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ZomboComHere is one of my all-time favorites and it will surely be one of your favorites, too: ZomboCom. Actually there is no other place quite like it that I know of. It's unique, it's original, and it's one-of-a-kind; truly a rare swedish fish in a sea of jujubes.

I love it because I feel welcome at ZomboCom, and it's a feeling that cannot easily be replicated. If I am limited by anything at ZomboCom, it is myself. The best part about it is anything is possible at ZomboCom and there is nothing I cannot do.

So won't you join me? The unattainable is unknown ...at ZomboCom.

Play ZomboCom


That's a great game, Jay! Once I figured out what to do, that is. I really enjoyed it, thank you!


For anyone struggling to get started...

Watching the timing of the flashing circles might help...


I don't get it...


This is a mean thing to do; posting Zombocom on your website... many people will kill themselves.


what do I do??????


I don't even get the beginning. TT_TT


Oh, I forgot, it was April Fools!


..I feel stupid now. What a mean april fools joke


What the hey? I'm using AOL and all i can hear is that bloke speaking, which is making me laugh.

Oh wait, is this an april fools?


how am i supposed to get started??


Just wanted to let you know I started killing myself


Jay is this a joke? If not, then I need some help! ASAP!! I really do love this site, and at I'm getting a good laugh from Zombocom-man. He's so encourging! But if this is not a joke, could I plese get a little assistance? Thanks

Khrisper April 1, 2006 5:28 AM

Yeah, this is annoying not knowing the point of it :D
Its funny listning to the odd man talking...
And me too, i love this site and want to continue loving it.


wow i've been playing for half an hour and i can't stop playing. great find!


Look at the colour of the letters and note the sequence. Now replicate the sequence on the flashing lights. The game doesn't give any feedback at this stage, which I think probably discourages lots of people from going further, but if you persevere, the next few levels are worth the effort.


LOL. Emma you have no soul


After taking a look at Zombocom, I'm not exactly sure who needs therapy the most:
Me - for listening to it for longer than is healty
Zombocom creators - for making the [censored] headache-inducer
or Jay - for posting the [very censored] thing!



wow, great fun once you work it out, but has anyone got past level 3?


I've been clicking like a madman to get the squence right on the flashing circles, but i can't progress any further. How do i get past this?


tobey- WHAT?????????

Marc- I'm with you!!!!!!

Is this worth pulling my hair out! lol


Fans of this game should also check out Obmozcom which has a similar concept...


Good find, jay :)

I was really enjoying the welcome message, but sadly was not able to see any circles. How long I have to listen before circles start to appear?


I'm not sure if I should bear in mind that it is april 1st


For the record, You are all mean people. Ha-Ha-Ha. I googled Zombocom. Thanks Jay!

P.S Happy April Fool's Day everyone!


Ah, I finally got it.

Thanks for reminding me to be on guard for the rest of the day. :p


What the heck are you supposed to do?!?!?!


Oh yeah it's april fools day! I even went to 15footstick and didn't realise i'd been had: so I went back to Zombo in an attempt to get through the level :p

heather12321 April 1, 2006 9:50 AM

Aaaah I've been trying to click the lights for ages, and nothing's happening!! Can someone PLEASE give me help??? That voice is so irritating!!

davisthek April 1, 2006 10:06 AM

quite addictive, if you ask me... but the graphics on the second island... i've never seen something like that in a flash movie... respect!

ninjastyle April 1, 2006 10:10 AM

Whoa, nice. Too bad it's so short. Also, was level 4 extremely easy or is it just me?

If you are still having trouble getting past the circles, you may want to take a closer look at their radiuses.

Definetly the best game I've come across yet!


