MotherloadXGen Studios is behind this Flash game that is reminiscent of the old-school arcade games Dig Dug and Boulder Dash. Hired to mine the dangerous planet of Mars, you are given a robotic mining pod and sent off on a mission to bring home the Motherload, a fabled cache of rare and valuable minerals. Dig far below the surface of the Earth to earn money for upgrades and find treasure.

Control of the pod is with the [arrow] keys. Simply press the key in the direction you want to go. When refueling or buying upgrades at the shop, or accessing your inventory, use the mouse for selecting. There is an options screen where you can turn down the music volume, for the initial default setting is quite loud.

While the graphics are fair, the gameplay appears to be quite solid with lots of options and upgrades to outfit your pod. I was surprised at first to learn it was built in Flash, as it seems more like what I'm used to seeing in games built with Java. Still, a fine effort and plenty of gaming goodness packed in to enjoy.

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oh god. i just wasted almost 2 hours of my life playing this addictive game. fun... but addictive!

Has anyone gotten to the motherload at the end? I haven't been able to get past -5500 feet.

I believe you reach a boss fight at -6666 feet, if I understood correctly my friend Dave's experience with the game.

yeah.. mr. natas..
..only the dyslexic would see that boss coming =P

that was far too addictive, i've waisted hours of my life pklaying that, it was so much fun. I thought natas was a starnge name but i couldn't put my finger on it till the end.

This game definately has an addictive edge to it. I found it slow to begin with but once you get the highest level hull there appears to be no problem

How can i defeat mr natan(Satan)?
How i defaet the boss at -6666ft deep?I don't understand he is just too powerfull

my skools banned the site!...anyone know where else you can play this amazing game?

my work banned this game too... well actually websence did.

How do u beat the boss dude? I cannot even inflict damage!
Please post help on the page.

u buy c4 an dynamites to kill the boss u just blow em infront of him. and THIS GAME ROCKS!!!!its so adictive i LOVE it i love these kind of games if some one know someother game that is like this email me.

this thing is crazy. but i figured out natas as soon as i saw it. i thought it was odd. so i looked at it backwards. elementary, my dear watson. just a spot of lateral thinking. any of you nimwits tried a game like archipelago? samorost? excellent games.

i love this game
i go straight down so i no which way to go
how do i get past 4500 feet i died at that point

this is the stupidest game ever

go to options type

digdug - it gives u an upgrade to your drill

bling - $100000

u cant save after u use this

Im on level 2 and have everything try to beat that

The boss is rather easy to beat, just equip yourself with about 100 hull repair bots and 100 C4s. Then be careful not to be instantly killed and repair your hull each time it gets damaged.

hey i'm on the easy level is there any boss on that one

This is a very fun game. I haven't beaten the boss. But I am very close to. I have seen him but haven't killed him. I have the best upgrades for everything. very fun game.

fun game but which upgrades should i get first?

I keep blowing up how do u provent it?
And i cant find the boss how do u now how far u are after 6000 feet?

We just beat Satan (me and my brother).

Anyway, all you have to do is bring about 300 plastic explosives and 200 nanobot repairers and blow his legs off. It's a pretty twisted ending, I thought...

I keep dying in a gas explosion just before I can scrape together the money for a top-of-the-line hull! Will the best hull prevent utter annihilation in a gas explosion? I hope so, or I'm wishing in vain...

OK... I'm over that now. Just have to prioritize the top-of-the-line hull, keep saving the game and don't dig too deep too fast. Got it. Now it's the boss that's killing me. Gonna give it another crack...

This game takes hours!

For 2000 feet below ground and lower, just pack yourself with C4s and Dynomites. Use them to get around and only dig into the rocks. I've never died down there using that technique. My brother and I can beat Mr. Natas with barely over 100 C4s and 50 nanabots.

Mr. Natas is not 6666 feet deep, he's 66,666 feet deep according to my PC.

this game... is ridiculously addictive.. like to the point of drugs addictive.

What happens after you beat Mr. Natas? Do you save a bunch of other miners or get to the motherload???

