Dragon Fable

Dragon FableYou've managed to make it to lunchtime. It's been a rough day but you are free for an hour and you'd love to spend it laying the smack down on some monsters RPG-style. However, it's going to be hard to install World of Warcraft on your puny work PC, and besides, you simply don't have time. What do you do? Fire up a game of DragonFable.

This Flash-based online game brings Final Fantasy style monster battles to a casual audience. Once you've created your character and begin playing you'll acquire weapons, face legions of monsters, visit shops, and just about every cliche'd activity you can imagine (except no fishing yet, or fighting rats in a cellar). DragonFable is a prequel to Adventure Quest from the team Artix Entertainment. Like it's older sibling you will not find much of a storyline (yet) or complex gameplay. Instead you will find a lighthearted adventure consisting of: traveling a basic map, fighting a sequence of creatures (all beautifully animated), and reaping the reward at the end of the map - usually gold, experience, or a weapon.

If you are looking for a hard core RPG you might look elsewhere. But that's not what DragonFable is all about. It's all about the sheer fun of fighting magical creatures, leveling up, and exploring something new. Every week this game adds a new aspect as it is still in the early stages. As I've been playing they've added many campaigns, new weapons, a test mode for player vs player, pets that battle with you, and new stores in the village.

DragonFable is a perfect game for a quick 30 minute RPG fix—where you know that your experience and that new weapon you discovered will still be there when you log in again! Did I mention this game is free? You can pay to get more characters and weapons, as well as purchase Dragon Coins for special weapons. So, if you are looking for a great lunchtime game that brings fun back to the leveling up grind then DragonFable is for you. Click.


I love the humor.

leveling takes too long in this game!

it isnt the fact that leveling takes so long that bothers me...it is that there isnt a way to save mid-quest (or is there?? i can't figure it out). I get halfway to a level or to the end of a quest and then need to close the window and have to start over again. this is frustrating.

overall a fun game though

i hate this game!
Adventure quest and dragon fable shouldnt even be concidered games.
i refuse to play any "game" in which you will never be any good or will never unlock the last 2/3rds of the game, unless you pay the creator, for NOT making a decent game.
and then after you pay, your automaticaly better than everyone else who has played the game for over a year.
i want nothing to do with this nonsense, even see it on this site
no offence to AndrewW for posting it. but i vote that this is taken off this site!

if you still dont understand where im coming from. it would be like if Jay only let the people who pay him, play the colour games, and every other poor slob has to play the black and white games.

these are the only games im putting my foot down against, i hate how they look, how they work, and what they represent.
not to mention that they are both full of bugs that piss you off more.
if you dont want to pay for World of Warcraft, then just download other, better, free games like RYL, SC, and Enemy Territory.

Adventure quest and dragon fable are so bad, you can have more fun on your computer calculator, or windows solitare.

a time waister, yes: tainting JayisGames,yes: worth playing, NO

Meh, this is basiclly a worse version of Kingdom of Loathing (which you're already reviewed) without humor. The graphics are nice, I'll give you that, but the game isn't very deep. It kept me entertained for about 3 hours, but that's it. While I'm still playing KoL after about 3 [i]months[/i].


Well, I was playin it a couple hours tonight at work, and its really pretty good. The only big beef is the lack of armour (hopefully they update that soon) and the lack of skill trainers from the Adventure Quest... but I guess they are updating that also. I dont think I would ever pay to be come a guardian or for tokens to unlock other things... but as a casual game, its a lotta fun

awesome game!!

While we're mentioning Artix, I have to encourage people to try out their primary game, Adventure Quest, of which Dragon Fable is a 'spin-off'. It's an incredibly expansive and deep game that is in sore need of a JiG review.

I'm a Dragonlord on this and I've been with it since Guardian Beta. I am looking forward to even more improvements to this game and can't wait for the full release. Thanks for the mention!

