Line Rider beta 2

Line RiderJohnBThe irresistible webtoy Line Rider has returned, now in a delicious "beta 2" flavor! The update fixes a few rough spots in the interface and adds some much-needed tools to the mix. Those of you already hooked on Line Rider will appreciate how much easier it is to create a masterpiece with the new additions, and first-time players will see just what all the fuss is about.

Line Rider was originally created by Bostjan Cadez (aka FSK) as a project for an illustration class. Since its release in September 2006, so many people have become captivated by its simple, creative charm. All you do is draw lines for a character on a sled to slide down. There's no scoring, no set objectives, and no levels to complete. Just start playing and see where your imagination takes you!

A few of the notable additions to the second beta are as follows:

Pen - I hear it's mightier than the sword. It's your basic tool for creating floors and ceilings. Hold shift while starting a new line to switch between the two.

Line - Create straight lines with ease.

Swatches - Three line-types are available to use, each represented by a colored swatch. Blue lines are normal floors/ceilings, but red lines will give your rider a speed boost. Green lines are for decoration and have no affect on where the rider goes.

Eraser - Wipe out whole sections or tiny portions of your masterpiece.

Magnifying Glass - Zoom in to fine-tune your creation or zoom out to take in the view.

Flag - Lets you save the rider's current speed and position. The next time you click "play", the rider will take off from there.

And the good news doesn't stop there. The California-based software company inXile Entertainment has obtained the publishing rights to Line Rider. The company plans to release versions of the game on both the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii in the spring of 2007. Each version will feature the same captivating drawing concept but with a few new bonuses.

If you haven't tried Line Rider, it's definitely time to discover what the fuss is all about. Tens of thousands of people are expressing their creativity with this fun webtoy, so give it a try and see what strange things you can create.

Play Line Rider


I found a cool trick. If you make a normal loop, but use the red line for the loop, your guy will spin endlessly!

My little sleddy-dude keeps dying. X( -MANAX

Hooray, line rider for Wii!
And I don't have to wait till spring... Wii internet comes out on friday!
I love it!

wait, what? do you mean that there will be console versions and not just playing through a web browser on a game console? owned. Great idea for the DS imho.

I've been doing alot of work and...

...I'm nowhere near done yet. :) -MANAX

Wow! After viewing the movies on that sight, I guess I'm not as creative as I thought. I can't beat those.

Wow. I never thought that it would ever get this famous. And it's still in Beta

And there goes my day.

MANAX, have you tested that yet to see if it works like you think it will?

is there A way you can load other peples tracks?

Hooray! A million times hooray! Line rider two is finally here! I was getting bothered by the original one, and everything it was lacking. This one is now complete. All the features I had wished for.

if a retail version comes out what will happen to the free
version or people who don't have a wii/DS but still want the retail version? I'm afraid that once retail versions are out they won't have free versions anymore. I also don't want to buy a wii/DS.

one problem, i saved, and then when i loaded, first it didnt actually start where it did originally
second, if i deleted a track, line rider still thought it was there, like i could delete a whole section and the line rider would do it even though i deleted it, and it would jsut be invisible track
and after a while, i just couldnt play the track anymore
this all happened after i loaded from a saved file

This game is fun. I have been playing a downloaded version called "Line Rider ZaDa." I have made some cool and giant tracks.

The people who make the ones with serious background must have alot of time or no life. More likely the time.

Is there a downloadable version of this games somewhere? Any time my track starts to exceede thirty lines or so my browser cant seem to handle it. It starts to run very slowly, or just plain freezes up. And I cant open any of my saved tracks. I dont know if this is a problem with the game or with my browser . . .

magic, I believe if you look in the HTML you can find the .swf file which you should be able to save locally to your machine.

Also people who are saving tracks, remember to right-click on the window and go to the 'folder' tab and then increase the amount of space that flash can use to unlimited that way you can save a ton of tracks if you so desire.

Anyone know how to make a recording of your track? I made a pretty awesome and long one.

Oh! If only I had the time. What wonders I could build! Fantastic stunts, city scapes, Batman rides.. And being the media wizard I am, record it with extra footage, backgrounds, animations, color, explosions, etc..

