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Wonderland Adventures

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Rating: 4.6/5 (30 votes)
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Wonderland Adventures banner

JoshThere's a newer Wonderland in town, rounding out the 3D action-puzzle series by Midnight Synergy. Our previous review in this series was the well-received Wonderland Secret Worlds, in which a storm rolled through and blew all the little Stinkers away. In Wonderland Adventures, you fill the shoes of the hero once more, this time trying to save the entire Wonderland realm, which is being threatened by a dark, matter-destroying void.

Wonderland Adventures screenIf you've played any of the earlier Wonderland games, you'll be met with the familiar grid-based movement system as in previous versions, but with a much-needed graphics overhaul this time around. The 3D modeling and rendering showcase a considerable upgrade with a gorgeous and colorful world to explore. In fact, a small part of what makes Wonderland Adventures such an enjoyable game is experiencing the new landscapes and scenery as you progress through the levels.

Wonderland Adventures is a top-down (more like 45 degrees) action-puzzle game with subtle RPG elements. Whether you've played earlier games in the series, most casual gamers will be instantly familiar with the lever-pushing, block-moving, key-placing aspects of this game. Don't let that fool you into thinking that this is just another action-puzzle clone though. Wonderland Adventures offers a respectable array of new concepts and game mechanics that are entirely unique.

Wonderland Adventures screenYou begin your journey in Wonderland with a few tutorial stages where you learn to control your Stinker (yes, that's what the citizens of this Wonderland are called). Controls are as simple as moving your mouse and clicking where you want to go, or you can opt to use your keyboard in tandem. You'll be met with initial tasks like standing on switches to raise bridges, stepping on colored tiles to activate platforms...the usual. But once you've gone through the obligatory motions to learn your way around, you're thrown into the heart of the game rather quickly. Your first quest is to save some little Stinkers who've been trapped by a cave-in. Once you gather the little tykes up, you'll have to take control of them to help you make it through the cave. For example, you can grab one of your little pals and make him stand on a certain pressure-sensitive platform to raise a bridge so you can reach a lever. This is just a tiny example of the unique gameplay mechanics you'll be offered as you explore Wonderland.

Wonderland Adventures screenIn later stages as you make your way toward the main town, you'll learn that there's a dark magic beginning to rip Wonderland apart. You'll come across fellow Stinkers who you can interact with, some of which you can chat up for info and others that give you missions, which is where the subtle RPG elements come into play. It's this mixture of genres that makes Wonderland Adventures so entertaining; you're never confined to a particular task for so long as to make it repetitive. There's always something new just around the corner.

You also have magic at your fingertips to help you along the way. As your journey progresses, you'll acquire a host of magical artifacts that help you solve puzzles in interesting ways, such as a pair of gloves that grants you the gift of teleportation. You can collect coins and gems along the way, the former of which you can use to buy useful items in town, and the latter to beef up your score.

Analysis: Wonderland Adventures is without a doubt the best of the Wonderland series so far. Even on its own, it stands as one of the most enjoyable and well-polished action-puzzle games to hit the scene. The developers did a wonderful job with the 3D graphics this time around, a huge step up from even the most recent in the series. The musical score parallels the cute, whimsical nature of the game, never overpowering yet fitting for each environment you stumble into. As mentioned, controls couldn't be simpler; just a click of the mouse to move from A to B, or you can hold down the mouse button to continue following the pointer, a convenient feature for traversing longer distances.

Although Wonderland Adventures epitomizes an all-ages "cute and cuddly" adventure game, it shouldn't be dismissed as a kids-only game. While it makes a great educational and problem-solving game for children, it also offers its share of head-scratchers for adults. Even if you're a veteran of this genre, it's not a game you can blow through quickly without having a few do-overs. You'll encounter puzzles you've never seen, enemies you've never imagined and an environment that's enticingly unfamiliar. Over a hundred levels are featured with dozens of characters to interact with, a solid storyline and unique, non-repetitive environments to explore. Unless you're a long-haired, sleeveless death-metal fan with an flaming pentagram tattooed on your back, don't dismiss Wonderland Adventures as a simple kiddie game. If you're a fan of any of the above-mentioned genres, give it a whirl for an hour or so and you just might find yourself immersed in your latest gaming addiction.