Lol, the first time I got to Mr. Natas, I was loaded with minerals and could barely fly (all best upgrades, and still), - a few feet in the air. I just went around for a while, unable to access inventory to throw off the extra weight, then teleported out. see i decided that since there is a natas...there must be a dog up at 77,777 feet...well im at 103,000....and i have 60 reserve fuel tanks still.......full upgrades....cmon how can you not have balance here!!!!

It's an addictive game, but I found myself wishing for a number of features in the 1.x upgrade version.

1) When you save a game, save the underground MAP as well. It makes no sense that when you come back to a "saved" game, the mnieshaft you worked on is entirely gone. (THis is quite separate from the "earthquakes", which of course shake things up & destroy carefully laid mineshafts.)

2)It's annoying to jockey back and forth between the keyboard and the mouse. Make the existing keyboard shortcuts labelled & obvious, and for "yes/no" selections like "save game" and "dump this ore from inventory" and "buy this", make a keyboard shortcut.

3) Settle the obvious differences in art-quality. The main gameplay screen is moderately good lookin'; the "fill your tank with gas" screen is exquisite; the "incoming messages" and Natas incarnations are a weak stab at 3D. THe animation of the Natas incarnations is weak at best, and should be improved.

4) It's inconsistent, whether you can latch onto a smooth wall while hovering or slamming into it. This means you never know whether you can ram into a wall and set dynamite / C4 off. (It' makes sense that you can't use these things while hovering, but you ALSO can't use them while in freefall, and you CAN use them while successfully latched onto a smooth wall.)

5) Striking the ceiling & slamming hard into a dirt wall has no sound effect and causes no damage. That's 2 missed chances... I really enjoy, for example, running along a long horizontal surface and then launchign down a shaft & striking the far wall hard... but there're no repercussions nor sounds when this happens.

6) When you "upgrade" your equipment, the craft still looks the same. No different-colored hull, no different sounds, no different smoke patterns. That's a missed chance at some real entertainment. Likewise, when your hull's damaged, it'd be fun to actually SEE some bent fenders HEAR some lame engine wheezing & whatnot. Heck, I'd damage my craft just to hear the interesting sounds.

7) Takes too darned long to finish the game. At several points, I almost quit because it was just same-sh*t-different-depth.

8) LONELY. No pets, no 2-player version, no wild critters roaming the mineshafts like Pacman ghosts. MIssed chance at some excitement, there.

9) When you drop ore out of your inventory, it doesn't GO anywhere. This makes no sense. It'd be fun & add a layer of gameplay complexity, to see the dropped ore actually appear in the mine and clog the mineshaft.

10) Add language choices. If you need help doing this game in Japanese, let me know. :-)

how do u survive gas pockets??

You can't avoid them, just bring repair robots with you and fix yourself.

This game is so addictive, but just takes forever to beat. I didn't realize there was a boss until I finally dug all the way to the right side at the bottom and discovered the hole there. Once I found it, the two bosses were really easy to beat w/ explosives and a lot of nanobots.

Every 1 is saying that natas or "satan' is at 6666 feet but once past like 6000 ur altometer gauge goes crazy ive been to the bottom of thie game literally as in u cant drill any more and then i drill all the way across and i still didnt find ne thing

i need help

i keep getting blank transmitions and cant play! what on earth is going on!

easy win:

go slow, get just enough money to get each lvl of upgrades, then once u have all upgrades pack 250 c4, 1 matter transporter (or quantum doesnt really matter), 300 nanobots and DIG!

once ur depth meter starts going crazy, that means u are close to the boss hes easy as long as you brought the necessary items sit next to him and lay c4 after c4 after c4 making sure u use nanobots.
first form has 1000 hp and second has 2000.

or if ur a cheater here:
to activate: click options and just type exactly what is below:

blingbling - adds $100000 to cash (two blings as opposed to the code mentioned before)
penetrable - hull strength + 1
digdug - drill strength + 1(only goes up 1 lvl opposed to auto amazonite as mentioned before)
warp9 - engine strength + 1
guzzle - fuel tank size + 1
toocool - radiator strength + 1
supersize - bay size + 1
fillerup - refill fuel

and the uber code: drumroll plz

ntouchable - every top upgrade, 99 of everyextra item (c4, dynamite, matter transporter, ect.) and a special core teleporter that takes u right to Natas (press "0" to use) quite a useful code if i do say so myself.

thats about all u need to know for this game.

