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wOne and two

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Rating: 4.5/5 (23 votes)
Comments (88) | Views (16,332)
Andrew Wyrmwone.jpgEveryone loves planes, trains, and automobiles, but nobody cares much for the little-old wheel. Underrated and ill-appreciated, wOne and wOne 2, by Sean Cooper, give the lowly wheel center-stage in its very own arcade-style Web game.

Use the arrow keys to control the wheel, with your task being a simple one: collect barrels (or coins) and stars by rolling through a myriad of levels full of ramps and platforms.

Collect all barrels in a level to advance to the next. There are only 6 levels in wOne, varying in difficulty from easy to nightmare, and all of them have the same bricked look and feel. If you'd like to play the 6th level, however, you will have to collect all the stars in each of the first five.

wone2.jpgThe follow-up to first, wOne 2, expands upon this greatly with 19 different levels, including several different environments and a couple of power-ups. wOne 2 only has one level open by default, and you unlock new levels by collecting all the coins in each. So far I am unsure of the benefit to collecting all the stars, as the higher levels are a bit too much for me. But so far it appears to be nothing more but bragging rights. You'll also find scattered throughout the levels 4 differently-colored balls. These fill up the grid along the top of the screen. All 4 are neccesary for the last level, but I'll let you find out why for yourself.

Beyond the new collectibles, wOne 2 adds three (3) new environments: slippery ice, bottomless pits, and levels based around a central force of gravity. The last of the gravity levels adds items which change the direction or strength of the force.

In some levels you are also given a bungee system and/or a jet. The bungee attaches to any solid surface and allows you access too places not otherwise possible. The jet basically allows you to fly, though I will warn you that the controls while "jetting" are very sensitive, so take it easy.

Nice little additions to wOne 2 is the time par, rating system, and highscores table. Based on how many stars you get, and how fast you complete the level, you are given ratings from "Not Bad", to "Excellent".

Analysis: I thoroughly enjoyed both games, and I like the additions included in wOne 2. That being said, the improvements do make the game significantly more difficult, at least for me. Also, I do have a couple of quips: 1) the physics in both games seem to overreact a bit when you're moving too fast; and 2) although wOne 2 upgrades the wheel graphic from wOne, the new graphic isn't as smooth, and on the leaf-background it's visually a bit jarring. Regardless, the visuals on a whole are fantastic, the control structure is simple and the gameplay makes both games easy to jump into. Whether you're a die-hard platformer fan or just a casual gamer, wOne and wOne 2 are your new friends. Click! Again!


I couldn't even do the warm-up, and completely lost interest after a few minutes.


My main complaint with the second one is that the 'life' system. If you complete a stage, and run out of lives, you have to redo ALL of them again. Though some may like that, I personally do not. But other than that, they are quite well done.


This is a very tedious game. Hardly a game really, more like a test for some physics engine.

And the review just iterates what the goal of the game is.

I don't see what's so thoroughly enjoyable about it.


I have yet to play the second one, but I'm having tons of fun with the first one. I enjoy that you don't have air control and have to plan around it, giving the game a whole new challenge. Though star placement is a little odd, as I collected all stars in Level 4 faster than I did in the earlier levels.

Wise_dude321 September 27, 2006 2:45 PM

The stars in Wone2 are because that if you get all that stars and the par time your awarded another life


Certainly a nice idea. It's of the frustratingly-want-to-get-there type: easy to get into, hard to master. The 'flow' reminds me a bit of Pants.

Having that said, I think the star and time requirements are way too heavy for getting a new life, considering how easily a life is lost and how harsh the game-over penalty is.

I also think that, by requiring the player to pickup every golden ball, the game becomes slower, more tedious. I'm not saying it's a bad mechanic, but it's perhaps one of the causes for the (too) steep learning curve. What if the player only had to get 8 of 14 balls, for example? Less skilled people would get the 8 easiest balls, while hardcore players could go for all to collect a bonus.