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Wonderland Adventures is available to download from these affiliates:
Arcade TownBig Fish Games


This game is simply awesome, a must-have for any puzzle lover. A small tip about the game:

If you end up with a spare key with no apparent use, HOLD ON TO IT. I used it on a level, and then couldn't open a certain door later in the game (the door was at one of the first screens). Maybe there was another way to open it, but I thought I should share this.

Strangelander May 26, 2008 10:21 AM

Anyone else with download problems? I get an "instant download" of 1KB, and that's it. This is with the demo.

Saturn500 May 26, 2008 12:42 PM

HELP! I'm in the

Sewers and I sank the barrels already. I haven't yet caught the thief, and I can't seem to reach the place I'm supposed to be at, even with teleportation.

That's the best way I can word it. Do I need to start from the beginning? I don't want to, and if I do, I would like a word with the level designer.

ThemePark May 26, 2008 4:52 PM

This game is actually amazingly well done, and insanely cute too. I'm definitely gonna have to buy this when I have money again. :-D


Strangelander - which site did you try downloading from? If it's from Big Fish, those files are generally small in size. The files are basically instructions for the Big Fish Games manager, a loader application that handles the downloads for you.

ThemePark May 27, 2008 11:58 PM

I got access to the arcade now, except I don't know where it is. I've looked all over Wondertown. Where can I find it?


to get to the arcade go up from the market screen with a fountain, cross the bridge then go into the screen on the left


most exellent game, but has anyone found the secret room on level 3 in the arcade?


OK, I feel very foolish, but I can't seem to find a room and it's killing me as I'm still very early in the game..

Where is the entrance to the Water Works level? I can't find the star to enter, only the other two levels and the green door!

thanks, m.


For those people who get very stuck on levels this is a cheat i found and i tried it,IT WORKS AWESOME. go into the adventure u cant finish, then press 5 on the keyboard.not the numpad k?
then quickly press ctrl then F12 u will immediately finish the level.the only problem is you wont get any gems or coins unless u took them before u use the cheat.Hope this Helps!

Anonymous April 22, 2009 7:58 PM

I've got 103 stars and can't find the secret room of Level 3 Wonderland Adventure in the arcade. I don't know where the 105th star is, but I'm thinking it has something to do with the secret room. Anyone have any help?

Diana_P May 24, 2009 5:30 AM

I have 102 stars... I'm missing 2 tokens though. Here are some locations where I got my last stars.


S ewers section. Bottom left from the entrance there is a fire station that leads to the treasure chamber room.


Give SUNSCREEN to the guy sitting near the pool at the town entrance screen. You will get sunscreen from the guy in arcade room.


Remember the guy with the red hat, who gives you a mushroom key without any requests? Talk to him again, he will ask you to rescue 2 wees!


Go back to the starting point. 2 Screens before the starting point (screen with a waterfall in the middle) there is a rainbow gate (top left part of the screen) and you can use the extra key to get 2 stars and a token.

And some questions!

Does anyone know the location of all tokens?
What we are supposed to do with the blue flower?
Is there a way to enter the room with pink switch and the gate(forest end)?


the secret room is in the very bottom corner of the main room (past arrow that takes you in to dark room)
you need to use the little gray dot you get from the red gate room.there is a hole in wall beside orange teleporter button in that level but all it has is 1 star and the name stinky. i still haven't found the last 2 stars.


the last star is in the begin of forest end go to the guy who tells stories and keep clinking on him he finally thanks you for listening and gives you the gold star my gate is now open ty

roomescaper55 May 19, 2010 10:54 AM

I found a level editor. It can be found here.


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