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JamesZombie KnightWhen a mighty warrior is turned into a zombie, he does what any self-respecting one-man army would do: find a good armorer, learn a few skills and go pound revenge into whoever needs it in the action brawler/arena combat game Zombie Knight from Evil Space Chicken.

In Zombie Knight you face off waves of enemies that come at you from both sides of a battlefield, if by 'battlefield' we presume a flat horizontal area that scrolls around half a screen to either side. It's a 2.5D plane, just like a brawler game (Double Dragon), so you can move up and down to flank enemies. Moving is done with the [arrow] keys (double-tap to dash) while [A],[S] and [D] let you block, strike and use your skills. Skills are bought with gold and can be as mundane as a dash attack to spawning your own monsters or bringing down lightning bolts.

It's a straight-forward brawler; block and punch you wave through the bad guys, using your skills as special attacks. Each such attack drains your blue energy bar, which you replenish with vials dropped by fallen enemies (it also slowly recovers). Ditto for health boosts and gold. But Zombie Knight is not focused on making you a fast-fingered brawler. The combat is very rudimentary, so there is little edge in simply becoming a master of it. Instead, stacks of equipment stack things in your favor (say that fast three times, while bashing orcs). A helm might give more health or energy, boots could improve your critical strike rate, shields might improve block or add to your armor count. But it's not entirely explicit to the item type. A shield does not always bring armor or defence improvements with it, but might instead make you better in attacks or ensure you have plenty of energy to go around.

Zombie KnightThis the game embraces fully: stats are easy to compare and the new gear reflects visually on your character. Once you defeat a level, you gain some bonus armor and unlock that region's shop, always worth perusing to make sure you maintain the cutting edge of what the magic-medieval-military-industrial complex has to offer. At times your character will seem invincible (especially once the monster spawn skills are used), but your undead knight will soon have a tough fight as the difficulty scales up in appropriately brutal fashion. Older levels can be replayed, but this will only gain gold, and you'll have plenty of that in no time anyway.

The art is crisp and characters are nicely animated. Gamers looking for a more robust combat system will be disappointed; Zombie Knight conforms to the bare essentials of a side-scrolling brawler. Much like an iron-age Batman, our knight believes that you get further focusing on equipment than strangely metaphysical stuff like assigning points or learning the correct combo. This does make the game tough near the end, but it boils down to a balancing act between keeping your small army going and outwitting the flanking enemies. Not that you have to spawn monsters; going solo is as simple as choosing the appropriate skills.

Ultimately the story mode just serves to arm you for the Survival mode's never-ending waves of enemies, all notches on a Mochi high scores board. But even if you just want to spend a few hours where you can indulge in mindless violence, but pretend you are delving in stats formulas and real-time strategy, join the ranks of the Zombie Knight.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Zombie Knight Walkthrough


  • Replaying levels will unlock more special items.

  • Don't sell a special item unless you are sure. The only way to recover it is to replay the level you got it from and hope it reappears.

  • For every spawn spell you place in your skills boxes, you increase your army cap.

  • Replay a level to gain more gear and gold.

  • Visit shops to find useful gear.

  • Use the points in gear to focus your abilities. For example, if you plan to command many minions, focus on adding to your command score.

  • Lich minions are very effective in large groups - just make sure they don't go toe-to-toe with the enemy.

Gear Statistics

  • Health: Adds to your overall life score by a factor of 10. So 6 health = 60 points improvement.

  • LifeMax: Adds the number of points to your Life. So 50 LifeMax = 50 points.

  • EnergyMax: Adds to the number of points for your energy.

  • Damage: Adds to your damage points.

  • Armor: Adds to your armor points.

  • Command: Adds tot he number of minions you can spawn.

  • DMGMULT: Adds to your damage multiplier percentage.

  • Reflect: Adds to your chances to reflect an attack.

  • RangeMULT: Adds to the damage of ranged attacks.

  • Endurance: Adds to the rate your energy recovers.

