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Weekend Download

JohnBSome odd news to go along with your games: Recently the American Heart Association announced that the Bee Gees song "Stayin' Alive" provides the perfect beat to follow while performing chest compressions as part of CPR on a heart attack victim. While this will certainly help save a number of lives, I really don't want to see disco (or qiana shirts) make a comeback.

Garden of Coloured LightsGarden of Coloured Lights (Mac/Windows/Linux, ~3MB, free) - A vertical shooter with some music game elements (similar to Rez, but 2D). Choose your three weapons from a grid at the beginning of the game, then head out into the field and upgrade them as you go along. Four stages, a sharply increasing difficulty level, and plenty of replay value thanks to the tri-weapon setup.

Treasure Hunter ManTreasure Hunter Man (Windows, 1.5MB, free) - Your typical platformer game from the creator of A Game with a Kitty. Explore the island, gather tons of treasure, and learn new abilities along the way. The game is technically unfinished, though it's perfectly playable and coherent from beginning to end and there shouldn't be any game-crashing bugs.

TimerocketxbyTimerocketxby (Windows, 1.3MB, free) - Another superb (but short) release from Hempuli, creator of Once in Space and Floating Islands Game. Pausing and rewinding time is all the rage in games nowadays, but Tomerocketxby takes that to a new level by freezing the game and turning almost every object into a platform. Stand on spikes, bits of enemy floating around, even raindrops to find your way through the stage. The download link is at the bottom of the linked page.

SkullpogoSkullpogo (Windows, 1.5MB, free) - An arcade game focused around one simple gameplay element: building combos by jumping on pigs and bats with a pogo stick. Yep, it's true. Power-ups appear from time to time to make things a little crazier, but otherwise it's straight-up hopping.


Fantastic! Treasure Hunter Man and Timerocketxby are both awesome. It's the kind of freshness we've all come to expect from JIG, as opposed to the generic 'here's a link, go play it' sites.


Skull Pogo is amazing(ly addictive). I would highly recommend it to anyone. Make sure you look at the help though, since the scoring isn't as obvious as it seems.


When I try to play Treasure Hunter Man, the controls make it impossible. Say I hold Right to walk; he'll continue walking long after I release the key, and any other button presses (like jumps) are only executed after he stops walking. Anyone else have this problem or is it just me?


Need help with treasure hunter man

i'm stuck at the silver desert,dunno where to go or what to do.
i have the sun idol, feather, and the kitty statue


Just gonna point something out. The tag says macwin, but really it's winlinux


i just wanted to point out that also the gnarl barxly (idk how to spell it) song crazy, and ironicly the song another one bites the dust have the perfect beat to perform cpr to.



Go back to the old lady's basement. Now you have "stomp" there's somewhere else you can go.

Treasure Hunter Man is good but very frustrating. Collecting 100 gold was downright painful given how little the enemies cough up.

I think the worst bit is having ctrl be both run and attack. This makes precise attacking very tricky as sometimes he just won't attack or will attack 'late'.

Now my turn to ask for help:

I have the sun, feather, kitty, sword and boomerang (and the ability to read signs). I've just managed to go down into the bit that requires you to hit the buttons on the walls. This opened a block in the nearby save room but it's an immediate dead end?

I've reached the end of the island but jumping at full speed doesn't do anything? I'm guessing I'm missing a power up?

What should I be doing??


I'm going to have to agree with Zarigani here - Treasure Hunter Man is extremely frustrating. I'm not sure if I'm going about it the wrong way, or if I just aren't good enough with the controls to execute the maneuver I need.

Here's where I'm stuck:

I got the jumping shoes, and I'm at the spot with the springy flower, the indian, and the ledge with the crate. I'm trying to jump onto the ledge by holding run and holding jump down as long as possible(to increase jump height). The problem is, I keep coming JUST short of the ledge, right in that margin where I'm not sure if I'm just not skilled enough to make the jump, or if there's something else I have to do before I have enough jumping power to get up there.