Mr. Natas is around 8,000-10,000 ft it just says 666 b/c.....well i think you can figure out why. And you can live through a gas pocket if you have the 100,000 hull and the 100,000 fan/raditor

I just beat the first part of the game (after Natas a.k.a. Satan) and I have nothing. I'm lost.......... I need help.......... It is soooooo hard!!!

ps. my score is 2,327,732,800

Hey i have some cheats ;)

blingbling - adds $100000 to cash
penetrable - hull strength + 1
digdug - drill strength + 1
warp9 - engine strength + 1
guzzle - fuel tank size + 1
toocool - radiator strength + 1
supersize - bay size + 1
fillerup - refill fuel
ntouchable - maximize all parts, and give access to core transporter by pressing zero.

im trying to beat Natas (aka satan), but i can't use dynamite or plastic explosives. Am I doing something wrong?

Please Help...

Is there a cheat to refill your hull?

i beat the game in honestly 20 minutes, all you do is just drill a straight hole down and blow up anything like rocks or lava in your way, until you get like 4,000 feet, then you blow up anything you have to drill through except minerals because the risk of natural gas spots, then when you're about to reach the boss go and load up with hull repair and c4, then just blow up the c4 right next to the boss and it's lights out for satan

the cheats just don't work for me i typed blingbling but nothin happened

when i put the cheat down and then save it when i go back to it the stuff is gane can someone help me??

REALLY GOOD GAME. id say mr natis is pretty hard to beat but not as hard as sum other games. the trik is to dig a direct hole to the core (6666ft) and youll meet the boss dude, who is satin (natis). if you are stumped type ntouchable in the settings menu and a bling noise will happen. after you do that, go fill up ur tank and hull. then dig to 6666 ft and fight him. the cheat will giv u max everything. you can drive through gas pockets if you have max hull and nano bots.

Is there anything beyong the boss at 6666 feet? It just keeps saying i found the motherload and then it ends. Or is it just because im using cheats?

at 6666 feet u fall in hell ad the guy that is ur boss is the devil and he trys to kill u to defeat him u have to use big exploshined and he has 2 forms so bring lots like at least 50

i cant figure out how to type in the codes. i mean there is no space or anything to type the codes in. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

i have beat the game and really want to use the codes to help me beat it again! how do you enter codes!

i did and boy did i like it

im new to this game and i need help...every time i get to 4500 feet i either blow up while diging or i lose controll and cant move!!

the closest I have come to enter the code correctly was when I loaded my game, and during the black screen, enter untouchable. it emptied the screen, and I fell down to natis. but i ran out of fuel and died.

how do you enter codes? Plz help!

i dont no how to use codes plz help

ty for the codes i bent the game in 2 mins

To use the cheats you have to go to the 'Option' screen and type it.

TO USE THE CODES, you have to be in the options window. while in there, simply type that you want, though the only important ones are blingbling and ntouchable, though be warned, you will be labeled a cheater and will be unable to save the game.

To avoid blowing up...

Simply upgrade hull and radiator, at full lvl u can with stand like 7 before death.

i cant enter any codes plz help and wot codes r there

i have gotten as far down as to where the altimeter starts going freaky and you dont know how far down you are, then i found like 15 amazonites and got filthy rich on that one trip

bling bling

those are the codes you type them in the options screen

Definetley a good game i give it an A- because it takes forever if you don't use cheats. More than meets the eye. Like almost everyone else said:


i beat satan (natas backwards)
real bit of fun........

where on the options screen do you type in the codes??

What are the codes for the different items again? Oh and who else like finding dinosaur bones?

