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Weekend Download

JohnBIf I were made of LEGO-style bricks, I would have an extra arm at the center of my back. Sure, it would make sitting down awkward, my shirts would never quite fit, and buying gloves would be kinda pointless, but... Please? Can I have it anyway?

bombermaaan.gifBombermaaan (Windows, 2.2MB, free) - A free, open source, in-progress clone of the 16-bit Bomberman game. The same brick bombing power-up collecting enemy 'sploding action you know and love, now in PC flavor! Creating new levels is as simple as typing in a text file, and the game supports up to five players on a single computer.

scrollbit.gifScrollbit (Mac/Windows, 1-4MB, free) - A minimalist racing game that is so outlandishly entertaining, you'll catch yourself laughing out loud on more than one occasion. You must have a mouse with a scrollwheel to play (sorry, laptop users), using it to change direction up and down. Hold the [spacebar] to accelerate. The faster you go, the more scrollwheel scrolling you'll be doing, and the results are often fantastically amusing.

bricksmith.jpgBricksmith (Mac, 7.2MB, free) - For curious to serious Lego model builders who want to create new designs and even share those designs with others, Bricksmith provides the tools to do so. Complete with every Lego part imaginable, the Bricksmith toolset is a model builder's dream. Zoom in or rotate the 3D display, even create your models using "steps" to allow someone to see your model being built one brick at a time.

calamityjane.gifCalamity Annie (Windows, 5.3MB, free) - A quick-draw arcade game of reflexes created by auntie pixelantie, Calamity Annie is as old-school as it gets. Face off against two dozen foes in one-on-one duel-style battles. Keep your weapon (in this case the mouse cursor) in the holster area while the screen is black, and as soon as the lights turn on, move and shoot your enemy as fast as you can. You only have three lives to dispatch all of your opponents, so there's no room for error.


Why is the lego thing mac only? I'm sad now :(


I hope it's a sign of things to come. >:)


Yeah same here. I saw that and thought to myself "Finally I can use legos that I never got when I was a kid!" Bummer.

However, I did find MLCAD, a windows Lego modeler, but it doesn't have the "looks" of Bricksmith.


Blah, Bricksmith is 10.4 only. I thought "Sweet, Mac only game!" and was thoroughly disappointed.


@Alex I suppose, with the number of windows-only programs, this is one of a series of counterbalances to this steep slope on the scales of operating system compatibility. Now let's wait for Linux.


Vault - I have 10.5 and it works just fine.


Jay: I meant 10.4 and above, I have 10.3.9. :(


The Lego company has its own brick builder: at http://ldd.lego.com and it's compatible with windows and mac.


Finally a Mac-only game.


why does the description say youll be laughing when you play scrollbit? i played until the 4th world didnt find anything about it at all funny.


for all u people whining about bricksmith being only for mac, knock it off. do ya know how many more things are for windows only? jeez!


No, how many?

JuryRigged August 2, 2008 4:18 PM

Yeah, I shut off Scrollbit after about a minute, when the whole thing began to lag so horribly (why does this game /require/ a server connection?) that the slightest adjustment turned into a full 90 degree spin and drove me into a wall.


The reason there are more windows-oriented programs is because there are more windows computers, period. With games like DooM, Duke Nukem 3D, Wolfenstein, Blood, and the like it's hard not to see windows as a gaming OS. True, Macs can be capable of gaming, but there really weren't any "ground-breaking" games that were mac-only (correct me if I'm wrong, however). Windows got a head start in the gaming world, and has had this lead ever since.

So yes, there are more windows-only games, but is it really something to complain about? It was your choice to get a mac, not ours. If you're really going to complain about windows programs, at least try picking up a copy of XP (vista sucks, period. I'm speaking from experience) and dual-boot your computer.

Oh, and since there was only one person to really "complain" about it being only for mac (I linked people to a windows variant), who is this "all u people" you're talking to?. It almost seems like you're trolling with a statement like that.


Ah, I almost forgot to mention; I've been using MLCAD and have no real complaints (the only complaint I have was my fault, as I forgot to use command prompt to open one of the lego brick library programs [Vista doesn't have a "run", but you can achieve a similar result with command prompt]). It actually uses an AutoCAD-like interface, but with a 3D view at the same time.


I'm getting an "unexpected error when trying to run" calamity Jane. (which I'm not sure anymore if it's called calamity jane, calamity annie, calamity mine...)


why are you happy with a Mac ONLY game? Does it make you happy that some (or, I should say, the majority of) folks cannot play it?

Weird kind of thinking...


Why? Because there aren't that many. And because I use a Mac. 'nuf said. :)


The mousewheel control in Scrollbit should be reverseable. Scrolling down to move up doesn't feel quite right.


It's lego,a VERY popular building toy that everyone loves,why the heck isn't it available for both mac and windows?(did I mention it's VERY popular and everyone loves it??)

ThemePark August 2, 2008 9:09 PM

It's too bad that Bricksmith isn't available for Windows, yeah, but there are two very good LEGO building programs already mentioned for Windows. The only real problem I'd have with this being Mac only is if it turns out to be double as awesome as MLCAD and LDD put together.

Did I mention I love LEGO?

ThemePark August 2, 2008 9:42 PM

Ah, no worries. Seems that Bricksmith is based on the same library as MLCAD anyway. But the minifig generator in Bricksmith looks pretty damn sweet.

Which leads me to ask, is there such a thing as a Mac emulator for Windows, and can anybody recommend a such then?


the title of the last game in this Weekend Download is wrong. it's clearly called Calamity Annie.


Thanks, fnord. I've updated the entry. I think John might have been on auto-pilot when he wrote this one. xD


no problem. it's a pretty nifty little game too. the last section is really really hard though.

Valarauka August 3, 2008 5:28 PM

I just have to say: Bombermaaan rocks! I used to play the original Bomberman all the time with friends, it was an amazing party game, and it still is! The only bad part is it only has support for two players on keyboard, adding more needs joysticks, apparently. Kind of a shame, four players cramped onto a single keyboard trying to control their bombers is mad fun.


EMDF: You said, "...there really weren't any 'ground-breaking' games that were mac-only..." You might want to look into Marathon, which was the direct ancestor of Halo.

I for one am delighted to see the PC users get the short end of the gaming stick for once, after seeing "No Mac version exists; use BootCamp or Parallels" time after time on this site...

Kailani7727 August 4, 2008 1:46 PM

Hey I have a question? Are all these games safe for downloading? Am I in any danger of a virus?

Just asking


If you want to play games, why would you buy a mac?


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