when I click on them it brings me to things that I have already completed. Can anyone help me?

Hi. I am on the fireman quest and I can't get to the lumberjack that is across the river from the first panning mine building. This is the part where you have to build bridges and it wont let me build to get to this man. Is this a bug? I hope someone knows. Thank you.


Im having trouble with saving my game. And im am frustarated cause i get as far as the trian quest and then i have to start all over cause its starts messing up. This is the error message I keep getting.

SAVING ERROR: Cannot empty directory C:\ Program Data\Sandlot Games\westward\profiles\AUTO SAVE

Is there some thing I can do to fix this?
Thax ahead of time.

Hi Amy,

That's a known problem that affects only some people, and I do not know of a fix or a workaround for it.

I suggest that you write to Sandlot about it and request support:

If that doesn't help, or you don't get the issue resolved quickly, then you should ask for a refund for the game from where you bought it.

I hope that helps. Good luck with it.


If anyone here is on Shockwave or plans on subscribing to them or buying a game from them. DON"T There software sucks soooooo bad. This isnt the first game I have had to buy over again threw Jays sight. Then when I write to them instead of trying to make it right they are going to tell me they cant help me cause they cant find my order ao e-mail in their system. Come on!!!!! Really!!!!

I play the sandlot game and I tried to build a bridge but the starting point is at a place I cannot reach.
So I have a half build bridge which I cannot cancel and also now I cannot build another bridge, the bridge button is grayed!And there is not more space to build another bridge next to the first one anyway!
I cannot even demolish the firts bridge because it's not ready.
Can you tell me how to cancel this building??

I am stuck trying to save the last lumberjack. I can't seem to build a bridge to him. Any ideas of what I am doing wrong?

Need Help in paridise falls I can't seem to find the house that the drunks told me about? and how do I keep from runing out of Food.

I'm not sure of the pc version of Westward but it's a GREAT iPhone app. No gliches, "yet!"

How to find Waldo

You have to keep your Sherrif alive. Bring him to the gunfights only after your other guns are already fighting. Make sure to make him aim his gun. Buy gunslingers from the base camp you find after killing the first set of bandits. Buy a gunslinger every chance you get as soon as you find enough gold for another. You dont need to buy any deputies, they just cost more. You go from the bottom of the map to the top. (Start in the South) There is 3 sets of bandits. You must do them in order to find Waldo. In the second and third camp you have to kill the bandits BEFORE shooting the camps and then shoot the HOUSES LAST for each camp.

In the 3rd camp you not only find Waldo but you find 2 Waldo's! You can choose either. Both finish the quest.

Hi, I'm from Russia and I can't find any information about Westward on russian fofums.
Can anybody tell me about:
Why I can't buy any rabbit in Lightning Bluff to get treasure? I found the old man on the eastern side of the map, found rabbits, I have enough money to buy them, but there is no way to tell whith this man.
If anybody knows, tell me plz about this problem.
Thank you.



Follow the tutorial to get the general idea of the game.

Hope River

  • Arrive at Hope River and discover that the Mad Russian has sold the land to several people including you.

  • You all decide to work together to build the town.

  • Build a well, farm, lumber camp, and a cabin.

  • As soon as the farm and lumber camp is build employ your people at them.

  • Drag one person around to scout out the area picking up food, wood, gold, and pelts

  • As more settlers arrive, put them to work. Click on the now hiring icon to see where there is employment.

  • Build another cabin. Build a General Store and employ someone there.

  • Drag a settler to the south east and find a gold vein surrounded by boulders

  • You will have to dynamite the boulders before you can build a mining camp.

  • Build another farm and employ the new settlers there.

Far Island

  • Follow Clive Townsend to Far Island to rescue the folks there.

  • Click on the ! as see that you will need to gather 50 in wood and build a bridge.

  • Scout around the area picking up wood, gold, and food as you find them.

  • Once you have the wood and the gold, purchase a bridge from the General Store

  • Click on the tools icon to get the bridge and build it across to where Denver Bob is.

  • Click on the ! and see that they won't cross the bridge until they know it is safe.

  • Cross the bridge and the rest will then cross to the main land. Go back to Hope River

Rubble Trouble Prologue

  • Go north past the General Store. Click on the ! to find out they haven't been able to rescue the men.

  • Learn how to make dynamite by combining nitro with sawdust.

  • Head to Lucy's Lumber Camp to get the saw dust.