This game is far too tedious to be interesting, unfortunately. I got bored on the warmup because reaching the targets was too dependent on luck and timing rather than skill or strategy. It took me about 2-3 minutes before I found the gameplay to be a chore rather than an enjoyable experience.


I agree, I hate when I'm using the half pipes to gain momentum and the wheel automatically drifts past the lip and bounces off some object killing it and limiting how high I can go. Bloody fustrating.


bug: in the central gravity stage i got in a permanet orbit.
still lots o fun!


tp--i'm not sure what you mean by "permanent orbit" but if you mean that you continued to orbit the center of gravity without being able to hit the ground, i find the best way is to alternate the left and right keys on a pass by the planet (especially hitting the key in the direction you are going to accelerate) and hitting the button opposite the direction you are going if you can manage to hit the "planet."
i hope that helps!


Hmm, this is fairly similar to Gumboy Crazy Adventures, which I like a lot more than this, but which is also not free.


This game loads heavily on my system. Once it ate up all my virtual memory and my machine automatically increased the size of my page file. The wheel for human hamsters.


This is the most frustrating game I have ever played.

A good concept, but it's way too hard to keep the wheel under control.


Here is a hint to avoid to get too frustated with wOne 2 and its life system.

As soon as you enter the red stripped area and you're about to lose one life, press 'P' to pause the game and click either on Restart or Exit. You still have to restart the level from scratch but you can always keep your 5 lifes.


I really enjoyed the 1st game. The 2nd game has too steep a learning curve. I was just getting used to the wheel, now I gotta bungee? Yikes. I still can't get past the 1st bungee course or the 2nd normal course. Fun concept though.

Add Nauseum October 20, 2006 3:02 AM

I'm quite enjoying wOne 2. There is a lot of mastery to it. For example, when you're in the air you can control your drift by spinning left or right. That's why when you keep spinning past the lip of the half-pipe you curve over the lip, but if you reverse spin as you're leaving the half-pipe you curve out over the pipe and come down for another run. If you want to practice this work on the slippery levels, they're more forgiving with the timing. There are also a couple of 0-gravity levels that really drive this home.

That said there are a lot of frustrations as the levels require fairly exact timing in many cases. It took me far too long to get the skill to do some of the later levels. (I'm physics-minded and stubborn so I kept at it.) One hint: in many cases there's a particular place you can start from (such as a platform to drop in from) that will get you on the path to the place you want to go.

If anyone's found a way to get the stars on "The Skier" I would really like to hear it. I've got the stars on all the other levels and completed both "Nightmare" levels, but it seems you need to collect all the stars on all the levels to unlock the "Impossible" level. (Strangely enough the nightmare levels were far easier than many of the others.)

Frustrated, sure. But it feels good to beat each level.


I know what the colored balls are for

filling in the special tracks

, so can anyone tell me what levels they are in in wOne2? I know the red one is in "Spin, Spin, Spin"


I just completed the first wOne and unlocked a secret level!!! pretty niffty ;)


Finally someone posted something about those stinking coloured balls. I have found three of the four: Red is in Spin, Spin, Spin... blue is in Thrusters... green is in Central Earth. I remember getting the yellow one during a fluke attempt but I can't remember which level it is in! Please help! Logic tells me that since the other three are all from different worlds, then the yellow one is in one of the ice worlds.

And am I correct in thinking that the coloured balls fill in pieces to levels like Up 'n' Over


The yellow ball is in Slipper Coaster. I don't remember the level name, but getting all the colored balls fills in the two orange outlines with track in a certain level (this is the only level that I know of with fill-in tracks).


Actually, the yellow ball is in Halfpipe hell on a platform in the middle of the last halfpipe along with two stars.

Am I the only one get a bug in Up 'n Over? After I got the yellow ball most of the background was filled with brick, although the ball could move through the previously empty parts. The orange part was filled in such a way that the ball rested on the lower limiting line as if it was the surface. Same thing happened when I had all the coloured balls. Very irritating!