Can anyone who's gotten past that point let me know if there's anything else that I missed?

Also, I think I managed to bug the game. I jumped left off the dock at the start of the game, and fell beneath the screen, where I ran all the way to the right side, played with jumping and my sword for a while, and then fell into this area with the house insides displayed. Then I got stuck at the right side of the screen and can't move now.


In "Garden of Colored Lights" the key configuration mentions something about a "slow" function; how is this achieved? Hitting the contingent key does nothing.


Garden of colered lights seems like it migt be a good game...
I can't really tell because the color palete keeps switcing from the normal one(which seems to work fine) to a red one. everythign is a type of red or white. the background is red with white shapes, the enemies are a dark pink or white, the shots are teh same colro red os the background... It is impossoble o sort out what is going on, and it hurts yoru eyes. I am pretty sure this is a bug, but even thoug hpurely a grphical one, ti still makes the game unplayable.
Has anyone else had this problem?


In Treasure Hunter Man, has anyone found the silver serpent? I think that's the only thing I need...


I can't get the Mac version of "Garden of Colored Lights" to run on my Macbook. Error says that the resolution isn't supported, even when I adjust the resolution manually. Guess I'll give bootcamp a try.


Okay I got the boomerang but now how the heck do I get out of there?!? There is no way I can hit that item in the upper right hand corner, am I supposed to have some special jumping abilities before I get the boomerang?

ZinVertigo October 19, 2008 12:27 AM


Hold 'up' when you shoot the boomerang, and it will shoot at an upward angle. You can also hold 'down' to shoot it at a downward angle.


Zinvertigo, I'd figured that out already, but the boomerang goes nowhere near what it needs to hit. Maybe halfway if I'm standing on the pillar, but not any closer than that.

ZinVertigo October 19, 2008 1:34 AM

Well, if you jump to the right from the pillar and do that at the height of the jump you should be able to hit it.


Kyle, I'm trying to find the silver serpent too. I think it might have something to do with

The Tribal Scarf and the fact that the kitty statue comes alive when you're in the clouds

I can't figure out anything more from there.


@Alaira: it took me awhile to understand the part you are talking about with the indian, and then I realized that is a tipi! So, my first post, sorry if I spoiltag incorrectly...

There is another "Crate" down by the indian. If you stomp it, it will create two flower creatures. Hitting them makes flowers come out, so then if you time the mushroon jump just perfectly while holding the jump button the entire time, it will just land you on the ledge with the other crate.

I hope that helps...

Now here is my question:

Is there an important wall switch or stomp switch somewhere very early in the game, before you realize you can hit switches? I have a feeling I am missing something that is blocking me out form the rest of the game. I have most of what the others have listed but no kitty statue and no sign-reading.

Has anyone found the proper place to use the feather?

[Edit: Please use the preview button on your post when using spoiler tags so that you can see if they are done correctly. I have corrected the spoiler tags. -Pam]


Loving Skullpogo; simple and fun!


Hint on feather and cat statue please?


I can see the silver snake but I can't get to it. It's

up above and to the right of granny's house. You'll have to go all the way to the top of her house and do a jump/boomerang throw to release a bubble flower to the ground below, and then if you use the bubbles you can see the snake further to the right. I still can't get up to the cloud city so that's all the help I can offer.


After playing treasure hunter man for a while now I'm starting to experience what Neddo was talking about, but only in one part of the game. Unfortunately it's the big eyeball boss and I can't get past him with non-functioning controls so for the moment I'm completely stuck. I've rebooted, thinking maybe it had something to do with the keyboard buffer, that didn't help. Any tips folks?


Aha Neddo, I think I solved your problem. After my last post I restarted the game but instead of playing it at 2X size or any other resolution I tried playing it in normal size. It was a bit small, but playable.


I'm stuck. I have beaten the eyeball creature and I think I know where to go next, but either there is a bug or I'm missing something.