The part with the dancing ninja was sublime! The Samorost-ian artwork was also well worth the visit!


i need help. is this a joke? its not funny =[ please tell me how to get past the circles

Likwit_Snake April 1, 2006 12:31 PM

I know how this works:

You must right mouse click, and then zoom in to the circles, you'll see they're not completely round. That's all I say for now, but if you know what to do with it, you can get very far. Level 7 here :)

YoungEmpirer April 1, 2006 12:36 PM

Please jay post cause i wanna know if this is an april fools or not... email me if you want but just tell me


I wasn't kidding, I really do love ZomboCom! =)

But if you're wondering whether there is actually a game to play there, well ...no there isn't (I never said there was ;)


I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. For those of you who are still convinced this is an April Fool's joke, it isn't. Maybe you need to comb the source code a bit better? Anyway, perhaps Jay will treat us to some April Fool's thing later.

MAJOR spoiler for those stuck on the first level:

Yeah, okay, there isn't a game. Try wikipedia-ing "zombocom".

HisJap2003 April 1, 2006 2:01 PM

i've figured it out:

open firefox. highlight the link to zombo.com and copy it to your clipboard. crank up your speakers. continually press ctrl+t, ctrl+v, enter. enjoy the trip.

Link Samoch April 1, 2006 2:42 PM

Hey. I got to the third level (sector, whatever), but I'm stuck. I'm outside the big building, but the uniformed man won't let me in without an appointment. I've already used the handheld phone to generate an antidote from the venom sample and the gin bottle's contents, but if I try to use it on myself, I automatically fail the mission, since I have to show it to Markus first (I think). I tried looking in the back of the building, but all I could find was a grate with a question mark on it. I tried using the gun on it, but it didn't work. Any help, please? I keep running out of time and dying. :(

Anyway, this game rocks. A great blend of puzzle gaming and science fiction, and I especially like the 1984-esque feeling it creates, especially with the flashing messages on level two in the bar. Genius. :D


Heh. I didn't know this was still around.

Maybe I should pass this on to a few gullible people myself...

heather12321 April 1, 2006 3:48 PM

okay, i really need to know. is there actually anything to do, or is everyone just in on the joke? i checked wiki and it said there wasn't anything to do. and that guy speaking is starting to rot my brain! :'(

Stefano April 1, 2006 3:56 PM

Funny facts about the game:

1. if you wait long enough, it shows a link telling you to "Sign Up For The NewZLetter". The link does not work, though.

2. If you zoom in, somewhere around the left-bottom of the stage, you will see "E-TSURT" logo. Completely pointless, since you can't do anything with it.
3. Definitely an april fool's game.


> I tried using the gun on it, but it didn't work. Any help, please? I keep running out of time and dying. :(

You have to get the fishing rod from the guy in the suit (ask him about his wife first) and then you need to get the magnet from the magnet store (in the north-east corner). You can use these to retrieve an appointment slip using these items on the grate. To save time, try to activate the bridge in sector two. You'll need to bring the old homeless man an apple before you can do this. Get the apple from the orchard (of course!)


hahahahaha omg I wanted to scream "SHUT UP!"

Kinestra April 1, 2006 5:33 PM

Okay, here is a hint walkthrough for the benefit of all those who seem to be having difficulty.

Level 1: This is the 'idiot test' bit...don't feel bad if you can't get through it, it's a matter of figuring out the technique, and once you get it the other levels become very logical.


The circle sequence is important here...look for a pattern in the colours/spacing and the speed of the voice over. It gets faster as it continues - how might this be significant? If you reach the point with two links, you've mis-timed the click and you'll have to start again. IMPORTANT - make sure you memorise the sequence you find! You'll need it later to progress, and you really don't want to start again at that stage.
If you still have trouble:

Look carefully at the source code on the sites you're linked to when the level times out. The answer is in there if you know where to look.

Level 2: This is a different style from the first level, but overall probably easier since you'll have got the trick by now.

Pay attention to the messages you find around the environment, especially those the kafka figure is giving off. Some knowledge of morse code helps again here, but only if you want a perfect score, and it's easy to find a chart on google.

Level 3: Different style again, but same general principle.

Timing is very important here, as Markus only appears when the window is open, so you have to create the antidote BEFORE the cleaners come along or you won't be able to finish. Also, remember that a gun can be used for more than just shooting...maybe the young man in the dress has something you can use it with?