  • Click on the ! over Lucy's head and get the saw dust and return to the General Store.

  • Wyatt now needs heavy paper to wrap the dynamite with. Go to Judy's to get it.

  • Click on ! above Judy's head and get the heavy paper. Go back to the General Store.

  • Click on the General Store to buy the dynamite. Blast the boulders just north of the General Store.

  • Continue north to the trapped miners. Click on the ! over the miner's head.

  • Pick up the gold then head back to Hope River

Hope River Part 2

  • Repair the lumber mill and employ settlers there. Build another cabin.

  • Talk to Harrisl Pilton. We need to have 20 people in order to build a hotel and 1000 in gold.

  • Give Clyde 40 in food. Pick up the gold. He comes back with his wagon.

  • Turn the wagon into a camp. Continue south east and find another gold vein.

  • As soon a new buildings are available, build and employ. Build a few more cabins.

  • Build a few more wells. Build a bridge across the river and send a settler across and explore

  • Pick up and food, wood, and gold you find. Go south and find the crossroads blocked by boulders

  • They will have to be blasted so we can get by.

  • Explore north and find four red trees together in a diamond shape.

  • Just above the trees is a gate with a jewel behind it. Buy dynamite and blast the gate.

  • Pick up the jewel. Go east of the red trees and past the remains of the fence.

  • Find your way blocked by trees. Dynamite the trees and find a cabin with a chicken.

  • Lasso the chicken and head south. Pick up the gold in the trees. As you cross the bridge notice the jewel on the small island south of the island.

  • Build a ranch and employ settlers there.

  • With all the hay, we need a fire brigade

The Fire Brigade

  • Lasso both settlers together and head north to the cabin.

  • Build a well. When the fire breaks out, drag the settlers to the burning building and they will put it out.

  • After you put the fire out, head back to Hope River.

Back to Hope River

  • Once back in town, discover that you can build a mine.

  • Head to the bottom of the screen and right and build the mine on the gold vein.

  • If you haven't already blasted the boulders, get some dynamite and blast the boulders.

  • Employ settlers at the mine. When you have 20 settlers and 1000 in gold, go and see Harris Pilton.

  • Check the lumber camp and see if it has run out of wood. Destroy it and build a new one near more trees.

  • Employ settlers there. Build a trading post and employ someone.

  • Build a sheriff's office and hire a sheriff and deputies

  • Build an outhouse to reduce the plague production.

  • Build a saloon and employ someone there and hire gunslingers.

  • If you have a drunk, drag the sheriff or deputy over to him and reform the drunk.

  • Once the drunk is sober, you find out about the bandits. Drag your lawmen over to the bandits and have a gun battle.

The Tres Friends

  • Lasso the lawmen and head into town.

  • Employ people at the lumber camp and general store. Repair the town.

  • Explore to the north east and discover a drunk, Dusty Bottoms.

  • Head north and find the bridge. Head north and find the second bridge.

  • You will find more drunks. Cross the upper bridge and head south to the other bridge.

  • Click on the ! above Rufus' head and find out about the drunks. Send the deputies to get them.

  • Click on the ! above the drunks then send the deputies to reform them.

  • Once the drunks are reformed, lasso them and send them north across the bridge.

  • Continue north to the red arrow and click the ! over the Sheriff's head.

How can I raise my experiences? Is there a way to raise them faster? I have been at 7 exp. all night, not sure if im doing something wrong, please help!

i need help in hope river rescue quest.. i cant seem to get through that quest.. "israel creedy" the name of the guy who gives the quest doesnt allow me to do the quest,. hes alwasys suggesting me to have more gunslingers and more fire power.. even though i already have enough gunslingers.. what should i do?? i cant seem to continue.. that guy doesnt allow me!! IM STUCK!! please help :((

Hi all

I realy enjoy this type of game.. I get so tired of the games were you are constly killing stuff.

I am sota stuck on the earthquick part.
I dont want any hints though. I have tryed it 9 times now. I am enjoying tying to figer it out. That is the most fun of this game I think.

I was wandering though, and yes i have looked about. I guess no one realy cairs.
Do they wild animls have babies and make lots more if you leave them be? Or is it just a random generitor that says so may animals can be on the screen at one time?

thks bip

Stuck with "can't use the "move" tool without completing the tutorial"
How do I complete the tutorial. I can't find it.

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