  • Counterrate: Improves the odds of countering an attack.

  • CritRate: Improves the odds of landing a critical hit.


  • Charge Attack - Rushes the enemy. Useful for short, quick attacks, but can leave you stuck in the middle of a group.

  • Zombify - Gives a critical strike and stands a chance of changing an enemy into a zombie. Useful, but can be expensive. Zombies aren't great fighters either.

  • Throw Blade - Does what it says. Inexpensive, but hard to hit individual targets.

  • Summon Skeleton - Summons a skeleton warrior. When equipped it increases command by one and gives one skeleton at the start of the level.

  • Sprout Impaler - Sprouts roots underneath enemies. Useful, effective and cheap.

  • Lightning Storm - Brings down five lightning bolts onto the enemy. Does a lot of damage, but also costly.

  • Summon Lich - Spawns a skeletal magic wielder with a lightning attack. Equipping this skill increases the command count by one and starts the level with a Lich.

  • Summon Skeleton Giant - Summons a giant skeleton that packs a punch. Requires two in your command pool. Equipping the skill will spawn a giant at the start of the round and increase your command pool by 2.

  • Freezing Stomp - Causes splash damage that freezes all enemies in place for a few seconds. Useful in a pinch, but can be costly to keep using.



  • Zombie: slow moving, bite attack.

  • Flesh: Heavy zombie with melee attack.

  • Skeleton: Medium armored with sword.

  • Lich: Light armored with distance lightning attack.

  • Large Skeleton: Heavily armored skeleton with sword and stomp attack.


  • Human Militia: Lightly armed human with sword.

  • Human Swordsman: Moderate armored human with sword and shield.

  • Human Crusader: Heavily armored with sword and shield.


  • Orc Grunt: Lightly armored with axe and shield.

  • Orc Soldier: Heavily armored with axe and shield.

  • Orc Shaman: Light armor, distance attack.

  • Ogre: Large with club and stomp attack.


  • Elf Warrior: Lightly armored with sword.

  • Elf Ninja: Lightly armored with claws.

  • Elf Battlemage: Heavily armored with lightning attack and sword.

  • Elf Guardian: Very heavily armored with sword.

  • Elf Hero: Elf Guardian with better stats.

Lizard Men

  • Lizard Man: Heavy fighter with club.

  • Lizard Warrior: Heavily armored with axe.

  • Lizard Shaman: Distance attack with lightning.

Corrupted Forest

  • Mutant Pumpkin: Light distance attacker.

  • Werewolf: Medium attacker with claws.

  • Treant Warrior: Heavy attacker with sword.

  • Mother Tree: Very heavy distance attacker with vine spell.


Morhoth Lad

  • 22 enemies in four waves.

  • Zombies, Skeleton.

  • Rewards: Restless Soldier achievement, Legendary Soldier's Boots, Mark Of Betrayal sword.


  • 16 enemies in four waves.

  • Militia, Swordsmen.

  • Rewards: No Allies Achievement, Enchanted Soldier's Shield.


  • 28 enemies in 4 waves.

  • Orc Grunt, Orc Warrior, Orc Shaman.

  • Rewards: Death to Orcs achievement, Godly Soldier's Tower Shield.

Lightcliff Coast

  • 32 enemies in four waves.

  • Militia, Soldier, Crusader.

  • Rewards: Blood and Sand achievement, Normal Knight's Heavy Helm.

Aelin Goroth

  • 33 enemies in 5 waves.

  • Zombies, Flesh, Skeletons, Lich, Giant Skeleton.

  • Rewards: Rest in Peace achievement, Artifact Commander's Spiked Plate.

Uial Duin

  • 32 enemies in 5 waves.

  • Elf warrior, Ninja, Elf battlemage, Elf guardians, Elf hero.

  • Rewards: Fall of the Elves Achievement, Legendary Demn's Black Helm, Elven Speed Boots.


  • 50 enemies in 5 waves.

