Sancho's Island

KarmenSancho Panza is just an average guy. He works hard all day, and then comes home to his nagging wife. His children torment each other; he has stinky feet, enjoys drinking wine and keeps creepy-crawly pets. In other words, he lives a simple, average life. Simple, that is, until Don Quijote asks Sancho to be his squire. Unlike the practical Sancho, Don Quijote is a romantic dreamer, who wishes to revive the lost art of "knight's-errant." In other words, he wants to run around the country, exploring castles (the local inns) and saving princesses (bar maids.)

Sancho's IslandWith the rustic point-and-click adventure game, Sancho's Island, you have the opportunity to accompany Sancho and Don Quijote on their adventures—if you can help Sancho straighten out his family matters and prepare for the quest. You may even win an isle to rule, even though Sancho isn't sure what that is.

Enter a 17th century Spanish village, accompanied by soft music. As you watch Sancho argue with his wife, you may not even realize you are experiencing classic literature. The story, Don Quijote, written by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, is considered by some to be the first modern novel.

Both the novel and the game mix a bit of adventure and satire, reflecting real life, rather than some idealistic image. Tales of chivalry were quite popular in Cervantes' day. In these tales, knights were always shining, and maidens were always beautiful. "Don Quijote," on the other hand, mocked and defied these shallow stereotypes. In the novel, Don Quijote and Sancho influence each other over time. Eventually, Sancho becomes more idealistic, and Don Quijote becomes more practical. The creators of Sancho's Island, Omepet, seem to grasp this. Even in the first chapter, Sancho, while skeptical, is won over by Quijote's enthusiasm.

The style of the game is quite comfortable. Walk around, talk to people, and explore everything. Clickable objects are usually prominent, and are named as you mouse over them. You are given a number of options for manipulating objects, (or people,) such as push, pull, talk to, open, and look at. These options often work together in surprising (yet logical) combinations. While some of the conversations ramble on, most of the puzzles are easily solvable, offering a casual experience that can be shared by readers and gamers of all ages.

Like the novel, the game has been translated into English from Spanish, leaving some of the wording a bit awkward at times. Rather than detracting from the game, however, this seems to add to its charm. But, for any glossophiles (language-lovers) out there, you might find the Spanish version of the game, to be more eloquent. (Unfortunately, I have to stick with the English version; according to a friend of mine, I can't even properly pronounce "Quijote" or "Sancho Panza.")

As a fun and unique touch, the designers have even included a bloopers section.

One note: In order to save the game, you must register with the site. This requires you to enter your e-mail address and choose a password. I would recommend this option, as the game can run somewhat long, and there are more chapters to come. According to the creators, it is the "longest online graphic adventure ever developed" and boasts an "estimated duration of 60 hours through 9 chapters." They have some way to go, however, as chapter two was just released on December 15th.

Also, if you enjoy playing Sancho's Island, and feel like reading "Don Quijote" for yourself, the entire text is available online, free from project Gutenberg.

For now, enjoy Sancho's Island, but hurry... Sancho's wife, Teserona, is waiting, and she has a short temper.

Update: The game is no longer available to play. Previously tagged as: adventure, browser, flash, free, game, macwinlinux, narrative, omepet, pointandclick, rating-g


hey is there a walkthrough 4 this? i tried giving the herb tea to everyone, including the dog ...

you have to talk to Juana and then offer it to her (talk to Children door)

jay i first want to say great site and im liking the new reviewers because theyre picking some awesome new games. after playing this one for a minute im compelled to keep playing even though its 2 in the morning

This is a pretty good game...

I haven't used it yet, but here is a

I just began, it looks interesting. ^_^

Now I need to find some man, the wife says in the hall after Beggers or something.

But, where is he?

Impressive indeed. A fun game, and Spanish literature. Who could ask for anything more?

It does look interesting, but so far I haven't figured out how to do anything other than talk to people, or look at things. I just keep walking around the same couple of rooms, looking at the same things, talking to the same people.

check the area under the spider web in the kitchen


try the exit underneath the cobweb in the kitchen :) ...I did the same thing, walked around for hours before I realized it was there.

hey could someone tell me how to take the note from

the fountain and from under the cart
ive tried taking the knife but the guy doesnt let me take it

plz help

oof. i can't figure out what to do with the dog and the scorpion.

ive got the 2 paper parts and calmed the girl now what do i do?


what have you done so far? Given the tea to the daughter and then discovered about the drawing? Also looked at that stone outside his home? Once you have done this i was able to pick up the knife and other objects...hope that helped

As for my question, how do you get access to the noblemans place?

