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Rating: 4.4/5 (83 votes)
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corygalliherXenosGiant robots are a friend to all mankind. It's indisputable. Giant robots have helped us with all manner of historic projects, from the construction of the Pyramids to the Allies' victory in World War II to the election of the first African-American President. It only stands to reason, then, that we glorify our titanic metal buddies in games; Xenos, a new sci-fi arcade action game from Oddity Games, is a great example of mech respect.

According to the long and safely-skippable intro, Xenos is a new form of energy discovered in the 22nd century. It's being used for evil, however, and as our giant robot hero Asterus it's your job to make things right by destroying all the Xenos generators in each area. Do that using the [WASD] or [arrow] keys, and run into enemies to attack. As you turn enemies into scrap your weapons gain energy or recover health. This makes them larger and more powerful, and the devastation you can deal with a max-level weapon is a true sight to behold. You can swap your equipped weapon with the number keys, and the [spacebar] unleashes a special attack when your weapon is charged. Each one has a different special attack, from the double saber's boomerang attack to the axe's mighty shockwave, so it's in your best interest to learn the ins and outs of them all.

Xenos is pretty simple to pick up but the process of mastering the game is a blast. Your moveset is fairly limited so you need to learn how best to use what you're given. Properly using your various special attacks, and deciding when not to use them in favor of wielding a more powerful weapon, is key. On top of your efforts to smash Xenos generators and bosses, you can also explore the levels to find pieces of new gear for Asterus, giving the stages a bit of much-needed replay value.

All the action is rendered in beautiful 2D animation reminiscient of the Treasure classic Bangai-O and accompanied by a techno soundtrack. The controls are very responsive and you won't experience any deaths due to input problems; this is a great boon for a game that doesn't feature mouse controls! It's an all-around polished and exciting experience that lasts just long enough to avoid outstaying its welcome. Our giant robot pals would expect nothing less.

Play Xenos


I've been having a lot of trouble lately with games not saving data for when I revisit them - played this yesterday and got to ~27 and it thinks I haven't played it at all. The same happened with Bloom Defender. Do you know of anything I could do to ensure that game data is being saved, or if there is a setting I've accidentally switched?

Using Firefox (with what I presume is the latest version) if that helps.


[It's likely that you've maxed out Flash storage for our JIG hosting domain, but you can fix that. Right-click on any Flash game hosted at JIG and click on Settings. Make sure you drag the slider all the way to the right for "unlimited" storage for the JIG hosting domain. Then you should never have a problem with a game not saving your progress here ever again. -Jay]


This game would be a lot more enjoyable were it not for the tremendous lag. It works fine on the level select, but when I enter a stage, and worse, when there are enemies on screen, it slows to a crawl. Good effort, but wrecked by that unfortunate flaw.


I'm also having lag problems, but no saved game problems.

Regardless, I find it an interesting choice to give the character melee only weapons (with specials that do range) but make it move like a spacecraft.

Otherwise, there's a lot to work on here. Level design and challenge is often repetitive. The gameplay is pretty much always the same - minor variation for certain advanced enemies. The story is basic and uninteresting.

So I'm not really that happy with the game. The average review of 4 mushrooms out of 5 seems overly generous to me. And I disagree about replay value: the "hidden" items hardly deserve that descriptor and don't require any unusual effort to find them the first time through the game. And since the levels are generally so boring, the gameplay options so limited, and the story skeletal and flat to boot, I frankly don't see why I would want to revisit the game. I'm having trouble figuring out why I've played through so much of it so far anyway.

7.62x51mm NATO November 17, 2011 8:58 PM

Zone of the Enders spinoff? Meh, I still like it.


I enjoyed it, experienced no problems. I was just wondering if anyone happened to find a way to unlock the fifth weapon in survival mode (not that I'd use it but still) also wanted to add a pointer or two- An awesome trick can be done with the scythe and axe. If you use the scythe's special ability and get into the bubble... thing you have just enough time to switch weapons and use the axe's powerful special (twice if you do it quick enough) and still have time to switch back to the trusty scythe ^.^ .... and also the usefulness of the unlockable weapon is null compared to the scythe which blocks bullets, slowly kills enemies and can do damage to large groups... to sum it all up: the scythe is awesome and the cheesily named weapon is terrible.


one question what and how do you get hidden items?

momom2 June 24, 2018 12:30 PM replied to Anonymous

You might notice that the hidden weapon makes you invincible during the special attack animation (and it lasts much longer then the saber's). It's great to survive mines: just go right into them, use the special and smash them, then grab the energy in a corner; I don't think there is any other way to have some energy left for the third wave of the special area.

momom2 June 24, 2018 12:33 PM replied to Anonymous

They are lying in small corners of the rooms usually, and you may need to kill the robots guarding the last generators (without destroying the generators). They look like big SIM cards.
Find them all to get more defense and a new weapon.


