From Sweden, this little game has got to be the tiniest Flash game I've ever seen. Written by Klas Kroon of OutOfSociety, a site which has previously posted very good tutorials on creating tile-based games in Flash. This game is actually a remake of an old TI-83 game also called Blockdude, originally written by Brandon Sterner.

The objective of Blockdude is to get to the exit door. You must pick up and move blocks to solve each level. You can get yourself into a 'stuck' situation, if so press [R] to restart the level. The other controls are:

  • Left/Right Arrow keys - Move left/right
  • Up Arrow - Jump up on a block
  • Down Arrow - Pick up/drop block
  • Shift + Arrowkeys - Scroll around the level, for overview
  • R - Reset Level
  • Q - Quit to menu

Use the arrow keys and press Enter to select from the menu. There are 11 levels from the original game, plus 3 bonus levels. Click the image for original size. For 200% size, use this link.

Play Blockdude


Im recently on level 11, there arent any more right? I read 3 bonus, but does that happen after you beat it? Good game though, challenging, especially this one

I'm pretty sure the 14th (3rd bonus) level is unbeatble.

how do you beat the 11th level, i just need one more block.

The 14th (3rd) bonus level cant be beatable. I've been stumped on the game before but not like this. Anyone got any suggestions??

I can't pass level 9! How do I??? Help...someone...!

Heh, this is awesome, i have this game for my calculator.....good ol' TI-83 plus. I've seen a friend play at level 30 or so, but i can't make it past level's an awesome game though, exactly like the calculator version too.

I don't see how this is possible. I can't get past level 1...

Does anyone know how i pass level 9??

How do you pass level 9?!! What are the other level passwords, levels 9-11, plus the bonus levels?

ya i have this on my calc too.. haha

anyone wanna help me with 8 :D

Did somebody complete the level 14?

This level is unbeatble...

If anyone can figure out how to move just one of the three blocks out of the middle i can tell you how to beat that level

This game needs a walkthrough....i know,i know....that defeats the purpose, but this game is really making my head hurt...i feel a brain anurism starting...again!!!!

It is an addictive game, but I could not find a solution to level 14. Any one at all that have solved level 14?

By the way, if anyone wants to cheat, here is help for the first 11 levels:
I found it when I was searching for help with level 14 so it was no use to me. But it was interesting to see that level 11 could be solved in an other way than I did it.

level 14 is impossible

ive finally proven level 14 impossible:

You need 5 blocks to get to the top, but you can only get 4 blocks outside of that little place you start in.

i beat level 14

How do you get past level 1???

Simon, to get past lvl 1.

Step 1: Pick up block which is right infront of you and put it down 1 square to the right.

Step 2: Walk onto the box and over the ridge.

Step 3: Pickup the 2nd box and just walk over to the ridge.

Step 4: While still holding the box, press up and walk over that little ridge.

Step 5: Exit.

wow thanks, I'm sure i tried jumping with a block on my head, but I guess I didn't.

^^ I beat lvl 14... Now for lvl 15.... wow... im stumped. D8

Hard game...Level 7 is HAARRD

hey guys im sooo loving this game it is quite addictive!! i havent played it in a while and now i have forgotten how to get past level 5!! i know i must sound really dumb but i am stuck and its driving me crazy! if anyone could help me out, i would appeciate it very much. thanx guys. xo

I'm completely stumped on level 14. If someone has solved it please post a hint. It's driving me mad.

If anyone figures out how to beat level 14, then be my guest and tell everyone.

How do you get past level 2?

ok, i probably sound stupid, but i'm stuck on level 4. so i stink at this game, but i'm in a hall of fame for pong, so there.

ummm this may sound dum but.... how do u get past lvl 3? thnx

I know how to get past level 14. i will put in in spoiler text, so only look AS A LAST RESORT! only look if you really need to know to get on with your life. here it is:

i am lying, i really have no idea how to beat this level, i am completely stumped as you guys are, plz someone who has beat this level tell us all, ok plz???

For 11 put wTF

can someone help me with level 9 i cant figure it out

I beat lv 11.... finaly but how do you "get" to the next lvl because it just put me on the main screen right when I pressed "enter"?????

I have the TI-83 PLUS and i dont even know if there is a lvl 12 13 and 14 because after i beat lvl 11 (the last lvl...suposedly) so if anyone could answer i would be glad to know if there are any bonus lvls for the TI-83 PLUS.

i swear lvl 14 is impossible so if anyone can figure it out feel free to tell everyone

The lag in executing commands in this game makes it much more playable than the TI-83 game.

im stuck at the end of 5. i got the first hole filled, and the pyramid amde to the next place, but i dont have enough blocks to fill hole 2. im so confuzzled.