Thanks for the advice folks about

clicking under the spider web

, did you mean the place that

takes you to where the clothes are hanging up?

I'd already found that, and can't seem to do anything there.

I've tried doing every action on that loose stone and nothing works - my guy just keeps saying he doesn't want to do that

What am I missing?

The interface reminds me of the old monkey island game (i loved that so much). Only thing i have against this game is that the music is a bit repetetive, great otherwise!

Oh, whoo hoo!! and DUH!!

I've found my way out!! I thought the grey bit by the hanging clothes was a wall, not an entranceway. I didn't realize that was how you got away from the house!!

Thanks folks!

Anyone able to get the hammer yet?

Curious, to get the hammer:

Pick up stew to get overcooked piece of meat. Use overcooked meat with casserole with relaxing tea on Teresona's table to get overcooked seasoned meat. Go to center of town. Give overcooked seasoned meat to Atila the dog. Pick up the hammer on the post.

hmm i dont get it.. do you have to make the tea and then give it to Juana?? and if you do.. then how do you make the tea?

hmm ok nevermind i got it

you have to give the herb to his wife!!

i like the game but i am TOTALLY stuck where the heck is the tea and where is teresonas table?

yes!! SCUMM is back!!!

i have the lemon tea but i dont know what to do with it or how to give it to Juana! its making me mad because people were saying:

talk to door offer to juana but how the heck do you offer it to juana if you cant give syuff to people when the little bar dissapears?


If you talk to the door (or give tea to door?) she should come out so you can talk to her. Make sure it's tea, not herbs.

how do u get tht paper piece thing from the scorpian?

does anyone know how to get the coin out of the box?

Alien, have you found out yet about what made the daughter upset

Kelly, you need to find a way to distract the alter boy.

yeah, i know that, just not sure how

uhhh how do you give the meat to the dog? i tried Give OVERCOOKED meat to atila but the guy just said: "im not going to do that..."

ok so i fixed the bell with the hammer but now what do i do with it?

i also tried to use it to wake him (donkey) up......but the dude just said "im not going to do that" am i on the right track?

Kelly, have you done the first part in the church yet? You need to do that part before you try to get the coin.

what first bit of the church?

How are you supposed to get the other 'creased paper' from the fountain?

micki, you need to find something long enough to reach it

try looking in Sancho's kitchen

dude, if you're still stuck, maybe you'll find a bell somewhere that doesn't work...

What do I do with the scorpion and hammer?

I have completed chapters 1 and 2 if anyone needs some tips.

Can't wait for the next chapter!!

Elliot - if you haven't used the hammer yet, then it's not time to use the scorpion yet. Maybe you can find something that needs fixing to use the hammer on.

Have fixed the bell, but don't know where to use it! Can't use it on the door of Alonso Quijano. Also can't get in the church.

How do you distract the alterboy?

dikidi - there must be something in the church to keep an alter boy busy. Think about the kinds of things alter boys do...then check out all the clickable things you can find in the church and try different actions on them...even if they seem silly.

Weebie - have you tried using the bell on Quijano's house yet?

Totally stuck now. I can't seem to get into the church as some are suggesting?

Here's what I've got so far:

Found coin, got herbs, gave tea to Juana, found all 3 bits of paper (drawing) and put them together, got knife, scorpion, hammer, fixed bell.

So where does the bell go? It doesn't seem to want to go on Quijano's house - if that's the house after the church and before the apothecary?

Oh duh, nevermind ... just gotta click on the right part of the door. (Got the location wrong above, but I knew what I meant lol) And it's also important to complete conversations, it seems.

Ok, I've distracted the altarboy, got the key, got the coin, now what? Can't give the coin to anyone, key doesn't work anywhere else, I've already sent Sanchico to the barber, can't pick up paper in church---GRRRRR.

I can't figure out how to distract the altar boy!! I have tried all actions on all the clickable stuff in the church. Help!

Never mind, got it!!!

ive tried everything and i cant distract the alter boy

Can some one help me find out how to get the key and the coin after I distract the alter boy please.

to distract the alter boy you need to talk to the candles

Can some one help me find out how to get the key and the coin after I distract the alter boy please.

to distract the alter boy you need to talk to the candles

cheers, thought i tried that

Troubleshooting: Everytime I get to Sancho's wife, Teresona (in the morning), it always loads, then goes black. But nothing happens! What should I do?

There is a walkthrough for chapter one and two, for those who need it - and some things are just not that obvious.

Sassy, you will need to distract the Alter Boy two seperate times. The second time you do it, you should already have the key. If you don't have the key already, there is another reason you need to distract him.