This game was fun and all but man when you get to the bottom you cant get up unless you use the teleporters and i dont know how so i died. lol

i keep typing the cheat in just to see how easy it as to beat natas(i already beat the game) so i started a game, and i cant type the cheats in, what is wrong?

where do you type in cheats in the option window

plz help

i have got full upgrades and every mineral in the game. i have beaten satin tons of times and have about 200mil im here 2 help the noobs

OK!!! Let's get this cheating buisness straight!!! First of all, if you are playing MOTHERLOAD on MINICLIP.COM, the cheats will not work. They only work on XGENSTUDIOS.COM!!! Got this!?!?!? Good. Now, stop whining about how cheats don't work!

For everyone that can't type in cheats:

it's because you don't play the GOLDIUM edition I found out myself. So download the Goldium editon to enter cheats!

there arterfact who give 50.000$ and 100000pts

and a skeleton who give 10.000$ and 10.000 at the right 1000 fts skeleton is 1200fts

to use the cheats you have to just type in the cheats when you click on options and if it makes a sound and if when you go back to the playing screen and it says cheater then it worked

Hm, I wonder. You can go down to hell. But what about up? You can fly up and up, it never ends. I tried till 100.000 feet. Is it infinity or is there something up there? Maybe you can deliver Satans head in heaven? :) Who knows...

the cheets and how do u get to the end without blowing up

hey evryone i got all the cheats and have compolited thew game 20 times without cheats. the thing is that you cant save when you use cheats BUT if you use the cheat "ntouchable"
and then press zero ypu will go straight to the boss when u press zero press c and you will get a message and then you will b facing the one and only...motherload

p.s. to enter cheats hole zero and enter

The easiest way to win is go slow, then build a straight shaft down after you upgrade fuel tank. Remember where you left off and drop right down the shaft to that point. Buy extra fuel tanks. When you get down to the gas pockets make sure you have one of the best two hulls and radiators try to by c4 or dynamite and only dig through squares with minerals in them. If you dig only minerals and blow up places where you can't dig through minerals, gas pockets can't blow you up. Also, to get to natas, when you get to the bottom and can't dig, go all the way right. Make sure you have LOTS of C4, Dynamite and NanoBots, if you have gotten that far one or two amazonites is enough to buy all the C4 and dynamite you need. It's really easy, but REALLY long.

Hey.......i've tries going to the bosss but guess what i can't find it!!!!! i wahent where you really can't drill anymore so i need help anyone?

can anyone help me get to the boss....i went where you can't dig any more so can anyone help?????

Please Help!
I've tryed all the MotherLoad cheats i can find on the internet but none of them work!
I've beaten Mr Natas (or his real name Satan)
and saved and then it started the game again and i had bad drills and stuff and 0$!

For all the people having issues with the cheat codes, I found that they do not work with . My suggestion is to try to play the game at other sites and try the cheats there. It worked for me.


hey everyone i posted earlier and i hoped that helped everyone. remember that when you use a cheat you cant save so if you wanna do a cheat you have to save first or you will loose all your stuff. And yes you can deliver satans head at 200000000ft in the air. you get mother the 50 billion when you deliver it.

hope this helps bye

its pretty cool but some colision bugs i flew upward over 40,000 and fell even though i had the strongest hull it only took one 10th of my hull and the religious artafacts were a tip of satain being their last i thought the opposite of 6 was 12..

I BEAT SATAN EXACTLY 25 TIMES!!! HA!!! I am ADDICTED to this game!!!! w00t!!

i have some cheats but you dont need cheats to win threw this whole game it only takes me like 30minutes to beat the darn game

to defeat the boss use plastic explosives

what do you get from killing the devil anyways?

holy crap
i cant belive how stupid i am
i beat this and never noticed that mr. natas was satan backwards

i even played this with my dyslexic neighboor (for real)

Man i wanna murder this game , yet , i play it 24/7.........dodgie...huh?

Anybody wanna share some info on this game because believe me i know more than the average person does

please tell me your favourite way of collecting money on motherload plz..............................................THANKS.........CHEERS.......WHATEVER?