My down key doesn't do anything. Am I misreading how to pick up the blocks?

Never mind. I was thinking in terms of Super Mario Bros. 2, where you stand on things to pick them up.

I've made it to level 10. I'm done.

hi agian i was just wondering can anyone tell me how to get to the games on a ti-83 any time i have it has already been open and i just got one my self i know there are games on it i just don't know where to find them

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did level 3 and 4 now for level 5

please tell how to beat lvls 9,10,and 11. it wud probably b easier to describe just writing "up","down","left",and "right" in the order you have to press them. i am so stuck. i have the TI-84 version, but im almost positive its the same as the one on this site.

ok nevermind that takes a long time. i started for level 10. heres how to beat level 10 if you need to know:

go to the right and take the block from under the stair things. move it 1 spot to the right. then take the 6 blocks to the right of there. stack them so you can on top of the floating stair things. now go as far as you can to the left.take one and set it so you can get on the stair things. now take the one of the others and this part is hard to describe. take that one and the 7 already there to get you from the stairs to the platform above where the 6 blocks started. now go back to get the one you left behind and set it up in the bottom right corner. now take the 5 not needed to get up to the platform youre on. put them all on that platform as far to the right as you can get them without ever putting one on top of another. the very last one has to go on the edge of the platform. now stand in the spot between the one block and the others. there should be one touching blockdude on each side. now press right,down,left down,right,down,left, down,right,down,left,up,down,right,right,right,down, left,left,down,right,right,right,down,left,left,down. now there should be stairs to the top platform. the area with blocks straight above the block pile is a trap. instead, move the 3 furthest right of the 4 blocks all sidebyside 2 spots to the right. now take the 1 furthest to the left and go up the stair things. it works despite how it looks. now from the stairs set it on the other at the bottom of the stairway. now you can get the 2 off the other platform and throw them off the edge at the top of the stairs. now take the top block you just set there and throw it off after the other 2. take the one under it and throw it off too. now just to the right of the bottom of the stairs there should be 2 blocks. take 1 and jump off the edge. throw it off the bottom step of the 2 step stairs to make it 3 steps. now from the 2nd step pick up the block on the top. throw it off to the left off the top step. now pick up the 2nd step block and throw it after the other. now simply take the hightest block and throw it off the far left. now take all the blocks and make stairs to the exit.

sorry about how terribly long the instructions are......

what is the password for level 30?

Hey Peter, i have a Ti-84 calculator, where did you get the block dude game for it? i have loved this game and would like to get it on my calculator :D

ok i am with yall how the heck do you beat lvl 14 it is buggin me to death im gonna kill myself (not really)

look, someone just send me a screenshot (or several, if it is big of lvl 14 and i'll solve it for you. i'm too bored to do the other levels.

hey ive been playin this game on my graphing calculator and i am helllla stuck on level 9. SOME ONE HELP ME

ya i play on my ti-83..but i cant get past level 11...does anybody have any pointers?

i just got to level 11 and i can't beat it.

I'm at level 14 and this can not be done. I can't get the extra block out of the starting position! Has anybody got any clew??

if anyone really finished level 14, plz post how to

i dont wanna pass to advance lvls with out finishing all the lvls before..(on the calc)

so, im stuck on lvl 9, i cant pass it..anyone can make a discription? plz

L2-ARo L3-CKs L4-daN L5-BAH L6-Ion L7-Twe L8-nTy L9-iRC

I need helpe with level 12 someone please help me. Right down right left down or something or tell me what to do in steps

I beat level 12 but now i need help with level 14 someone please help me i think its impossible to beat.

I really love this gme and would like to play it on my TI-83 calc. It isn't the one where you press APPS and its under puzzpac so does anyone know how to get to it on my kind of calc.??

How do you complete Level 14? If there is some genius out there laughing at all us asking for Level 14 helpers-I beg you, please tell us how to finish.

Go to this for a walkthrough on how to do each level

PLEASE!!!! someone get the solution for level 14 I'm gonna go INSANE

Can you type in passwords for the flash version? If so, how do you do it?

There are no passwords for the flash version srry Now, once again, PLEEEEEEESE some1 get the solution for level 14 I mean there has to be a solution... doesn't there?

how do you beat level 9? it seems impossible to me!!