I can grow the flower using the sun, and when I get to the building at the top, the sign says "only those that can truly see may enter" or some such thing. So I use the eye and the door changes. Now it's got a heart looking symbol, but I still can't enter. Do I need another item? I've gone everywhere looking for other places to use this eye, and I found a treasure chest with coins, but nothing else.


I ended treasure hunter, but I'd like to know if I found everything:

I've got all the items but I never had to use the fake eal, nor the crown, I used the living red cat but is it usefull only... (I just checked, ok, if you don't use it, it give you the bad ending (wich is imo a better ending though)), I can read the things, my sword do fire, I have 6 earth, I found 2 or 3 secrets crates, is there anything I missed ? Also, I played in easy, and are the gold coins only usefull once to learn to read ?


I don't know what to do in the treasure hunter man. There's this castle in the desert and it says "only those who truly see can enter", but when I use the eye, a weird thing pops out in front of the door and I still can't enter.


Never mind. I figured it out.


great weekend download.

just a heads up, you switched the FIG and once in space links.



There's no other crate down there. There's a yellow box outline, but no actual crate. I did find another area to explore though, so maybe one will appear once I've finished there.

Anyone else noticing a strange balancing of health pickups? It seems like a lot appear at the beginning of a stage, but at the end when you need them they're nowhere to be found.


Username: you're right, running in tiny size fixes the control problem. Attacking still seems off, but that appears to be the way the game is made and not a glitch. Thanks!


In Treasure hunter man:

I have the

heart, kitty, sun, double jump, run, boomerang

I am trying to do the lod jump off the left of the plant you make grow, but I keep falling just short.

Do I need something else, and if so where should I look for it? do I need to improve my jump technique, and if so how?


Man I'm stuck again. I've found the dead end and have no idea what to do next.


Just to clarify my last post, I've found the

dead end in the underground fortress, the one left of the save point. I have the sun, feather, and cat statue and have no idea where to go. I've read all the spoilers on here, so far no help.


I'm stuck in front of the same door as Flarvex and I can't figure it out.

PandaKnight October 19, 2008 7:08 PM

Garden of Colored Lights and timerocketxby are great fun.

To the poster who asked about what "slow" does, it's a function you won't understand unless you're fairly familiar with shmups. "Slow" doesn't slow every, it slows only you, so that you can navigate between closely-packed bullets and lazors.


About the dead end:

The one next to the save point: it's not a dead end. There is a door there.


Now I'm stuck. too. (in treasure hunter man)
I'm in the second chamber and have beaten the boss and collected the

golden eel and heart

from the dungeon. It didn't teleport me out like the last dungeon. Do I have to walk out the long way, or am I missing something?


Arg, I'm dying here.

I have the golden and silver eels, but I don't know where to find the third one. I'm also missing something else (have two eels, scarf, kitteh, heart, feather, eye, and sun). I've already beat the boss, seen the not-good ending, so what's the dillyo?


For anyone stuck after getting the eye:

You know the area before you get the double-jump? With the two statues and the long, hollow chamber and the obvious outline of a door off to the right? The one that you probably spent a half-hour mucking about in after you got the eye, trying it in various places? Well apparently, the creator thought it obvious enough to have you tap 'up' in front of the door, despite the fact that, for reasons I still can't fathom, you're never actually in FRONT of it at all! Silly us, wandering all over every corner of the map when the solution was so intuitive!

And as a bonus, a solution that doesn't have several hours worth of seething rage attached.

If you're looking for the bronze eel, go to the first room of The Golden King's Temple. After the laser-face and the spike wave, jump onto the block floating over the weird pit before the staircase. Go left, jumping onto more blocks, then double-jump and glide until you're over the laser-face. Stomp down onto the cracked block above it, and voila


I have the bronze and gold eels, but no silver one. Where is it? I'm missing two items, one for either side of the sun statue, I assume one is the afore mentioned silver eel.


