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You Are Games: 2012 Fast Forward

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You Are Games

ArtbegottiHappy First You Are Games of the year! Last week, we asked you to reflect on your favorite gaming memories of 2011, ranging all the way from the interwebz to the real world. While you're still encouraged to share your favorite bits there, we've got another question for you to ponder. As we spin around with our handy time binoculars from staring at the past to gazing into the future (spin slowly, time sickness is never fun), we want to know, what do you think is in store for the year 2012 in gaming?

Share your predictions for gaming in the year 2012. Will we see the advent of some fantastic new gaming device, like foot-controlled texting keyboards so you can taunt noobs on the battlefield? Will Valve finally release Half-Life 2 Episode 4 to further anguish those still waiting for Episode 3? Will we see a game that forces us to team up with zombies to take down a horde of rampant undead-hating plants, or one with dragons made of popcorn? Or perhaps you have some gaming plans in your life, such as memorizing a dictionary so you can finally beat your grandmother at the word-based game of your preference? Be serious or be ridiculous, we want to know what you think this next year will be like for gaming and gamers alike. Post a comment below with your thoughts!


Well, hopefully we'll get Gemcraft Chapter 2 at last!

I'm hoping that someone out there creates something new-not sure what that would be, but it's time for fresh ideas. And I expect they will come from the indie gaming community. Exciting!


If the Mayans were right about the world ending, it will be because Valve will finally learn how to count to three.

On a more serious note, I'm expecting to see some more cool games come out on the 3DS. I mean, we've already seen some neat titles come out already. As the gaming system reaches its second year, it will be interesting to see how the system and its games will develop.

Patreon Crew SonicLover January 5, 2012 3:32 PM

Will we see a game that forces us to team up with zombies to take down a horde of rampant undead-hating plants, or one with dragons made of popcorn?

I got the first reference there, but what's the second?


@soniclover: I added that in there.

Popcorn Dragon isn't actually a dragon made of popcorn, but it is a game from PopCap coming this spring. I received a teaser for it a couple weeks ago in the form of a Viewmaster slideshow:



A Submachine.


Nitrome will make a new test subject game, I pray. And Episode 3 would be nice,Valve.

Namchokdef January 6, 2012 7:46 AM

i like rubble trouble very much i hope another part will come soon
i <3 nitrome game


I agree with dsrtrosy comment some fresh ideas would be great, and I also agree that this probably come from the indie community. Really enjoyed the refreshing ethos and the homemade style of Lume in 2011, so more like that would be fantastic.

Skjalldyr January 6, 2012 12:02 PM

The Dismantlement games will become even easier ... I predict that by June its just gonna be a screw in a piece of wood, and then its done.


Keep an out for more and more quality HTML5 games...led by the likes of Gopherwood Studios.


There are so many things to look forward to in 2012. Flash games, HTML5, the release of known 3DS titles and the announcement of new ones, all sorts of things from indie devs and big companies alike... But the game I'm the most hyped about is the remake of La-Mulana. It's been worked on for two years, hopefully it won't take much longer now!


I'm very much looking forward to a new Submachine.

Also Ben Jordan Case 8 is overdue and I'm anxious to see what happens in the next (final?) chapter. The story is getting so intriguing.

And I promise to be really well behaved this year and I will eat all my greens and I will do a good deed a day if Jan Albartus could be kind enough to tack on another few rooms to MOTAS.

And just to satisfy my castle crushing needs another installment of the hugely fun Crush The Castle would go down quite nicely with me.

My first post of the new year so.....
better late than never....
Happy New Year to all the guys at JiG and all the community <3
I hope it's a good one for us all :)


Minecraft continues to fail to be all that it can be with modders making three times better content than the developers.

1,700 new 'Lets Play' people/groups on YouTube.

Avengers:The Movie:The Game Horribleness.

Best game ever gets a much needed revitalization; X-com returns in all its glory, please don't suck.


Hopefully we'll have a great tower defense year with the release of a Kingdom Rush expansion, Gemcraft chapter 2 and the already released Bloons Tower Defense 5 ^.^


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