I beat it

Hi i've beaten natas five times and i still can't stop playiing... HELP

I think there are some cheats for the game but i can't work out how to use them.

bling bling = +$100,000
0 = maximise all parts (ie.)top hull, top fuel tank etc.

its very easy to pass. you only have to buy lots of nanobots and dynamites but i really really mean lots. i bought about 70 nanobots and explosives. Before fighting the monster check you dont have minerals on your cargo bay. And there is a surprise after the monster so take care

hey people i went all the way to the bottom but i dont seem to see natas where is he ?

to get satan you go all the way down and to the right why cant you just cheat =p

help please, I need to know how to kill satan
thats the site read the information.

i think that whoever created the game found out that u guys were using cheats and migh have upgraded and found a way to stop the cheats.... poor us new players cant even use them now...='{

lol i just defeated natas but get this i only used 50 both things needed

lol have played this game just maybe 5 hours and I beat Devil without cheats...

to "yo doggy"
do you not read above?
the cheats only work on

Mr. Natas is backwards of Satan. Plus I've got tons of money from getting those artifacts. though once I defeat the second boss (After natas) I get $0 And I don't know what to do

I just beat the game and lets just say i was somewhat disappointed,s but i liked it.

I defeated the devil without cheats and now i have 0$ but in inventory i have satans head what do i do with it?

One question, is the same thing to play in miniclip??

does anyone know why you blow up at like 5000 - 5500 feet?

When you beat Mr. Natas, which are two bosses, you get some extra money and some extra points, then in the end the cash also turns into points, making you having billions of points, then you start from the zero cash (but still all the points), you win Satan's Head (in the inventory) you can't sell it, it's just to see how many times you won, now selling minerals is harder (they are half the value omg!) when you have 2 heads, it's divided by 3 OMFG I have 2 heads :)

i have gotten to level 17 but cannot get out of 17. i did find out where and how the game scores are stored and i can restore different levels at will to play over again. what im looking for is someone that has 1 or more saved games in different levels that one can download. i know thats cheating, but ive played this game since it's inception and cannot whoop it,,,level 17 and thats it for me....can someone help me in some way,,,please

Ok, heres how u survive gas pockets with THE weakest hull and radiator:
-Buy 25+ dynamite, (not plastic explosives, they're more exppensive nd hard to use).
after you encounter your first gas pocket (which u will probly die instanly from) start using only dynamite to destroy dirt, you dont need to drill anymore.
using dynamite may sound expensive, but remember : one ruby is 10 dynamites, one diamond is 50 (the screen will be packed with diamonds lower than 5000-6000 feet)
-Near the very bottom of the game (where Satan is) you will find amazonite, worth half a mill which is enough to upgrade one part to the max. You can get 20 amazonites without having to return to the surface when you're near the very bottom.

to beat mr.natas you have to buy a ton of explosives and keep setting them off next to him

Every time i try to play this game it only shows a black screen! Someone help please?

hey when i try to enter cheats the screen says " cheater " and lowers my hull and fuel is there anything i can do???

the easyist way to beat this game is

to fly up to 10,000 ft there you get an angle from god and take only half damage hope this helps.

I have 4 satan heads. Now the money goes really slow, but I almost have 21 billion points now. (A)

To get to the boss

simply buy the best hull, fuel and drill, and about 50 nanobots and 100 dynamites/C4. When you go through gas, heal yourself, when you see lava and rocks, blow them up. As you about to reach the boss, there will be alot of rocks and lava, BLOW ALL THE WAY DOWN! this means you won't be hurt by gas. When you reach a floor you can't drill through, go back to the top. Now buy 100-150 nanbots and C4s (dynamite don't harm him). Now go back down and drillto the left or right edge of the map, go through the hole at the side. Kill the first form by using C4 and repairing yourself, then rinse and repeat for the second form. EASY!

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]

I played but haven't beat it. Here's what i say on natas:

1. Natas spelled backwards=satan=DEVIL!!

2. Don't look directly into his eyes.......THEY'RE RED AS BLOOD!

-make sure that every part of your mining ship is completely upgraded.

-Go to the equipment shop and buy...
-300 plastic explosives
-100 dynamite
-150 nanobot repairers
-25 fuel tanks
-Then go to the bottom and DON'T PICK UP ANYTHING, EVEN AMAZONITE, as it will keep you from flying if you pick up too much.
-Attack the boss by waiting until he is done with attack and then flying close to his feet and detonating plastic explosives. After detonating, fly away and use repairers or fuel tanks if necessary.
-That's it, you're done.