Anyone knows what to do with the living cat and the scarf? I've got everything apart from that, and gotten the bad ending.


Oh yeah, and I'm apparently missing the sword upgrade, too.

the_garden_fairy October 20, 2008 5:07 AM

I am dying on treasure hunter man...
how do I get the feather?
I can get to the Sky Oasis, and get all the way across to where the two eagle statutes are, but there is no promised golden feather...
do I need the eye to see something? if so, where do I find the eye??

the_garden_fairy October 20, 2008 5:16 AM

nevermind, I found the feather...now just have to find the peaky eye...


I still can't read!

And no silver eel. Now I am missing only that and the crown, and apparently also a sword upgrade.

Can anyone help me spend that 100 gold?

Anonymous October 20, 2008 4:40 PM

Anybody know how to enter the castle? I use the eye, a statue appears, and I still can't enter. Any help?



Pay attention to comments above on how to access a mysterious door... whenever you try to walk in front of it you instead walk behind it...

through that door you can find the switch which eventually leads down to the "key" to the castle


If you have 100 coins and don't know how to read yet then

go give it to the kid next to the tent. Also, getting 100 coins isn't that hard if you keep going underground, grabbing the three coins sitting there, leave that area, go back and do it again, etc.


Sword upgrade is after you defeat the first brown demon guy. There will be a hallway with nothing in it except the eye symbol, use eye and then stomp the block that shimmered.


does anyone know where the silver eel is?


In Treasure Hunter Man, am I missing something needed to make the jump

up to the ledge from the man with the teepee and the two steam-spouting flowers? I have the boomerang, the sword, and the stomping boots. I have tried this jump after activating the steam spouters so many times and I just can't make it. Do I need something, or can you offer a tip on how to do it?


Alright, I've finished the game but I obviously got the bad ending. I'm a bit lost now, seeing as I don't know where to find that which I'm missing.

Current inventory:
Double jump boots, stomp boots, floating bandana, fire sword, boomerang, 2 extra hearts (the second one I found hiding above teepee guy), golden eel, Solomon's heart, Seer's Eye, Tribal scarf, sun idol, golden feather, and kitty.

...and from what I've read, I'm missing the bronze and silver eels, and the crown. I swear, I've wandered all over, but I've no idea where I'm supposed to find these things.


thanks for the tips everyone. I sense I am very close to the end now. About the man near the teepee, I tried so many times to get him to talk, but he never would... after about 20 tries he finally did, is that a bug?

anyway, now I am right before the gate to the Golden Kingdom but

I cannot figure out what time should be set on the clock, or whatever else I might need to do to raise the moon just one more notch



No one seems to have given info on finding the silver eel.

Bronze eel was mentioned above but by now there is so much clutter it may be hard to go back and find it...

From chojiro:

If you're looking for the bronze eel, go to the first room of The Golden King's Temple. After the laser-face and the spike wave, jump onto the block floating over the weird pit before the staircase. Go left, jumping onto more blocks, then double-jump and glide until you're over the laser-face. Stomp down onto the cracked block above it, and voila


To find the silver eel...

In the Deep Pyramid, there is a room where the lava level goes up and down with floating platforms. Immediately after entering the room you can see a breakable block underneath you. This block contains the silver eel. Timing the jump so that you can get to the eel and back without getting roasted is a royal pain but it can be done. That said I have no idea what to do with it.

What do I do with it?

I have them all, the water is flowing in the fountain, the cat statue no longer looks alive and nothing I do by the fountain seems
to do anything. Help please?

the_garden_fairy October 21, 2008 4:00 AM


to find the correct time to set the clock, you simply use the eye next to the clock and the correct time will appear for a couple of seconds

to raise the moon the final bit, you will need to find the button in the room that is between the room with the clock and the room with the moon - entry to this room is above the lava pits


Okay - am I just not getting this game?