Ideas for next version: A bezier tool, drag-n-drop, undo, copy-paste, shapes, choose a color, quick keys, import your own rider, import other images (gif, png, jpg), paint. Oh! And a recorder thing to a .flv file maybe, export to file or upload to a site, etc.. Also optimize the entire program to run faster.

its good, but, theres alot of bugs after u save and then load, a track that normally works, hits and invisable wall, wats up with that?

At the Deviant Art website the creator said this game was about drawing and would have no prefabricated shapes. The only thing this is lacking in my opinion is a line the slows the linerider.

Yay I found a way to record my track!

Check it out!

This game is the bomb, i wish you could choose different riders and or have cars and bananas or a pencil for a sled, or something different.if only there was a circle tool so i can make PERFECT loops or ramps.

That's awesome, KrixKS! how did you record it? i have a pretty decent one but i think it needs more work on the theme though.

@Tarx - I used this pretty slick program called Bulent's Screen Recorder.

I suggest working on the theme and core at the same time. Then at the end, you add in all the cool details that makes it seem awesome.

For example, before finishing touches in mine, there was no handle for the bazooka, no fishes, no cave, no pokadot thingies near the pipe, no giant snail, no pac man, no floating land blocks, no birds, no ufo, and no "Fin." guy. :D

Revenge02, there is a way to slow down the rider. If you have a track going from left to right, use the red line and draw from right to left (might need to hold shift key depending on up or down slope). If it is going right to left, draw from left to right. So you start where you want the line to end, and then you end by connecting the line to your track.
I have some pretty cool tracks that I wish I could put up, unfortunately I can't download any screen recorders.

wow impresive krixks, i like the multiple themes.
great job and keep it up.

@sticards08 - the only real way to slow the rider down is when he's moving right to left. You just make a series of boost and regular lines pointing the other left to right. You can't make a right to left line, or your player will go through it unless they're upside down. You can actually use this to your advantage to do some cool stuff.

Indeed I have, tallgeese4. Indeed I have, and it works perfectly. -Manax

Well, Krix, it looks as though I may have a little competition on my hands, because I am going to enter that contest, and I plan on placing rather nicely. Watch your back, man. :P -MANAX

Here is a screen shot of the beginning of my lame attempt at a themed line rider. I have no imagination or art skills so that definately does not help.
here is an unthemed track

@MANAX- Haha lol, we both know neither of us are going to win. :D UnConeD is going to own all of us. :(

I know, Krix; It's just that I haven't slept in 3 days and a delusion has set in that made me think it was a good idea to be randomly intense for a bit. :P I'm still going to give it my all, though,(and fail miserably) -MANAX

Man the screen recorder ends up very glitchy and skippy. And it isn't my computer because the game goes very quick and without glitches.

Anyone else get hopelessly lost in the white screen? I have been working on a track, but unless I want to watch it I've become hopelessly lost in the linerider "universe." I tried tracing my steps w/ the green lines, but to no avail :( hours of work for nothing I guess, anyone know a trick for finding your way back? Perhaps a note to the creator a "home" button, or a grid system. . . .

i just made my first loop-de-loop and its actually pretty sweet..........HEY EVERYONE!!!

Yeah, UnConeD is gonna own pretty much everyone... the person makes pretty Winamp visualizations though.

I have decided to give Unconed a run for his money by starting a 3D track of my own.
Ok, it won't come any where near the greatness of Unconed, but it'll be fun to try and make a complete 3D track.

@sticards08 - Sticards, you just gave me a great idea! I'm not going to reveal it until I'm finished with my next track. :D

@KrixKS, looking forward to seeing the track. Is it gonna be 3D?

argghhhhh the save ruins your tracks. i had a great track that it got back to the start in so i save it then play it. he cant even take the first jump now. !!!!!ANGRY!!!!!

Tell me about it, it has been doing this often on my 3D track. Luckily I do it often enough that I only have to make small changes, and in some cases it turns out better the second time. Downside is it is going to take me months to get a decent length track at this rate.

!!! Manax has discovered a phenomenon he calles "the manax phenomenon!!!"

If you have it set, so that the man is starting from a flag point, (can be anywhere,) and it is not playing, you can see the man sledding from a more distant view.

Here is how to do so.

1: Push play, like normal, and then set up a flag while the man is riding. I suggest directly after he starts.
2: Push stop, and than use the magnifying glass to give yourself a bigger view.
3: Hold down shift, and then, while doing this, press play.