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]

I beat it in 6 hour without cheats

ps. does any one know a cheat to fly really high?

I went really high in the sky and I found the god of sky who gives you an angel.

Lmao I knew that guy Natas was evil. He looked scary and freaked me out since the first time I saw him

Crazily addictive game - I could play it for hours.

But I never expected that thing at -6666.
I practically had a heart attack. ._.

There isn't any boss!! I've gone all the way down and I can't find anything!! I`ve blown up almost everything and I still can't find him...

I've beaten the game 3 times. What you first need is better fuel tank and better drill. Then, keep digging in a strait line. Once you hit rocks, either blow them up with dynamite or if you don't have money, dig around the rocks, continue in a strait line under the rock, memorize where the first rock is in feet, and slow down when you reach 100 feet above, and then blow it up with dynamite. Once you reach blue zone, you should first get best fuel and best hull. The get best drill and best cargo bay. Then get best engine and get the Tri-Turbine Freon Array. When you get money after that, buy fuel reserves and hull repair nanobots. When you are rich, buy 100 fuel reserves, 200 plastic explosives, 5 matter transmitters, and 100 dynamite. Do not get quantum teleporters! If you have low hull, these teleporters will kill you! Once you get to 5500, start blowing up your way through the ground. Once you reach ??????? zone, then get ready to meet your boss. I kinda knew he was evil. If you looked at him carefully, you'd see some key factors. above all, red eyes. That tipped me off. Once he said "turn back of you will be terminated... that is, fired!", I knew he was evil.

to everyone who doesn't understand this:


Number of times you beat the game is after you beat it, then go start a NEW GAME

Levels are
after you beat satan/natas and haven't cheated you can save the game, then when you load the game again you start at the well start... except there's 2 catches, 1) you get no money to start but full fuel (better go get an ore fast ;)) and 2) EVERYTHING GIVES YOU HALF MONEY, so amonzite which normally gives you $500,000 gives you $250,000, diamonds which normally give you $100,000 give you $50,000.

I have beaten the game twice now and I'm on level 3, it starts getting harder although level 3 is still beatable,

now to you people saying you are on level 17 or level 21 you are complete idiots, do you really expect us to believe you are beating the game when amonzite gives you only like $2-$30?!

nvm, I realized on my last comment it isn't halved each time it the following formula

value = original value / satan's heads + 1

There is a boss fight at -6666 or something. It's the guy that hired you, and then he turns into some creep devil thing. The rest I don't know.

To type in cheats, go to the options button and type the code in. Miniclip version has no cheats. You can't save if you cheat, though!

Gas pockets are fatal without the top 2 hulls.

I won with at least 100 plastic explosives and repairbots. You can have dynamite, but I didn't use them on him.

When you can't drill any farther, go all the way to the right and drill.

Hope I helped :) Motherload ftw!

Meh... I was having a lot of fun with Motherload, and I looked it up on Google.... i never suspected there would be a BOSS (wth?).... Darn thanks guys for ruining it for me I got like to 2500 feet lol. Hehe.

I found 3 secret items (upgrades) you can find after about 2,500 feet, usually around 5,000 or deeper:

1. Some blue looking startrek engine, think its called an Ancient Warp Drive (gives unlimited matter transmitter ability, you don't end up using any more transmitters if you have them)
2. Some blue looking scroll (gives ability to convert magma pockets into $$$, but still hurts when you hit them)
3. Some greenish looking containers that you can easily mistake for a martian corpse (gives you ability to convert gas pockets into fuel)

After you dig past 500 or maybe 1,000 feet, if you go back to the surface and to the far right, you'll see a small martian spaceship, go to it and it will give you the ability to convert some (not all) dirt blocks into money (oil for the martians), the deeper you go the more they are worth.

[Edit: Spoiler added ~ Kayleigh]

Here's a good strategy for any level your up to:

- dig down to 500 feet ASAP
- go to the martians on the far right on the surface
- then once you have the cash upgrade your fuel
and engine
- then take a trip to 5,000 feet (in the air)
- refuel and save
- load again and go back up to 5,000 feet again

'God is so generous, giving you money every time
you load again'

[Edit: Spoiler added ~ Kayleigh]

ive made it to 8023 feet its hard to go anywhere theres so many gas pokets and lava but its worth it.