I'm right at the beginning in Port Kruz, unable to open doors to the two building with shut doors, explored all the rooms (dying going down the basement) - can't find a sword, talked to everyone.... am I missing something incredibly obvious with the game controls or something?


This is rather embarassing, but I can't even get through the wall in the beginning of Treasure Hunter Man. I can't find a sword!


Making the jump near the guy with the tent is hard but doable. What you need to remember is to hold all the keys at the same time.

Get the bubbles flowing and then go jump on the turtle shell. Immediately hold the right arrow plus the jump button plus the action button, that's the only way to get enough height and distance to get all the way over to the ledge.

There's one more secret in that area, did you know that once you

get the scarf you can go back to that area, get the bubbles flowing and use the scarf to float all the way to the top of the castle, where you can add a heart to your total heart meter.


Duper, or anyone, can you elaborate on the sword upgrade? I'm pretty far into the game now and I don't remember where you're talking about this brown demon guy. Killing all the bosses with boomerangs is getting old, does the sword upgrade help?


Well now, don't I just feel like an arse for not seeing the obvious? Heh.

@Username: Honestly, I don't see much difference swinging the fire sword around. The fireballs only go straight and do about as much damage as the boomerang.


But where is the firesword upgrade? Can I get more specifics please? At this point I think I'm only missing that and whatever goes in the bottom middle of the grid of loot.


Could someone help us how to get the sword in Port Kruz?


yes - how do you get the sword in Port Kruz - I feel like such an idiot not being able to figure it out! I just keep running back and forth, jumping up an down, getting yelled at by people..... ;)


The sword is

in the basement of grandma's house. Enter grandma's house by pressing up when standing in front of the door that is above the ground, then keep going down and you'll get to the treasure chest, hit the up key again and you'll get some coins and the sword.


Okay - you are pulling my leg.

I go down that way, I don't reach a chest, I reach my repeated death and revival on the dock. Why are you teasing me that way? ;)


Hmm, could it be a bug then, because everytime I go down the basement I die as gjb said. Weird...


I keep dying when I go down the basement of grandmas. What am I missing? I got the sword yesterday then the game didn't save.Now I can't get back to the basement without dyining.
Any help please ?


I tried to get the sword as suggested.
But I still keep dying whenever i enter the basement.
Please help.


Jump over the skulls, they will hurt you. Watch out for falling stalagtites, they will hurt you. Once you have passed them you will get to the chest, now that you have a sword you can kill the skulls.


At Island's End, I just can't figure out how to jump to the end.

I have double jump, running boots, and a bunch of other things.

Am I supposed to jump from the pillar, the text slate, the edge?
Am I supposed to double jump, single jump, double jump and use "stomp" for a miniature boost?
Am I supposed to go get an obvious, missed powerup?

I've been jumping for a good 10 minutes now.


I'm getting the same problem. It's not like Username suggests, we can't even get to that screen. It's a bug for sure. I enter G-ma's house, go right, fall down. I see the skull on the desk, and drop into the hole. Then I lose a heart and it warps back to the dock, in a glitchy manner. I don't even get a glimpse of the room below the skull.


Hmm, that does sound like a bug. I thought that maybe you needed to talk to everyone first so that you knew to get the sword, but I started a completely new game and ran straight to the sword with no problems, so it sounds like a problem. Are you playing in windowed mode or 2X or some other aspect ratio? There is a known bug for not playing in the smallest window, I just set my screen resolution to 800 X 600 to play the game otherwise I run into problems.


Xenon, do you have the

scarf? I'm not sure where you are exactly as I don't remember the entire game, but I know several jumps require you to do the jump then float for a bit with the scarf....


I did find it, but I have no idea how to use it.
Does it need to have something done to it?
The man with the tipi doesn't seem to do anything.


I'm at the same point as Xenon.

I don't have the scarf. I'm not even sure if thats what I'm supposed to get next. I have the running, stomp and double jump boots, the boomerang, the sun idol, the feather and the kitty statue.