Level 4: Possibly my favourite, although it's much more skilful to complete than other logic based levels. This level will either take you two minutes or two days. If you're no good at platformers, you may as well give up now.

This is the first island level, and also the first time you really have to watch your back for enemies. Make sure the white ninja doesn't get too close while picking the lock on the helicopter door, or you're boned. It's better to drop down into the picnic area and try again than to die and start the whole game over

Level 5: Another mini-level (select the segment with the duck to start it, for some reason the 'start' button doesn't work here).

You really shouldn't need help with this one, but I recommend you spend some time messing with the hue/magnitude controls. It has some pretty hilarious results if you listen to the voice over at the same time.

Level 6: This may seem familiar after level 4, but don't be fooled...several years have passed since then, and this is probably the most difficult level despite the simplicity of the answer. Take some time to drink in the graphics while you're here. It's only fair after the amount of time the creator must have poured in! :o

Once you get underground you'll need your wits about you...doesn't the man moving the stars look familiar? Don't worry about the ladder, it will only collapse if you're too heavy (remember the suit of armour is only needed by ONE of the minions for everyone to cross safely). You are being watched by the mystery puppeteer any time that a screen is uncovered, so be careful what you draw while the minions are moving the dials. Let's hope you remembered the sequence from the start, or you may just find yourself back at square one!
NOTE - If you use WSAD to control the pipes in the trapeze sequence, you can use the numberpad for the minions at the same time. Trust me, it mkes things a LOT easier!

That was a real gem, thank you Jay! Though, I do think you could have picked an easier game for April 1st and saved this one for another day, since a lot of people seem to be giving up on it early. It's worth persevering, guys, don't be discouraged by the first level! This one's going on my replay list, I want to find all the alternate endings. :D

Cyber_cam April 1, 2006 5:44 PM


how do you get past the first level the flashing light


Scott wrote:

>> I tried using the gun on it, but it didn't work. Any help, please? I keep running out of time and dying. :(

>You have to get the fishing rod from the guy in the suit (ask him about his wife first) and then you need to get the magnet from the magnet store (in the north-east corner). You can use these to retrieve an appointment slip using these items on the grate. To save time, try to activate the bridge in sector two. You'll need to bring the old homeless man an apple before you can do this. Get the apple from the orchard (of course!)

Okay, so once you have the apple, you go South East back to the bar. In front of it is the horse, and you feed him the apple. Then when the bar owner comes out and shoos you away, just take the torch from the Undertaker's Shop and light the bar on fire. In the ashes, if you click around you can find a diamond (Hint: bottom left of the screen). Then you give the diamond to the bag lady, but she punched me and ran away. Anybody have any ideas? I've tried using the Antidote with the litmus paper, but it won't let me. Is there some acid or something because I have no idea what other liquids I should use the litmus paper with. When I put it on the Fishing Rod and stick it in the lake the result is "Saltwater". Since when can litmus paper even do that? Very weird sense of humour, this guy.


Something about posting a comment always makes you figure it out RIGHT after. Obviously the litmus paper goes into the pig saliva. I'll leave you all to figure out the next bit.


For sector five:

Make sure you have the used litmus paper from sector four, the eye bandage from the end of sector four (to get, after the bag lady punches you, find a medic. There are plenty.), the fishing rod from sector three, the shark's tooth from sector three, the bandana from sector one and the antidote from some other sector (can't remember which).
Okay, wear the bandana. A punk will accuse you of stealing it from him, just punch him in the eye. Timing is important; make sure you don't miss, otherwise you might die and have to restart. I wish this game had savepoints or a Save Game option. Then when he's crying, give him the eye bandage and RUN. Now go north-west to the lake.
At the lake, start fishing. A man will approach you. (If nobody is after a few minutes, make sure you have the bandana on.) He'll offer you some of his drink. Just test it with the litmus paper to see if it's poisoned. If it isn't, drink it, then move down a bit further along the shore, and keep fishing until someone else comes along and offers you a drink. Same routine, until you find one with a bad pH balance (above 8.0). Then you know it is the punk who is trying to get revenge by poisoining you. Punch his other eye, and when he's blinded, run away. If you screw up and he makes you drink the poison, just drop the shark's tooth in the antidote. Wait till it stops fizzing, and drink it. You'll be fine, but you may lose HP if you take too long. That's all I've got so far. Anybody know what to do next? I agree, Jay should've put an easier game for April Fool's Day so people don't think it's a joke.