Ok, well I pretty much just wasted half an hour flying as high as I can. at 5000ft God gives you 5000$ and at 10,000ft God gives you a guardian angel, well I thought I would push it a bit harder... at 100,000ft God says you have too much time on your hands. Grr.

is there any one that has gone up in the sky
i have and theris nothing until 5,000ft were you get a load og cash and at 10,000ft you get an angel which i think reduces damage and after that this nothingso far at 52,300ft

i have completed it but i cant do the boss

Here's what I've figured:
You can save a lot of money by not upgrading your fan until you reach the lava pockets.

to defeat satan (i didn't use cheats)
just buy, like, 300 C4 explosives and 300 hull repair things. and lots of emergency fuel.

Pretty addictive game, though the Satan should be way harder to beat, I mean, the master of all evil killed by a few bombs? Geez.....

Anyways, heres a good cheat:


type that in the options page(just type it, no text bar) and press enter. You`ll hear a wierd sound. Exit, and you`ll see your fuel is critical, and so is your hull. Keep pressing r and f to put them back to normal. Press 0 to skip down all the way to the bottom, and keep using plastic explosives(press c) on him, and don`t forget to use repair.

To use a cheat, go to the options menu and then type it in
BEWARE if you use a cheat you cannot save.

And to whoever said this, after you beat the game you have to start all over again, except for one thing: You have a 'Satan's Head' in your inventory. I'm not sure if it does something, but it is quite interesting.

haha this game killed me at the end i almost cried :)

i got to the bottom and the boss is there. the detph meter reads -66,666 ft.

uggh! i dug to like 700 ft and still no martian ship came! then i flew to like 15,000 ft and no "mr. dog" came to me! i'm using the game link under xgenstudios popular games section. can someone tell me why it's not working!!!

Anyone know why everytime start the game, the ship flies STRAIGHT up, and then blows up cuz i'm out of fuel? If I press any key (up, dn, lft, rt; or a, d, s, w) it just keeps flying up up!?!?

If you play on Xgen, go to options, and key in "ntouchable" , than press 0 to easily get to the boss really quickly.

(currently playing) the meter screwed up when you reach below -6000. i don't believe that there is a boss at -6666 as at this rate, i would have been at -7500

[There are 2 different versions of the game as noted in the comments above. -Jay]

To beat the boss you must use plastic explosives (or dynamite) and a lot of it. Be sure to upgrade your pod entirely and stock up as much as you can on the explosives, repair, and fuel just in case. They're are two levels of the boss. I have only beaten the 1st and the 2nd is much harder. Good luck!

Hurray..., finally defeated Satan.. It took me 4 hours and 30 mins.... It is a really addicting game.. Poor me, they banned the game in the office.. Had to play this weekeend...

HELLO! OMG! I came across this website, last time I came here was 6 years ago!! 6 YEARS!
I'm the first commenter, go to page 1. This is my comment:

oh god. i just wasted almost 2 hours of my life playing this addictive game. fun... but addictive!
Posted by: Dave | October 17, 2004 2:25 AM


This game is still amazing. I bought the goldium edition :p

here are the cheats people (you must be on the options screen and on xgenstudios to cheat):

blingbling: gives you $100000
penetrable: hull strength +1
digdug: drill strength +1
warp9: engine strength +1
guzzle: fuel tank size +1
toocool: radiator strength +1
supersize: bay size +1
fillerup: refills fuel tank
ntouchable: every top upgrade, and 99 of every extra item (Repair Nanobots, Dynamite, etc) and a very special core teleporter that teleports you straight to Mr Natas (Satan), press 0 to use. Very useful code.

just remember that when you cheat you cannot save.