It seems as though the programmer updated his game and now the basement is unreachable... Oh well, better wait for the new version to come.
On another topic, I still can't figure what to do with the scarf, and I have no idea where the sword upgrade is (if it indeed exists)...



There is a bit of confusion here about a couple of the items.

The scarf is not the object that allows you float/glide when you jump. That's the Sky Bandana. The scarf is another object, and I have yet to find a use for it.

Now a question from me along the same line as JIGuest:

I keep reading the comments about the kitty statue coming alive, but mine hasn't and I have no idea how to make it. I have the three eels, and the fountain of life is flowing, but I got nothing on the cat.


Same thing as eureeka. I have the eels, the scarf, the crown, and the kitty, but no idea what to do with any of them.


I noticed that whenever I used the kitty in the clouds(to no avail), it was always red instead of the usual gray. After some point(getting the eels?), it went back to looking gray.


The cat seems to change from a statue to being alive when you're

in the clouds. But beyond that I have yet to find a use for the stupid thing.

As for the sky bandana (not scarf) you need to

hold the up key while in the air and it will become a parachute above you allowing you to glide.


So... How do I go about getting the Sky Bandana?
I've been systematically looking just about everywhere.
Only found the crown and a chest out of reach, along with some coin chests so far.
...And many, many places where I have fallen off the screen.



When I'm in the clouds (Sky Oasis?) the cat doesn't change.


Bring the feather to the bird statues in the Sky Oasis.


Xenon, where is the crown? And anyone, please tell me where the sword upgrade is.

Also, is there a way to kill the really tall walking swords or are we just supposed to double jump over them?


Apparently, the observant get screwed over.

I've been using it on the WRONG side.
I carefully walked, using it every half tile on the WRONG side and had myself convinced that the feather wasn't to be used there.

Thanks so very, very much.

...Stupid eye symbol.


The crown is located...

...near the three breakable blocks to the area right of Port Kruz.
Basically what you want to do is get a running start from the left, hop on the upper block and double jump on top of the edge to the upper left.
A smidgen out of the screen. A chest will await you.
Try this most everywhere else and you end up just falling off the screen. >:U

I'm retiring for today. At least I can rest easy knowing that my save isn't bugged and I know what I was doing wrong.


Username, you can kill the tall swords by striking them in the face at the very top.


Awesome, got all the items in my inventory now except for....fire sword! Where is that thing?


Maybe I'm stupid, but in the 2nd chamber, how do I get past the room with the old man? It seems to lead up to the room, but is it just a red herring?


My life is complete, I got the stupid fire sword. Now I need to figure out how to finish this game and what to do with all the swag I've accumulated. Is the giant headed guy with the big scary eyes the final boss?


I put my entire explanation of granny's cellar bug in spoiler tags just because it may be annoying to everyone else. Somehow I cannot untoggle my verbose mode tonight :-P
see what I mean?

@ those who are getting the cellar bug:

this certainly sounds like an intended fix to another bug that was placed on an incorrect "fall location."

Searching on other review sites for clues that were not (at that time) being presented at JIG, I found 2 sites geared directly at indie gaming dev, on which the creator bernie is very vocal but hesitant to give out spoilers. Sorry I cannot remember the sites but if you search for "treasure hunter man" you will find them within the first page of results...

Bernie is actively searching out bugs and quite a few complained of the falling off the dock and getting stuck while invisible in a strange underground passage beneath the buildings of port kruz. Someone mentioned it in the JIG comments near the top as well. Most expected to be placed back on the dock minus one heart, so Bernie must have decided to fix it and mis-placed the fix.

If you look up one of those sites and place a comment to Bernie notifying him of the error, I bet he will have repair it within 24 hours. I suppose you could also email him.

And incidentally I found another one: on top of the

secret heart above the teepee

you can fall off the right side of the screen "into" the great wall and remain stuck there forcing you to reload the game from your last save point. No biggie, but bernie if you are out there it may be your last bug. Bravo on an excellent and challenging game!


