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Weekend Download №40

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Weekend Download

JohnBReady to fill your hard drive to the brim? This weekend we've got several commercially produced games released as freeware. That means you get all the polish and production value of a big studio title without shelling out the cash. You'll have to be patient while they download, and the games aren't as friendly to casual gamers as we'd like, but you can't beat paying nothing for a game that used to carry a retail price tag.

trackmanianations.jpgTrackMania Nations Forever (Windows, >500MB, free) - Ooh, big commercial-type racing game... for free! The successful arcade racing series includes track-building, stunts, and a few puzzle-type elements thrown in for good measure. Play in solo mode on 65 new tracks, or join the legions of TrackMania fans in online multiplayer races.

savagenewerth.jpgSavage: The Battle for Newerth (Windows/Linux, 151MB, free) - What what what?! Another commercial game that's now free?! Savage is an online-only multiplayer real-time strategy/first person shooter hybrid. Take on resource management and building your technology tree, or lead other players into fierce battle. Combat is fast-paced and action oriented, and the sci-fi fantasy setting is epic. (Note: Torrent download only.)

psychonauts.jpgPsychonauts (Windows, 1.5G, limited free play) - Another gargantuan download, but this one is well worth the wait (and the price). Psychonauts is a cult favorite 3D platformer available for free via the GameTap client. Follow the exploits of Raz, a young boy who escapes the circus and sneaks into a summer camp for kids with psychic abilities. As you enter the strange minds of various characters to help them overcome their trauma, you'll realize just how odd this game is. Once you jump through a few hoops to download it, Psychonauts is pure gold.

mubblytower.jpgMubbly Tower (Windows, 11MB, free) - The Mubbly Kingdom has been formed! To celebrate, King Mubbly wants to build a tower. Unfortunately the neighboring Wobblies have the nasty habit of bringing down towers (oh the bad luck!). Drop blocks and try to build the pile above "Teh Line". Spend "Moneh" to defend your tower with special Mubblies that have arrows, spears, and other abilities.


Savage has been free since what practically was its release. The sequal Savage 2 is also available for free, though it has a few perks you get if you buy it.


dotcomlarry May 10, 2008 10:04 AM

For Psychonauts -- "This Game Is Not Available for the Mac Operating System." Am I missing something?


Can you elaborate on the "limited free play" for Psychonauts? I'd love to play it, but I don't want to spend all that time downloading it if I only get to play for thirty minutes or so.


Trackmania is one of my favourite games, but it's been around for fairly long, about 2 years, i think.

I think the preset "puzzle" tracks are much better fun than playing online - there all you can see is the opponents cars (and a huuuuuge lot of them!) racing past you and play much better tnak you ever could on tracks they know like you never will - and in the meantime, while they beat the shit out of you - they keep chatting!!! How many arms do they have, 4??? :DDD

But it's a very good game, like all the previous TM's.

LeeshaJoy May 10, 2008 10:51 AM

I have the same problem with Psychonauts. Do you need to have a paid account with GameTap to download it for the Mac? (I dropped my paid account when Uru Live was given the axe.)


I found and played Pyschonauts on Gametap several weeks ago, and the game is fantastic.

As I understand it, the "Limited Free Play" is due to the fact that you have to play the game through Gametap, so they can end the game's availability at any time they want.

Until then, you can play the game as long as you want without any restrictions, and you don't need an account (The game is available through guest mode). It's a work of art if you like adventure style games with big worlds to explore, and new abilities to unlock.

It took me three weeks to play through the whole thing, but I eventually collected everything and unlocked all the secret artwork. It's all there, if you download it.



Savage download for linux is http://savagelinux.notlong.com


I'm pretty sure Psychonauts isn't available for the Mac. I own Psychonauts, and recently tried to install it on my new Mac. It doesn't have a Mac installer on the disc, and it (sadly) wouldn't start under Windows on Parallels. (I was looking forward to playing it again, but with a better video card.)

FlyingHigh May 10, 2008 11:42 AM

If any JayIsGamers would like to play TM Nations Forever online sometime, I'd love to help organize an event. I've had it for a while and love playing online to see all the wacky tracks people make.

To make it real, real easy to organize something, I recommend downloading Steam and joining my group, TheHelpDesk. You can also download TM Nations Forever from Steam.
Just a suggestion.

Valarauka May 10, 2008 12:02 PM

yay for TMNF! I downloaded it several days ago, am up to 144 medals and MAN is it getting tough! But the game is a total blast.


Yuck, torrent download only? Any uh, recommended one use torrent clients? I feel dirty just having a torrent on my computer (even if it's perfectly legal)


Oh MAN...
I've never seen such a stunning game for free in my entire life.
How have I never heard of this game before?!

Savage is also a pretty sweet game, reminds me a whole lot of Sacrafice [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sacrifice_(computer_game)].
Anyone ever played that game?

