Animator vs. Animation

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JarodWhile jay is games is technically about, well, games, many of the visitors are also flash developers in general, and those of us who aren't (like me) sometimes reach a level of exposure that can only be classified "connoisseur."

Animator vs. AnimationThat is to say, we've seen enough of it that we can recognize what's good, what's bad, and what's good despite itself. (Warning: Coarse language.)

So for a less interactive experience (between bouts with the point-and-click adventures that are bountiful these days), I present to you just a few of the animations out there to watch.

Animator vs. Animation, by 17-year-old Alan Becker, draws a scene in the epic wars waged between the drawing and the drawn. Tensions draw high as the action starts simple and accelerates both in quantity and quality through the work, and the clever manipulation of screenshots will likely draw the appreciative attention of anyone who's ever worked in flash.

Short but sweet, the animation is anything but drawn out.

Play Animator vs. Animation

If you enjoyed this, be sure to check out the follow-up: Animator vs. Animation 2. Now, there is even game to play: Animator vs. Animation Game


I liked the animation; I found it on Newgrounds. It was like #1 when I watched it. Though it was quite entertaining and a lot of fun to watch, I don't understand why it was the top animation because I've really seen better.

Anyway, good find. I hope that JIG sticks to its guns and keeps primarily reviewing games (there are plenty of mixed media sites out there, but JIG and lazylaces are the only two good sites that I have found that review mostly games) but I certainly don't mind a break every once in a while.

that's my 2 1/2 cents.

Thanks for your input, Scramble. Sticking to games, predominantly casual games, is the plan around here. But it's nice to share some of the exceptional work being done in new media these days. So, you should expect the unexpected here as well. ;)

Ahh, I enjoyed that plenty. I don't check out much flash animation, but occasionally it is great, especially when it's something really creative, witty and well done as this one. Thanks for posting.

Aah! Loved it. Very imaginative.
Loved the other one about the nuke, too.
How's that for reality check.

From what I understand, WTF stands for Woohoo-Tata-Furray. (cute, eh?) Woohoo-tata-furray is going on in this world!

This was a truly well done piece of animation . Specially fascinating were the parts where the 'Victim' seize's the Brush tool . 2 Thumb's up .

man, i love these type of animations. you never know what could happen next. most of these animations are found on stick page ( i highly recomend that site) and there cool

Oh man. I didn't even see the first link to the end of the world, another flash I'm familiar with, this one from ABS. That's probably one of the funniest flashes I've ever seen!

I love this! A quick little time waster.

Kinda reminds me of my flash cartoons. None of mine could ever be as good as this though.

Yea, I have seen quite a few exceptional flash animation in my day. Good share!

saw it on albino blacksheep and Eric Bauman (ebaums world) STOLE it so he is now getting sued! HOO-RAY!

i'm not a big fan of flash animations, but this one was quite clever, and not over the top like many of them turn out to be.

very creative to see it all unfold.

but i'm glad to hear that jayisgames will stay predominantly games.

Very creative animation. Particularly entertaining to those of us who have done work in Flash.

I acutally just saw this a couple of days ago and was going to send you guys something aout it. My friends and I have been sending it around.

Just to be sure, did you get permission from them to use this? Cause eBaum's getting sued because they decompiled it without permission. Unless you can link freely, in which case never mind.
And the flash rocks.

Casey - yes, we are linking responsibly (as is the policy here at JIG) to an offical host of the piece.

We do not decompile anything here, nor do we host content without the permission of the content author.

Cheers for your concern, though! =)

i hope to god the suit against bauman is successful. i'm darn sick of him.

in other news, i really dig this little animation. my little brother is just getting into animation himself, and from what it looks like, that's just what it is like learning to use flash (:

it wont work... the window isnt opening..

Sweet that was awesome.

I saw this movie on another website, not telling. I say though, at least you are showing some people what real animation is.

That was fantastic!


I saw your animation through a link posted here:

Must have took alot of planning to pull something like that off.

Excellent work anyway, and only 17. I'm sure you will go far.

Best Wishes


brill ending! I've made a few 10 frame animations with the same kind of software that was in the foreground so it makes it extra funny for me.where was the "course language" though?

is the screen shot supposed to be a link? it dosen't work!

It works fine, Josh. You'll need to have Javascript enabled to click on the images on this site. =)

that movie was soooo kool

i really wish you could really do something like this. i actually got the falsh 8 thing to see if i could!

When I watched that, I kept seeing the cursor moving around and I thought it was mine. I kept moving mine around because I kept forgetting the point f the animation and I thought that I had accidentally opened up the drop down menu. >.>

psst, "connaisseur" from the french verb "connaitre", to know.

he shares my name ^_^ beat that.
and this 5 in one smiley

fun fact and the omega smiley

would i be able to do something like that

its SO good!

I wish I could make something like that!

how do you get to download it?
i want to play it
its cool!

Hey!what if they made a game for animator vs animation? eh? eh? you could even make a animator vs animation 3!

were can i get this program?
And is it free?

is there a game of animator vs animation?? if there was it would be cool!!

how do you make one?

yah how do you get that program??

if its the flash 8 thing then how much is it? or is it free. because i want to know if it's a waste of money

[Edit: There is a 30 day trial of Flash available from the Adobe website. -Jay]

hi can you please make a game? i like your movie its awsome but please make a game of it

hey the video was awesome you should make more videos
and a game that will be more awesome

can you play animator vs animation or is it only to watch.

i want to create one too!

i loved it :):) can you tell me how to make it please!

if you want now how to unlock everything check the animator tutorial again. On the left side something is high lighted in grey click the bar below it and it tells objectives of being the animation. Go down one more and it tells you how to unlock everything.

hyas, just wanted to say animator vs animation game really rocks. I found it on stick page via stick humor. if you could make a game for like you already did but on the desktop it would be really fun. I think you should ask the advice of your fans if you are going to make a animator vs animation 3. like have the animation draw himself some more phisical features.

thanks for the films

For all totally noobish people there IS a game not just movies

great game!

what is the program


Can you get this for free?

How do you download this game?

how do you make that animation thing?

how do you beat the animator when you play as the animation?

this game i freckend amaizing.

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