Since I see no walkthrough here, I'd like to post a short guide. I'll assume every weapon and mission are unlocked, so expect spoilers.
I'll first give general tips, then talk about weapons, enemies and lastly missions .

You may find these obvious but it is important nonetheless to know that:
-Energy does matter, not only to increase damage but also the range of weapons and special attacks, your speed and the number of points.
-Different weapons have different special attacks but also different normal attacks.
-The number of enemies hurt at each attack is limited (about five for a normal attack except maybe for the graviton orb and the schockwave) which means that melee and big robots can touch you even if you are attacking.
-You are pushed back when hit by a mine, a rocket or a sword.
-You get energy by attacking (not only killing)
-You can change weapon at any moment, which can lead to complex strategies: as said Anonymous, you can create an orb and launch a shockwave from within; you can get to the heart of the fight with a whirlwind and escape imediately with a dash; etc...
-Every special attack destroys projectiles or makes you invincible in some way.

I) Weapons

Since they can have multiple denominations I will call them (in the order given in the game): "saber" and "dash", "hurricane" and "throw", "crusher" and "shockwave", "slicer" and "graviton orb (or orb)", "megatron" and "whirlwind".

1) The saber has very short range and good damage. Its special attack is the only one allowing a new movement but hits very few enemies.
You are invincible during the dash which allows a trick: if you dash into the cleanser's ray, you will be violently pushed to the right.

2) The hurricane has a good range and damage. Its special attack shields you very little compared to others and allows melee and big robots to touch you easily, so you better focus on avoiding them if you throw your weapon.
If you fly away from your weapon, it will come back at high speed but with enough energy and space to move, it will never reach you.
This is possible in the survival area.
Unfortunately, the only way to make damage is then to ram into the robots, with no weapon in hand, but still it is fun.
Also, unlike the megatron, the hurricane's color will remain the same so it allows you to keep it in the red for a lot of time.

3) The crusher has a very short range but possibly the most damage (maybe it's the megatron, I'd need more experiments).
It's special attack is just like they say, devastating but needs to be charged; it creates shortly a small safezone. Can be used to destroy clumps of turtloids or bug robots.

4) The slicer has the most damage and the weakest damage. It often reaches multiple robots at once and is great to deal with bees or basic robots. The graviton orb creates a safezone which lasts for several seconds but deals near to zero damage: only the weakest robots and mines will get destroyed, but all will be paralysed.
Beware: when the orb disappears, sword and big robots will still be in a slicing pattern if they already were then they got caught in the orb (which happens frequently because they fly towards you).
Robots keep being pushed by your attacks and can escape the orb this way.
Also, the orb is inactive (I mean it is only an image and deals no more damage) as soon as it starts fading.
You can launch a graviton orb and stay behind, watching the robots jump into it.

5) The megatron has good reach and great damage. Its whirlwind is best used against clumps of lizards or sword robots; it makes you invincible as long as you are spinning thus nullifying any counter-attack and attacks more robots in range than with a basic attack.

II) Enemies

I'll call them (by order of HP): "mine", "basic robot", "bee", "lizard", "sword robot", "big (or huge) robot", "turtloid", "boss".
Though there are obvious scientific issues about that I'll talk about "plasma balls", "lasers" (the purple lines) which can be "straight" and "curved" and "boomerangs"; their weaponry also includes "swords", "big (or huge) swords" and "missiles".

Mines get destroyed in one hit of any special attack. I'm not sure but I don't think they count for your number of targets per attack (with the dash and whirlwind).
They are faster than you in a line but they turn quite slowly.
They deal a LOT of damage: five of them are enough to kill you with the barrier wing.

Basic robots have low health and speed. They will hover around you, trying to escape if you approach. They fire a plasma ball every few seconds, sometimes drop cubes of energy and rarely a small sphere of energy. The slicer is great against them, but anyway they are more useful than annoying: you can use them to gather enough energy for your first special attack.

