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bubbles2addicted.jpgYou may remember the name Hannu Pelkonen as the creator of the infectiously addictive typing games, Letters and Words, both of which were previously reviewed here. He now has a new game that was recently added to his collection at 2addicted, and this one is based on a familiar classic arcade hit from days gone by.

Bubbles is a clone of Pang, which involves moving an on-screen character back and forth avoiding bubbles that bounce around the play field while trying to eliminate them from play. Although you cannot touch any of the bubbles, you can shoot them with a harpoon-like weapon. The harpoon shoots straight up and forms a temporary barrier that causes any bubble to pop that touches it. Some bubbles contain power-ups that are released when popped. Collect them to score additional points, slow down the action, or activate a temporary weapon upgrade.

Controls are the arrow keys for [left] and [right]. Press [space] to fire.

Analysis: While the original game of Pang was level based, Hannu's Bubbles is open-ended, meaning that the bubbles just keep falling without pause. This accentuates the arcade quality of the game tremendously and makes this version significantly more challenging. Oh, and another difference is you only get once chance to get as high a score as you can; once you are hit by even a single bubble, it's game over.

Kicking it up a notch, Hannu has integrated the same exceptional high-score table into this game as he did for his typing games, which adds a compelling incentive to the game play. How many bubbles can you pop?

Play Bubbles

NOTE: offensive language is not filtered from the high score table at 2addicted; you are forewarned.


this game would be better if it had music or sound effects...still a very fun game...keep up the good work Jay

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Cheers, Sean. If you want music and sound effects with your Pang, be sure to try Geru Geru Panic, one of the best games of this type I've ever played. =)

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Lindsay May 26, 2006 1:55 AM

This game is very similar to Miniclip's Bubble Trouble. I don't know which came first, but miniclip's version has some good sound and a much bigger/advanced playing screen

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yeah i've played Geru Geru Panic before and its one of my favourite pang games.....
Lindsay: when i played this game it reminded me of bubble trouble (though i couldnt remember the name :P)
personally i prefer bubble trouble

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I'm terrible at this kind of game - too old, too slow, generally rubbish hand/eye - but one thing that kept me playing this a little longer was the High Score board. I think it's worth the post just for this: I'm normally an anti-High Score (read low score) person, but the fact that it was in your face the whole time, with the summary telling you how far off you were, actually made me think (for the first time ever?) "maybe I should try harder to get on that board".

There's been a lot of discussion of the role of High Scores in casual games, and (for me at least) this use of the board made me reconsider my attitude to them.

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I go to latest games and what do I see? Jay is 99 points, much better then my modest 52 3-game high.

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This game sort of stinks because it seems impossible to win.

It helps if you stand on one of the sides. I got up to 85 points that way.

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aoife - arcade games were not designed "to win" but to have the player continue to drop in quarters and to score high enough to get onto the high score list. That is why this game gets classified as an "arcade" game. =)

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Bubble Trouble is my personal favourite for this type of game, but the high-score board is a nice implementation.

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should I try and make a similar game???
If so say and I shall start!

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One of my favorites. I find that a hit-and-run and only attacking bubbles coming towards you works best. My highest score (so far) is 203 points (anyone have a better score?).

It' better to allow the bubbles to bump into the line you shoot, while you retreat the second you've fired, then come back as soon as it's been hit. Do a multitude of shots at one time, or as you are retreating. Charge and attack the bubbles that come towards you, or it soon becomes hectic as the number of bubbles surmount. You've got to be quick on your feet - erm, fingers, or soon there'll be too many to deal with. Try to herd all the bubbles onto one side of the screen, because bubbles coming at you from both sides is dangerous. Eventually, there will be too many bubbles and you will be forced to the side of the screen, so shoot like crazy during that time.

I've noticed that on the high scores, some of my points get repeated - that is, it submits my score twice. Not a big deal, just pointing it out.
Some averages/facts/minimums about making it onto the high score list:

  • 24 Hour: A bit less than 250 points, or 15 bubbles and their mini-bubbles popped

  • 7 Days: About 410 points, or a bit less than 30 bubbles and their minibubbles popped.

  • 30 Days: About 500 bubbles, or about 33 bubbles and their minibubbles popped.

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