Heres a tip regarding the lives. If you do the first level with central orbit, Planetary, and you just go around as fast as you can and collect all the circles, you can get a free life. I ussually take abou 5 or 6 seconds. You do NOT have to get all the stars. repeat this a few times, and you are set.


I'm able to get to all but 3 balls on the impossible level. I've no clue where the exit is.


i cannot beat the skier or halfpipe hell...any hints


halfpipe hell is farely easy, you just have to b used to making the wheel spin the opposite direction your going right before you leave the top of the pipe. I'm still stuck on getting the yellow ball from teh middle of the last half pipe though.
and as for the skier, i have not yet beat that.


replying to dwarf. Same glitch happend to me, odd.


Responding to B... how did you get the stars on "The Skier"?


I have no idea how this works but I didn't need the last ball in the middle of the last halfpipe in Halfpipe Hell. Matter of fact, I've seen the ball up there during an earlier game that I screwed up in. Then when I got better & reached that area again the last ball was replaced by a star. So I didn't need it & completed the level (without all stars).

Okay, who can tell me what you need to do to activate the invisible walls that help you out in precarious situations? In Halfpipe Hell that 1st helper wall was visible & I was able to get the ball. In a later game it was invisible again even though I didn't start a "new" game & didn't empty my cache.


Oh, & the Skier?! I got the hang of Halfpipe Hell, but I have absolutely no idea how to get some of those balls (or activate its invisible walls) in the Skier. The whole course looks like one huge leap of faith.


The yellow ball in the middle of the last upper platform in half-pipe hell is another of the special coloured balls...for some reason there are two of the yellow kind, one each appearing in slippery coaster and half-pipe hell. Doesn't really matter which one you pick up as they both have the same effect

later in the game in activating those missing walls outlined in the corresponding colour.

The other guys are right about half-pipe hell though, you have to take the advice of reversing your spin at the top of the pipe to keep from flying out of control...it's a long process but you can get the hang of it.

And to whoever managed to get The Skier please do tell---it's the last I have yet to collect the stars on, I wanna see what the impossible level looks like. I've gotten two of three of the stars on what I felt was a fluke...I used the two middle slopes as charge up runs into the final slope to rocket me into the air---in the end it's very difficult to control and takes a lot of practice...


i cant get past the level "bungee-outta-ere" or however you spell it. any hints or suggestions, anyone?

Anonymous April 12, 2007 9:22 PM

in skiier, i dont know how to get all of the gold dots but i do know how to get over the jump:

first, you go down the vertical wall at max speed.
2. when you hit the wall, it should bounce back to the other side of the big canyon.
3.go back and forth until you get the highest point you can reach on the left wall.
4. go at high speed to the right, but dont let go of your spin until you make it across.
5. if you're successful, you should bounce on the high wall on the right, get the coin, and your spin should propell you off the bounce to the other side

i hope that works for you like it did for me.

Sam Dudhat May 5, 2007 1:24 PM

I have beaten the skier level, and am still trying to get all of the stars, but I have found a way to get the stars, it's just very difficult...