My favourite part was when the little grey midget handed me a rose and my little guy took a baseball bat and smashed his brains out. It was glorious. Then Zombocom blew up. Happy April 1st. Also, FYI, "gullible" is not in the online dictionary. Cheers!


About the pig saliva:

How do you even get it? I've got the cotton swap, but the pig just bites me when I try to swab it, and eventually I run out of hit points. I tried using the antidote on the pig but it wouldn't let me. Is there something I can use with the magnet to get the feather out of the fridge there?

DanielJ April 1, 2006 8:40 PM

I first discovered zombocom in April of 1999. Back then it was quite a unique achievement in websites. Even now, 7 years later, it stands as one of the most welcoming and limitless sites on the net.

The only unfortunate part is that zombocom seems to be rediscovered only around this time of year.

I say to all: Why not keep zombocom in your hearts and on your computers all year round?

Enjoy zombocom and... Welcome!


More about the pig saliva:

The pig that keeps running through the urban areas (read: the carparks) is merely a distraction. You have to go to the Cambodian convenience store (remember the conversation with the double-amputee selling watches and toe rings) and purchase two bags of pork rinds. At this point, you have to backtrack to sector three and find the misogynistic captain of the bowling league. Without giving too much away, you lure him from the bowling lanes with the pork rinds and, well...suffice it say there's a delicate balance to strike between that pig's saliva and the all-natural pork rind byproducts (a google search should show how to break down the component elements)...hope that helps...I was stuck on that bit for the longest time.


Wow... I love level 86 1/2 with the homicidle hobos playing billiards while in a glass box watched by Honey Nut Cheerios... Greeeeat level...


Even better is the sequel: www.iiiiiiii.com

It's really hard though, the boss is a killer >.<


Walk Through:





































It takes a lot of concentration but the ending is worth it.


I need help on level 91,053,923. Does anyone know what to do after activating the Bomb Ray and initializing the Evacuation Sequence.

P.S. Clint Willard, thanks. The solution for sector 1 came to me right away after dancing that dance.


Can someone PLEASE post the walkthrough to Level one? I cannot understand what we are supposed to do! Please please please :)


Look, to those of you who are STILL stuck on level one, there's very little point in you trying. After all these hints, if you don't have it, you'll NEVER be able to pass level two, even with a full walkthrough.

To beat the giant chicken, go to the electronics shop. Steal the batteries from one of the remote controls. Smash the window, and run to the Lightbulbsmith. Give him the glass and the piece of wire from level three. He'll make a lightbulb. Then when you see the chicken, quickly combine the battery and the wire and when it flashes in his face, he'll faint. Then drop the anvil from the Blacksmith's Store onto his stomach and run away. Someone on the forums mentioned that you can use the hypno-disk from level 2 if you didn't use it on the were-rabbit. It hypnotizes him, but it's less effective than the anvil technique. Anyway, this guy evidently spent loads of time on this. Who made this anyway? He has a great sense of humour.

Evilwumpus April 2, 2006 11:19 AM

I managed to beat level 11.

You have to kill the hermit using the flaming crutch that was leaning against the wall in sector 5. You need the barbecue tongs from level 3, but you have to wrap them in insulating foil from level 7. That requires using the time-traveling syrup from level 10 to go between levels, so be sure to pick that up. However, all this is moot unless you first go to level 9 and get the candy for markus so he'll open the secret panel that holds a key that will let you get the aforementioned foil. Anyway, after you've gotten the flaming crutch, you will have to play a minigame where you have to block the worthless trinkets the hermit chucks at you, and then knock the chandelier down on him. This will lead you to level 12.

