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Weekend Download

AdamBWhat, no theme this week? Actually, there is. The theme is... uh, eclectic. Meaning a collection of things which just happen to go together because I say so. Enjoy this weeks partially themed Weekend Download!

pacmanphysics.gifPac-Man Physics / Pac-Man Zero Gravity (Windows, 1MB, free) - Ever play Pac-Man and think: Wouldn't this be better if everything was all swirly and roamed freely around the screen? Also, when you eat a powerpill, everything gets sucked into a black hole which can potentially kill you with no warning? Well, finally your dreams have come true with these bizarre renditions of Pac-man. (Click the green arrow to download Pac-Man Physics.)

king.gifKing (top link) (Windows, 600kb, free) - For whatever reason, the King of somewhere is trapped in a series of rooms. The only escape is to jump on the heads of weird blobby things. For points, combo jump every enemy to death and stay airborne at the freeze of every level. Strange, and strangely addicting. The download link is at the top of the page on the right. Some users will need to download d3drm.dll as well.

30secondhero.gif30 Second Hero (Windows, 600kb, free) - Without a doubt, the shortest, and strangely one of the most enjoyable RPG's I've ever come across. In 30 Second Hero you race against the clock to level up enough before you enter the cave and defeat the boss. You have thirty seconds in which to do this. Battle enough enemies to save coins and spend them in the castle to buy headgear, armour, weapons or an extra 10 seconds of time. Click the large link at the top to download.

zombieholiday.jpgZombie Holiday Prologue (Mac, 46MB, free) - This is what old-school action/platform games are all about: limited lives and high difficulty! Set in a creepy but well-drawn atmosphere, control Francis as you investigate the disappearance of your friends and the source of a mysterious zombie invasion. The game's environments grow as you play, and your weaponry also expands as you progress.


I can't find the "Large link at the top" on 30 Second Hero.


Translated 30 second hero site, should be easier to find the download link there, but you have to click trough a google warning to download there.


> Posted by: Reece | March 28, 2009 12:26 PM

> Posted by: D0rus | March 28, 2009 1:13 PM

I've never been good with AM/PM, but somebody please explain that :?
It gives me the idea my post was 11 hours before Reece.

[Edit: Both times are PM, so your comment was posted 47 minutes after Reece's. 12PM is Noon (mid-day), and 12AM is Midnight. -Jay]


Walkthrough for 30 second hero:

Kill stuff till 200G.
Buy red spear.
Kill boss.


King. How can something so simple be so fun!? I'm on round 22, and just met some flying fluffy creatures, that have that cute "will you be my friend?" look, but are actually made of pure evil.

I'll try 30 Second Hero and the Pac-Man Physics game later, both seem to be good.

- Donut, slayer of the evil flying fluffy creatures and possessor of the longest signature ever seen in this site!

waycooler March 29, 2009 4:34 AM

going to definitely try the pac-man game soon.

but just wanted to mention to Donut: You might want to take a look at the comments on either the original Powder Game posting, or the newer Powder Game v4.1 or whatever. somebody whose username includes "crescent" had some loooong sigs.


30 Second Hero:

My impressions of this game changed several times as I played it.

On the first try, I tried to get as much Exp as possible, and died within 10 seconds of play.
On my second try, I realized that the castle was actually a shop, but the japanese text stumped me, and the time ended before I could do anything else.
As the third time is the lucky one, I acidentally bought the red spear, and managed to beat the boss. Woot!

All in all, it was like:

1st - Impossible!!!
2nd - Uh... *confusion*
3rd - Way too easy...

But I guess the game was nice, considering its length. Not that I'm ever playing it again...

- Donut, who is still a runner-up for the "Longest Signature" award.

Jayunderscorezero March 29, 2009 3:38 PM

King is absolutely fab, in an old-school-arcade-y sort of way.


30 second hero explained!
The two untranslated stats on the side are attack and defense, I believe.
The shop, top to bottom:
1. Restores all HP
2. Headband: +2 Defense
3. Armor: +4 defense. This goes in the head slot as well, so it does not stack with the headband.
4. Spear: +50(!) attack
5. +10 seconds. Intriguing option, but takes too long to earn back.

Is it possible to win without the red spear? Is it worth it adding more time to the clock? Is it just a race to get the red spear, or should you buy a headband/armor first?


All the games this week are great, but i can't run king. I'm on a mac, and i ran all 3 game just fine (the windows ones with Crossover 7.1), but King doesn't want to start. I get a menu, and when i press arrows a little noise plays, but nothing happens. I even downloaded the dll file and stuck it in there, but nothing. Help is greatly appreciated.


Good lord, how many levels are there in King? I just beat 50 and ... there's a 51. I can't imaging this thing getting much harder.


Gave up on the seemingly impossible level 74 and exited the game. When I restarted it, the "continue" option put me at level 1. Soooo, I guess we're done, here.

zbeeblebrox March 30, 2009 11:27 PM

My first thought was, "WOO! A mac game!!"
This was immediately followed, after downloading, by instant disappointment.

I think Zombie Holiday prefers to follow the rules of games the Angry Videogame Nerd rants about - complete with backgrounds that look like platforms, platforms that look like backgrounds, clucky controls, enemies that are too small to hit, etc.

Well...it was an amusing but ultimately fruitless waste of time. I would suggest avoiding it, unless you're thinking of pulling an MST3K or something.


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