It's not bad. Obviously still developing, but still pretty fun. Graphics look nice and mechanics are simple but clean As for the payment thing... well,that's nothing new. Shareware games have been around for what seems like forever (remember "Doom", the grandaddy of shareware games I think?) - you got to get a taste of the full system, and if you wanted the full experience, you paid once for the full game, otherwise you had to content yourself with a partial game, which might be enough for some. Same principle, different delivery.

I love the little games like these.

Not everyone can make games for free. People need to earn a living. If you like the game enough, buy it. If you don't, hey at least you entertained yourself for a while.

And I have certainly kept myself entertained with this game for a while.

Thanks for posting it!

Another complaint I have is the generic-ness of the setting. It's just the same elves, dwarves, goblins, etc. that we've seen in almost every fantasy game.

This game has only been offically open for a couple of months. Which is the reason this game is pretty short right now, this is also the reason why there aren't armors or stat trainers give it some time. and this game is not a spin-off it's a prequel that takes place 3-5 years in the past. and no there isn't a way to save mid quest. but for the most part the quests are extremely short and if you have to close the browser all you have to do is go to the entrance of said quest and walk out and say yes when it asks you if you wanna quit and you'll keep all the gold and experience you'd earned up to that point. I've been playing Adventure quest since the very beginning. and am extremely excited for dragonfable. there isn't much to do now but in the beginning of AQ there wasn't much either. but with weekly updates this game will continue to grow into something amazing.

First I feel I must address the folks who made negative comments about this game.

Concerning leveling... I think the leveling is done in a progressive manner that makes sense. Obviously reaching the first few levels is very fast while it take longer to reach the higher levels, which is as it should be. It is supposed to be harder to go from level 25 to level 26 than it was to go from level 1 to level 2, only logical.

Second big issue...is it free or not. It is free with about 85% of the content available to the free players. If you want you can buy a membership...19.95 pays for a lifetime membership to the game without any further fees...EVER! Unlike many online games that charge monthly DF is a one time lifetime payment. For that payment you get access to about 10% more weapons than the free players and a few additional quests. These extra quests are not needed in order to follow the story line.

Storyline? Yep! DF is an ongoing story with new content added weekly on the average. Sometimes it can be longer but as a general rule there is an update every friday. This means the game will always have something new to do. Another fun thing is the tie-ins that it will have with it's fellow game of Adventure Quest also from Artix Entertainment...another free game with optional membership. In the two games we have already seen one crossover quest were our character's actions in DF affected the future (DF is set about 5 years in AQ's past)and the wrong has to be righted in AQ.

And as for the poster calling himself "crab"...how can you be a Dragonlord? There is no such class in DF. (I have been involved in the game since day 1...my character ID# is under 500)

Hey guys. I love this game I'm level 18 with all but two of the best weapons! You guys'll love this one in time if you don't already! The thing is it's not even a year old so it's really progressed pretty quickly if you think about it.

After completing a pet quest how do you "equip" your new pet ?

Select the pet in the quest menu in the shop, then "equip pet". To be honest, Pridelord > all a far as pets go :)

Jarak: Go to where you got the Pet Quest, click on the completed quest, and you should get an option to add your pet.

What I would like to see is this kind of game with "Final Fantasy" style combat. What I mean by that is a full team of characters with different skills that you use in a strategic way to win battles. This isn't it.

Ok, well so far I have been playing this game for a few days, and I really like it except for the bugs. I know this game is devloping so it is expected. I am really annoyed though because I go to "report a bug" and I can't post because I am not a member, and I try to get an account and it won't let me! GAHH. Luckly others have posted the same bug, so hopefully it will be fixed soon! I am ready for an update!

First of all, it just came out of beta a few months ago. Second of all it doesnt take that long to level, the cap is 25 so its currently about right. Third, the quests are short enough you shouldnt HAVE to save. Fourth, AMDUSIAS! Fifth, ditto, but I deleted my first char because there were only 3 char slots and I wanted a female warrior. Sixth, Dragonlord Class is in the works, read the Dragon Amulet info page. Seventh, twig is satan (inside joke). Eighth, the development of the game is more or less being influenced by we the players, so get involved in the forums. Ninth, if you do, dont tick off IceMasterYeti. Tenth, ten is a number that happens to other people.