I found a proof that level 14 is impossible:

The only way you can get to the top (which is obviously the only way you could win) you have to have six blocks stacked up on the right. You can't get any of the three middle blocks in the middle out of the middle, and you can only put one on the side to help you with the stack of six on the right. This would bring you to a total of four blocks, and it is thus impossible.

I beat level 11 but i cant figure out how to get to the bonus levels. if someone could let me know how that would be great.

Yay for ti-83 Plus!! but yeah im stuck on level 9 im pretty sure its impossible please help! :)

the answers to all your problems are right there

In the orginal block dude you could step up a level with a block on your head even if the roof was right above you and there was a step infront of you. In the new one you cant, which makes level 11 a little harder and level 14 impossible.

To beat level nine

first go down to the left and move the block to get up again (this prevents the blocks that you throw down later from being useless), then get back to the midair thing by using the block to the right of it, then take the blocks in the top right hand corner to make a brige to the three blocks on the floating platfrom in the top left hand corner. However, only throw down two blocks from there and put the other one on the platfrom in the right hand corner then jump down into the pit from the top left hand corner. Every thing else from there should be pretty simple.

i cant live without this game on my TI-83 plus! i cant find the program anywhere! can someone give it to me, pretty please...?

I need a lot of help with level 12....

how do you get to the bonus levels on blockdude, idk how, does anybody know

;.; i hate lvl 14...and ppl please stop posting "the answer is here" that link only has the first 11 lvl's...

level 14 took me a couple hours on a boring day

There is a way to beat Level 14, I have beaten it. It took me almost an hour to actually figure it out. So don't give up and keep doing it. It will come to mind eventually.

i have beaten level 11 and do not know how to get the 3 bonus levels. passwords or just how to get there would be very helpful.

ok JASON give me a little clue on how to get the boxes out of the middle? or how to get to the top?

Okay, I cannot beat level nine, any help?

how!! do you get past lvl 14 if there is a way plz tell us in spoilers if you really know (is lvl 14 really impossible)

how do you beat level 10? I've been on it for ever! Please help!!

what are the passwords for levels 12, 13, 14?

Level 14 is actually very easy...if it worked like it does on the calculator version. On the calculator you can step up with a block on your head even if there is a roof above you, as rossdaboss pointed out. For some reason you can't do that on the flash version, so the level doesn't work. We need someone to remake the flash version and fix it!!! And what's this about there being like 50 levels!? Where can I go to play them?

How do you get to levels 12, 13 and 14? I beat level 11 on my TI-84 plus and it brought me to the main menu. Any Help?

level 14 is impossible.. am giving up.. all other levels were fairly easy.....

if anyone figured it out yet.. post some clues..


As posted by Tyler, Lvl. 14 is impossible to do in the flash version.

"Level 14 is actually very easy...if it worked like it does on the calculator version."

On the calculator you can step up with a block on your head even if there is a roof above you, as rossdaboss pointed out.

"For some reason you can't do that on the flash version, so the level doesn't work."

We need someone to remake the flash version and fix it!!! And what's this about there being like 50 levels!? Where can I go to play them?"

I hope you all realize that level 14 is completely impossible on the flash version(on flash version you can not step up with a block on your head when there is a roof above you). All of you asking about level 12, 13, and 14 on a calculator won't play because it is on the flash version(computer) not the calculator version. Someone might make it so you can play 12, 13, and 14 on the calculator eventually. Level 14 was made poorly as it is impossible and should be re-done with the ability to step up with a block on your head and a roof above you.

i cant get past level 12.
someone HELP ?!

& for those who need help with level 11 :)

i dont particularly like the puzzpack solution thingy.
so, go to youtube & type in blockdude level 11 solution. works like a CHARM :)

Someone please post a legible walkthrough for Level 9!! I think it's impossible to do!!!

I have a TI-83 plus, how do I get this game for it?

14 was easy passcode for 15 is 098598

hey all. I'm not sure if anyone is aware of this but there are MORE levels in blockdude, they just aren't in this game. blockdude is actually a remake of blockman by soleau software. The levels are identical and the orginal game had about 20 levels. i've included most of them in my gp2x version of the game. If there is enough interest i will make a windows version as well :)

How come my game only goes up to level 11?

For all you doubters out there, level 9 is NOT impossible. I just beat it. As for level 14, my calculator doesnt have that level so i dont know...

