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Youda Survivor

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Rating: 4.5/5 (48 votes)
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Youda Survivor

JohnBOut of the capable hands of Youda Games comes a time management game that will have you hooked for days on end. Youda Survivor combines some of the best elements from Youda Games' previous efforts with some stylistic influences from games like Farm Frenzy. Not only are you gathering items and converting them to better products, you're also boiling them into new and exciting potions to make you look more impressive in the eyes of the island chief!

Youda SurvivorAn ancient legend tells of a mysterious traveler washing ashore the island. He is said to be impossibly strong, and probably really smart, too. Now, this castaway lands on the sandy beach, and, to be honest, the chief isn't all that impressed. So, in order to prove the legend correct and stuff, he challenges you to get to work, showing off your mad island survival skills over dozens of increasingly complex levels. Yay!

Each stage begins in about the same way: tufts of grass in the sand. Dig holes where the grass is and the pit fills with water. Water attracts seagulls who periodically lay eggs. PIck up the eggs and you're ready to do some neat stuff. Just like Farm Frenzy, Youda Survivor gives you loads of tools to convert basic products into more valuable items (eggs into boiled eggs, boiled eggs into egg powder, coconuts into coconut powder, etc.). The upgrades can be used to brew more powerful potions or simply made to satisfy the level goals at the bottom of the screen. Either way, get ready to do a lot of converting.

In addition to all the item gathering, you also have to tend your health stats. Strength and water are shown at the top left corner of the screen, the latter slowly draining depending on the weather, and the former as a magic meter of sorts. At the top right of the screen are a number of abilities you can perform. The first is a rain dance that makes it rain, filling in water holes and often sprouting new tufts of grass. This costs strength, and strength can only be refilled by brewing potions or by picking up random drops from enemies you defeat. Later abilities allow you to other impressive things, like summon coconuts with a gust of air!

And yep, there are enemies. Nothing too scary, just crabs, pirates and the like, but they'll do a great job distracting you from picking up the valuable items you need. Slide your cursor to them when they appear and start clicking. Defeating them often rewards you with nice items, so your time won't go to waste!

Youda SurvivorBetween levels you'll spend earned cash to upgrade things like your potion cook, shovel or storehouse, hire a diver who can sink below the sea to pick up more useful items, or purchase new machinery. Some levels require certain pieces of equipment, so if you spend frivolously, you'll have to go back and redo an older level in order to gain the cash.

Analysis: Wow, Youda Survivor! It's a bit of a departure for the folks at Youda, but this game definitely shows the studio's signature charm. It also shows a few too many similarities to Farm Frenzy, but you'll be having so much fun you honestly won't think about it. Youda Survivor is elegantly balanced with upgrades, shop items and difficulty progressing at just the right speed. Someone will have to tear you away from the screen. Just one more level, please?

Youda Survivor is packed with bonuses, too, something you may not expect from a game like this. Ten pages of achievements, ranging from simple things like "first time you collect an egg" to rewarding you for replaying a perfected level just for the extra tokens. There are even trophies to find on top of the achievements, so even while you work through the game's 100 or so levels, you'll be snatching bonuses left and right.

The potion system is an interesting inclusion in Youda Survivor, as it completely takes place of selling items for profit. Everything you collect you use for yourself, fitting in well with the survival theme. Mixing potions isn't all about dropping everything in and hitting the "go" button, either. You find recipes as you play, unlocking interesting brews that can be surprisingly helpful and will change the course of the level.

Youda Games has a hit on its hands with Youda Survivor. It fills the gap between straight-up time management games and more arcade-style experiences, and it does so with amazing style and finesse. Just be sure to clear your afternoon first!

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Why no comments? I'm struggling to deal with this game. Gold on most of the early levels, but then down to silver and bronze--need the gold to build up my money for upgrades. Anybody else struggling?