If all works out perfectly, you should see the cinimatic video of the man doing whatever you brutally forced him to, exept this time, you will be seeing more of the screen as he does so. The farther you pan out the magnifying glass before you shift and play, the more you will be able to see.

Note:This may either be a glitch or maybe a sick joke that the game decided to play on me, but just in case, (so you may not lynch me,) right now I'm on a friend's windows XP using IE7.

UltraNote:I know none of you will listen to this, but, if it's okay with you, I'd like to force you to reffer to this as MANAXing. -MANAX

Anyone knows how to make our character go backwards?? Ive tried all options but my dude passes threw my wall...

@sticards08- Ak, well all my creative juice has left me, but I guess I'll throw this idea out there in case someone else wants to try it. It's 2d, but uses perception. Basically things that you thought were just scenery before, will be returned to and shown that they really are ride-able.

hey to all that have problems with the guy going backwards or through the wall, notice that when you draw the lines, the color is on ONE side. the black side is the side that the rider will contact with. so, if you want him to go backwards, you still need to draw a line forward. holding shift switches the sides. Ciao!

hey, how come when u build a ramp, and then a landing spot, the little dude goes right thru the line and falls into makes me very ANGRY!!!!!!

Every track I save ends up with the physics being tweaked at any jump with red lines, making my rider crash and makes me very ANGRY!!!!!!

Hey! New target feature... you decide where the guy begins your course.

i made a very long track of line rider it's like.........6 min. and 30 seconds. i tell you, you should see this

ps: you got to play this game is is great (+_+)

how do you make a loop-de-loop? because I always try but nothing works.

ARGGHHHH! i got LOST IN UNIVERSE AND CANT FIND (2 EDIT) MY TRACK!! pleeez help!! i can play my track but cant find it in the stupid universe. they need a home key! any suggestions!! pleez help i need to find my track!!!!!!

How do you make the guy not fall?!?! He keeps dying, so I just make tracks where the guy slides around with no sled, but I want to make him do flips and other whatnots.

if you have trouble saving you guys should try downloading it, heaps easier and when you restart dosnt get rid of it. The linerider will still be free when the wii/Ds version comes out because the the Wii/DS version has heaps heaps more features. if you man keeps falling threw the walls try do left to right or right to left BLUE lines. if you are going left generally left to right is the way for you.

If you want to see a line rider glitch go to

I know this game but the first (i know it by goodexperience/games). The second one its easier than first because of the different colours,eraser, etc. Well, im realy impresioned with your page, i only play attic escape, yesterday, and i like the two games (attic escape and line rider 2).

Thanks for the realy good game.

The Line Rider on our computer isn't working. It just says , "Page Cannot be found" ?

I have no idea what is going on. Perhaps we were duped into believing ineXile Entertainment had actually acquired the rights to Line Rider.

I'll keep my eye on this one and update this page once I find out what's going on.

erm how come the line rider 2 thing above doesn't let u get onto the game anymore? i made a pretty good track on it but it wont let me get onto the game. the link that says click doesnt work anymore...

can some one post a link or tell me how to get to line rider beta 2.

Line Rider 2 official site (inXile) isn't working. Help :(


Aw man I wanted to play it again

"Page Cannot be found" here too, probably is in maintance...

I cant get the line rider beta 2 to work anymore and i had some cool tracks on there but couldnt save. Anyone know how to get a downloadable game for beta 2 line rider

I'm having the same problem where I saved my track and quit and when I loaded it again my rider starts in the middle of the track and crashes. trying to figure out how to change it. here's a link to a site that has line rider beta 2:

why dont it work someone post how to work it! doesnt work...anybody know why??

This from Kirk of Gonzo Communications:

"I'll check it out. It may have just been a temporary thing."

Go figure. Makes me question their credibility.

How long is it gunna take to fix?

guys i used to play this :) like 2 days ago then the website i used to go on the woner deleted it :( DA DA!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! i woudl play it on this site but i cant find the place were it says to play!

Winder if it will be wi-fi, like u can race other ones on your track, think of what you could do! Think of all the money they'll make!