While complaining about free games is like complaining about free candy, I have to agree with the complainers. Dragon Fable is okay for a few rounds, but the gameplay is slow and extremely repetitive: click an attack button, wait for the monsters to lunge at you, repeat until they're all dead or you are.

The game may be "in development," but so too was Adventure Quest, and last time I played that it looked exactly as it had months and months before ... and the gameplay was still clicking on an attack button over and over again. I don't think that counts as " incredibly expansive and deep game," even if you do add more and more areas in which to click the attack button (and this is coming from a World of Warcraft player who also loves small Flash games and has bought shareware several times). Yes, WoW costs money, but there are plenty of other free and nearly free Web games that do much better interesting D&D-like gameplay than do AQ or DF.

However, I don't get the above rant about paying for this. Like someone said, that's just like letting people play levels 1-5 of a shareware game, with levels 6-25 only for those who pay. Good on them for any money they make from people who do really enjoy this, and from the comments there seem to be happy customers.

how to get dragon coins

hey... plz dont criticize df... sure its a lil dumb with the gameplay and all but overall its fun ... oh and

p.s... u have to buy dragon coins =(

Ok I personally am addicted to this game and I will be paying for it! I play every day for hours

fury gost boy in the house

I've been playing DF for a couple months, I'm highly addicted. I in no way want to pay for a game that will suck my life away (I know some WoW players). But I feel like there is plenty for me to do. I'm only level 8 and I'm still discovering a lot. I do find battle repetitive if I'm trying to level, but otherwise I stay entertained. The humor is good and I love the look of it.

Amdusias Furfur
how can your char number be under 500 when the lowest it goes is to 1000

where does one purchase the deagon coins?

been playing DF and AQ for about a day and a half now and im pretty bored of em, AQ got boring after i lost my party member it starts you out with, but when you log out you lose them. DF was much more fun, since you get skills and stuff and you actually get to walk around. but anyway, what does RYC and SC stand for? im looking for some other free web rpgs :) got tired of spending time/money on WoW.. thanks

oops, I meant to write dragon coins..not deagon coins

me so silly

I Love this game I play runescape and that is a really cool game but thia games is fun too. I tried AQ and that is !*$*^&£ ^&*$ I haded it.

dont complain about df its still devoloping. i do find it boring at sometimes but i pick something to head for like getting a doom weapon or leveling up. paying for better stuff is a one time thing(unless buying more dragon coins) and its only like $20 thats cheap and basically $20 is nothing i could earn that working for 2-3 hours at minimum wage so people that say they cant afford it are probbly just lazy fat people who sit on there ass all day and play games and "freeride"

After completing a pet quest how do you "equip" your new pet ?

hi i really like this game because of the weapons thnx people 4 makin an awesome game

Okay, here's the thing.

The reason why Adventure Quest looks the same is that the game's design created limitations. Trying to do one of the many things it needs takes large amounts of time to rework. Which is why it won't be the thing you ever want it to be. So we don't really have to linger on that. Might as well forget about it. Besides, it looks like they might be trying to get rid of it in the future in favor of...

Dragonfable, which was made to compensate for AQ, is an entirely new game system. This game was made so that it could do many of the things they wanted to do with AQ but could not because it would require changing lots of existing code.

If it doesn't look like it's done yet, that's because it isn't done yet.....as for FF style multi member battles, it seems like they are going to release this very soon. There was an earlier event featuring a limited version of what it might look like, but the other people didn't have abilities yet. The whole party thing sounds like you can drag up to two other people's characters (as in your friends...or anybody's for that matter) along under your control for certain quests. As of now, you can try beating up your friends (or anybody) in the PvP arena.