HA i thought natas having red eyes looked kind of off.

im just a little stuck, everytime i go down past a certain point, the guy says stop and go back up. is anyone else having this problem? is it a glitch? im really scared ill loose my game because the the guy will get angry at me.

please i really need help

Well, I beat the game, but then all my items vanished and I had to rise 6,666 feet without any fuel and I exploded. Are you joking?? I BEAT THE BOSS AND DIED BECAUSE MY 150 RESERVE TANKS VANISHED INTO THIN AIR!

To Beat Natas (Satan):

First, dig to -66666, which is the core. You will meet Natas and he will try to kill you. You need explosives, so stock up on that and nano-repair bots.
Secondly, you need full fuel and full hull upgrade.
Then you are ready to beat Natas, who has two forms.
For you cheaters-
Type in 'ntouchable' on the options screen. No space? just type will here a small 'ding'. You will have 99 of every item, you will have full upgrades, and you get a 'Core Transmitter'. This will allow you to transport directly to the core. (press 0 to use)
You will be unable to save when you use this code, so try by yourself, and if you still can't do it, then use the code.

I am sorry but I think your wrong, The guy pops up and tells me I am not allowed to dig that deep.

Just ignore the guy telling you to stop going down. Spoiler: he's the final boss

I have to say kevs that i disagree with you. I don't want to disobey Natas. Is there any way of beating it without disobeying him?

XD i got up to +10000 and got the angel but is there anything above that?

So, in order to not hit gas pockets and explode, at all, you just have to keep using your c4 in every empty hole that doesn't have a mineral? Or if you hit them while you have the best hull and some nanobots, will you live?

The trick to getting down to Satan is to drill down to where it's impossible to drill anymore, staring to the right of the fuel station. then go right, blowing everything up until you get to a small hole. drop down in there and you can fight satan (note: I would buy at least 200 C4 first.)

I've gotten to the end. At the end there is a wall of rocks. You go to the far right to find a hole in the wall of rocks. This hole leads to a huge cavern where you have to attack the devil, so if you think you're nearing the end pack a lot of repair nanobots and explosives. If you beat him, It adds up all your money, plus extra money from selling body parts from the devil.

The boss comes at "6666" deep, all you need is somewhere around 100 plastic, 10 fuel refill and 20-50 nanorepair. I recommend to get all 100 except plastic those get 500. After the "first" boss is defeated there comes another dog like thing.

Mr. Natas..... Spell it backwards


i think i just ended motherload, and i saved it and now i'm poor again

i spent a 4 hrs and my score was 51,446,217,750
I only noticed it was 4 hours later when i stopped playing

Hi, i have the max amt. of money on this game, and cannot find Satan's head!! Also, @the end, I believe a C4 blast kills Satan's Head, Mr. Natan, or whatever its called. Is the satans head thing in the middle, left edge, or right edge?? PLEASE REPLY!


As you may have noticed, as you get deeper, the gravity gets stronger and the ground becomes harder to drill through. When Mr. Natas tells you to turn back, you can't even go up unless you have an über engine from cheats or you have a teleporter (don't use it; the gravity will remain the same it was below ground on the surface). After going down far, you will get a a red boundary made of what looks like skeletons. Blow it up with explosives, then you will descend to fight Mr. Natas-I hope you have lots of nanobots, fuel add-ons, and large explosives, because you will need them. After defeating him, you find the motherload, get new items in your inventory (notably "Satan's Head"). You did it!

I hope not that heaven is up at like, 100 million feet up. I do not want heaven to be there that high. Put it away.

I made it to level 25, SUPER HARD but I had ancient blueprints so I won anyway :)

Other Secret ones are: Multi drill which cuts through the rock you normally use explosives on, (gray square "undrillable" rock) Regenerative hull, regenerates hull, (duh,) and portable wormhole, infinite cargo space.

I beat Mr Natas and it saved my game, I don't know what to do now. Do I take satan's head to heaven or something?

Has anyone else noticed that flying is very hard when you get to about -500ft? It might just be me but anyway i have plenty of the reliable teleports back up to the surface so im okay ;) Great game and who needs cheats? only idiots that can't play games need cheats. Fantastic game, can't wait to find the boss! Hooah!

When you cheat you can only save one way. Explode and once the game over is gone type in a password and name and it will save.

P.S. You keep all your money.

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