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Letters In Boxes #25

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Letters in Boxes #25

ArtbegottiGrab your party hat and a plate of hors d'oeuvres, it's time for a double milestone! Not only is this the 25th Letters In Boxes challenge, but it also contains our 100th puzzle! In this extra-tricky bunch, you'll have to put all your word-sleuthing skills to the test, so try not to get too dizzy playing Pin the Tail on the Pinata. Oh, and everyone write your name on your cup so we don't get them mixed up. And use a coaster! And you, get off the coffee table! Where did you even get that hideous lampshade from anyway?

Letters in Boxes #25 - Puzzle 1If you're familiar with Letters In Boxes, you can jump right to the challenge by clicking on the image to the right to open up your first puzzle. If you're new to our game, you can read a full tutorial on how to play here. This batch of puzzles contains four puzzles to solve. On the fourth puzzle, you'll find the email address for sending your final answer. We'll hand out a prize to the first correct entry we receive, plus one additional randomly-selected correct entry. Please include your Casual Gameplay account display name with your entry. You must be at least 13 years of age to enter. Only one submission per participant, please. Offer void where prohibited. Your deadline for submitting your answers is Monday, December 12th at 11:59 PM (GMT-5:00). Finish these puzzles quickly and you can have another slice of cake! Good luck!

Update: Congratulations to the following winners! :D

  • Mattbert ...First!
  • snowmoon
Both winners were given a choice of prizes. Congratulations and thanks for playing with us! Look for another Letters in Boxes again soon!


yay! #1 done :)


now very stuck on #2 :P


How dare you! I have no clue for 1!


1 was surprisingly easy! (usually i have problems with all these puzzles, and need to read the hints in the comments thread :$)


look at the puzzle, then look at a digital clock


Man! I give in and up! Sleeping.


I'm wondering... is it possible for me to get a wrong answer, and end up going to a puzzle from a previous LiB? (coz I skipped a few LiBs in the past, and I'm not too sure of my answer to #2 for this week... it brought me to a puzzle, but i dunno if it's an 'old' puzzle, or if my answer was actually right)


Yes, you can. It happened to me once.


argh :( let's hope i'm not busy-ing myself solving an old puzzle then :D


I hate the puzzles where you can solve the whole thing and still have to figure out how to get a word out of it, or if I've got a mistake! #2!!!!!

And by "hate" I mean "hate the frustration, not the puzzle". :)


While you're solving, type winnipeg.

brian.j.sanders December 8, 2011 10:13 AM

Wow. So many possibilities for #2


well.. I've sent in my final answer... hopefully I wasn't solving an old puzzle #3 and #4 lol!


I've got 99 problems, but a .gif ain't one.

(Sorry. So sorry. So very, terribly sorry.)


Is solving #2 related to 100? Does the grid on the right make a meaningful pattern?
I tried lots of possible answers that makes sense and one of them even gave me a previous puzzle.

I hate these type of LIB puzzles, so many possibilities :(
From now on, couldn't we at least get a hint to confirm if the words on the left grid are correct?



I took it to mean that we needed to use 100 to solve the puzzle too, just as we have to use the 99 in the previous one. I got all kinds of answers, anagrams, and more words and anagrams from the solution. None of them take me to another puzzle though.


Oh dear... I'm not too sure if my answer is right or not (perhaps I got an old puzzle without realising it?)... but my answer was

related to 100 (think of an ancient civilisation's numbering system)

(really hoping I'm not sending you all on a wild-goose chase, in the case that my answer was actually wrong and led to an old puzzle :$)


Got #2. Had a word wrong after all. Once it was fixed the answer was just sitting there. :)


Yeah, I quit. There are just too many possible combinations on #2. Not a good puzzle. Especially considering you need a very advanced knowledge of English, if you're a foreigner. I managed to look them all up though except for number 2. But it doesn't matter, I quit.


@thomstel: what does your #3 look like? XD I'm still trying to figure out if my answer was right or not lol


My #3 had a top hint is "And so, back to #1..." and was super easy.


Here's the first letters of my left grid, are they correct?


Sorry, I meant to spoiler tag the letters but I forgot. Steve, you should do that.


yay! mine was same, thomstel :)


2 of them are wrong



Second and fifth letters are not correct.