As for repetitiveness, that will go away once there is enough content to occupy your attention. The preview of the game's soon to come new player introduction seems to indicate that you might find getting through the tutorial a bit more interesting than usual. The main storyline also seems to be rushing towards us (albeit from a good 10 miles away).

I think more people will like this better than AQ.

I'm at level 15. Its hard too level up. HaHaHa. Not like battleon. Battleon is easer to level up. On battleon i'm level 46

Being as though I work alot. I dont get much time to play world of warcraft but DF helps to quell my lovesickness for the hack&slash. I can complete a couple of quests in my lunch without breaking a sweat. As the OP said, its perfect for those of us who have a life. If you dont have one, look elsewhere.

Hey, I've been playin' this for about a year now, and if you like this, you would probably like Adventure Quest! Just got to http://battleon.com/

Hope you like it!

how do you get dragon coins

this game is awesome. so mutch better than aq. hey, im higher level in aq, but this is more fun and simple. and to people who say bad stuff about this game... @$$&*($!!!!!!!

is this a bug or is really normal?:i picked rouge for it hits 2 times(but sometimes it sucks) then i saw the pet shop and i finished the granddaugther thingy and go back to ash inviting him, but i cound'nt invite him just saying "you want to hear my story(and i thought it was only in rouge!),
And also can you tell me the 3 persons that you can invite in the party

Hi,i just started dragon fable but i have been playing adventure quest for like 3 day's and i am a level 36. I just started dragon fable i find it a bit better than adventure quest. If anyone can help me out i'll be glad to help you with adventure quest or runescape. Please someone type me back.

Bye! bye!

Listen, should i be a rouge, warrior or mage? Im normally a mage on every game i want to be one of the other two! Any help?

Adventure Quest Pros, and Cons

No offence to those of you that like Adventure Quest but adventure quest sucks really bad. The reason I say this is because the graphics suck, the restrictions for not being a guardian are big (also in Dragon Fable if u don't have the amulet its the same), the animation sucks I.e. when my wolf attacks he's a non-moving object but he moves. There are some things in it that are better then dragon fable though.... while in a battle u can flee the fight, the quick bar allows you to change weapons easier than opening your inventory in DF. And things cost a lot less.

Dragon Fable pros, and cons

Dragon Fable is much better than Adventure quest because.... it has Marjory superior graphics, imo better quests, better animation i.e. when my penguin attacks it looks like its attacking (arms moving, legs moving and head hitting the targeted monster),AND HEALING, HAIRCUTTS, & POTIONS ARE FREE!!!! The few bad things about DF is that you cant flee a battle when you know you'll lose, you (as far as i know) cant have more then 2 manna and health potions.


Erikson I know of 2 people who can be in your group: twilly on the stump in the middle of town and Zorbak in the forest (directions to zorbak: find Robina and go left then down and Zorbak should be there!) now aria the pet shop owner's daughter can be in your party but only to accompany you out of the critter cave.

and I also want to know HOW DO YOU GET DRAGON COINS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!

How do we non dragon -amulate -holder get dragon coins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

how do I get dragon coins

can someone plz,plz,plz tell me how to get armour and doom weapons

can anyone give me some battle id numbers cause i want a battle and if you want to battle me my id number is 2060140 but be careful I am a level 11 warrior and I am Called paladin if I change Level by the next time you battle me i would have trained up

I like the game and for starters:


You buy them on one of the website pages. Anyway I think DragonFable is SO much better than AQ. Sure, the leveling's harder and it's still in development, but its fun! And $20 bucks isn't much to pay to register either.

Rock on DF!

hi every1 i play aq and dragon fable i was wondering if any1 wanted to trade a lvl 85 gaurdin for a nother acc in aq i want to trade because its boring in my acc i nearly got everything... well ill trade it for a non gaurdian or gaurdian but plz tell me quick if u would like it then just post here and say u want my acc well then bye

:) cya later

any one want an lvl 85 gaurdian account for trade? just post it here ok....

hey I want a lvl 85 trade,, I got a non-gaurdian,, it really suckz!! so can we trade?? just contact me OK!!
thanx for your post!! bb

How can i put stat points to my character?

