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Wink: The Game!

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Rating: 4.6/5 (102 votes)
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JessWink: The GameOver two years old, Wink: The Game! is still a cute and entertaining little gem of a graphical adventure that was somehow overlooked by us here at Casual Gameplay. Despite its advanced age, Wink nevertheless has smooth playability and excellent production values; although sometimes repetitive, Andre "gel" Nguyen has created a very fun, addictive adventure that has withstood the test of time.

You play as Wink, a cute semi-stick figure armed only with his sneakiness, at least at first. As the niftily stylized intro helpfully explains, Wink's previous quest to rescue the proverbial princess ended with every adventurer's worst nightmare: The dragon (and so the fair maiden as well) is in another castle. Now, Wink must again traverse a fortress, eluding and defeating enemies along the way, to finally face his fiery-breathed nemesis.

Without doubt, my favorite part of Wink: The Game is the emphasis on stealth over brute force. Wink is not exactly a tough guy: his most useful skill is the ability to vanish into the shadows and, whenever one of the hooded, glowy-eyed baddies passes by, creep up from behind and knock the enemy out. Once this is done, Wink has the chance to purloin whatever staff the bad guy was carrying. You'll run across three different types: fire, wind and thunder. At certain parts of the game, different staffs are needed to open doors and proceed through the castle. More fun, though, are the elemental attacks; I couldn't help giggling every time a fireball or bolt of lightning sent a baddie hurtling through the air.

Analysis: Wink is a lot of fun. The keyboard controls quickly become intuitive and the sight, sounds and concept of the game are nicely united to create an experience easily immersed within. A minor quibble: the castle can quickly feel like a maze (a map would have been incredibly useful), which can create a tedious loop of exploring the same parts over and over. It would also have been nice to have had more of a variety of bad guys and environments; once you figure out how to defeat the suspiciously Shyguy-like enemies, the game loses much of its challenge. Still, on the whole Wink: The Game is definitely worth a look.

Come on, defeat that pesky dragon:

Play Wink: The Game


This game is a lot of fun. I can vaguely remember playing the original. The stealth factor over brute force is an attractive gameplay feature. I only played it for a few minutes but I noticed a few interesting things.

I found out by accident that if you throw the torch at the baddies they will burn to death. The choke manuever requires you to first grab, then hit the grab key a second time. I did it right the first few times but then forgot how I did it, lol.


Cool concept. Ending esspecially so.

ScoobySnack39 September 10, 2007 2:38 PM

Fun game...great ending.

Got trapped once past a doorway and threw away my staff by accident (under the closing door) - you'll understand when you play.

Close attacks are best with a staff, you can see the bad guys splat on the screen.

Don't forget, if you can't figure out which way to go...left and right aren't your only options.


nooooo! My guy slid off the shelf thing and now he's down inside the wall and I can't do nythig! I can't even see him!


HeHe, good fun little game, and i liked the different elemental attacks, each were good fun, and behaved differently from the others, making it more special.

Good ending sequence also.


This is a great game, I played it soon after it came out (I think i may have submitted it to JIG then, but meh) and, despite not being all that hard, is just so fun and humorous that you can't not play it again.

And for those having trouble with the Dragon

"D'you want a lift?"


Finally! Somebody posted it! I have mastered it too many times, and the dragon is really not easy. But when i first came out here was no boss!


Really cute. As soon as I saw it, I though, Pintsize (and for those that know what I mean, cheers!)

I found with the dragon, you don't have to jump on its back. Just dodge and shoot :D


omg i need help! im stuck at the place where it says you need a wind staff to go thru in the beginning. WHERE IS THAT STAFF???


Never mind, I found it!


Heres a half walkthrough:

First go to the right and attack the guy and steal his staff.

Then go to the right and jump up on the ledges (not the ones with the hole on the top)

Kill the guy and go through the door, kill the other guys and steal his wind staff.

Then go back through the door that you came through (back to the beginning lvl) and go all the way down and to the right.

Open the door with your new wind staff and continue forward...



I can't find the next staff - I think it's water.


Got right to the end.
Dragon killed me.
How can you get the green health things in the dragon's den?

Friggin' unresponsive keys grumble grumble.


I have a question about the dragon.

