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Yamada Box Legend

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Rating: 4.2/5 (51 votes)
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MeaghanYamada Box LegendWho knew that everything through the looking glass was actually made of cardboard? Yamada Box Legend is a quirky fantasy game that sends you spiraling into the Cardboard World after being the stooge for a magician's vanishing act. A team of students calling themselves Arcane Kids, including Tom Astle (creator of Spikes Tend to Kill You), produced this graphically pleasing puzzle RPG adventure that will draw you in with its bizarre characters and engaging gameplay. In this Lewis Carroll-esque 3D world, you take on the task of exploring different cardboard realms, led by the helpful (and perhaps sinister) nudging of various rabbits. Filled with mischievous characters and challenging environmental puzzles, the only thing that may prevent you from hopping right into this surreal delight is a severe case of leporiphobia.

To explore the critter-filled world you've found yourself in, you'll need to use the [WASD] or [arrow] keys to move yourself to and fro and the [spacebar] to jump. Move the cursor to rotate the camera and to direct your character's movement. Left click in order to pick up objects, hold down the right mouse button to target, and then left click once more to toss the held item. Scattered about the game, you'll find different boxes with portals to new worlds, and it's up to you to jump in [E], solve the problem inside, and jump back out [Q].

As you wander about, be prepared for instructions or requests from a carnival of creatures. An angry bear needs your help, a mob of rabbits wants you to obey, and a gerbil desperately wants to save a princess. Each box in the game transports you to a different place, though some are for moving from one level to the next and others have the problems you need to reason through that will help you succeed. The puzzles presented may seem straight forward in the beginning but as you delve deeper you may find yourself scanning the screen frantically for some type of clue, whether real or imagined. The cluttered landscape of jumbled magician's tools will seem less like a behind the scene's tour and more like a descent into a rabbit takeover.

Exploring this imaginative little cardboard universe is made all the more entertaining by the well paired music that accompanies you through the various challenges. The camera angling can sometimes be awkward, and if you're using a Mac with a single button mouse or touch pad you may find yourself having mild difficulty with the controls. However, in the face of the humorous dialogue and nicely crafted brain teasers, it's possible to endure the added challenge with a Cheshire Cat-like grin. Unlike some other Unity games, Yamada is crisp instead of clunky and shows a promising example of the great direction NoxiousHamster can take this tantalizing hybrid.

Play Yamada Box Legend

Walkthrough Guide

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Yamada Box Legend Walkthrough

General Information

  • Click on game screen and press Space to start the game.

  • If you want to move back and forth from the game to any outside program on your computer, hit [Esc]. Click on the screen once more when ready to resume play.

  • To go through the text, you have the option to either press space or to left-click.

  • To move use [W,A,S,D] or your [Arrow] keys.

  • Move cursor to rotate camera and point your character toward the direction you want to move.

  • To jump, you press [Space].

  • To run faster, hold down [Shift] while moving.

  • To pick something up, left click when standing next to it.

  • To throw, right click to bring up target, then left click while still holding down right click. Mac users may have difficulty with throwing mechanics if using a mouse or touch pad that does not have separate left and right click buttons.

  • To enter a box, press [E], and to exit press [Q].

  • To talk to a figure, run up to it. There is no way to have it repeat what it said.

  • When talking with the figure, left click to continue chat bubbles.

  • On the third level, when playing the video game, [Space] is used to swing your sword.

  • Left click on the gameboy to play Thunderdust; left click again to exit.

Level One

  • Run forward, and rabbits will pop up to talk to you.

  • Jump up the logs to the right of rabbits.

  • Talk to the bear throwing rocks.

  • Pick up rock and throw it at the box on top of wooden post to knock it down.

  • Pick up box, then run towards the boulders blocking your path to the monster.

  • Jump into the box.

    1. Once in the box, run and jump to the top platform to hit the button.

    2. Leave the box before the clock hand returns to the resting position.

  • The box will create a little explosion, which will destroy the boulders.

  • Pick up the box once more and run toward the stand in front of the monster.

  • Go back in the box and click the button once more.

  • Exit box and wait for it to explode.

  • The monster's mouth will shut, and to the right a cave entrance will open.

  • Go into cave and enter the box at the very back.

Level Two

Grab the key and give it to the rabbit

Level Three

  • Run towards the giant gerbil and talk to him.