DF Rocks So Its Cool If You Don't Care About Missions You CAn Just MIN And Pull Up Becaus nouthing will happen its fun for people who work

I have lvl 29 DF account
Want to trade it for Battleon X-Guardian or Guardian high level account

Indeed, Dragon Fable is a bit boring. My sister,Miki, however enjoys it...
I don't get it. Isn't DF like BattleOn?

Well I think this game is awsome because of the good graphics the humerus words coming out of dragone fable peoples mouths uh the weapons ...you know what this is a awsome site dragon fable good site too the big difference beteen adventure quest and dragone fable is in dragon fable you can WALK well THX to Andrew for letting me share this stuff with you oh'yah if you haven't started Dragon fable... try it

iv got a X-gaurdian adventure quest account lv70 to trade for a any level dragonfable amulet account

I cannot make more than 1 character.I think this is a big problem

How do you get that new shrink ray for that linus pet... im not willing to buy it with dragon coins and i have tried the three new Sneevil quests like 30 times with no luck (Althought i did get over 4k from items)

Is it like a certain quest out of the tree or what?

hey, where can I get dragon amulet

How do i get the Royal penguin shrink ray?.... plz tell me some one.

how to find the Frost Dragon Spotted quest???

I have a level 63 Aq account and want a dragon amulet account.

i am level 18 and i have 24180 gold on my account.i like this game!!

Deathbaron, plz calm down you'd burst a blood vessel soon. anyway i find this game ok, not too bad. :) I like Kol better though

this game is completly awsome i've been playing nonstop but can somone please tell me how do i get dragon coins?!!!!! can you only buy them or do i have to kill dragons or somthing? (i just started game)

I've been playing this game for about a month and most of this is only part time playing. This game has a lot of quests and theupdating each week makes you look forward to it. The royal Penguin shrink ray can only be found as a rare drop item in the sneevil quests but it is extremely rare.I'm a level 60 normal adventurer on Aq and a lvl 15 normal adventurer on Dragon Fable and i have never felt the need to spend the money for the game. You have to register your character for extra slots. This game is great and i hope others play it.

I'm level 10 and I don't find NEW Quest's .....
i have kill the Ice Dragon, the hydra, an maka other Quest!!!!

And we can i make NEW Quest???
I can't find it... :((

You should make it so you have better graphics like on runescape! www.runescape.com is awsome! P.S. it stinks when you just start out

This game is pretty good. And I do understand them charging... Everyone has got to make a buck. But as for how much you have to pay, I really don't believe you're getting enough bang for you buck. But that's just an opinion... What is a fact though is there exchange rate from Canadian to U.S. I was about to pay for the guardian account and some coins. There exchange was aprox. 7.00$ to high basically the dollar rate was at 1.12... And they we're exchanging the dollar no where near that rate... I e-mailed them to question it and they never got back to me... I mean if you're going to over charge me 7.00$ on-top of the exchange rate the least you can do is e-mail me back to let me know why... So dragon fable gets a 6.7/10 from me for game play... For customer support and getting your moneys worth... 3/10... (Shouldn't screw people on the exchange or at least do be so obvious about the scandalous increase...)

This game has sweped the nation!(what ever that means), this game rocks!!!!!!!!!!!! not only is it awesome, but itsTHE awesomest RPG game i ever played & god bless america!(for creating this game)

I love the game, in fact I'm playing it right now! however, I still believe that it can be a bit better so i still like mapleglobal and ragnarok online a bit better. sure it sux that you pay for a month but u also get different things such as new friends by interacting with other ppl and stuff like that. DragonFable is all good but it needs to improve. But overall it is an awesome game to play for a little while

how do i get free dragon coins or amulet??????