First - Getting all of the coins

To get the coins, I first start by collecting all of the coins on the right side of the level. To get to the right side of the level, on platform 1, move to the halfpipe portion. On this portion, roll back and forth until you can get to the rounded part of the left wall or higher, with this speed, roll to the left wall and keep the left key pressed to jump over the wall. (make sure you dont bounce on the left wall) You should then fall to the top of that wall and bounce over to platform 2. Once you are on platform 2, keep rolling to platform 4. Once you collect all of the coins on platform 4, roll back and forth until you have enough speed where you can jump higher than the right wall, continue back down the wall and maintain speed to continue onto the 2nd level of platform 3. once you get these coins, travel back to platform 4. This time, roll halfway up the right wall and maintain just enough speed that you gently roll down platform 3. Maintain a high speed so that you can jump to the 2nd level of platform 2. Once you get these coins, go back to platform 3. Go halfway up the right wall and roll to the left and gain as much momentum as possible. You should have enough speed to jump from platform 2, clear the halfpipe on platform 1, and roll on the 45 degree wall on platform 1. Keep speed and you should be able to get the coin on the 3rd level on platform 1. To get the coin on the 2nd level, may be a challenge depending on how well you can do the halfpipe. On the halfpipe on platform 1, try to roll with just enough momentum that you get a little air above the right wall before you come down. Make sure that you dont hit the right wall. If you do, you wont be able to gain enough momentum to clear the rounded portion of the left wall. If you do this correctly, you can keep the left key pressed and clear the left wall and continue rolling through the left side of platform 1 and jump up to the 2nd level. Once you have this coin, you can get the stars...

Getting the Stars

To get the stars, go to the halfpipe on platform 1. On this platform, roll back and forth until you can get up to the rounded part of the left wall. You must change direction almost immediately as you get to the transition from the flat part to the rounded part, with this momentum, you should try to clear the right wall by using a bounce jump (see above). If you do this correctly, you should gently and quickly slide down the left wall of platform 2 without bouncing and have enough speed to hit the top left side of level 2 of platform 3. If you bounce on the 2nd level twice, you did this incorrectly and should go back to the halfpipe of platform 1. If you bounce only once and continue to platform 4 without bouncing, you are on the right path. Maintain speed and you should clear the right wall and keep the right arrow key pressed until you get above the stars then let go of all keys. You should bounce on the top of of the rounded part of the right wall and then you can get to the exit. If you are a bit out of control, keep your finger on x so that you can hit it as you pass by the exit.

I have gotten all of the stars by using this method twice, but since i was still practicing, i foolishly didnt collect all of the coins first... let me know if you find another way to do this.

Good luck!

Sam Dudhat May 6, 2007 2:14 PM

I tried to validate all of my directions and I found an error...

Getting the stars update...

The last step in getting the stars when you are on platform 4, you do not have to keep the right arrow pressed until you get above the stars, I tried it again, and I was able to get all of the stars without pressing any keys, as soon as I was in the air, i let go of the keys, and the momentum carried me over and ontop without much effort.


Sam Dudhat, are you talking about the Skier...or the Halfpipes? You even mentioned a halfpipe a few times in your description. Both the Halfpipe and the Skier each have 4 divisions so it makes it even more confusing to understand if you're really talking about the Skier or not.

Again, I find the Skier impossible because I can't use any extra height above a vertical wall in order to gain speed like I can in the slippery Halfpipes. No matter what I try the wheel still bounces off the tips of any edge, rounded or square.


the end area of Bungee Outta Here requires tricky use of the bungee. You'll have to do the old "roll, fall and bungee grab" the underside of the next block. Then try making your bungee line really long and swinging beyond your current block to a further block up and around it's far side so you loop upward, around and land on the top of the far block. (Don't try to swing up onto the block right next to you, the bungee line is too short to work how you'd want it to.) Instead try to get to the second or third block past you. You'll end up at the goal before you finish collecting, but you just make your way back & forth till you got them all & then go to the goal again.


One other note, I still haven't finished Slip-Former. I almost made it one time in my early attempts but haven't gotten even that far since then. At least in the back of my mind it Does seem possible, unlike the Skier. But still it's like 4 short yet torturous leaps of perfection. Even the 1st pipe and jump I try over & over again because if I miss just 1 ball there's no going back. It's quicker to start over again.

Sam Dudhat May 24, 2007 10:44 PM

I am only talking about the skier level in my previous posts... I heard alot of people saying that they couldn't beat that level so thats where i started. In order to explain as clearly as i could, i had to call the U-shaped parts half-pipes... BTW, to get enough speed to get over the wall on the right side of platform 1, an easy way is to get about 3/4ths of the way up the left side wall and then gain enough speed to launch off of the ramp and slam into the right wall, this impact will bounce you to the left side of the half-pipe. Gain speed and you should launch over the wall, and keep right pressed so that when you bouce on the top of the wall, your rotational speed kicks you to platform 2.