Please, lovers of line rider, search in ''line rider'' You'll see a lot of very good videos of this game. Also search ''Wormholes-Line Rider'' (it is the best i think)



Hey Jay! Why when i click where it says ''Click'' appears a mesage like this:

The page cannot be found
The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

Please try the following:

Make sure that the Web site address displayed in the address bar of your browser is spelled and formatted correctly.
If you reached this page by clicking a link, contact the Web site administrator to alert them that the link is incorrectly formatted.
Click the Back button to try another link.
HTTP Error 404 - File or directory not found.
Internet Information Services (IIS)


Technical Information (for support personnel)

Go to Microsoft Product Support Services and perform a title search for the words HTTP and 404.
Open IIS Help, which is accessible in IIS Manager (inetmgr), and search for topics titled Web Site Setup, Common Administrative Tasks, and About Custom Error Messages.


Dudes the games finaly workin sweet.

can someone tell me how to do the loop plz

yay itz workin!

Jamez you can hit the "H" key and read everything got it EVERYTHING.

Hey are you guys guna make a line rider 3? cause you could make a line that slows you down or somthing like that.

the h key dosent tell me how to do a loop

Did you read the part adout the reverse of the line if you understand that you can make a loop

How do i get to line rider 2?

Go to the top were it say webtoy then linerider then click on linerider and your in the game

when do i need to change the line??

When its compleatly upside down

ive made some pretty cool tracks with the beta 2 version. still, i cant compare mine with some of the ones on

I've seen some tracks on youtube that have PERFECT circles. How are they doing that?!

How do you make a cannon?

Could someone please design a version of Line Rider beta 2 for a Palm operating system? I am a huge fan of line rider 2 and would LOVE to have a copy on my Palm Handheld.

hey this game is soo aweosome
im a real big fan of it - but is thaere any way to download line rider beta 2? if so can u tell me plz my email is

i'm a fan of line rider and i was just woudering how to make cannons. other then that i think this is one of the best browser games i've ever played, and i know that most of the people here will agree.

How do you make cannons? ive seen people do it in there videos.

This is going to seem really silly to all you 24/7 line rider players but i dont know how to get it and get a desktop icon for line rider 2. i love the 1st line rider and play it all the time. If any of you could tell me how toget it that would be great.
many Thanks.
Elliot Sam

jaron: if you find a way to download line rider beta 2, PLEASE TELL ME!!!! I have been searching for one ever since i found out about beta 2. my email is

scud: how do i find the html???

I think a great tool for line rider 3 would be a tool that would let you save your line rider tracks in a folder on your computer without having to record it with a screen recorder and/or email it to other people.

I've always wonderd how cool the creater of the games tracks are.

how do you get your track on youtube?

my brother told me about it i thought it was one of his typicall video games but now more about it i love it!

stikman: you have to have an account on youtube to upload your videos?

does anyone know how i get to the html???

please, I don't know where is that line rider beta 2 download I want that I've got beta 1 and its good

how do you do scenery stuff real well

to draw good you make shawdows which are a bunch of straight lines going the same way

Oh gosh! use the scenery lines. Their the green ones. Thats how u make a cannon. Now who knows how to add tracks i made before i became a member?

Thank U


Step 1.

Use red lines to draw a circle. MAKE SURE BLACK IS ON THE INSIDE!!!

Step 2.

Check to make sure your circle isn't too big. (Unless you have an airplane and took flying lessons with a jetpack, hahaha) It is possible to go fast enough to go straight through lines! NO JOKE!

Step 3.

Hold "d" and drag the red S (starting point) inside the circle, close to a horizontal area.

Step 4.

Select PLAY and GO!

When is the new one coming out im getting anoid someone tell me.

ive found a tip to get your man to the top of a slope !

hey teach me some cool tricks please

when i open a line rider that i saved, i am not able to continue working on i doing something wrong, or is that the way the save feature works?

Links aren't working.

My line rider tracks save, but when I exit and go back They are not there anymore!!! Help me please. Please hurry!

To make awesome levels:

make the red line and about three inches down/right make a spiral from the inside going left. Right before the bottom-left corner make a small side about 1/5 cm (2mm)tall and make it about 1/2 cm (5mm)long. Make the top-right corner of the spiral the opening. You will have to wait 3-5 minutes before you can get out.

To fly super high:

make a jump with red lines. make a blue line about 1 cm long. make about 6 lines. each line should get 1 cm longer (1/2 cm longer on each side). make the lines from left to right. your person will go slow then on the 3rd line they will go super high.

Warning: you will go super high.

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