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Weekend Download №84

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Weekend Download

JohnBThis edition of Weekend Download is brought to you by: Platformers. Platformers, making you run, jump, stomp, dodge and run (some more) to the exit for almost 30 years!

crazyovergoo.gifCrazy over Goo (Windows, 3.5MB, free) - A simple and slightly quirky platformer with 50 levels of goo-bouncing fun. Drag and release the mouse to send the ball of goo flying through the air. Different levels have different gimmicks to help you to the goal, such as blue backgrounds that allow you to move in mid-air, green planets with their own gravity, and swinging mechanisms that build up your momentum. Quite a fun ride, and a level editor plus unlockables makes it even more appealing.

dadwouldbeproud.gifDad Would Be Proud (Windows, 3.9MB, free) - A short, punishing platform game that could cause you to rage quit in record time. All you have to do is make it to the exit in each level. Inconveniently placed spikes and other obstacles get in your way, so you must use your double jump and time-slowing ability to land on tiny perches and work your way through safely.

portalsthrudreams.gifPortals thru Dreams (Windows, 15MB, free) - A short experimental game inspired by Valve's now-famous Portal. Moving through a sunset-hued dream world, collect memories and bring them to the exit. Aim and create portals to help move yourself through each stage. There isn't much to the game, but it is a prototype, after all, and it shows a lot of promise. Love the atmosphere!


Hmmm... the Portals thru Dreams I'm currently downloading is 14.5 megs not 2.9

jimmytb May 9, 2009 4:44 PM

Dad Would Be Proud pales in the might of I Wanna Be the Guy. Still tough though.


Portals seems like it could be fun, but everything moves so maddeningly slowly. You collect the memories and move to the exit and you still have to wait ten to fifteen seconds for the memories to slooooooowly catch up with you. Same with the portal (though that is somewhat justified, since you are able to move it around while it's flying).


I really liked Crazy over goo! I played through all the levels and never got bored or frustrated. Everything well balanced.. except, maybe, the size of the window. I kept clicking outside of the game! :P

The Portals one.. is that first level the only level or I'm pressing the wrong button to move on? if that's all for now, it looks good! but too small to say anything, though.


Portals requires you to individually load the levels. Which is annoying. And also lead me, at first, to think there was only one level.
I also found the game way too easy given how you can guide the portals around. Still, it was interesting, and I really liked the music and sound effects.


Diego: you can press F4 in Crazy Over Goo to change the window size.


I really liked crazy over goo, I beat it in one sitting, however i found the music to be terrible and spent the game with it turned off.


Running into spikes doesn't hurt you, only falling does.


I can't figure out, (in DWBP) how to pass the second room? Could someone help me?


Crazy Over Goo works well in some ways, but the switches are almost impossible to trigger. You can be right on top of them, and nothing happens at all. I have no idea how to complete Level 47 if the switch won't work.

iceebear May 11, 2009 2:11 AM

HEY all..

I cannot seem to get Portal through Dreams to download. IT goes through my zip program then once I get to where I can open it to DL.. it wont work. Says the program does not exist. I am not good with zip.. I have not done it but two times. and everything I needed came out of the zipped package. Well this time it said nope not there.. I would love to play the game.

Suggestions??? Thanks


Thanks for the interest this weekend for Portals thru dreams...

thanks for the comments as well... as mentioned the game is only a prototype...

I appreciate the comments about some of the game mechanics being a little slow (that's easy to fix)..sorry for individually having to load the levels...it is very annoying but I ran out of time before I could create level sequencing.

If Portals thru Dreams is something that should become a full game, let us know! We certainly want to give fans what they want.


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