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Yoshitoshi Montreal (Mixed by Sultan)

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Yoshitoshi Montreal (Mixed by Sultan)

JayYou may not know that before I returned to RIT to pursue game design and development, I was a software engineer by day and a club DJ at night. So it shouldn't be surprising to see various references and links to music sprinkled throughout the archives, because once a DJ: always a DJ. You could say that even now I'm still spinning, a casual games mix instead of progressive house. ;)

And with the Mercedes Benz mixed tapes coming to a close recently, I've been shopping around iTunes for something new to listen to. That's how I found this latest source of inspirational magic.

DJ Sultan is in the house! His just-released Yoshitoshi Montreal collection is one of the most amazingly uplifting, feel-good mixes of songs I've heard in quite a long time. So good that it warrants interrupting the flow of game reviews to share with you the wonderful positive energy it contains. I've been listening to it for a couple of weeks now from iTunes, but it is just now hitting stores today (9/25). If you enjoy good dance music, you won't be disappointed by the latest from Sultan. Absolutely spirit-lifting fantabulous! (I even think that's him doing the JIG!)

Because everyone deserves to feel good. :)


Have you considered making a special section for music reviewing type stuff on here? Like JIGs Gigs or something? I love sharing music (thanks for the referral. I'm off to check that out soon as I'm done with this). Plus, I think that gamers have a rather unique look into the music, because it is so interrelated to their gaming experience. I mean, I still find myself whistling Puzzle Bopper when I'm in a happy-go-lucky mood :D


Just listening to some of the tunes on his MySpace page. And liking it. Good suggestion Jay - I'll be looking out for a UK release of the album.

As for Pinky's comment on the unique musical taste of gamers, I can't resist a little pointer towards 8bitpeoples who describe themselves as "a collective of artists sharing a common love for classic videogames and an approach to music which reflected this obsession".

I was going to save it for a future Link Dump but this thread seems sort of appropriate. :-)


It's a great idea, and one I can truly see happening someday. I really miss my DJ nights, they were some of the most awe-inspiring experiences of connection I've had with large groups of people.

The only barrier is that it's difficult enough to stay on top of what's happening in the casual games space, that I don't think I could do a music blog as well concurrently.

We have some community features coming soon, so perhaps there will be something to facilitate sharing of music as well as games. Cheers, Pinky!

And thanks for the link, JBeaver! Will definitely check that out, too! =)


So, Jay, what did you call yourself? D' Jay? DJ Jay? Dee Jay? DJ [last name]? Seems problematic to me. ;)

Heh heh, j/k. Always interested in looking at new music. Thanks for the linkses.


You're right, it was problematic. Nothing I could think of ever sounded decent enough to go by any other name than my real one. :)

*returns to singing*
I only want to find you,
And be surrounded by you,
Wait for your light to shine through,
I'm waiting for you....


I completely forgot about that site jbeaver! Thanks!
Jay, I understand what you mean about keeping up with music. My MySpace is pretty much all indie/international bands, and I'm always playing catch up! If there is a community here about music, I'll be all over it. I love getting/giving recomendations.
Plus, as I said before about music and games, one of the things that I was thinking about was a place where game designers can go for open source music to use in their games. When my friend was looking for music for the Game Developers Conference podcast (don't know if it is kosher to link this, but I figured some people might be interested in it, so I am taking the chance) it took some finagling. And that is just a podcast! I can imagine how annoying it is for designers to look for music that they are free to use if they are not musically inclined from the start.
I don't know. It is music. I can't help but squee over music.

Jay, are you going to post any of yours? Upon listening to Sultan, I got the Trance vibe (which is my favourite, followed by jungle...I'm kind of old school like that). Think we can hit up some from you *bats her eyes all pretty like*


I previously had a few of my mixes online, Pinky. But as the site grew the chances of someone from a record label noticing them became too great to risk it.

Unless you're creating your own music, which I was not, the biggest issue being a DJ is potential copyright infringement from working with other people's music. Well, that and how darn expensive it is to stay current with music, too.


OMG Jay I was a DJ too! No wonder I've always liked you. ;)

I loved yoshitoshimontreal. Thank so much for the heads up.


May I plug the Jay Is Games last.fm group again?


You need to install the Audioscrobbler plugin for your music player, but it's quite small and harmless. Once you've done this, it'll start recording the songs you've listened to and making recommendations. If your internets are fast enough you can listen to "jayisgames radio", which is currently playing Altered Images "I Could Be Happy" :)
There's also a discussion group, which is getting a bit lonely, so head over there and skew the radio recommendations towards prog house!


I gave the album a listen when I saw your post and thought it was fantastic! I have almost no familiarity with house (or dance music in general), so I was hoping you could give me some recommendations - what are some good artists/albums to look at if I really liked the style of Yoshitoshi Montreal?



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