I've seen people post about having trouble with the dragon, and I'm wondering if maybe there was a bug in my game, because I'm not much of a gamer and I found the dragon incredibly easy. When he hit me with the fire, I didn't lose any health, but I did lose my weapon. The only thing that made me lose health was getting landed on, but that was easy to dodge. I just ran underneath him, baited him into falling, then blasted him a couple times. Repeat. I did manage to land on his back, but nothing happened. Was I supposed to grab him while I was up there? That just occured to me.


It's like a cute little splinter cell. My favorite move is the neck-snap from the ceiling.


Finally, a game that lets you use those ubiquitous wall torches to your advantage!


With the dragon, I find it very helpful to

press spacebar to step back into the shadows just before he lands on you. If you find a spot where his fire doesn't hit you, you can chip away at his health without having to ride him.


So I have played the game a few more times, for exploration purposes...

In the room before the gem room, after the castle wall, there are platforms going up. When you get to the top, you can go through doors to the outside of the castle:
- If you go down, you can get health on the far right. Just go left to be back out on the castle wall.
- If you go to the far left door (outside: this takes jumping from platforms) you are inthe far right inside. If you carefully jump right, you get on another platform that you can then jump up from and go all the way right. There is a series of platforms going down, far down. At the bottom you will find stealth, and then if you go far left (no enemies) you will find platforms that go up to a health and more stealth.

For the dragon:
- Don't forget that you can shoot up and up diagonally. You get more bang for your buck if you remeber this.
- You don't have to get on the dragon's back. I found getting up high enough onthe platforms to be hard todo without the dragon splatting on you.
- If you do get on his back, you do the choke manuver (press back and A) to make the dragon fall. It really does make the biggest hurt. Out of the wands, I found the lightening to be the strongest, and if I have it while on the dragon, sometimes i still have it when we oth fall, which I then zap the heck out of it. I found this to be the quickest way to kill the dragon.

Lilorfnannie September 11, 2007 7:28 PM

I found that the character could take some of the torches, but what on earth for?


the torches are for throwing at enemies they get set on fire if you hit them


I think I encountered a bug (like Adam's above)

When I fought the dragon, nothing he did hurt me, not even the crashing-down-on-you attack. It only knocked me over and made me lose my weapon. I wonder why? I just tried it again, and the dragon was able to hurt me this time... oh well...


Awesome Game!
perfect length, great music, challenging boss fight...
I dont have one bad thing to say about it!


got stuck between two doors, needed fire staff, put down wind, went back to get fire, needed wind, went back to get wind, it was gone... two doors and no staffs


I don't like the ending. You do all that stuff just for wink's... dont look if you dont want the ending spoiled

girl friend to crush the princes!!!


Its funny how the Narrator Says "It looks like the other castle, but it isn't" and "Seriously, it's a different t game" Probably this is explaining why this is almost totally like Wink and the princess stealing dragon the other wink game, or at least I think so.


I cant find the wind staff!! Where is it?


=( i cant find any platforms OR the wind staff.a LITTLR help here?!wink is hard.


i climb up the ledges but theres 2 big ones how do i get on top of them?


i climb up the ledges but theres 2 big ones how do i get on top of them?


when you hold an enemy you can't be hurt by staffs


Mojor Glitch

at th begining of the level where you ge the wind staff
in that room walk in and hid on the wall walk for a long time you will eventualy start to run then you will be out of the castle

when you start to run turn back around and go as far as you can your feet will stop. press space bar a couple of times and wink will fall if you can when u fall hold the left arrow and he will get under ground


interesting if you stand at a door way and press jump+up at the same time you go relly high


where is the wind staff i cant find it!


has anyone nnoticed that at the start you can climb on hte palm trees and jump on the roof and if you keep going you get to a stealth entrance!


wheres the wind staff?


You can pick up the torches and burn the bad guys!

Courtney <3 April 13, 2008 10:22 PM

where is tha wind staff at?!!


how do you get the windstaff?!!!!

michael speight May 2, 2008 2:07 PM

where is the wind staff!?


Most everyone is posting the same complaint.
Someone PLEASE post the spoiler for finding the windstaff.

I got the fire staff in the first room from a hoodley.