Question for #2

Please tell me if I am correct:

For each word, the mystery letter is placed somewhere, not necessarily at the end, to create a new word. The mystery letters give us the answer.


hm... nope.

the mystery letter is added, and all the letters are jumbled to form the new word.

the mystery letter is the same for all the words :P ...and so the mystery letters don't form the answer :)


Got #2; thanks, snowmoon. :)



I always have issues with the first one or two too and then I get going.

With #1 and your clue, I don't get the correspondence. Any hint would be fantastic :)


Judging by snowmoon's post, what I'm struggling to do now should be correct.
But my previous 5th word made sense with the hint, and adding the question mark also makes sense.
How was I supposed to know that was the wrong word?!?!?!?

I also struggled too much on last LIB's 4th puzzle by using wrong words that makes sense with the hints. Could this type really be considered as a good riddle? :(


Further hint for #1:

like I mentioned, think of 99 as it would appear on a digital screen/display (doesn't have to be a clock, I guess my previous hint was a little misleading :$)... then 'connect the dots'

Cyberjar88 December 8, 2011 11:30 AM

What kind of cake is it? [A lie. >:D< —Steve]


For #4

"It takes a real mastermind to solve this!" -- okay, obvious clue is obvious. But the R column and W column confuse me a bit.


@ray9na: I assumed they represent

colours. (try wikipedia, and look at the picture they've got :D) I was a bit confused at first too, coz the ones I'm used to are B and W instead of R and W lol


I need some help with "come to a point". Can't think of a 5 lettered word for that.


for a hint:

think of Scotch _____, or video ______, then add a letter to the end :P

if u just want the word:



oooh ok, thanks Steve! :) glad to know that!


What the...
I don't know that word...


Just leaving a couple of hints for #3 and #4, in case anyone needs them :)


should be pretty straightforward, check out the very first LiB puzzle if you need some help on how to solve it :D


it's based on the Mastermind game (google/wikipedia if you're unsure of the game rules? :P) ... I found it useful to start with the R=0, W=0 row

I also found it useful to use anagram-solving websites for the puzzles, the one I used was

http://www.solverscrabble.com/solver/ , because it allows wildcards (so you add a '?' to the letters if you want to add an additional, unknown letter to the letters you've already got


@cams, try thesaurus.com and type in

come to a point.

That worked for me!


was it just me, or was #3 scary easy? All I did was

add a letter to make a word for each vertical column

and voila! There it was.


I'm having a lot of trouble on #3

I have a list in front of me of all the multiple letters for each word and I cannot for the life of me get a word out of it. I thought I could get marmot for a while, then I realised 'amound' isn't a word :( - is it definitely an animal I'm after?


Turns out the power of posting is a real thing. How I didn't see that is beyond me, it's probably the letter from each of the most obvious words :(


I'm way behind the curve on this one. Stuck on #2. I think I have words 1,3,4,and 6 and I believe I know what the mystery letter is. Nothing in the right hand grid seems to have any significance. I've tried interpreting the mystery letter - all to no avail. Any suggestions would be most welcome ?


#2 - OK I may have word 5

Starts with L


@GlixD, you're on the right track. Try checking thesaurus.com for word #2. When you fill in all the new words in the right grid, you'll only have one real word for the solution.


Would I be correct in thinking that the final word

may not be right on the tip of a vegetarian's tongue?


Anybody want to compare answers for #4? Was it

the other white meat?

Namchokdef December 8, 2011 9:57 PM

i give up please tell me the hint that i can use to pass #1 puzzle please (i'm have no idea right now i'm have NO IDEA NOW!!!!!!)


have you tried the hints above? I don't really know how to make another hint w/o giving it away straightaway... so maybe this hint might be a bit too 'obvious', rather than a hint:

try to write '99' in the grid of letters, just as you would on a digital screen


This is very frustrating. I'm fairly certain I've filled out the grid for #2 entirely correctly (took me a while to figure out the answer to 'wary'). Yet, I still don't see the key to the next puzzle.

I don't see any words or messages, not even when trying to look at it with various eliminations

And, I'm pretty sure my answers are right because:

note - if I'm right, this is a big hint

All of my answers in the right column start with the letter c - which of course is the Roman Numeral for 100


well if your grid is filled up right, and

the first letters are all the same, that means the first letter is pretty useless.. so what comes next?


