Six Feet Under

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Six Feet UnderSix Feet Under is a Flash game with instructions in German, so here is my take on the action: On the way to the cemetery, Alex, the hearse-driving coffin chauffeur, has to step on the gas to make it to the burial on time. Help Alex deliver the coffin by rapidly pressing the right arrow key on the keyboard to reach maximum speed possible. Just before reaching the cemetery wall, press the space bar to launch the coffin into the air and see how far you can throw it. The red area alerts you that the wall is imminent.

Play Six Feet Under

The only credits I could come up with for this one are two design firms, and Cheers!


you dont even have to go back and forth between the arrows. you can just keep pressing the foward arrow

Thanks, Qui. I've updated the instructions to reflect that fact.

this game is boring and fun, kinda dumb

this first comment tripped me out
this is a good game i like it

ok, ok, I got it. It's a rip off of the bat a penguin game. I got 762.49 meters... woot

i love this game i give it a 9/10

626.64 is my best out of five tries


851.88m - 3rd try.


i got 853 on my third shot so beat that lol
but i couldnt hav done it without the help with me mate Darren

This is a great game, my best is 886.91.

it is ace lol


even with 890 i didnt get to the highscores =/

I really like this game i got 870.6. It is too hard to get on the high scores :(

902.39m. Still didn't get on the high scores, but I'm trying. o_O

Sounds a lot like "Dropkick the Faint", which is a game that doesn't seem to be mentioned here. That one, you kick a punk singer offstage and get points for distance.

If you play this game for a long time you seem to get better and it gets easier. 890.4 :)

This Game is very interesting because you try harder to get on the high scores list. It is a Great game O.o

818.59! w00t

This is hilarious.

I can't believe how far people are getting. The best I have managed is 903 feet, which was a total fluke, and still wasn't good enough to make the high scores.

w007! i made it! 931.84!

935.4 beat that!!

936.47 zing

I got a kick out of stopping early at 20 miles per hour. some things don't want to go into the ground I guess

this game is alright. i got 600.0 as my highest score. it could be improved by having the language english!

Did anybody try to launch the coffin before you're supposed to? I did launch it right after starting the game (hit space bar by mistake) and it was funny... Try it for fun! By the way, GREAT site! Happy New Year.

This is a fun game! lol

BAM!!! 947.31m. WOW my fingers hurt. haha...and the premature brakes are a kick.


now that's pretty badass


This is one of the few games I'm good at. 969.7 m, on a quest to make the top 100. The main part of the game is not so much speed as it is braking as close to the wall as possible. However, it takes a while to fully stop.

979! Can't seem to get on leaderboard. Any ideas?

I shot it


When I saw someone else shot it 979 I turned sad that I failed. :(

I got:


For anyone who still plays this from time to time, there's a trick:

Turn off Number Lock, and use your right arrow AND the 6 on the numeric keypad using your right hand. Acceleration is much faster then.

989.80, 30th on the highscores.

hell yeah!

tried to register my high score but due to the language barrier my score is lost to the ages.
good-bye 990.

scratch that - my score survives - #56

260.9 was my first go,

Try launching the coffin in the right place at the minimum speed.

881.9 only :(

Man, 989, so close!!!

You must get highest speed to get good distance. Use the right arrow +6 number key pad trick.


Lowest high score is 997 and no one gets over 1000. They should reset the scores by now.


use >&6 to get to 120 fast,then DON'T press space until the BACK of the car hes passed into the red

I shot it 971 feet.

dirty trick:

turn on the on-screen keyboard (on windows) and click the right arrow very fast. i use two fingers, but i used to play paintball.

my highest: 935.3

838.16m. 4th try. hehe

998.68 2nd try.


I have got 998.67... lol to get on high scores you need over 999.00 :(

Arg...994.99 and nothing...

998.89..... Fingers are raw,wrist in pain.... but i ain't stoppin till i gets my 1000!

ergh.... i give up...

995.85 ah

AWSOME!!!!!!! i got 1000!!!!!!!! yes but i couldn't find where to post it so w/e

Will someone tell me how to make it go faster, please?

904.49!!! hahaha

First go.


!!!Warning!!! some shifting of contents may occur during transit.


Six Feet Under is one of the most simple, yet addictive games, that at the same time create laughter! I thought I was pretty good at it until more fans sent in their scores, and I freaked out! My highscore is only 726.13, and I had to try about thirty times. Thank-you for all of the entertainment you've bought to us.


You know, this is the kind of game where practice doesn't seem much to matter.

Second try (when I knew what the buttons were): 992
Third: 964
Fourth: 946

Acht. Das ist nicht gut, non?

Hey guys the game is far too easy:

third try i got 997...

the coffin flied over the screen

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