  • Orc Grunts, Orc Warriors, Orc Shaman, Ogre.

  • Rewards: Orcish Nightmare achievement, Normal Commander's Blood Gauntlets.

Valgan Ruins

  • 28 enemies in 5 waves.

  • Lizardmen, Lizard Warriors, Lizard Shamans.

  • Reward: Retaking The Shrine achievement, Godly Warrior's Death Mark shield.

Edhel Woodlands

  • 24 Enemies in 5 waves.

  • Mutant Pumpkins, Werewolves, Treant Warriors, Mother Trees.

  • Rewards: Slayer of Ancients achievement, Legendary Templar's Vine Gauntlets.

Redmeadow Barrens

  • 45 Enemies in 5 waves.

  • Militia, Soldier, Crusaders, Knights, King.

  • Rewards: Undead Vengeance achievement, Artifact Templar's Bloodlust sword, Crown of Galenmar.


  • 3 enemies in 1 wave.

  • Demons, Demon Lord.

  • Reward: Demon Slayer achievement, Godly Templar's Dragon Scale.


I was really enjoying this game until I encountered a strange bug. I accidentally hit the capslock key and my character ran uncontrollably into the left side of the screen until he died. I tried a different level, but he immediately dashed to the left again. Anyone know how to fix this? :(


Trinn, don't hit capslock. It's Flash Player bug.

Zombie Commander May 9, 2011 4:54 PM

Game Breaker

First Skill: Summon Lich
Second Skill: Summon Giant Skeleton
Third Skill: Summon Skeleton
Fourth Skill: Lightning Storm

Desired Equipment: High Command + / High Energy Max

My current imperfect set is:
Fabled Commander's Dragon Helm
Command +2
Armor +5

Artifact Templar's Spiked Plate
Energy Max +30
Health +6
Armor +5

Enchanted Commander's Chain Gloves
Command +1
Endurance +2
Armor +1

Godly Commander's Blood Greaves
Command +3
Armor +3.5

Artifact Templar's Tower Shield
Energy Max +30
Counter Rate +0.08

Legendary Commander's Bone Axe
Command +2.5
Damage Multiplier +0.5
Range Multiplier +0.2

Life: 160
Energy: 105
Damage: 11
Armor: 14.5
Command: 13

With this setup, depending on the map, I'll either spam Liches or use Lightning Storm to destroy health bars

Works pretty bloody well.

citrustang May 9, 2011 8:04 PM

Holy hell, those blue trees in the corrupted forest cut through my summoned horde like a hot knife through butter. How sad.


Even after clearing all areas I couldn't get the 'Game Complete' award. How could I get it? Anybody got it already?

Anonymous May 9, 2011 9:22 PM

p.s.: a very good game x)


Yeah, the corrupted forest stopped my army cold, too. That was the first place I stopped plowing through new zones and had to grind a little cash for something to deal with it:

The opposite strategy, a decent armor and strength outfit combined with a little vampirism did the trick.

The rest of the campaign was a breeze.


@Adso, I got it.


I used the same strategy as Zombie Commander and found the game to be a breeze, until the last few levels. But then I found that you can

use the same strategy, and just be more efficient at helping kill enemies yourself - simultaneously stopping them from cutting through your liches "like a hot knife through butter". Then, if all fails, you may still be able to win by making the enemies follow you in a big circle and casting lightning bolts at them when your mana recharges.

It was fun for a while, but I felt it needed a little more immersion. A proper ending would have been nice too.

Heresiarch Without A Hope May 10, 2011 4:13 PM

By the time you hit the corrupted forest, you should have quite a bit of gold to spend. I picked up stomp freeze specifically for that stage, which allowed me to do some hit-and-runs on the mother trees.


Hi Ann! So... how did you (or anybody else, please) win that award?

Please help me!

By the way, how many points did you all earn in Ssurvival Mode?


@Adso, my max score in survival mode is 15388 points.


nice guide like it better than the other one on http://furg.net/category/zombie-games/


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