Bonus points to whoever recognized the KOL references.

I'm kind of stuck on level 12, now. I found you have to use time travel again to replicate the pig saliva, but then when Markus gets cloned by the ninja, I don't have any way to enter the lab. Any help?

Dr Pangloss April 2, 2006 12:30 PM

I didn't feel very welcome at all. He said I had stinky breath and a hairy wart on my left buttock.


I have to say you guys who wrote the hints and walkthroughs are farking brilliant. I was in tears, I laughed so hard.

neverfakethefunk April 2, 2006 2:33 PM


You can't beat the Robot Cop unless you got the banjo from level 6. When Poolinnlinndinn Jr. asks for it, make sure you give him the fake one.


Okay, up to 14 now. All you need to do for level 13:

Rob the convenience store. Take the eleven dollars and buy a radio set. Tune it to around 29032.432. (It might be random, but that's what worked for me. Just use cursor keys to move it around.) You'll find a police frequency. Of course, it's illegal to listen to police radio, so you'll be put in jail. Once you get to jail, you meet Bob the Moustached Midget. When he takes a nap, look under his pillow. Take the nail file, and break open the bars on the window. You're free.


In the circle lvl (SO EASY!) cLICK THE CIRCLES starting at the middle going clockwise every 2 minutes. youll have to shoot the middle with the gun then

When in lvl 11 while chasing the dog to get the dog hair, use the blast gun. Hair will fly everywere and u get in w/the lint brush from lvl4 sector 6. Use the hair to choke the guy trying to kill you.

Dr Pangloss April 2, 2006 4:53 PM

One day I'm going to make a Flash game with all of these "walkthroughs"...The JayIsGames April Fools Game. Written by...all of you guys. :D They are brilliant.

neverfakethefunk April 2, 2006 7:37 PM

hint for the level 13 boss:

Piggybank Sally sure seemed to be angry at the Garlic Turtle, didn't she? Maybe she has something you could really nail him with... Nothing's free, of course: you'll have to fix her pool table first. Put on Markus's pair of Zen Slippers and you'll be able to do it, then go back to the convenience store and she'll give you something good.

vladvash April 2, 2006 7:43 PM

i want to cry right now, not from laughter, from pain, severe apin


OMG you people are cracking me up.


I love this game.

And have discovered that if you enter the following on the main screen, you get 30 extra lives:

up, down, up, down, left, right, left, righ, b, a, b, a, select, start


this website used to be way better..


Wooooooooohoo! Here's level 17: (warning, severe spoiler following). Also, does anyone know how many levels this thing even HAS?

And a note to those posting fake hints for level one: confusing people who can't beat level one is not cool, guys. Stop being so MEAN. If they can't figure it out from the good advice that has already been given, then too bad for them. Don't make them feel more stupid than they may already feel. Just be nice, okay?

Okay, so this is the level where you need to go to the Woodworker's Store (South-South West). Outside the shop is a man offering to sharpen tools. Ask him to sharpen your (now blunt) nail file which you stole in the jail. He'll make you fetch him a young maiden to be his bride first, but that's easy. She's the Woodworker's Daughter. Just go in and ask to speak to his daughter, and then tell her to come outside with you. The sharpening dude will sharpen the nail file.

Now go West to the abandoned store. Pick up the piece of carboard blowing around, and find a seagull. Take a feather from it. Now you need to make a sign with the quill and the cardboard. I couldn't find ink (maybe the Chemist in the North has some, but I didn't bother checking). I slit my wrist with the nail file, and wrote with my blood. It will automatically write "Nail Salon -- Manicure: make me an offer," on it. Put it in the window of the abandoned store, and grab a chair inside.

Soon a woman will come in and offer you her Syrup-Refining machine in exchange for a mani. Take her up.

