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Where is 2016?

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Rating: 4.3/5 (194 votes)
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Where is 2016?

I think everyone gets a little antsy when the end of the year begins to loom... after all, we've got a tradition. We all know the new year can't officially start unless Mateusz Skutnik leads us on a little point-and-click puzzle adventure to find it! Thankfully, Where is 2016? is here, and now we can stop worrying we're trapped inside some horrible temporal loop! To play, just click to interact with the scene, keeping an eye out for when the mouse changes shape to show you something is there. Don't let the ominous music scare you away... you'll need to hunt through various places to activate pieces of machinery tucked away in every nook and cranny of different scenes, all rendered in beautiful sharp photography. Where is 2016? is a bit more of a straight-forward hidden-object search than you might expect, with most of the difficulty coming from finding hotspots to click on in each area, and some of them are very sneaky. But, well... you're not going to leave us trapped in 2015 forever, are you?

Play Where is 2016?


For me, not as good as last year's one. Where Is 2015 was bigger and had more puzzles, this was more of a straightforward point-and-click, and nowhere near as involved. It also got fairly tedious at the end as it was all about finding the right hotspots - not something I enjoy! I'm guessing Skutnik just didn't have as much time to work on it this year. The photos were still beautiful, but was a bit of a let-down compared to last year's for me!


I agree with the lack of depth for this game. BUT, he DID release submachine 10 which is GIGANTIC itself, so you Can and SHOULD cut him some slack thusly. The pixel hunting is annoying, but I Am Fascinated by the lovely pictures and the seemingly random closeups. @MateuszSkutnik: Where do you FIND these places??? Any chance you could make one of these real world photo-pixel-hunts a month next year?


I hit a glitch - I somehow skipped the third scene, so I finished the fourth scene with only lights 1, 2, and 4 lit, and nowhere to go. Restarted and it worked.


Ok, it's not his best, but a little bit more than a week after submachine 10, I think we can't expect more.

Otherwise don't you think that the character, who comes out of the door at the end, is the protagonist of his newest game which comes next year? I've a suspicion.

We'll see, till then happy new year!

CptnSuz December 30, 2015 7:42 PM replied to JoshuaXD

I had the same problem but with scene two.


Another with the same issue with missing the second scene. But I can't complain about pixel hunts: that's the entire point, so far as I'm concerned, along with drilling down to such detail. A quick delight.


Really enjoyed this quickie game! Thanks again MS for all the fantastic games through the years - keep on keeping on!


fun! happy new year!

nerdypants December 31, 2015 8:04 AM

Beautiful game! I look forward to these each year.

Patreon Donator Infant Tyrone December 31, 2015 6:09 PM

When I realized I was going to be able to breeze through this without a walkthrough I realized that it was very short and easy. But as has been mentioned above, Submachine 10 just came out and I'm surprised he found time to even put this one up.


Bother ....I just cannot find the last button on the 4th scene..the plough one.

Driving me mad so if anyone can end my torment I would be very grateful

Vienna January 1, 2016 6:58 AM replied to Vienna

Its ok I got it

Meterman70 January 1, 2016 8:48 PM

Hard to believe one person can release a 10-carat diamond (Sub10) and a lemon (this) within days of each other.

That is just TOO much pixel-hunting. If he was worn out or pressed for time - he could have just made a one-scene game like his Where is 2014?

{/rant mode}


I am stuck on the 2nd scene. I cannot find the place where it shows the red and green lights. I know I've found it before because I made it into the 3rd scene. Any help?

Patreon Donator Reka January 2, 2016 11:30 AM replied to Meterman70

I dunno: complaining about pixel-hunting in a game whose entire purpose is pixel-hunting seems... pointless.



Main scene

Click the clock on the wall to go to each scene in turn. In between, you can pull the bell rope if you want.

Scene 1 (three switches)

Switch 1:

From the fully-zoomed-out view, click the farm implement/wheel, then click the seat (that roughly triangular thing sticking up in the middle). Click to the right of the seat, then click near the bottom left corner of the scene.

Switch 2 and 3:

After zooming in once, click the "ribs" of the farm implement.
Switch 2:

Click near the bottom right.

Switch 3:

Click near the top left.

Main switch:

It's on the seat of the farm implement. After turning all three indicators green, turn the switch in the middle to go back to the main scene.

Scene 2 (five switches)

Switch 1:

Click the round plant pot (I think those are beets growing in it?), then click the grating.

Switch 2:

Click the round bit in the middle of the water pump. Click inside the spout to see the switch.

Switch 3 and 4:

Click the top of the water pump.
Switch 3:

Click the triangular part on the bottom left of the pump.

Switch 4:

Click the very top of the pump.

Switch 5:

Click the square plaque on the wall, almost directly above the pump.

Main switch:

Click the top of the water pump, then click the right edge of the pump.

Scene 3 (seven switches)

Switch 1:

Click the greenery near the top right of the shed, then click the eaves.

Switch 2:

Click the door handle of the shed (on the right door), then click the keyhole.

Switch 3:

Click just to the left of the top left corner of the shed, then click the eaves of the shed.

Switch 4:

Click the vents at the bottom of the left door, then click near the left end of the top vent.

Switch 5:

Click the middle hinge of the right door, then click the top of the hinge.

Switch 6:

Click to the left of the shed.

Switch 7:

Click the shadowy part on the left edge of the scene, slightly lower than the roofline of the shed. Click the big clump of berries in the center.

Main switch:

Click to the left of the shed (where you found switch 6), then click the triangular gap in the rocks near the top middle of the scene.

Scene 4 (nine switches)

Switch 1 and 2:

Click the cross.
Switch 1:

Click the little house at the base of the cross.

Switch 2:

Click the top of the cross. The switch is on the left arm of the cross - notice how the design in the middle of it is round instead of knobby-shaped like the other arms?

Switches 3 to 9:

Click the farm implement.

Switches 3 to 6:

Click the right end of the implement.
Switch 3:

Click the tall pipe sticking up, then click the very top of the pipe.

Switch 4:

Click the wheel hub, then click the hook dangling on the right.

Switch 5:

Click the wheel hub three times.

Switch 6:

Click the wheel hub (once), then click the spring near the top left, then click the spring again.

Switches 7 to 9:

Click the left end of the implement.
Switch 7:

Click the gap between the two big blades, then click the spring.

Switch 8:

Click the top of the big blade, then click one of the nearer screws.

Switch 9:

Click the gap between the two big blades.

Main switch:

Click the farm implement, then click the right end of the implement. Click the right end again, near the top, then click in the middle of the scene, below the small spring.

Main scene

Once you've turned all four indicators green, pull the bell rope.


Silly fun and rusty ol' things porn as usual.
Pretty photographs and a good, short p&c'er.

hatospali January 5, 2016 5:04 PM

Hi! I've made a best of 2015 games list, and I think (hope) that doesn't bother anybody, if i set it out here. Otherwise delete it unconscionably!

01. Elements (neutral)
02. Fran Bow (killmonday)
03. Submachine 10: The Exit (Mateusz Skutnik)
04. all parts of Cube Escape (rustylake)
05. Gatamari Escape 23 (gatamari)
06. all parts of Nekra Psaria (drawmaneater)
07. Fleeing the Complex (puffballsunited)
08. Escape to Mr. Y's Office Room, The Calm Room Escape (tesshi-e)
09. Room Delta (kotorinosu)
10. Abandoned (krutovig)

Happy New Year!

houseworkisevil February 8, 2016 7:04 PM

Well, I thought it was GREAT! I will play a Mateusz Skutnik game every time and always enjoy it thoroughly. Happy New Year, Mateusz! Many more!


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