For level 9 make sure that the first thing you do is

move the block thats in the pit on the left to the right then go back to the starting platform and get up to the 3 blocks. Move them to the platform to get the other 3 blocks that are to your left throw 2 of those off the edge and carry the other on to the spot were the first 3 blocks were hat should help you get started I'll leave the final part to you

HOw do you get past level 12? Me and my bro are stuck!

yes, as my sis said, we did have trouble on lvl 12 but we beat it, for all you ppl who say lvl 9 is impossible, read all the previous posts where ppl give the link to detached solutions. for all of you who can't find the bonus levels, that's cuz puzzlepack(on the calculators) coesn't have anything beyond level 11. and as has been mentioned before, 14 is impossible unless the glitch is fixed in the flah version. This post ought to solve all of your problems except how to beat level twelve and thirteen. Just don't give up and you will figure it out eventually....

since i'm at it, I might as well tell you how to beat lvl 12, just look at the spoiler. I apologize if I am not clear about how to beat it but if you reread it enough times you may just understand it.

do not take out the block on the side that you are making the pyramid thingy on instead make it so you that you have one between upper rocks #'s 2 and 3. After that you should take another block and put it on the MIDDLE of the platform you have just created then take another block and put it on the side closest to the door, then climb down the pyramid, pick up the rock on the side, and use it to reach the door.

im stuck on lvl 9. OMG!

If you guys like block dude, you definitely need to find a copy of Chips Challenge. It's half insane puzzle, half insane action, and then half fun.
That's right, it has an extra half of fun. Also there's something like 240 or so levels.

someone plz tell me how to beat level 9. its like a block is missing or something. every other level is easy tho so i will help you if you help me.

how do you beat level 5??? [[on the TI-84 calculator.]]

if you won see some solutions that you realy don't no
type solve level .. blockdude in youtube and there he is

grzts vincent

Level 9 is't too hard on the calculator. it took me and a friend about two hours to figure it out. the secret is not to move the block you stand on when you start. good luck!!!!!!
now level 10, that's a whole other story. it's hard but not impossible. i've seen it on youtube. but i still am trying to figure it out. tee hee ^_^

howdo you get to the levels past 11?

Now understanding that you can move up with a block on your head even when the roof is in your way, I finally can beat level 10. Thank you Peter

As far as the "glitch" in level 14, even if you could step up with a block on your head, and a step in front of you, you still wouldn't get a block outside the starting middle part.(Because the block would fall when it hit the top.) So I agree that 14 is impossible.

wow i just was playing this game and i found out how to get to level 14 but it is impossible any one know the solution?

Grrrr... I NEED to beat level 14 or else i'll go crazy!!! Can i get it on calculator so i can beat it?

the answer to level 9!!!!
(if it goos to fast just click pause)

Hey can anyone please tell me the last part to level 9 i just can't figure it out.

I can not pass level12. The one with the blocks suspended. If anyone can help...please!! Do you throw the blocks down or stack them in the top??? The other solutions for levels 1-11 are here:

Hey guys, if you love blockdude, i just released a windows version of the game. with 23 levels and the ability to create your own levels ! more info can be found here

LEVEL 12!!

plz help


Thank God I'm not alone!
I just got my new calculator for physics in the process of going back to school when I found this little gem preloaded on it. This game's addicting. Does anyone have any idea how many levels there are on the TI-84 edition?

anyone have high times? for the original 11 levels? i gotta record my time, but its pretty fast

ok lvl 14 is impossible. i hate it wats the farthest anybody can get?

Anyone know how to pass level 11 on the calc(ti-84 plus)?
i'm stuck on it!

I'm pretty sure the online version of level 14 is impossible. In the online game, you can't move up if there's an obstruction above the block on your head. In the calculator version the game was based on, you could.

With that in mind, I think the calculator version was possible as you could get the blocks out of the little starting bunker. Not in the online version though.

I have played block dude on both the TI-84 Plus and on the internet. The calculator is a lot easier to use. I can finish all 11 levels in 9:49 seconds. On the internet i can do all but level 14. I believe it is impossible using the internet. If it was on the calculator i could finish it. If anyone wants the spoiler for any levels ask for them. Ican answer all but level 14.

Where do I enter a level code, in the flash? Boring playing levels I know the answer to.

level 14 is impossible in this flash remake because unlike the TI83 and TI84 games (and a windows remake, which originally featured this level I think) this game does not allow you to step up with a block above you and a wall/ceiling directly above that. That move was allowed in the earlier versions, making this level possible. Too bad this version was posted with that glitch. Anyways, I'm finishing up a Fortran90 remake with several more levels and a level editor. for details or source code if you have a compiler and want to try it. 6/20/11

How do you put in passwords? when I scroll to the "Password" option on the home screen of the game, nothing happens, and when I press enter, it automatically enters an "a". help!

How do you get past level 5?

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