  • Click on the gameboy and move your character through the room and to the second level.

  • Exit the game and jump into the box to your right that looks like a cable plug.

    1. There will be a piece to pick up; this is actually your game character from the gameboy.

    2. Throw him across the chasm and to the other side where the door is.

    3. Exit the box and return to the game. Move your character to the next level.

  • You need a sword! Run to the pile on your left and jump to the very top.

  • Jump into the box that has the sword sticking out.

    1. Roll the die after the cat instructs you to. Don't be alarmed when you get cheated.

    2. Jump into your die.

    3. Once inside, roll the new die before you until you get a number above four.

    4. Jump back out and turn towards the cat.

    5. The sword is now yours, and you can jump out of the box and pick it up.

  • With sword in hand, run to the box on the right once more and jump in.

  • Jump back out immediately and return to the gameboy. Your knight now has the sword.

  • Swing the sword by pressing [Space] and defeat your foe, then go to next room.

  • Once you're in the next room exit from the game and go back into the box on your right.

    1. Pick up the box next that's next to your character and run it to the middle pathway.

    2. Go inside this box and press the button; exit immediately.

    3. Once the box breaks down the wall, exit once more and return to the gameboy.

  • Steer your knight and go through doorway to next level.

  • You can either kill the two guards, or time it carefully and walk right past them to the next room.

  • Walk to the Princess: You won the game!

  • Exit out of game and turn to the gerbil.

  • Run to the trapdoor behind the gameboy and jump in.


Sarah.n.d. February 6, 2012 5:59 PM

Is that the end? I got the ending where

I jump in the trapdoor behind the gerbil and several of the animals look from above and close the door.


apparently I need a separate plugin to view the content... it's not working in either Chrome or Firefox, can someone help me?

Sarah.n.d. February 6, 2012 6:42 PM

It's a unity plugin. Google it, it's the first result. It's a pretty quick download and works immediately (on Firefox at least).


@Rachel: you need the Unity player plugin (click the 'plugin info' link just under the game title in the review header above). As far as I know, it is only available for Windows and Mac OS, though.


For some reason this game doesn't respect my mouse. I was doing fine with trackpad until I saw the throwing controls, which are impossible on my trackpad.

I'm unwilling to aim with trackpad and click with mouse, so I guess I can't play this game.

Salinthrous February 6, 2012 8:15 PM

Help! I am stuck at the

dice-throwing area.

Any hints on how to beat it?


Might come back to it but so far, mouse just keeps getting lost - this is in Firefox 9.0.1

Even tried in full screen mode, mouse still disappeared.

If I tabbed in and out of Firefox the mouse would come back but this was after every movement in normal and full screen

MC Scared of Bees February 6, 2012 9:12 PM

Salinthrous, try

thinking inside the box.

Salinthrous February 6, 2012 9:39 PM

That worked! Thanks MC!


Thanks Meaghan

Was all counter intuitive for me - Ill try again


I'm having the same problem that Ezra had--it's a cute game, but seems completely impossible to play with a trackpad, even with Lion (which allows two fingers down to serve as a right click under most situations). Has anyone found a workaround?

Patreon Crew SonicLover February 7, 2012 11:47 AM

@dsrtrosy: That's weird. I'm on a Mac with the two-fingers-right-click on and it worked just fine.


this game looks really cute, but I can't rotate my character at all. The game just doesn't seem to respond to my mouse movements. He'll kind of twitch his head, but that's it. As a side note, I have no problem with the throwing mechanism, and I do have a track pad. but the lack of rotation means I can't aim, only move my character forward, backward, or sideways. Depressing.


Just a quick problem to point out in case anyone else has this issue (this seems to happen all the time with unity).

At the end of the game:

Specifically after the gerbil kills himself. If you are standing directly in front of him the lower half of his body sometimes blocks your path to the exit. The only way I was able to get by was to pull the dice out of the sword world and use it to knock the body over. This could easily make people give up because of a programming error.

Guess it's more of a note to the programmer but hopefully it helps someone else :)


On a Mac, I don't know a way to bind a key to trackpad buttons.

When I use my trackpad, I have the obvious problem.

When I use my mouse, I have the same problem as Callidy: it doesn't seem to get my mouse movements, even though it gets my mouse clicks.


Thanks for the fix!

lololululala06 March 31, 2012 9:06 AM

I'm using Firefox and I'm fine.


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