I am another victim of (not the real ending) even though I got everything. Hmmm, anyone figure out the real ending yet?

I had:

Fire sword, boomerang, stomp boots, double jump, Bronze eel, Silver eel, Gold eel, Solomon's heart, Seer's eye, Tribal scarf, Sun Idol, Solomon's crown, Golden feather, Cat statue, and 324 gold pieces.


I am very close to what I fear is the not good ending. I have all items and I believe all powerups but have not been able to augment kitteh.

This is my final comment for the night.

when you first enter "Chamber Three," look all the way to the bottom left square and one over from that there is a blue sphere with orange highlights... has anyone figured out how to access it? I haven't been able to track the location very well but my guess is you can get to it from below?!?!

Or it is just there to look pretty :-P


I just ran through the entire game from start to finish, where is this fountain?!?


The cellar bug has been fixed!


Can someone please help me get through chamber two?! I'm completely stuck! I can't find the double-jump boots anywhere!


So... No one wants to tell where the fire sword is?


Sword upgrade is after you

defeat the first brown demon guy. There will be a hallway with nothing in it except the eye symbol, use eye and then stomp the block that shimmered.

Posted by: Duper | October 20, 2008 7:13 PM

Double Jump is hard for me to describe since I have forgotten the exact names of all the different dungeons, castles, and chambers... but you will come under a

horizontal smashing block, up to a big rotating platform with a heart to the right, jump up to a horizontal moving platform (passing 2 shooting skulls in the process, and finally make it up to a left exit with a mysterious and difficult door to the right. Passing out the left exit you go 2 screens left and use the boomerang to hit wall switches which will turn your platform into an elevator going down, avoiding a big rotating spike along the way. At the bottom is a door and inside you will jump down and meet an elder.

He will claim you are doomed or trapped and challenge you to find a way out. You can't. If you try long enough or hard enough, not sure which one, he will grant you double jump. If nothing seems to prompt him to do so, try using all of your inventory items and that may trigger him to have pity.


I can't seem to figure out how to get to sky oasis. Can anybody help me?


Nevermind I figured it out. Now I have to try to beat the boss to get the eye.


Firesword, more specifics:

The brown demon is the one you fight while gliding in the air the whole time, over lava. This is the boss you kill while using the scarf the whole time. Once you've beaten him you'll go through a couple screens before you see the eye in the wall, use the eye in your inventory to bust out the block (it's the one dead center under the image on the wall) and once you've killed the enemies you'll get the fire sword.


Thanks so much, jrun, I finally got unstuck!


I have a problem with the castle.
I read all the comments, seems like everyone solved it, but I still can't.
I used the sun to let the plant grow, reached the door, then I used the eye, and now.... what do I have to do? The door won't open.
I'm really stuck here.


Version .98 is up, fixing .97's bug where the kitty statue wouldn't work. Now the, uh, 'real' ending is obtainable.


Q, look closely at the statue or stand that appears in front of the castle gate. It seems to be missing something... what is the shape of the void space?

it is a heart. If you do not have the heart, you must get it once you have defeated the boss you face after riding down the secret elevator (the one right next to the elevator operated by wall-switches)

the secret elevator is activated by getting yourself through the mysterious door, described many times, that you can only walk behind instead of walking in front of it

and finally, after defeating that boss, you still have to leave his chamber and go down one screen to another chamber off to the right (located directly below the boss-chamber?)


Wait, so it WAS a bug stopping me from getting the other ending? Jeez.

Now I just have to figure out what the scarf and crown are for, if anything.


Why can't I figure out where this fountain is?!?



In the Sky Oasis, go to the end where you got the Sky Bandana (the cloud with the two bird statues). Directly to the right, there is a small cloud with an eye symbol on it. Use the eye treasure, go through the door, and you will fall to the fountain.