This game is pretty cool. ( kills some time )

If you wanna fight my Rogue then go ahead,
ID# is 3806083

please let me be a gardian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im short on time to spare for games like this and it has taken 8 months for my Rogue to reach lvl 15.So...

Can some one tell me the differences between the character races and which weps (sword/dagger/staff) are better for which class. like does a mage benefit more with a staff or a dagger and is a warrior better than a mage?

were the hell to get dragon coins

To all of you that critisize:

If you hate the game that much, why don't you just stick your nose out of it? Some people(like me and other gamers) actually find this game incredibly swwet, so just leave us be okay?

Dragon fable is a game that I think should be released on major platforms like ps2 and x-box. I mean this game has hundreds of weapons,upgrades,bonuses,secerets,pets,and teammates. there is nothing better than dragon fable. the down side is it that it takes a century to get your player leveled up to level 20! and the rare powerfull weapons cost THOUSANDS of gold and hundreds of dragon coins. and how the heck do you get em? fighting the sneevils is like taking candy from a baby it ha sprogramed each sneevil to have 5 health. it is so simple to deafeat especialy with the unsqeakable farce that does 50 DAMAGE!

Hello i've just started playing DF i find it really addictive and fun its not a very big game but it will get better over time i suppose. The one thing I dont like is that nothing happens when you do a long or hard quest like i done the quest at willowshire which took me ages and after i dont it i didn't even get a well done or anythin i could just do it again and again im a warrior lvl 11 ID#3946799 if any1 wants to fite me and you cant argue with the price of the dragon amulet I think it needs more pets tho.

is there any way to get a free dragon amulet?

u get 200 dragon coins when u buy dragon amulet. u can also buy 2000 more dragon coins if u pay 5 more bucks.
(10 bucks if u buy dragon coins and u no have amulet

listen df is awsume and all and just plain better than adventure quest ( I have a x-guardian lvl 65 on it ) no offence to adventure quest though. I was curious about when the party members can lvl, and also I dont like the way people are poasting saying I hate this game. If you hate it soo much make a website and get off this one. and plz tell me how cool the final blow move on df when you hit lvl 16 ( I think ).

dragonfable is awesome i love playing it i would play it all day if i could

can someone swap accounts with me i struggle on dragonfable

First off, I like this game, used to play Zelda w/my son 15 years ago, which this kinda reminds me of. Secondly, Newcomers to the game...go to Forums and check out the Encyclopedia, the A-Z of weapons, the info on becoming UBER, and General Discussion. You will get your questions answered, along w/where to find weapons etc., what items are worth keeping, and so much info you will save yourself time and $ (from personal trial and error!) Thanks Jay! Bryn

can u save in this game??? how do u save?

this is the best games ever.I got hacked once some1 changed my lvl 22 character but i started it in four days im a lvl 11. If u need help just email me dont give me ur account or pastword if u want to give it to me ill train it ow yea the grafics are great.

i have a lvl 29 warrior that i made in 1 day, if you want proof go check out character id # 435808 my name is mike the varied i have a doom weapon and i can do it for you for a guardian acct (i do not ask for a pass/email until we really trade

DO NOT POST EMAIL ADDRESSES HERE. Your comment will be edited or deleted. Thank you. Oh, and please watch your spelling and grammar. I have a low tolerance for illiteracy.

this game is cool its free, has great graphics, pretty funny, and the storyline is cool. its also cool that its a new game and they make updates so that its not the same thing over and over. the forums are helpful it gives a detailed description of weapons, pets, elements, pvp, quests, and stat trainings, if your able to find a spoiler in the forums its really helpful. the only thing i dont like about it is not enough quests for free players and you can't chat with online players.

can anyone tell me how to earn dragon coins? also can you tell me how to earn 25000 gold in less than 5 minutes?

i think dragon fable is cool but it is so sad to look at peopel with doom weapon because i dont have one and it take forever to get money plz tell me how can i get money really fast??? WAT QUEST SHOULD I DO?

please help me i need to know how to get dragon coins and how to get a dragon amulate by paying in dragon coins.

p.s. dragonfable is a lot better than adventure quest.

were is the ice cream in the mill

I think its a preety good game needs more stuff but ithink it will get better.