In the second room the 2nd guy has a fire staff, no wind staff to be found... exhausted an hour going back and forth trying. Got on the ledge but couldn't get on top of it. Fell onto Hoodley, but didn't break his neck. Is it a bug that in room 2 the guy has a fire staff and not a wind staff???

The plaque on the wall in room 2, has a plaque with an icon that looks like a wind symbol, but I've no idea how to get at it. Being in the shadows nothing works, coming out - nothing works

HELP... I don't want to spend another hour trying to figure this out!!!


The wind staff is on th platforms you can go up. there is one hooded guy with a fire staff at the top. Then there is a door way behind him inside are two hoodies on has the wind staff.

Anonymous June 16, 2008 11:01 PM

that doesnt help..what platforms?

Ablueyz June 18, 2008 2:32 PM

Help! Where is the water staff!!!!!!

Anonymous June 26, 2008 6:31 PM

omg i need help! im stuck at the place where it says you need a wind staff to go thru in the beginning. WHERE IS THAT STAFF???


i cant get past the first bit how do u do it!!! :(

Simon hughs July 12, 2008 4:52 AM

I found a glitch...
If you stand on a platform and hide in the shadows and walk to one edge of the platform and then to the other, when you go off the side you don't fall, YOU FLY!!!!!

rtrgtegt July 13, 2008 6:40 PM

i went under a roof (or platform, not sure), then i jumped, and i just bounced back down. how can you stick to the roof?


I found the wind staff!!!! you have to go to the last ledge on the first level. then run & jump onto the next level to the right. do the same with the next level an go into the door. there you will find the wind staff.

helperman August 7, 2008 5:33 PM

News Flash: For heaven's sake! The sign of "water" is actually fire. Notice the shape of the fireballs when you shoot them from the staff. They look like drips of water.

Hope this helps;p

anonymous August 19, 2008 8:08 PM

somebody please post in a walkthrough


Where do you find the wind staff to get through the door in the second room?


ok...so, i need to complete this game but i can't find the air staff, can someone tell me how to finish it? i just need the airstaff, some people say you go to the ledges on the 1st lvl, do u guys mean the trees? i really need help!


so i found the guy with the air staff, but I cannot jump to the same ledge he is on. is this a glitch? or am i doing something wrong?


Here are some shortcuts to try:

Try to jump on the tree right at the beginning. Then keep running to the right side.

After getting fire stuff the second time and you're outside on the battlement for the fist time, there's a kind of shiny window in the sky. Press "up" like you would do with a door.



Uhm....I know where to get the Wind Staff but I can't stick to the wall and I can't jump high enough to reach the second platform. Is there another way to get the Wind staff??? P.S. That burn thing and the jump+up thing doesn't work


For anyone who needs help finding the wind staff.

First you need to get the the last platform which is just before the door to the second room

Get on top of it and go to the left edge, then run to the right (to run hold shift+direction) and jump right before the edge.

Do this again on the second platform and then again to get to the third

Then again to get on the ledge with a fire staff guard. (it is best to get a staff before you go up there so you can stay on the third platform to shoot him with staff instead of facing him on the ledge)

Go through the door and the second hoodling you kill will have the wind staff

anonymous July 6, 2009 11:51 PM

ARGH! I must be really dumb because I haven't even got past the first room! I can't get the fire staff. I'm stuck! How do you get the fire staff? How do you steal it?

Please help.


Okay, I don't get it. People keep expaining over and over that all you have to do to get the Wind Staff...

is go to the last platform, and do a running jump onto the second platform, and so on and so on.

But I don't see how you can do that! I've tried it a hundred times, and Wink never gets close enough to grab on, and if he does, he never seems to grab it. I love the game so far, but I just can't seem to figure that part out. Isn't there any easier way?

You'd think you could use the suction cups, but those only let you climb ceilings, not walls...


Hold SHIFT to run
Jumping while running allows you to jump farther.


I'm still in the castle and i need to find the wind staff. Where is the wind staff? Can someone please help me?


i found the wind staff, you run and jump onto each plat form then walk threw the door kill all
the baddies but then i don't know what to do.


if you leave the right staff under the open door then it stays open and another staff reapears


Where can I find the first wink game?

Anonymous February 8, 2011 6:43 PM

When you hop on the dragon,

press the grab button and he will fly up into the ceiling, causing big damage. it helps to have the lightning staff to beat him.


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