I am getting alot of gold on levels. It takes a bit of practice however I review the goals and pause the game and I come up with a strategy. Remember the table can hold up to 5? potions so the first thing I do is 4 buckets = 100 water. Then if I have enough health I will put another jar of water on the table. With Pelicans you want to dive at least twice at the beginning and take a few shrimp for the lady to boil. Feed those to your survivor then go from there. I usually start with eggs, egg powder, and egg rolls and I work to build up my survivor's health. The coconuts and the coconut oil are the slowest - do those last with wind. Keep killing Pirates as much as you can. When you get a scroll and get the items make the potion. If you get 10 coconut oils that brings you up to 1000 on the scale. Good Luck! Oz


I don't understand how to get more water buckets? I can keep my energy up so it doesnt matter for my health, but when I need water for making things like the egg rolls I'm stuck waiting for pirates... Can anyone tell me how to make water buckets??


To get water, just click on the holes of water, don't forget to refill using Rain though.


JI - if you click the puddles of water that the seagulls and pigs drink from, then you'll get buckets. They take up alot of room in storage though, so what I tend to do is make my water potions as soon as I've got the water, like Oz does.


I have managed to get Gold on all the levels, but am having issues obtaining all of the achievements. Does anyone know in which level you can obtain 3 different recipes? I play multiple levels over and over, but have only managed to get 2 different recipes from the pirates.


Does anyone complete the last level with gold? I get gold in all levels, but in the last, just bronze - no matter what I try...

(Sorry for my bad english)


Does anyone know where it stores saved games? My computer crashed and when i restarted the game all my progress was gone :(

Cheers. great game btw.


Does anyone know which level might have 3 recipes? It is my last achievement and is driving me crazy!!!


Gabriella, I have gold on all of the levels and I have found that on siege levels, the key is in knowing what is going to be asked for next. Play several times and get a list of what you need, then play ahead. This takes a little finesse since you have limited warehouse space, but it can be done. For example, if the requirement is for hams and you know that once you have collected all the hams, the game is going to ask for crushed coconuts, collect the coconuts -- or call up storms to bring extra coconuts to you -- and process those as you are collecting the hams. In short, multi-task and you will easily get gold.


Thanks for your answer, moose128. My problem is the egg: looks like the birds don't give eggs fast enough. What can I do to make then give more eggs?


Gabriella, are you keeping them fed well? If you don't keep the food flowing from the diver, they won't lay eggs.


Hey, I'm having trouble getting all 17 hidden masks - does anyone know which levels the masks are on? I thought I had them all, but I've just seen the last level doesn't have a hidden one, so that means there's a level somewhere in there where I didn't realise... HELP!


Also, Gabriella - make more water holes so that more birds come along, and use the whirlwind to get more eggs too... and store some from the beginning of the level rather than selling than off. Like Moose says, think ahead :)


Here is an image I threw together with the locations of levels containing hidden masks:

Also, For those of you that are searching for the level with the three recipes here is the location:

North East section of the island next to a tornado

These are the winnings on that level:
Golden time 3200
Silver time 2500
Bronze time 1800


Thank you Christina! I replayed a lot of levels to find one with 3 recipes. I also found a level with 3 recipes:

the next to last windy level with 3550 coins won on gold


Thanks to the 2 who posted the locations of the 3 recipes. However I am still not having success!! I have played both levels over 25 minutes more than twice and only get 2 recipes. Do I need to play longer? Is there a trick?
Thanks so much!



I saw the same issues on another forum. It should not take you that long on a level. You should receive all three recipies by the gold time. The only thing I can think of is maybe its a 'setting' in the game where the levels actually change everytime you play. Think about the games where you have to find a secret code... every time you play the code is different... I think it may just be the same type of thing here. The level with three recipies may be different for each player. :(



When I played Christina's level, and used Lightning to stun the pirates, the three recipes came out in the first two groups of pirates. Definitely no more than a minute to have access to the three recipes.

Rona Cameron October 30, 2010 12:02 PM

I noticed when replaying levels that you don't always get the same potion recipes dropped. Sure enough I tried one of the suggested '3 potion' levels and only got one recipe first time through (I did stay on it for a long time). I replayed the same level and got all 3 recipes really quickly - so just keep trying the same ones!