Then refine the Time-Travel Syrup with the Syrup-Refiner. It'll form a crystal, and it will allow you to travel from level to level instantly, and never run out of power like the Syrup did.

Anyway, that's where I'm at now.

To vladvash, Dena, and Dr Pangloss, and anyone over, say, level 4:

Glad you are enjoying our walkthroughs. Hope they've been useful. Such a supportive community at jayisgames. Anyway, I'm happy to hear my effort in typing my sections of the walkthroughs up has been well received. Thanks also to all the people who are helping post walkthroughs! I'm sure loads of people are really finding them useful and just. . .not. . .telling us about it. . .:P Let's keep it going as long as we can! And if you ever make that Flash game, Dr Pangloss, make SURE you let me know. I'd love to collaborate on that.

dittydog April 3, 2006 5:59 PM

why wont any one post a walkthrough that makes any bloody sense!!!!!!


Grant0 - you definitely have too much free time on your hands. Howz about you come up with a new review to post? ;)


Man, I really want to play the game you guys are talking about. It has everything!


Jay -

I've had a lot of time on my hands lately. Yeah, I could write a review, but writing this game is much more. . .fun. :P I'll get on it. Probably have it ready in a few days.

Doctor Pangloss and other people who are enjoying my walkthroughs, and those of others - I'd LOVE to write a Flash game. I have no Flash skills, but I can do the graphics, the writing, the ideas, etc. If anyone out there has some Flash skill and nothing to do with it, drop me a line. I'd love to collaborate.

elnariz April 4, 2006 8:16 PM

Ow man, how many people will be get in this fake,

But okay, its very very funny, a lot of people

Good idea, like a pheonix, zombo.com reborn from the dust!

fairyhedgehog April 8, 2006 11:44 AM

David said "Man, I really want to play the game you guys are talking about. It has everything!"

And I so agree with him!

I've come to this one week late and the commments have been the funniest thing I've read in ages. Thank you to all of you :)


Getting through all the levels is easy if you take the litmus paper first, then watch the circles.


To dittydog's comment "why won't people post a walkthrough that makes sense": Okay, we admit, THERE IS NO GAME.

To David's and FairyHedgehog's comments of "I want to play this game": Thanks on behalf of all of us who were writing wallkthroughs. Also, I KNOW ONE OF YOU HAS SOME GAME MAKING SKILLS. Come on, someone here knows how to make a game. I'm very enthused about writing a game, as you may be able to tell. It doesn't reallllllly need to be Flash; you could probably do it in some other program. Please? All I want is a credit at the end. :P

baba44713 April 11, 2006 5:56 AM

Please help! I dont now what to doing! There are prety lights and bad voise but I not click nothing!

I have trying two days work figure it out, and my boss says he will me fired because I dont finish a report on friday but I cant starting report until I solve game.

I have readed comment but my english isnt being good and I am not understanding. What is Aprils fools? Is code for level 2? I have tipping Aprils fools many time but nothing. Where is latmus paper and ofice building? I am sad because I am not understanding nothing but I think this must being good game while jay says it is best game.

Please help or I get fired. Many thanks.


Baba - look up "joke" in your translator. =)

baba44713 April 12, 2006 6:17 AM

I founded it!!!

yoke - A crossbar with two U-shaped pieces that encircle the necks of a pair of oxen or other draft animals working together

I am know try to will using the yoke on zombocom. Many thanks.


Thanks for the great game. Laughed 'til I cried!


I am looking for the sword. Im at the part where you get stuck in the bathroom, but i got out (after

unrolling the toilet paper and fishing out the key in the toilet

and i have the soap bar. The guy washing his hands keeps on talking about a sword, so i want to know where it is!


to get the sword u need to use the fish you get in the cooler, give it to the pellician and he will give you the magic dice, give those to the tiki and he will give u the sword.


It took me almost an hour to get past level 1 because I wasn't quite sure what to do... but then...

I looked at the source code and it was pretty easy after that.