Even looking up the mentioned game on wikipedia, I'm afraid I don't understand the rules and thus can't solve #4.



absolutely nothing useful - is it possible I've stumbled onto a second possible solution? For 'wary' I did wind up using a bit of a weird (and in my mind, non-obvious) synonym. Even the other - more obvious - answer for wary doesn't fit either.

To be clear - for 'wary' I used:

canny and alert, which both can be fit in the right side to match up with the other words (cranny, and cartel)


How to play the game referenced in #4:

Each turn, the player would guess a sequence of 4 colors. Could be any of the available colors in any combination, so long as they didn't repeat. The Mastermind would then inform them how close that is to the correct sequence with a number of red and white pegs next to the guess.

A red peg indicated that one of the colors in the sequence was not only correct, but in the correct spot in the sequence.

A white peg indicated that a color was correct, but in the wrong place.

So, for example, if the color sequence was Blue / Green/ White / Orange, and I guessed Black / Green / Blue / White, that guess would get a red peg and 2 white pegs. I'd know I had 3 correct colors, but I wouldn't know which one was wrong. If, next turn, I guessed Purple / Black / Red / Yellow, I'd get no pegs, and would now know that Black was the color from my first guess that was wrong, so now I know that Blue, Green, and White are 3 of the 4 colors.

Hope that helps. *sends in guess on final answer*

Oh, and DAM? Maybe don't be so blatant in the future? :b


Something that bothered me about my means of solving #2:

My 2nd-to-last answer didn't start with a C like the rest of the answers did. Instead, I ended up with...well, a fairly dirty word, actually. An anagram of "claret."

Disturbing part? It worked. Ew, Steve. Ew.


@An Onyx Mouse:

Yes, thanks, that helps, assuming letters in place of colours. Unraveling the logic from there hurts my brain, but other comments lead me to the answer and I'm satisfied just understanding the methodology.


my 2nd to last word for #2 was not the same as yours, onyx and nfields :D

my word for 'wary' had a pair of repeated letters in it (hint!), and after adding the mystery letter, formed the name of a vegetable after I anagrammed it.


I'm honestly stuck in puzzle #2. I've got all other words but the third one, with the hint




notice how consumerS is written, instead of just consumer? that should give u a pretty big clue as to which word on that page is the one you're looking for


@An Onyx Mouse

That could mean ANYTHING!

Namchokdef December 10, 2011 7:39 AM

i give up really give up for that FIRST PUZZLE!!!! let just /give zxcvbn23ful 46 1 and /give zxcvbn23ful 259 1 and just place 46 in that first and right click that 46 with 259 and kaboom first puzzle explode and let's just go to next puzzle by walkthrough the page
(i mean i just wait and play until it's has walkthrough cause i have no idea now)

/give zxcvbn23ful creeper spawner and some test subject steve from minecraft and the page will explode and give me some walkthrough


c'mon zvxcbn23ful,

Make two nines on the grid that look like this:


Then read the letters that are left


After getting through #2, solved #3 in under 30 seconds and now staring at #4. Phew!

curiousgeorgie December 10, 2011 11:18 PM

Hah, 3 was pie and 4 was obvious and pretty easy to solve. 2 was the difficult one for me. Yeesh, those synonyms.


thanks @binks now i'm finally go to puzzle 2


then i just omg what the heck is this puzzle 2 but i'll try to solved it cause now i have my idea back thanks @binks


Ha! Got the last puzzle! I must say that

DAM gave a huge hint in his earlier comment.


Please help with #2.

Even after reading the hints I am not sure about some of my answers...

For the 5th someone wrote canny, but then you need to add an "r" and not a "c" to it like for the others.
for the last one I can't think of anything but "braid", but I guess it is wrong.


ok, nevermind about #2.
found the right answer for the 5th. and then solved it without the 6th.


thanks steve for walkthrough i always waiting for that this is my first time that i pass puzzle 1 by myself (with some hints)

Stevie Ray Vaughn January 24, 2021 5:19 PM replied to snowmoon

This got cut off. What was the one you used? I like https://www.crosswordsolver.com/anagram-solver because of the large database but I find sometimes other sites are more accurate.


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