I am really struggling with getting water, I have tried clicking on the puddles and get nothing. Each lvl is taking me over half an hour each at this stage whilst I wait for pirates to turn up and then hopefully drop some water. Can anyone help or is there a potion to make water that I can make?


Does anyone know where it stores saved games?


When you click the puddle you will get water into the store.
To get water for your hero you need to cook that water without any other ingredience.
When it is ready it will go on the bench same as the other potions. From there you can click it and your hero will be less thirsty.


It must be a glitch in the game I'll have to try and re-download it, I have noticed the mouse does change on some of the puddles but nothing happens when I click, Thank you for the reply ; )


I need help with the recipes, it seems I can't find any... Help me , pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!

Patreon VIP Chiktionary April 26, 2011 8:54 AM

The first word that comes to mind after playing this is 'manic'. But it's definitely worth buying and downloading.
I'm constantly going back to levels in almost futile attempts to score gold. This is a game that gives you so much more for what you spend.
Awesome stuff!

@Cida: the recipes usually arrive in the form of scrolls dropped by the pirates once you've beaten them in battle.


i keep playing the next to the last windy level and i only 2 recipes and i can only make one. please help please help please help
please help thank you


Lol everytime I get about half done, something happens to my puter. I do enjoy this game though! My little 7 year old nephew wants to beat the pirates for me while I take care of everything else. I think it's great how you all help each other :)


I am not a big gamer so you'll have to excuse this special question. I can't get the stupid birds to drink anything. Is the game written with idiotic birds that would rather go thirsty than have me tell them what to do or is this an operator error and I just need to stick to books? HELP!


Does anybody know why the egg roller does not work all the time even tgh I hv enuf egg powder?


Hi. Can anyone tell me how to make the orange potion.


Can anyone tell me how to make the orange potion?


@JIGuest...I'm having the same problem. I can't get past this level because my egg roller won't work. Unless I'm being dumb but did you figure out how to get it to work??

Or can anyone tell me how to make egg rolls? I've tried everything but the machine won't light up to use it. Ever.

One thing I don't like about this game is there is no direction on how things are made.

dawn ireland-spicer January 20, 2012 12:14 AM

HELPPPPPP.....what do you need to make orange potion. got gold the first time and seemed to make it just with the sauasage salad but wont work now......what am I missing.....is driving me mad............

Thanks guys,


dawn ireland-spicer January 20, 2012 12:15 AM

I had same problem - you need water too, good luck,


leahhelene February 2, 2012 12:42 PM

I have all gold on my map, but have not gotten that accomplishment in the treasure chest screen. that is the only one I am missing. anyone else have this problem?


How do I make the orange potion?!?? Help please!!


The orange potion seems to be the sausage salad and shrimp.


Do anyone here know what is white potion? I'am stuck at this level.


Melissa Chan Li Yee -

For the white potion, try

coconut oil, sugar, seaweed and coral.


Can't get past level 9


Goooood night, youda gamers!

I'm having trouble with the recipes achievement, but not the "three on a level" achievement...there seems to be something wrong because I need to unlock 10 of them and I HAVE (I've written each one of them down lol) and there is this stupid "you: 14/10" but it doesn't have that green mark that indicates my achievement
I thought it was because I had seen the recipes but had not made them so I made every single one of them (I've written 12)
What is wrong with my gaaaaaaaaaame??
Please help!

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawkJHhuYGOF1aEsD5cSuwMC2p2QpYtr6z54 October 25, 2012 9:18 AM

Please help I've got all gold levels & mostly all achievements except 2 (complete 5 levels in golden time) do I need to get gold after gold for 5 levels straight away. & stuck on (find 10 hidden masks) I'm finding the masks underwater but it isn't registering why........

michelle.d.gordon.krohling January 30, 2015 3:43 PM

Potion Recipes, Orange, Yellow, White. Note that, since I'm playing on Android, these might be slightly different from your PC version, but they should be close and somewhat helpful.

Orange - salad, shrimp, uses 5 spaces in the shelter;
White - coconut cream, seaweed, coral, 3 spaces;
Yellow - coconut oil, flat eggs, coral, 3 spaces


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