I've gotten past a TON of the levels, i'm on level 19 (The Pit) and I really want to get to level 20 so I can fight the chimera. Can someone help me? I can't get the spiked door to go up because of that dog blocking the switch, and I already gave all my food to the raven so I can't lead it away. Help!


I really need help and I need real answers that are step by step and actually tell me the "sequence" to the flashing colored circles.
Seriously, cant you guys ever say anything so other people can understant you?

That's what these things were made for

A little help? This sounds like a really nice game but I need to know how to get in!

HappyDappy February 11, 2007 8:23 PM

OMG this game is so easy especially level 1...

Here is the actual walkthrough...

Look up the word Gullible on Wikipedia and you will see your name. There is no levels or anything this is a joke. :D


for anyone who's still stuck, what you need to do is...


Reloilik July 11, 2007 3:53 PM

I mean, wow. This joke wins the "made the most people tear their hair out" award. I am amazed. You guys should get into the book of world records or something.
That's just amazing. Oh, and all the guys who made the walkthroughs? You guys should seriously make a game out of it.


Just to let you all know, to those who don't understand, let me tell you that, understanding will lead you to any level in the game you want at any instant. If you listen to the words, and understand them, then you will know. I personnally, have gotten to level infinite. Which, only at Zombo.com is possible. I repeat, listen to the words and you will understand.....


I got an idea now...


I get it...
Level 268-
Eat the pants
Build sally again
derail the train with the monkeys on it
keep the left shoe, whatever Pillickinillopio does.


But seriously, this is a joke, right?


dont look at those flashing colours they look like they could hypnotise you


Ahh, I just figured out how to beat the last level.

You need to take poison rag and throw it into the spikes. Then when markus attacks you need to trip him. Beautiful game. Oh, wait a few seconds and you get to see the BIGGEST explosion in all of videogames


AHA! Its so simple! The first level just requires you to zoom in and click the little blue circle in the bottom left!


This is so simple. You just have to listen and look at it.

Just click the the purple when it goes in the top left when you zoom in.


To beat lavel 36:

Use the litmus paper on the radioactive waste and see what color the paper turns. Push THAT button on the plant's console, and then you have to go through the maze, which changes every attempt. then take the red door, then the green door, and the white door to get to level 37

Skull Face72 August 14, 2008 7:44 PM

In case anybody is stuck on level 14, Here is the walkthrough:

first,you'll have to use the rat in the corner of the room on the rope and you will free the giant's foot. He will then clear the path with his hand and allow you to obtain the crown. Bring it back to King Harold and he will give you the Staff of Azalos. You will have to break it in half to free the spirit of Azalos. He will thank you for freeing him and teleport you to the tower with princess Ariana. Give her the two halves of the staff and she will repair it. She will then use it to open the portal to level 15.

Hope I helped!


I love zombocom! My favorite website.


you can sign up for a newZletter but the link is broken. to see this newZletter link, wait until the flash's audio stops. this is not a joke.

Gamemastertips April 27, 2009 6:52 PM

Wow, this is one challenging game. At first I thought it was a joke, just like everyone else, but I soon realized that there was, in fact, more to the mystery of ZomboCom. If you read the guides in teh previous posts, you can get past the first page pretty easily, but it gets hard, fast. I'm on level 48 now... wish me luck, and thanks for posting, Jay!

Bishop May 1, 2009 9:55 PM

How the heck do you beat the first level?

pfargtl May 27, 2009 9:10 PM

after you beat level 1, you'll encounter a boss-the guy who was blabbering that whole time. there's a gun at top left, click on it, mouse over him, and shift to FIRE! then it's on to level 2!


Can anyone help me? I'm still near the beginning, and I know that I need to go the orchard and get the apple (thanks for that tip btw) but my timing is sooo bad and every time I try to pick it, it's either not ripe enough or too ripe and the stupid eagle(I think it's an eagle) steals it!! When should I click?


