Wii to support Adobe Flash!

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Wii to support Adobe FlashToday the wraps were taken off the remaining details regarding the launch of Nintendo's next console, Wii (pronounced "we"). Besides being available November 19th for a retail price of $249, what was even more interesting (at least to me) was word confirming that the Wii Opera Web browser would indeed support Adobe Flash(!)


This means you should be able to surf to our illustrious Casual Gameplay site and play many of the games we feature here using the innovative Wii controller ("Wiimote") while sitting in the comfort of your living room. The Opera browser will not be free, however; it will be available for purchase using Wii points through Nintendo's online service.

And if you're a Flash game developer reading this, you can now design games with the Wiimote in mind. In other words, rely less on the keyboard and more on the pointing and clicking.

Bravo, Nintendo! And thank you kindly. =)


hey i love this site but i'd love to see more point and click games like the veridian room, as im not good at finding them my self sadley got any ideas as to where i kld find more? smilexx


That's pretty much all I can say to that news.

The largest selection of point-and-click games can be found at Lazylaces.

While we will review here only the best ones that come out, Graeme links to every one he finds. =)

Crab - and how on earth does that sound when you say it? =p

wow, i hadn't heard that, great news.

Yes, well, let's hope I'm not wrong in drawing that conclusion from the announcement. Their promise to support "Adobe Flash animation" may not be the true Flash compatibility that we will need to actually play games, or their support may turn out to be an older version of Flash, such as Flash 6. Still, Flash support is definitely a step in the right direction and full compatibility can't be far off! =)

how pray does one obtain "Wii points" perchance?

I will never use that name. It is the revolution! can't wait.

Wii points at retail, 2000 points for $20. Virtual console games will cost: 500 points for NES games; 800 points for SNES games; and 1000 points for N64 games. No word yet on how much the Opera browser will cost, but I'm guessing it will be around $30.

Oh yes, I was reading about this stuff right now. And the wierd thing is. The NA release is going to be a month earlier than Japan. Plus they gonna come out a Opera based browser on the DS also. I can't wait!

urudezu - how can you not love the name when it makes possible the "wiimote"?? How cute is that??!

Remister - I hear you. I predict the Wii will be the 'must have' item this holiday season. Even with 4 million shipping, you're just not going to be able to find one anywhere.

Nintendo's preview site has some awesome videos, though all text is in japanese. They really make the Wii look wayyy more awesome than we already knew. We're looking at something incredible here, guys.

I didn't even know that it'll support Flash, though, that's awesome! I can't wait to test out some evil pixel-perfect point-and-click games with the weemote--hehe

That is fantastic. I used to be an XBox fan, but I didn't get the 360 for obvious reasons and the PS3 is overpriced and there are plenty of games but few good ones. The Wii looks to balance price, innovation and good games and that's is why I'll be shelling out the dough to get this awesome console. (If I can get my greedy little hands on it.) Nintendo may be comming back as the forfront of the (console) gaming industry. Let's just see Halo 3 and KOTOR on it and I'm SET!

I have to say that while this news is fantastic, I'm going to side with the "this name is horrible" group. Think of the bad puns and inappropriate jokes to be made.

I'm one of those with mixed feelings about the news.
On the one side: sure it sounds awesome and me, as someone developing flash games, i'd love to give some of those a go with the wiimote. On the other side the psp flash player shows how bad things can go if only used as "we have it on the feature list" check items which are merely more than a marketing lie.
(For anyone who hasn't tried it,don't even attempt to play any bigger scale flash game on the psp,saying its no use is a heavy underestatement for how bad it is).
I would love it if they brought the f8 or (one can dream) f9 player to it,that would be huge; but seeing it more realistically i'd be thankful for a well working f6/7 player.
Besides all that it seems Nintendo is doing lots right with the WII these days (not just when comparing them to the disaster Sony has with the PS3 right now); i know for sure which console to get next ;)

And Wii Sports looks like great casual gaming that will introduce people to the Wii and possibly gaming itself :D

I understand your skepticism, tomsamson, and I am inclined to agree with your perspective, as it is one grounded in reality.

Still, I remain hopeful and optimistic that one of these big console makers will make it a reality some day soon.

Imok20, I don't see the "Obvious Reasons" not to get a Xbox 360. But I don't want to turn this into a console war post.

I'm just saying that the xbox 360 has been wonderful for casual games.

I personally have always been loyal to the Nintendo brand, from the NES to the Gamecube, but the first Xbox convinced me to give the 360 a try, and I'm lovin it.

I hope that the Wii does well, though I will not be purchasing one, as the Wiimote does not appeal to me. But, it's a personal choice. It could be a lot of fun.


I apologize for the way I brushed off the 360, I think it is a decent console in itself, but they didn't bring it to the "Next-Gen" level. The only major improvment is the graphics card (and computers already have better, and had ones almost as good from nVidia the day the 360 shipped [7500GTX]) and the CPU which is probably the more "Next-Gen" of these improvements. My main problem with the console is that it doesn't offer anything new from the old XBox. It is just a smaller box with more in it and a great online feature.