Bees have the same behavior as basic robots but their much higher speed makes them surround you quickly. They fire three consecutives straight lasers. In group, they can pack a punch if you don't dodge any attack. The fastest way to catch them is to wait for them at their warping point. You can ignore them if there are bigger threats and you will randomly chop them up with time. They sometimes drop cubes of energy and rarely a small sphere of energy.
Once again, the slicer is by far the easiest way to deal with these.

Lizards have the same behavior and speed as basic robots. They fire boomerangs and drop cubes and uncommonly small spheres of energy.
Anything works fine with them and it is very unlikely that their attacks can damage you significantly. They can absorb your hits while sword or big robots charge you though.

Sword robots have two patterns which they alternate through:
They will fire three straight lasers in a close angle and hover around or charge their sword (it glows) and fly towards you.
If only one or two charge at once, you will kick them away, but if dozens get into contact most of them will deal you a lot af damage.
If you get cut, there is a very brief interval during which you can move but not attack; you ought to flee if it happens.
They drop cubes of energy or small spheres sometimes.

Huge robots alternate between two patterns:
They will fire three curved lasers all around them in about twenty directions (in the shape of a spiral) or charge their sword and fly towards you. You don't want to get cut even once by them. If you ram into them, always use a special attack in some way to avoid their sword. They often drop small spheres of energy and sometimes cubes.

Turtloids are very slow but will try to chase you anyway. They alternate between firing a salvo of plasma balls and missiles.
The missiles are fast but turn slowly. Always dodge or destroy them because they hurt a lot. The plasma balls can be devastating in close contact. They drop small spheres of energy and rarely cubes.
For those two big enemies, you can keep the initiative by attacking constantly, never allowing them to breath if they are not too many.

Bosses have simple patterns and call in reinforcements mid-life. They have a lot of life, aren't disturbed by your hits and often drop cubes of energy.

III) Missions

I'll talk only about minefields, cleanser's missions, bosses, secret area and survival.

There are two ways (as far as I know) to pass minefields: you can get close, activate one or two mines and immediately retreat in the whole area; in a big room, you can use the fact that mines automatically explode after some time (out of fuel?) and fly in big circles until the area is clean. This is not very fun and contrasts with the fast-paced gameplay.
You can also rush in, as says Asterus: go fast enough to crash the mines in the walls. You can use special attacks to destroy a bunch of mines about to reach you. This can be tough and requires several tries, as well as a knowledge of the map.

In cleanser's missions, you should utilize the fact that the cleanser goes faster when you are far from it. It slows greatly when you stay close to it. Try to stay on the left if there is a vertical corridor. Also if you dash into the death ray, you will be violently projected.

Against bosses, you can go slowly, learning its patterns, dodging, hitting once, going back,etc... You probably want to use the slicer then.
Or you may try to rush at it, gathering enough energy to finish quickly. It's more risky. You should then use the crusher or the megatron's high damage.

The secret area is extremely hard to beat. If you go slowly through the minefields, you won't have any energy to face the next wave of robots. I think it's much easier to rush through the mines, use a whirlwind to make them crash, and go fighting with a bit of energy to start with a special attack.
The accumulation of turtloids makes it suicide to go without a special attack. You may also wait for them to launch their bullets, destroy small and isolated robots to get enough energy and go inside the battle. The graviton orb the shockwave or the whirlwind are almost necessary (for their shielding). I dare anyone to beat this mission with the saber or the hurricane.
In the last fight zone, DON'T try to get the generators quickly, you could lose all your work to get there.
Forget about killing the turtloids inside using the hurricane or the graviton orb. They just don't deal enough damage. You can either ignore them and dodge their attacks while hitting the generators or destroy them using the shockwave. The megatron with enough energy can also reach them (and so does the slicer).
Beware not to get killed by them at the very end, it's really frustrationg.

For the survival, the megatron is not available and there are so many enemies that you will almost certainly use the slicer. It can be funny to train throwing the hurricane and never catching it again, this is the only room large enough to do it.

This is not an exhaustive guide: many strategies or tricks are to be added. I wonder if there is a score submitting system.

Also, please forgive me if some of my sentences sound stilted or weird, I'm not English.

momom2 June 25, 2018 12:03 PM replied to momom2

Actually my measures for the energy dropped by each enemy were not precise. Just ignore them.


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