Sam Dudhat May 24, 2007 11:01 PM

I went back to look at slip former, and yeah, that is the second toughest level...

Well, until you get to the Impossible level. The skier level looked like cake compared to this.

You really need to master the physics of the game at this level. Some tips:
-Rotational direction affects wheel movement going up and down. Clockwise rotation moves the wheel right going up and left going down. Counter-clockwise rotation moves the wheel left going up and right going down.
-On half-pipes, as soon as the wheel is about to cross over the edge, you should fly straight up and back down
-When the wheel is really high, in order to maintain a verticle drop, lose rotation, or counter your movement to either direction by switching your rotation.
-Lastly, try to conserve your speed and try not to bounce around the walls. Fluid movements help a lot.

If people want, I can take videos and upload to youtube.


Hi Sam, that was me (Corona) talking about half pipes and such. Thanks for your posts. I think just out of trial and error I managed to figure out (almost) how to get from platform 1 to platform 2 in the Skier. I've successfully done what you said in gaining momentum from the 1st "drop and ramp" in Skier to hit the far wall of the half pipe and bounce back a bit to fall & speed up the half pipe high enough to bounce off the top of the end of the 1st platform and continue rolling toward the other platforms.

You said about 3/4 of the way up the very 1st drop. I'll keep that in mind in the future. But at what height would you suggest for beginning the return trip to grab the last ball way up above platform 1?

I noticed in my favorite level Roller Racer that while very high in mid air the spin would change the wheels' direction.

Lastly, I would love it if you'd show You Tube videos of both the Skier and Slip Former, and any insane levels beyond them. Even if I can't achieve them, I'd like to see what I'm missing. :o)

Thanks Sam!

(If a double post shows up, please ignore it.)


I uploaded videos to youtube on getting the coins in slip former and skier. It's tough to see, but when you can see the spokes of the wheel, I am changing direction. Search for the keyword wone2.


I'm at work right now, but I'll check it out when I get home. Thanks Sam!!


Holy moley! Again, thanks for the videos Sam. Me thinks you've been practicing way more than I have for quite some time. Thanks to your video I'm now able to grab every yellow ball in The Skier...unfortunately not within the same game stage but it's a positive start. At least now I sort of know where to begin each momentum.

In Slip-former I do know how to win it, but getting there is such a bear and I haven't done it yet, yet I tried for a bit today. You make it look so easy, and look at your stage times! Before I die I'm usually at the 15-20 minute mark.

Hey, one oddity I've noticed...in the very beginning of Skier you roll straight down & up the U and yet have enough momentum to rise way up and bounce over to the 2nd section. I can't do that at all. What gives? Is it a video card issue? Ram? Etc.? I have XP SP2, a Pentium4 1.7, 512 ram, 80 gig drive, but a pretty old nVidea GeForce 2 MX/MX 400 card. Think it might affect the physics of the game on my end?

I know about those 4 colored balls that turn on extra platforms. But I've noticed that they don't stay active if you quit the game & come back in a new session, even though the cookie saves the rest of your games' progress. For that reason alone I think someone who knows Flash games should create a game called "Let's All Strangle Sean Cooper".

But really, I hope Sean creates a wOne3. For me it'd be a dream come true.


On the skier level, it's not an oddity... This is how you do it. When you first start out, hit right and then hit left just as you are about to fall. (This should make sure that you dont fall too far away from the left wall and can gain momentum on it) When you start falling, hit right again and hold it pressed the whole time. You should be able to gain momentum and replicate the jump.


I guess Jay's waiting for it to get beyond beta before he splashes it on the main screen.