The Wii has actually done something completely new whereas the 360 is just a more fickle (overheating, HD failure, system instability (*cough* thanks Bill))bigger brother of the XBox.

I loved the XBox, what with Halo and KOTOR and Fable (to name my favourite) but the 360 doesn't yet offer any truly amazing games. COD 2 was a lot of fun, but hey, why not get it for the computer and play it for free online?

I have nothing against the XBox 360 but it just isn't what it should be and could've been. Wii wasn't in the console race and it looks like that is what will save them. But, as always. console choices are a matter of personal preferance. I'd just wait 'till they stop 'splodin'.

Also, Wii is a horrible name. Why not the Gamecube 360? Or, better yet, the Gamesphere 360!

<3 Imok

Jay!!! Give me an "edit" button! Please!

An "edit" button is easier said than done, especially with the code I have set up to support spoiler tags. I've been looking into it, and I won't rule it out. I'll edit whatever you want in the meantime.

Eh just missed some commas and spacing. Can we at least have the "Preview" button back? :'( "Please?" says the pitiful sad smiley?

There is a bug with comment preview and the latest version of Movable Type that blows away your TypeKey cookie when you sign in, thereby causing you to have to sign in to TypeKey every time you want to leave a comment. I have disabled comment preview until I can find a solution or workaround to the problem.

OK, sounds good. In the meantime, let me cry over my wallet and the hole 250 is going to burn in it.

"I understand your skepticism, tomsamson, and I am inclined to agree with your perspective, as it is one grounded in reality.

Still, I remain hopeful and optimistic that one of these big console makers will make it a reality some day soon.

Yup, i have that hope,too, would be great if Nintendo takes that great opportunity :)

According to 1up.com, the Wii's Opera browser will be a free download until June of next year. So adopt early! :)

I think the possibility to play free casual games on the wii with the wiimote sounds awesome. But would nintendo support something like this? Wouldn't they rather have people buying more of their own games.

I'm sorry if i sound pessimistic but I really am hopeful that this will work. If it does i'm gonna buy a wii the day it comes out. =)

Opera browser for the DS? When?

This sounds like a fantastic idea... so far. There's gotta be some fine print here. But it is indeed a step in the right direction.

Now I just gotta scrounge up the money... and I only have a month >_

It's a good question, Andrew, and I guess we'll just have to wait and see what the actual capabilities turn out to be. For now, I remain hopefully optimistic.

What we do know so far is there will be an Opera browser for the Wii. You will be able to surf the Web with it and access dynamic content, such as Ajax and Flash. So why not Flash games?

The following paraphrased from Gamespot's coverage of the event:

Today, Reggie told the crowd in NY about "Wii Channels." He said this idea is meant to expand the console's interface for all the members of the family. Channels like weather reports and news headlines (which are updated nonstop through WiiConnect 24 so you can read them anytime). A messaging service is also in place, letting you send messages to other users on the Wii or even to their cell phones.

Finally, there's the Internet channel, which is basically just the Opera browser, and the Wii remote seems uniquely suited to surfing the Web on your couch. Reggie emphasizes the positioning of the Wii Channels interface for the casual, mainstream user.

But we'll have to wait a couple of months to find out for sure.

Opera for DS coming in Europe at October 6:
Not sure which year :)

As about Flash player version available in Wii, I suspect it will be Flash 7:

I think this will be $250 well spent. I pre-ordered mine from Amazon today.

This is great! I already plan to pick up a wii this year (my first console since the N64). This promises to be one great little piece of machinery.

will you have a section for games compatible with Wii ? ;)

Speculations about Wii Channels is built using Flash player:

If I understand this correctly, it would mean the Wii itself can run swf files, not only through Opera browser at some web page (Wii itself has native Flash Player). So you could create games for Wii using just Flash.

That could be cool! (but there might be some problems with permissions).
Even if you have to do it through Opera (which there is still a chance it could be free), it is going to be great! I already hook my computer to the tv and play flash games with it, but I think the controller could add something to it, and wait until some flash games are created specially for wii !

The Wii is AMAZING, sorry I'm new here and I've just found out how to work this place...

I just thought I would clearafy this for you guys.


That's right, free.

Notice the *. yeah, free, IF, (yes if) you download it within 30 days of its realise. I am a PRO GAMMER so I looked around and found a personal interview of nintendo ANNONCING FREE WEB TO WHO EVERY GETS IT WITHIN 30 DAYS OR SO OF ITS RELEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

\../(-_-)\../ !ROCK ON NINTENDO, ROCK ON.....

There should definitely be a tag for games that are playable on the Wii - that would be anything that'll run under Flash 7 and can be played with just a one-button mouse. In particular, it includes most of Ferry halim's Orisinal games, which also fit very well with the whole Wii aesthetic.

There's an API out that lets Flash use the Wiimote--it's got support for everything but the accelerometers, and there's limited Nunchuk support. Guys! Please! Make stuff!

One major problem:

ya having a better flash drive will be helpful. especially since im on the web all the time. i hardly get to watch any videos (if you know what i mean). and i hope that the cost of this wont be to high to pay on the wii points menu

I have had a wii for ages and just realised how old this post is and did not realise you could do any of these. I know now what I will be doing tomorrow night.

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