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Youda Fisherman

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Rating: 4.6/5 (54 votes)
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Youda Fisherman

elleNot long ago, Leo's dad's fishing company went broke because of pirates, what with their nasty looting and scaring of workers through nefarious pirate ways. Leo's a scientist, not a fighter—he needs the help of someone who is destined for great things. And it's just so that Youda Fisherman who can do it! Once again, you are in the captain's seat in this addictingly enjoyable time management simulation release from the folks at Youda Games. By managing resources, trading on the markets, making use of fantastic inventions and fending off marauders, you will be written into the fame of angler's lore as you save Leo's family business from ruin.

elle_youdafisherman_resize1.jpgIt's true that rebuilding a thriving industry is no easy task: it takes thoughtful strategy and quick action to accomplish. A lot is happening at once in Youda Fisherman, much more than meets the eye. At first you're given the simple task of hiring fishing boats and gathering up fish. An occasional pirate might show up but you have a Tesla Tower to jolt pirates into surrender with blasts of electricity. No problem at all. Yet, as the company expands, the action picks up; you'll construct factories and negotiate market trades for the supplies needed for making such products as seafood pizza, caviar cakes, and pearl necklaces. Leo is an ingenious inventor, though. He'll supply you with more amazing contraptions such as Tornado Towers to assist in gathering stockpiled resources and Invisible Shields to protect your machines from storm damage.

Each level of Youda Fisherman has a set of goals to accomplish. If you choose the Tutorial in the game option menu, you'll receive guidance and hints from Leo on how to progress. At times you'll need to purchase blueprints to build or upgrade factories before you can progress to the next level. Successfully completing a level earns you tokens along with bonuses for time and gold accumulation. Invest those tokens in your company offices, acquiring beneficial upgrades that will, for example, speed up resource production or gain larger profits for your products.

youdafisherman2.jpgAnalysis: With fifty levels, Youda Fisherman is certainly a good buy in terms of length. It succeeds in combining a variety of popular time management and simulation elements in a way that makes sense. You might be reminded of other Youda Games titles such as Youda Farmer or Youda Survivor while you gather resources, but Youda Fisherman also has a fast-paced, quick-thinking aspect that is reminiscent of the Roads of Rome series. Youda Fisherman is very clicky—like Roads of Rome, you'll gain greater success when you apply a well-planned strategy to fast clicking. This facet of play can be deeply satisfying although it can be frustrating to restart a level when the gold medal is missed. Achievement-philes have hundreds of trophies and achievements to aim for including kudos for Defensive Strategy, Wrecking Havoc, Gone with the Wind, and As Good as Advertised. If you get a warm feeling of accomplishment when a challenge is surmounted, you'll quickly find yourself gratified in Youda Fisherman.

The story surrounding Youda Fisherman seems roughly constructed solely to introduce nifty upgrades and machinery; why you, the heroic-yet-ordinary guy, come in to save the day is based entirely on the irresistible nature of open sea battles even though pirate attacks are a small (though reoccurring) part of the gameplay. The story of how a fisherman's son named Leo becomes such a talented inventor isn't fully explained but . . . well, who cares? Those inventions are huge fun and it's always a treat to discover the latest machine for thwarting foes or increasing production! An overall refreshing take on the genre, Youda Fisherman delivers the goods in engaging casual gameplay and fast-paced fun.

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Have no idea how to complete the level in which you are required to have 2k of iron and no way to purchase iron....???

Mary Howington September 25, 2011 6:14 PM

Angela is referring to level 44. I am having the same issue. Other than an occasional ship defeating, I have not figured out how to get past 300 iron. Any assist would be great. So close to finishing the game, but can't move further.

[I'll see what I can find out and will get back to you soon. ~elle]


Did anyone get gold on 37 yet? I am always about 10 seconds too late... any suggestions?



I don't think you are looking at the correct level. The level that Angela is referring to, you can't trade for the iron, it is blocked. It says something like no day trading or something like that. And the only way that I have found to get any iron is by destroying the pirates ships and hot air balloons, but you only get 15 iron at a time... that is if you are lucky enough to get any iron. Most generally it is either gold or wood.

Any other suggestions???



I'm having a problem on Level 16 where one of the goals is to get 1K of wood. When I click on the ship to purchase more wood, there is not even an option available to buy more wood. Is this a glitch, or am I missing something? Thanks!


Having same problem. Right trading ship only has traders for gold and wood (even once collected fish and lobster)not iron. The left trading ship says you can't trade for iron as not allowed during day. Also made cavier pate,cake, salad, pearls, pearl rings and necklace but no metal trader came up.
Hope you can help


Big tip for everyone, you can upgrade your tesla towers, cargo ships, and other defenses. In your blueprints screen, go all the way to your right. I didn't realize you could upgrade these until I went for the "upgrade all" award


level 16. there is no option to trade for wood. says he is taking a break. impossible to get to 1k of wood?? super frustrated please help!!!!


Nope actually the wood guy comes out and says "i know you need me but i need a break. trade with other markets for resources"
well....there is absolutely not one place i have found to acquire any wood whatsoever!!

[JenTho, did you download the latest version? There is an update as of September 26th so if you purchased the game before that, there may be a patch needed for your game. ~ elle]


nope i got it on gamehouse a few days ago. theres gotta be something wrong or i am missing something. ive tried several times...but i still find nothing for wood.

[Sorry, but I think you're going to have to contact the site from where you purchased the game. It sounds like you may have an issue with the game. -Jay]

GamerGirl October 22, 2011 9:34 AM

Use the vessel on the upper right to trade your fish and stuff for gold. Then take your gold and use the vessel on the upper left to exchange gold for wood.


Has anyone had trouble with level 25? Its the first level with the dark clouds rolling in, and the game slows down so much that I can't do anything. It won't allow me to click boxes or the lightning icons to dispel the short circuiting.


I just bought the game and must of missed the instructions on trade. I have just encountered the level where I need to acquire olives but seem to be only able to trade for wood. It keeps saying final task but I can't see how I can trade for the final 7 olives.

Bruce Lee December 17, 2018 4:43 AM replied to Leona

Yes even i have the same problem but the year this issue was posted was on 2011 and this year is 2018.
Still 7 years people like me are playing this game.
Well it is a testament to how good this game is.
I havn't found any solution for this problem, whatever you have written is the exact same thing for me too.
The level is 44.
There really is no way to trade Iron from a ship from which we buy. Maybe it is a software glitch, probably i download another copy of this game and try it. But for now, the problem is the same.
Check the screenshot:


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