If you want to check out all my levels go to Browse Levels and type in Corona in the search box. Skeeball, Roll Yer Own, and Halfpipe Climb are my best so far.

After creating 6 levels I hit burn-out city so it may be a while before my next entry.


I tried it... took me like 20 tries before i got the timing down, but i finally got to the exit, but only with 3 stars. I'm gonna try to get all of them sometime.


Thanks for trying (& succeeding) Sam. The Browse levels are closed as of today. I suspect major finnagling by Crazy Monkey to put this beta version into gold release, which is always a good thing.

If you want to try my other releases, here are the links.

(Normally if you could get to the Browse Levels you could type in "Corona" in the search field and get all my games in a row and have at it.)

But such is not the case right now. So I'll link you...

[url=http://www.crazymonkeygames.com/wOneDesigner/play.php?gameid=4489]Roll Yer Own[/url]

[url=http://www.crazymonkeygames.com/wOneDesigner/play.php?gameid=4867]Halfpipe Climb[/url]

[url=http://www.crazymonkeygames.com/wOneDesigner/play.php?gameid=4160]Anchors Away[/url]




[url=http://www.crazymonkeygames.com/wOneDesigner/play.php?gameid=13456]Circle Run[/url]

[url=http://www.crazymonkeygames.com/wOneDesigner/play.php?gameid=16295]Mini Me[/url]

Enjoy! :o)


Oops, I keep forgetting this is a board. My bad. Well, the urls are there for you to copy & paste.



It took me forever, but I figured out its secret...

There is a bungee at the far left of the course. I discovered it by getting zero gravity, but I'm pretty sure you can get the bungee by rolling off to the left (but not fast) of the board when you start and clinging to the wall as you descend.

manvsbear August 19, 2007 10:49 PM

The Impossible level is

exactly like "Up n' Over" only without slippery walls. Kind of a let down. And a cop out.

Also, it's fairly easy.

manvsbear August 24, 2007 5:00 AM

This just in...

You do not need all the colored balls to complete the Impossible level.

Drop into the first halfpipe. Roll back and forth until you get just below to the top of the left lip, hold right and ride the halfpipe, bounce off the top of the right wall onto the wall across the gap. Keep holding right and you will bounce off the wall and pick up the jetpack. mmmmmm pwned.


That can't be right for the impossible level, there is nothing on the right of the halfpipe


At Wone2,how come I finished Labyrinth and
nothong unlocks.


Is the first level:

The Beams?


john,what is the impossible level name?

I can't figure it out.

This is my answer:

B Bungee


You will never get to the impossible level
with all 4 colored balls.


You have to get all the


The Bungee is in Labyrinth.Maybe so,but
I discoverd the thruster was in it too.

up,left,up,and you could

figure it out by yourself.


ok I need help with the final level can anyone help me I got all stars and all of the color balls but I can only get to the part

right below the bungee and the box with ten dots to the left other then that I am lost can anyone help me.


anyone helpme with halfppe hell?
I know that is in the 3rd:

ice level.


I need a screenshot of all the levels.
Please give me the screen shots of:

01.halfpipe hell
02.the skier

and make sure

I see a WHOLE screenshot.


To win "bungee show",
here is the idea:

catch chips,go up,do on 3,catch top of triangle,down,6 chips up,1 down on left,1 right,1 on bottom left,bottom right,
left,right,over left,2 left,left,exit.


for halfpipe hell

go up one side of the half pipe then at the top of the halfpipe change directions so youcome back in the halfpipe. to get the stars on the last section you need to use the halfpipe before it to give you enough momentum and it is neccesary to have the yellow ball


That is NOT a bug.It is a magnet.To get
it(see it)go in "Spiral"and Press Page Down
to see it


Alvin likes Corona.Corona,follow my
bungee throw:

up,3,top,6,2 bottom,on left and right,
down,left,right,down left,over,exit.

Alvin's spoilers always become sp and pre.
Look at Alvin hint of the bungee.