DIKIDI - try going back and asking about the items you're supposed to be getting again. That should help you get back on track with those items.

ok , i have done the whole distract the alter boy 6 times now. I went back and re-did the conversations and I still don't have a key or coin. so giving me the cryptic clue isn't helping. Thanks anyways. Now could someone give me an idea of what I am missing.

Sassy, have you done the part where you distract BOTH the Alter Boy AND the priest? If you haven't done that part yet, then you aren't ready for the key and coin.

Bosco: That happened to me too! I tried using the forum, but no one answers, can someone help us?


Am on part 2 and even though I've done exactly what the walkthrough tells me, I cannot find the Peddler at the cross roads. What am I doing wrong?

Help! Help!
I'm trying to put the repaired bell on Quijana's door but he just keeps saying 'I'm not doing that' its driving me insane! Please Help!

again with the door thing...should I be pressing 'use' then 'repaired bell' then 'main gate' or 'broken door bell' or what? So confused, please help!

loading screens for every screen were an instant turnoff, and the hickups of the music gave my interest the rest

got a question..
I drugged the dog, and everyone is talking about a hammer at a post.
I cannot seem to find the hammer at the blacksmith's?!
could someone give me a hint? I've been searching for it for about an hour.

eeeeeee i can't wait for the 4th chapter.... *bits nails*

I am on the 2nd chapter and am stuck

The walkthrough told me to keep talking to the mare breeders until they drank all the wine and fell asleep, but they don't want to drink the wine until I find a toast for them.

Can anyone help? Gloomie, you seem to know about this game?

I am on the 2nd chapter and am stuck.

the walkthrough said to keep talking to the mare breeders until they drank all the wine and passed out, but they don't want to drink the wine until I give them a reason to.

Can anyone help, cos I don't know what to do.

I am playing this game for several hours now and i enjoy it, but i cannot seem to distract the Priest... please anyone.. can anyone tell how to do that ?

So far i have done everything i believe i am supposed to...

Greetz all

ummmm,What do i do when terisa says go to that speical guy i mean how do i get through door cause it says that the doorknob thing is rusty.

i can't get to the rich mans can someone help!

Help chapter 2, I collected every thing..

but still am not able to talk to the mare-breeders with new dialogs. I need to do this to collect the rope from the tree trunk

HELP! I have gone back to Don Quijano's house but I can't find him to give him the papers I have found. I go up to the balcony and I get stuck...character won't move. Any ideas?

im on chapter 2, but stucked on how to set the rusty/broken thingy windmill door...this site is very good.. thanks alot jay... ^^

you can search a walkthrough in Yahoo! or google... makes it easy...

i need help with doorknob

ummm..... i thought it was spelled QUIXOTE?????????

how do you distract the priest please help me

I am so lost! I have distracted the alter boy but can't seem to distract the priest! How do I do it? I have the bell, the cat, the scorpion, the knife, the oil, the piece of singed paper, the picture of juana, and the pliers. So what do I do next?

How do you distract the priest?

How do I get holy incense for the pain medicine stuff? The guide failed to cover that somehow.

Where is the post that I should take the hammer from, I know it is in the center of the village, but I cannot find it. Tx

Found it, it was near the dog I couldnt see it be4.

hey guys..
can you give a full walkthrough?
i get a lil' dizzy here...

well, i am having a big problem with the saddlebags.

i gave him his coin, yet he did not give me saddlebags.. talked to him alot of times.. still no sign of saddlebags.. :(


the stuff you are finding is the ashes from the carpet fold.. remember?

to those who failed to distract the priest:

have the frog?

if you have distracted the altar boy, there is a fun place for a frog to rest

still don't get it?

put your frog in the baptismal font

you might want to read the walkthrough to know where to get the frog. :)

Where is the apocathery?

how do you get the scorpian and well i have got the bell

How do you get the holy incence?

i cant get past the dog to get the hammer PLZ HELP

I've gotten to chapter two with the what

i'm stuck...i need in a chapter 3...i have everything...i need to put the candle on the cart, and i need to distract the innkeeper's daughter, but still he always keep saying he's not going to do that...i tried many times to use the candle on the cart but nothing happen wont work...thanks!

I just found this game and tried to play, but the link goes to some generic fake site. Does anyone know of another way to play this game? it sounds really cool... :(

[I just did a search, and it looks like the game is no longer available to play anywhere on the Web. Such a shame, too. I've removed the tags for this review. -Jay]

I am one of the original creators of the game, unfortunately, OMEPET(the enterprise owning the game) closed its doors a few years ago and due to legal issues we cannot offer Sancho Island online anymore. If the legal situation changes we will try to put it back online in one of our personal servers.

Thanks for playing it!

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