For any poor souls who actually still think this is an actual game: IT'S NOT! April Fools.

colton vaden December 7, 2009 8:02 AM

Awesome, truly awesome B )


For anyone who is stuck at the boss:

Try aiming for his eyes.

Shoot the bigger one first. He sees better with that eye.

once he's blind, he'll start emitting sonic waves. Dodge them as best as you can, an try to shoot him in the mouth.

If that sounds a bit violent to anybody, it's only a paint gun, not a real gun.

By the way, great game. It's very creative and challenging.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the patience to get past level 5.


the way to beat the first level is...

get a subwoofer, play the "zombocom-man" really loud and piss off your neighbours!


This is awesome, send the link to all of your friends! :P


This is stupid!! Even when I figured out what to do, the circles go too fast for me to manage!! HELP ME!! >:(

eniyikedi July 27, 2010 3:28 AM

Shorty...THERE IS NO GAME. It was an April Fools joke 4 years ago. The walkthroughs, hints..they're jokes too. Get a sense of humor.


Guys! I reached lvl.34! really!

To beat lvl.33 you SHOULDEN'T kill John! He tells the truth! Just use the red bomb from lvl.25. Don't use it in lvl.25, You can still open the door.

I stuck at lvl.34 with some solider and evil Markus clone. Any help?


I know it's an old april fools joke already, but I loved all the walkthroughs - If we'd be able to find a team to do all the graphics, music, planning etc, I'd be more than happy to be the programmer and make this into a real game :)

If someone is really interested in this and has some time to waste, drop me an e-mail and let's try to make it come true. (It'd be great to see some of your previous work if possible so we wouldn't be wasting each others' time)

the e-mail add is here: [email protected]


^XKCD, right?


Heh, yeah - I've heard of the site before, but I had no idea it was that old - that made me check up some information from google and then I found this thread :)


Best. Game. Ever. My god, the ending is brilliant!


Help for Level 2,563, the last level (after the 60 or so fake ones you find earlier).

To begin, use that spoon you got in Level 1,217. When you reach this point, it now reads "Zomboite Spoon" rather then "Mysterious Spoon". So use the Zomboite Spoon on Zombocom. It will be weakened by 500 health points. Then use Markus' hat you got waaaayy back in Level 36. If you used it already, you will find it in the back corner of the room. When you use it, you will gain a very large rolling pin. Use it on Zombocom to almost kill(?) it. To finish it off, grab the loose brick in the right wall. (it is slightly purpler then the rest) Throw it at Zombocom. Then it will seem the game has reset, because you will be back at Level 1. To return to the fight, hit ~ and type in the box that appears, "set location self 2563". Then use the newfound Plastic Butter Knife you will now have to stab ZomboCom's rightmost monitor. He will be defeated, explode, and the window will close. You will now have a new site when you go to zombo.com, which is empty, aside from a link to obmoz.com. It seems to be a whole different game, and I have not gotten very far in it. (NOTE: obmoz.com will be and invalid link on your computer until you have defeated ZomboCom)


OK, all who saying how to beat level 1 don't explain it.
so here is how to REALLY beat it:

watch carefully, and write the difference between two circles appearing.
there are 3 different times you shoud have no.

use them in the next equation:


X is the magic number(changes every time you are playing).
Type, in capital letters- ZOMBO~(X)~ZOMBO while x is your number.

Now you should see a man- mean you completed the level.

hope I helped!

TickTickTik October 19, 2011 7:03 AM

Sooooooo fun! and here is help if you are stuck on level 17

gather the colourful discs from level one you use them to open the sundial staircase but be wary there is a jabberwocky waiting to chalenge you but you can not win so run away from it unless your have the dodo saliva from level 15 then you can kill it and proceed into the poluted lake of youth jump into it and get the sticky celophane that you use to mop the ceiling and finish the game

Leopardmask August 29, 2014 7:16 PM

How do you look at the source code? Is it F12 or am I missing something?

I get that it's not a game but a lot of you are talking about source code so I'm actually curious now.


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