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WoW Classic - Rogue Race Selection

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Rogues are masters of disguise, making various kinds of poisons, as well as picking all sorts of locks. They have supernatural powers. In particular, such as intoxicating poison, a blow that paralyzes the body, stunning, depriving the enemy of sight, as well as a blow to the kidneys. All these abilities are especially relevant underground. Rogues can also weaken the armor of opponents and split the armor.

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Pros and cons of robbers
If you choose a rogue as your primary, keep in mind that it can be difficult to find groups and equipment, because, in general, the equipment you need is also needed by hunters, warriors, and other rogues. Rogues work well in both PvE and PvP. They are below average but still better than Paladins and Warriors due to their ability to increase movement. Poison gives them solid dungeon utility. However, it will be bad for you to join groups because there is a lot of gear competition here. Other than that, Rogues have high DPS in raids and are fun in PvP due to their stealth.

The advantages include the following:

● Stealth, thanks to which you can explore the game world without any danger to life;
● A large number of different kinds of control abilities;
● High base damage from abilities such as eviscerate, which reduces the degree of dependence on the quality of equipment.

Of the minuses, it should be noted the lack of AoE abilities except for a flurry of blades, as well as the lack of self-healing abilities.

Rogue Race Selection
Best Rogue Race (Alliance, PvE)

The best race for a rogue is a human, because he has such a bonus as weapon proficiency. This gives a huge boost to rogues with a sword build.

As for PvP, then the most suitable option would be the gnomes, who have the skill of escaping. This relieves them of various kinds of effects that significantly limit their speed of movement. Dwarves are also very good at engineering. Although at the maximum level, this ability is practically not appreciated.

Members of the night elf race have an ability such as quickness, which gives them some advantage in evasion. Also, representatives of this race can go into the shadows.

Members of the dwarven race can petrify. However, this ability is less useful than the night elves' ability to escape.

Best Rogue Race (Horde, PvE)

Representatives of the orc race have a bloody fury. In terms of the so-called net damage bonus, this is much better than the battle frenzy. However, Blood Fury can cut the amount of healing done by up to half. And this can sometimes go to the detriment of PvP.

The main ability of the representatives of the troll race is a fighting frenzy. This ability is very strong. For PvP, the best race is the undead. They can relinquish control through the will of the Forsaken.

Combat Rogue abilities in Classic

In this section, we will consider the most important spells that are available to rogues. A detailed description of their mechanics will also be given. Without this information, it will not be possible to understand the information contained in the following sections.

Abilities that can be used while Stealthed

Rogues have abilities that can only be used while stealthed. These include, in particular, the following:

● Stupefaction. In principle, this is the best control ability in wow classic horns. However, it can only be used on non-combatant humanoids. Stagger can only be applied to one target at a time. And any damage removes her stun;
● Sudden blow. This ability can only be used with a dagger in hand;
● Garrotte. With this ability, you can start a rotation if you use swords.

Main rotation abilities

The main abilities for rotation include the following:

Insidious blow. This ability allows you to generate combo points in a build with swords. Its cost is forty-five units of energy. In the case of using an insidious blow, the rogue recovers one point;
Backstab. This ability allows you to generate combo points in a build with daggers. Its cost is sixty units of energy. In the case of using a backstab, the rogue recovers one point. With the help of such a talent as lethality, you can significantly increase the power of a backstab;
Evisceration. This ability allows you to reset combo points. Its cost is thirty-five units of energy. The bonus to base damage will depend mainly on such an indicator as attack power. This ability is recommended to be used only if you have at least five combo points;
Laceration. This ability in wow classic horn imposes such an effect as bleeding on the target. However, it requires a very large number of points. Its cost is twenty-five units of energy. It completely ignores the target's armor. For this reason, it is very convenient to use against bosses who have this indicator above average. This ability takes up a slot for a negative effect. Accordingly, it is far from always possible to use it in raids. If you are in doubt about the appropriateness of using it, contact your raid leader.

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