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JohnBJIG reader Josh recently pointed us to a flash version of the old raft puzzle everyone played back in grade school. The simple idea is that a group of people must cross a river using a small raft. Unfortunately not everyone gets along and there are certain rules that must be followed in order to get everyone across safely.

raft.pngThe group consists of a woman and two girls, a man and two boys, and a policeman with a thief. If you leave certain people alone with others, trouble will ensue. For example, the thief will only behave if the policeman is on the same bank.

The complete rules are as follows:

  • A maximum of two people can be on the raft at a time.
  • One adult must be on the raft to operate it.
  • The man cannot be with any of the girls without the woman present.
  • Conversely, the woman can't stay with the boys without the man there.
  • The thief must be with the policeman or be alone.

It's a simple brain teaser with an enjoyable presentation. The game is in Chinese, but the only text is on the opening screen. Click the big circle to start playing. And good luck.


Walkthrough Guide

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Walkthough. Enjoy!

--> Cop + Theif
-- Cop
--> Cop + Daughter
-- Cop + Theif
--> Mom + Daughter
-- Mom
--> Dad + Mom
-- Dad
--> Cop + Theif
-- Mom
--> Dad + Mom
-- Dad
--> Dad + Son
-- Cop + Theif
--> Cop + Son
-- Cop
--> Cop + Theif


Great game.

Maybe you should have mentioned that theif can be alone(the only one on a bank} without the police officer.

I think there's a little problem with the rules as you state them: that would make the game impossible.

Instead, the theif can't be with anyone BUT the policeman... but he can be alone.

Took me a while, but I got it!

omg how do i even start this, it must be cuz it is sooo damn late right now that i cant think.

...I've done that one before, with a guide. I did it again this time without a guide.....and it was amazingly simple. Strange...

Hmm, if my memory serves me right, this one was posted here quite a long time ago... Or was that at another place? Anyway, it's a good game with pleasing clean aesthetics.

It's super simple. I finish in less than a min

Walkthough. Enjoy!

--> Cop + Theif
-- Cop
--> Cop + Daughter
-- Cop + Theif
--> Mom + Daughter
-- Mom
--> Dad + Mom
-- Dad
--> Cop + Theif
-- Mom
--> Dad + Mom
-- Dad
--> Dad + Son
-- Cop + Theif
--> Cop + Son
-- Cop
--> Cop + Theif

traditional, but fun.

i actually got this one without cheating.

well, that makes a lot more sense! when i played this, the rules were all in japanese and i had to figure it out myself. i still managed to do it somehow though.

bah.. cant do it :(

Can someone help me lmao :P

Woo Did it :)

Dear JohnB,

it's Chinese (traditional characters), the company's based in Hongkong.



I like this sort of game :) Took me a little while to do it, but it's fun

The theif was probably in jail for kicking little girls in the face :)

Why do these people hate each other's kids so much??

I would love for there to be a story line behind all of this...

Why are they all trying to get over to the other side anyway?? Doesn't look like there's much over there.... and besides there's a pretty tree on this side :)

Allegra: "Why do these people hate each other's kids so much??"

LOL, I think it's because they're Nazis!
I mean... have you seen the weird two armed salute they do when you complete it?

the background storyline is:

a family of six (mom, dad, two girls and two boys) got lost during a hiking trip, and along the way they met an escaped convict. Luckily there was also a policeman off duty who was hiking there and the convict was arrested, and the family was saved. however, being out in the woods there was no reception and the policeman couldn't get backup. They all have to get to the other side by sundown.

there you go :)

Love these puzzles. The solution is always the same and it always takes me the same bit of time till I remember how to work the solution.

Haha, I worked out the most important thing:

The policeman and theif can be used to switch the side the raft is on

Almost too easy, this one. Once you have the beginning, the rest is pretty obvious. More diversity would be preferrable.

This was a really enjoyable game, one of the first I ever played of the type oh so many months ago during a long lunch break. I'm still not sure whether I worked it out in the end or relied on a colleague, but it's very clever. Embarrassingly for a gamer I was beaten by a co-worker in a space of 3 minutes.

I remember seeing this one a long time ago. Great puzzle... I still haven't figured it out again, but I'm getting there.

But what's with the falling leaf each time one of the adults knocks out a kid?

Man that theif is dumb. When everybody was on the other side he should of ran for it.

If I was the thief and left on my own on the bank I'd make a run for it!

I remember having a wooden puzzle of this game when little, doesn't mean I remember it though!

of course, if the dad could refrain beating up his daughters when his wife is not looking, certainly they wouldn't need a police officer to cross this river

hi is so easy look

(> means: return)
1. dief = policeman


2. policeman + girl

>policeman + dief

3. woman + girl


4.woman + man


5. boy + man

> man + woman

6. man+ woman

> boy + man

7.policeman + dief

> woman

8. woman + manm

> man

9. man + boy

> piliceman + def

10. policeman + boy

> piliceman

11. policeman + dief

they're Nazis

just for smaart people like me jejejejejeje

hey kat

what the heck is dief

Lee - dief means "robber" in Dutch.

It even looks like "thief", which means the same thing. If you weren't already aware, this blog gets a very international audience and it is a usual occurence around here to receive comments from people whose native language is not English.

woop woop. Is really simple. It's alot like the Hanoi hoops game if you've ever played it. Just needs a bit of thought. Good Luck. Any one doing Enigma?? am really stuck on lvl 20!! HELP

played before..let me try again..

I did it again!

how do u get it back across the river?

like i sent dad and boy 1 over now im trying 2 get the like raft back over the river so the theif and policeman can go! URGH

I have solved the game three times. Still not sure of how I did it.

why is the thief a child?

shouldnt the policeman arrest the parents for child abuse?

Can someone tell me the step by step procedure how to get everyone across safely?


Have you had a look at the walkthrough above the comments?

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