Eureeka, Thanks for the hint. I had used all my items between those statues but never on that cloud to the right. So I finished the game again and this time

the townspeople kept all my treasure and sent me away on a raft while I was tied up. It didn't say it was the bad ending, but it didn't say it was the good one either. I suppose it was, I dunno if there's another one or not, all I did differently this time was give the live cat to Justin before the final boss and the ending changed.

Evil Duck October 24, 2008 4:26 AM

Well, as per usual, I seem to have found some of the hard stuff in a game but missed the easy bits!

I had no trouble with the secret lift, but I have no idea where to find the kitty statue.

I'm also stuck

finding the heart below the golden king's chamber. I guess I need to give something to the old robot?


How do you get the eye? I've defeated the eye boss, but get no eye. I have the

kitty, feather, boomerang, running shoes, sword

I've completely restarted and haven't gotten any further. Please help.


I finally got the 100 coins for the Indian guy, but the signs I can now read aren't any help. Not sure what I'm supposed to do now...


WHOA.... never mind, just realized the big blue wall has blocks I can break! Wonder what I'll find now....


Ok, now I AM stuck.

I have run, heavy boot, bandana, doublejump.
I have the sword and boomerang.
I have the bronze and gold eels, heart, flame idol, eye, scarf, feather.
I can get into the golden kings castle, but hit a dead end.
I can see what I think is the silver eel in the silver desert, but have no idea how to get to up to it.

Can anyone point me in the right direction here?


Ruka, I can't help you, but can you help me? I have

run, stomp, sword, boomerang, sun, kitty and feather. I have defeated the eye boss, but have no eye.

I don't know where to get any of the other stuff. I'm sure I'm missing something simple, but I have been through the game twice now and can't get any further. When you said the big blue wall did you mean

in Kruz Forest to the left of the Indian guy where you go down to the Sun Tomb?

If not, where do you mean? I am totally stuck.


ok, i've found the

crown and kitty finnally, still no silver eel

yeah, that's the blue wall I mean :)

couple of questions to try to help you,

have you figured out where to use the feather? and after that, have you jumped off the edge of the island? and a hint, monster eye is not the 'eye monster' that gives you the eye.

Xelkelvos October 26, 2008 9:56 PM

For the Kitty:

After reviving it, before fighting Solomon, use it with Justin.

What do I do with the Scarf (not the Sky Bandanna) and the Crown?


Finally figured out how to get farther into the kings castle! Still haven't found the silver eel yet though. And is there a way to get past those walking swords without being hurt?


I need help. I have

running boots and the sword

and now I'm stuck. I'm trying everything, but no progress.


so are there only 2 different endings?

apparently bad.

where you dont give the cat, and they burn justin.

apparently good.

and where you give the cat and they dont burn justin and send you off on a raft?

has anyone else found out anything to do with the scarf that smells funny and the crown and stuff?

and where does the mysterious elevator lead to?


the deep pyramid doesnt seem to exist ? so i cant get the silver eel, im at marvin the end boss but want the silver eel most of all... where is the "deep pyramid" and the room with the moving lava level? never can find it, please help ! the elevator leads

to the second? boss where you obtain the heart item, the key to getting into the palace


Please help- I cannot find solomons heart. I have defeated the little man (1st boss) that you reach with secret elevator, and have gone to lower level beneath his chamber with yellow monster asking for his master, but nothing happens. There is a gate that prevents me from going further to the right. Any help appreciated, don't mind a spoiler.


to get the heart you have to enter a code after the broken robot. hit the blocks in the middle, right, left order


Hey, don't know if it's been brought up by anyone already, but i found the Sirvel Serpent i guess. If you mean the Sirvel Eel. (There's also a golden one)

It's in the Deep Pyramid. And it's at the part where the lava rises and falls again. It's right under the door, and requires you to stomp on it.

Also, the feather has to be used in the temple, up high. At the wise bird (One of the weird language-signs tells you to) and you obtain a scarf, which allows you to float.


Treasure Hunter Man 2 is out!


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