Walkthrough for SPIRAL:
Press right.When hitting the wall,press left.Keep going until you reach all coins.Press left until you see the exit.Press right until you get a speed of
1 and a half.


How did you get all stars?


Why do i make so much mistakes?


there's a video on Youtube.

Anonymous March 20, 2008 3:56 PM

How do you get the last level to open? I have passed all other levels and have collected all the stars on all the levels except skier but stil am unable to play the final. I even went back and collected the 4 colored dots but no luck. Any help?

hog wild May 4, 2008 8:33 PM

can someone please give me a good explanation on how to get the stars in skier?


No matter how many different things I try, I can't seem to get the last star on the top left in spin, spin, spin ... any suggestions?


for skier you need to go down from top left, jump the wall, then keep momentum and jump the middle valley, then you should have enough momentum, but it's devilishly difficult.

highdee21 August 29, 2009 3:50 PM

I used to be really addicted to this game a couple of years but I got stuck halfway through and gave up and forgot about it but yesterday I was cleaning out my favourites and re-discovered it and I am addicted to it again I am closer to completing it than before!!! I love this game it is brilliant!!!

P.S. If you refresh the page when you are running out of lives it replenishes the ones you have lost!!!


I finished the skier and labyrinth right. AND I STILL CANT REACH TO THE ROOMS!!!


I beat all hard levels but i couldnt finish bungee-outta-ere and slip-former


john the blue ball is in thrusters and the yellow is in slipper coaster and the green one is in central earth and red in spin spin spin


hold a d and f to complete the level i made to the 2 nightmare levels but not the impossible one


I holded A D and F together before clicking to make it to the 2 nightmare ones (the rooms and up n' over). TO make it to the impossible one is a s d f and i fixed the impossible level without coloured balls!


Up n' over were far easiest than the other impossible and nightmare levels, and the hardest level i see in this game is bungee-outta-ere and 'F' bungee (impossible level)


Dont know how to beat skier.. or halfpipe hell? hold asf before clicking on the level! holding asf before clicking bungee outta ere unlocks the rooms, and hold asf on labyrinth to unlock up n over, after you get all asf holdings together before clicking on ALL levels, you can reach the impossible level.


F bungee, Any walkthrough? i cant get the jetpack.


To Beat the up n over and impossible level grab all colour balls, go to the 3rd half pipe and second half pipe then grab the jet pack and go all around the level easy the rooms is hard help me with that level


The impossible level is easy grab all coloured balls Then grab the thruster Bungee-outta-ere is HARDEST level ever


To fix levels like halfpipe hell, the rooms of bungee and up n' over grab all the coloured balls and you are set


How you beat the impossible level

Grab all colour balls then go to 3rd halfpipe then bounce off 3rd halfpipe and you will pick up the jet


i have hacked all levels but i can't finish:



i just see on youtube about the skier and slip-former, i beated them, and it was uploaded by sam dudhat.


Can somebody help me with bungee outta-ere and the rooms

Any walkthrough or videos on youtube?


This is how you beat these 2 levels,

The skier

jump off first then bounce off the halfpipe
and you will go to the 3 platforms then bounce off last one, and you will grab the golden coin, then go to the 2 rectangles and keep using that momentum before you go on the 2nd trapezoid from the beginning of the level, a little more slower then you go on 1st trapezoid, then on last platform exit,

Halfpipe hell,

First you keep pressing left and right on 1st halfpipe then you go to 2nd one go to the triangles then exit,

For the skier, it is difficult to get the 3 stars


up n over,

grab all coloured balls then bounce off third halfpipe then you will pick up the jet

The rooms,

It is really impossible, you just have to grab bungee at the top far left, and you go to the '0' gravity halfpipe, and go on the platform and you go to the 2 halfpipes i am lost anyone help me

'F' bungee

Just like up n over grab all coloured balls and then bounce off the 3rd halfpipe and you will pick up the jet


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