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GridgameA fun little Flash piece by deviantART contributor, Mark James, of the UK. Grid Game is more of a Flash toy than a game, really, and yet the score tally gives this mesmerizing diversion an addictive quality.

Simply click anywhere in the grid to activate a cell. Doing so causes the cell to rotate clockwise one-quarter turn. If the light blue curve segment connects with the curve segment of any adjoining cells, those cells are also activated and rotate clockwise in succession. The chain reaction continues until subsequent rotations yield no further connections. One point is scored for each cell rotated, and the score is reset for each turn taken. Your highest ("Max") score is recorded locally and only for as long as you keep the game window open. Beautiful, simple, elegant, and addictive. What's your highest score?

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Hi Jay : there's a problem with the game popup : it says :


You don't have permission to access the page at

Hmm. Thanks, NiKo, for letting me know. I wasn't getting the same thing, but I have changed the link to go to the deviantART page where you must then click on the "Download deviation" link to view it full size.

Not ideal, but hopefully that will prevent others from getting the same thing you were getting.

Very fun game. I've played this before, and it seems random, but a good pattern will trigger a lot of points. You might start slow, but then get 10x the last score you got. I just got 2160, but my last max was only 172. Make sure every time you get a big score to click reset so you get a new board.

lol just got 2508, it went on for a long while

This is kinda cool!
My max is 1259!

Now it's 1841

Oh damn-it!
I was so proud of my 1686...
To my mind, it only requires some good luck.

This game is awesome. Simple games tend to be amazing like that.

1968 =)

2321! woot! i think it is all luck, as Pouicky said, i got mine right after the reset

wow 2762... I got lucky.. before I reset it I had only gotten up to 471

help. i cant stop. it's mesmerizing!

2447 is my highest so far :/

just got 3486.. holy crap that was pretty cool... took about 4/5 mins to get through it all.

so 539 isnt good? ohhh....

woah! 5381!

Glad people are enjoying it, I just wish I had more time to do some kind of follow-up. :)

Ok... so if my main goal of the game became making sure all the arcs faced the same direction and figuring out how to arrange each row/column to get the maximum effect, does that indicated some OCD'ish tendencies?

lol @ Victoria!

You're definitely an OCD candidate. =p

Alright, I just got them all facing the same direction! It's kind of interesting how they group themselves after a long combo has been done.

I'm a bit of a geek, but does anyone know what the maximum possible score is?

And i thought my 959 was impressive. Guess i should go play some more. huh?

haha!! Finally hit over 2000!! 2051 points. I know others have more than that but for playing it only three times so far... 2051 is pretty good i think.

2152 - this was my highest...
gosh this game is addicting

so far my highest is 2154. like victoria i also made them face the same way. I am so totally ocd.

You know... i bet their's some kind of loop you can do in this game where they all turn a certain way and somehow begins like it did when you started but i can't prove that for sure yet.
(might understand me more if you dont reset for awhile and see what you can do)

So far i've had very lo0ONG results on my loop theory but i've only gotten up to 2,546 because of how slow it was counting.
If someone else would try this for me that would be great cuz im getting a little tired of rearranging the arcs


dam. . . i only got 755. . . o well, better luck next time

woot! 1056! thats my highest yet! :P

My top's only 2274. I've started to get into the habit of trying to get all the balls placed in the same direction. I cant stop myself!!

whoah and i was so excited when i got a score of 832... ah well. it's a very simple and nice game and fun to just watch...

(oh yay! new high! 1001. palindromes are pretty)

I got up to 2587 with my very own pattern.
1. Arrange all tiles in the upper right direction
2. Click on the upper left tile, and every second upper tile from there on (plus the upper right tile).
3. Click the lower right tile

However. It is not possible to do an infinite loop in this game, because the four tiles in the corners wont be able to be rotated again when facing the corners. Meaning the corners are somewhat deadends. Once these tiles can't be rotated, they form new corners, where the proximate tiles will face the same problem and eventually can't rotate etc. etc.

I believe (after some thinking), that the maximal score would somehow be 2^32*4, based on the maximum number of rotations of the tiles.
(Cornertiles can max rotate once, thereby the tiles next to them can only rotate twice, those next to them only four time and so on an so forth)

the game wont start... the game screen is just white and it doesnt do anything..

well its working for me now...though awhile ago it wasnt.

Sorry, I should have put a note up here. I contacted the author, Mark, about the game. Apparently deviantART decided to take his work down for some unknown reason. Therefore he has given me permission to host the game here at JIG. Cheers, Mark! =)

i got 1358 :D im proud of myself

I got 684 then 1487 after I reset it. Very fun.

1755 im happy :D

woo hoo 2574!!! by chance, not skill tho lmao x love this game!!

2916!! Almost made it to 3000!

My best is 1163! :P

I'd never thought I'll ever see this game ever! Wasted god knows how many hours when I found it in the DAsphere.

I managed to reach the whopping score of 6243 by arranging thetiles in a "circuit" around the edge, with a few other tricks thrown in.

You can spend ages trying to get all the tiles to face the same direction. Pointless but fun.

Yay 2451 on 3rd try! And then you read above that someone got 4000 and my bubble is burst :P Still a fun little game!

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