Dear Critics, Gamers and all those who have posted about The Game produced by Artix Entertainment " Dragon Fable ". I am a veteran gamer in both Adventure Quest and Dragon Fable. In Adventure Quest i am level 93, and in Dragon Fable i am lvl 57. Not to brag i know alot about both games.
Lets start with adventure quest. The game overall is "ok". The reason ive been playin is because of the updates. Ive been waiting for something interesting to happen. When it comes to the graphics of the game they are below average. The monsters seem like anyone can just draw them. The pets are very stiff and do not move when they attack which makes the game kind of unexciting.(I will get to the good stuff soon). The story Line is kind of scatterred. But this is good because there is always something new to do. Another aspect i do not like about the game is that you can not walk around or free roam. The game is based on clicking around at different places which get kind of tedious after a while. There are many weapons, pets and monsters so the game really isnt repetitive like other players claim it to be. Ther is a variety of armors and classes so your character is always unique and looking cool. On a scale from 1 to 10 Adventure quest is about a 6!! But if you really enjoy this game i encourage you to keep playing because you might change the world of lore. BATTLE ON!!!!
Now, about the newly realeased game Dragon Fable. I have been playin the game since the beta testing and personall i enjoy the game.Other people consider this a lunch- break sized game, but it has much more potential and should be given way more credit. Ok enough aboutmy personal felings about the game. To begin with the graphics ar waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than AQ. For a flash game the monsters, pets , characters, and the environment are very developed. The pets actually are animated and move every limb when they attack, making the game much more enjoyable. Another Drastic change in the game is the ability to walk around. You can free roam the world and do what ever you wish. Remember those weapons in AQ that you would save up for because they had a cool name, but then when you got it, it was the worst looking weapon ever!! Well that has changed in Dragon Fable, 95% of the weapons in the game look awesome and you will never be dissapointed about what you buy. There are also tons of weapons,and you can see them equiped when you walk around. The thing that dissapointed me the most about the game was the lack of armor customization. The only way you can change your armor is in the color, but that is only at the begining of the game. In order to change your armor color during game play ISby purchasing the dragon amulet(WORTH BUYING!!!) Well i dont feel like writing anything else becasue my eyes hurt. WELL ENJOY YOUR GAMING!!!!!

Wanna Fight Brock the warrior? His ID# is 3896009 he is cool looking.

If you have a dragon amulet and want to battle a powerfull fighter, his ID# is 1!

To battle Kajing the warrior his ID# is 3886740

Ok adressing everyone of these complaints. First of all duh the lvling is gonna get harder if it was easy wats the point of playing. Second y dont some of you try and make a game with good graphics and fast gamplay. 3rd ppl enjoyed it so they made extra quests and weapons only ppl who pay can get so they can keep updating the game. You think its free to keep a game running. And finally if you get down and play you can do anything i only play like 2 hours a day and i got to lvl 16 and got relatively good items.

ps:every game has bugs its up to you to help them fix it.

someone please give me there player id so i can battle them.

This game is fun, but is hard to level up and buy rare items such as the doom weapeons.Also sometimes you get junk such as the flower after hard working quest so you should delete it.

Hey people.Anybody wanna battle me?Im a level 12 so be careful!!My id is 951794

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Submachine 9: The Temple

Surgeon Simulator 2013

The House 2

Papa's pastaria

Fireboy and Watergirl 4: The Crystal Temple

Fireboy and Watergirl 3: The Ice Temple


The Royal Trap

Loren the Amazon Princess

1931: Scheherazade at the Library of Pergamum

Magical Diary

Heileen Series

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