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Weekend Download N°263

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Weekend Download

DoraIt liiiiiiiiiiiives! Weekend Download is back for more, and we're kicking off the first new installment with an assortment of games so rag-tag and different they're just some exposition and mana potions away from starring in a JRPG to save the world. Find out whodunnit in a murder trial following a disastrous wedding, search for a way to separate yourself from a mummified corpse (and its nagging former owner), and indulge in some artsy black and white platforming with a very unusual lantern. Remember, folks, just like friendship, free indie games are magic.

Born Under the RainBorn Under the Rain (Windows, free) [Mac user? Try freeware tool RPG Hub]- You've probably had a bad day or three in your time, but have you had "trapped inside the body of a mummy while being ordered about by its surly, self-important former owner" bad? Masud and Odion are just trying to find the relic they need to break the curse binding Masud to Odion's crumbling remains, and they team up with two intrepid women to scour a pyramid full of traps, puzzles, and monsters for it... too bad the women are looking for the relic themselves to end a drought. A funny, well-written turn-based indie RPG from Kasey Ozymy, Indrah, LockeZ, and Crazy_Leen that offers challenging, strategic combat with a likable cast of quirky characters.

A Knife Made of WhispersA Knife Made of Whispers (Windows, Pay What You Want including free) - Made in just 48 Hours for Ludum Dare's "Unconventional Weapon" theme, Daniel Linssen's artsy platformer tells a tale of loss and magic as you navigate a world of light and shadows, dodging enemies and projectiles, and using a very special lantern both to light the way and allow you to wield the titular weapon. All of which is doubtlessly going to end up perfectly wonderful, because when has a shadowy indie game with ominous foreshadowing and a mournful, ambient soundtrack ever not been cheerful?

Regeria Hope Episode 1Regeria Hope Episode 1 (Windows, Mac, Linux, free) - Golden Game Barn's free indie visual novel pays homage to everyone's favourite unexpectedly competent spiky-haired lawyer, as it follows a young female lawyer who's trying to prove her client's innocence after he goes to trial for the death of his bride... easier said than done since he seems to want nothing more than to be locked away himself! Your choices will determine the outcome of the case as you quiz witnesses and examine evidence while going up against Regeria's nemesis, all under a time limit! Future episodes have been successfully Kickstarted, but some players might want to be aware that the game deals with some issues regarding its plot in what may be considered a less than tactful or positive way.


clay.sweetser April 25, 2015 4:01 PM

It's aliiiiiive! Muahahahaha!!!

(In case you you missed it, I'm happy Weekend Download is back)

ThenAgain April 25, 2015 9:32 PM

Weekend Download and Link Dump Fridays are the reason I started regularly checking this website. I am so glad they have returned for now.


Born under the Rain is a gorgeous little RPG. I'm almost done, I just have the final boss, but I can't remember where the room was where I can input the answers to the sphinx riddles(and I assume, will give me the last of the relics).

If anybody finds the sphinx's answer room, could you give me directions?


A few tips for Born Under the rain:

- Sketch a map as you go.

- You can't change the order of the characters, but you can choose in which order your characters act by pressing the cancel button when it is a character's turn and selecting a different character. This is particularly helpful with Rashida's Backstab skill.

- You can read an explanation of the status effects in the readme.txt file (controls and info.txt).

- For the riddle with multiple colored blocks and a plaque reading "Orange equals two red, etc." You need to choose four blocks that equal one black block.
More help:

First convert each color into 'Orange' units. Since 1 black = 9.5 Orange, what combination of four blocks gives you 9.5 orange units?


Use 2 green, 1 purple and 1 yellow block

- There is a hard to see path on the right wall of the room where you fought the first boss (the mummy).

- In town, the man at the well will give you a present after giving him 10 and 20 scarabs.

- Watch out for sandworms!


The mechanics of Regeria Hope were excellent and I was really enjoying myself except for how it

ended up rehashing some unfortunate tropes about transgender people as violent and unstable

. So I'd give it a 3/5 instead of the 4/5 I'd otherwise like to. Looking forward to the new episodes, hoping they're a little less predictable.


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