Satun500 May 10, 2008 12:33 PM

Had Xbox version of Psychonauts, it's awesome.

golden_cow2 May 10, 2008 1:17 PM

Yeah... Trackmania's download window showed an expected time of 59 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds.

Anything I can do to speed this up? Does it matter much which site I download from?


One more vote for Psychonauts.

This game is not just a great platformer/object collection game, it's amazingly original, it has a fun and pretty twisted story, great sense of humour and each of the worlds (minds) is so beautifully crafted with incredible attention to detail. After all, it is from the designer of Grim Fandango, so I wouldn't expect anything short of spectacular.

Man, just remembering the twisted world with all those spies stating their "disguise" in dead-pan voices ("I am a sad widow. I am sad.") makes me snicker.

FlyingHigh May 10, 2008 2:11 PM

@ golden_cow2: A lot of times, a download screen will take as long as it takes to download to figure out how ling it will take to download. It can get really annoying.

In other Words:

1 min. after starting: Estimated time: 59 hours 59 min.

5 hours after starting: Estimated time: 30 hours 21 min.

7 hours after starting: Estimated time: 5 hours 7 min.

7.5 hours after starting: Estimated time: 1 hours 3 min.

Then it ends.
It takes the whole time to download to figure out how long it will take. As I said before, Steam is great for this. It only took around ten minutes to download.


It seems that YoYoGames is down.
Is anybody here that knows the reason for it?



I'm holding the track record (the golden medal with the green edge) for all but three of all the tracks available offline :P (bio tapping his own shoulder with an amazed look :D)
Took me more than a year's hard playing, though :) There were tracks that took weeks because of one or two delicate touches of the keys can make all the difference :)

Still, as I said, when it comes to online, I simply suck. And I didn't like most of the tracks I met there (of course I met but a few compared to all the ones available...).

Valarauka May 10, 2008 3:23 PM

All but three? zomg. The Nadeo medals are insane, I only have about 7 so far. And I haven't even managed to unlock all the tracks yet ... (gold medals on the "Red"/D series giving me trouble ;) as you can see, I am but a newborn in the TM world. Do you drive with keyboard? I have heard people recommending a gamepad for better driving..


biolarzen, this isn't Trackmania Nations, it's Trackmania Nations FOREVER, which is an all-new version with 65 new tracks for you to obsess over :D


Erm... It seems to me that you can get quite a large number of things free via BitTorrent... Is the download for savage really legit? I'm not trying to make a statement against JiG or anything, it's just that, my experience with torrent clients suggests this may be a bad idea.



wow, I see! I was totally unaware of that!

Of course everything i was saying referred to TM Nations.

Thanx for letting me know!


mkelican, we do not condone the illegal sharing of copyrighted works, period.

However, there are legitimate uses for BitTorrent, and the one linked to above is one of them.

Valarauka May 10, 2008 4:45 PM

Hmm, is the old nations free too? And/or can I just get the official Stadium tracks from it somewhere for my Forever version?


mketican, yeah, it's legit. If it makes you feel weird, you can use the link from the game's page: http://www.s2games.com/savage/downloads.php

It goes to the same bittorrent link, though.


the old TM Nations was free and totally legally so. I had the same feeling someone said here about the new one: such a fantastic game for free - now that IS something! I really appreciated - and appreciate it.


Arrgh! Psychonauts keeps getting to the "create a profile" bit and then crashing on me even though my PC meets all the requirements. Any advice?

jesman1 May 10, 2008 6:20 PM

ok then... Savage: The Battle for Newerth wins for most seeders ever... 30 at once, wow.

zbeeblebrox May 10, 2008 6:37 PM

I played Psychonauts recently on the 360. Holy crap is it amazing. And also hilarious. It's got both the sense of humor of "Invader Zim" AND some of the voice actors ;)


I really need a PC. :(

But Macs are so pretty...

zbeeblebrox May 10, 2008 6:47 PM

Noo! The only thing working on yoyogames' website is their help desk to let you tell them their website isn't working! Mubbly Tower with its Wobblies and 'teh line's and 'moneh' really sounded like an awesome game, too. Darn it.

LeeshaJoy May 10, 2008 8:34 PM

OverZealous, have you tried playing Psychonauts via Boot Camp?

Kirkpad May 10, 2008 9:22 PM

Nobody has seemed to answer the question about the excelled game Psychonauts, and the limited play it includes.

You must play the game through the GameTap client, and according to the website, the game is set to be free until the end of 2008.

Maybe this should be noted underneath the download link.


Kirkpad, where do you find the information about when it's available until? I showed a friend a game on gametap(that I found while looking at the psychonauts page), and she asked me how long she had to play it, and I couldn't figure it out. Is there a page somewhere that lists when the games will be removed?

cstringe May 11, 2008 2:10 PM

TrackamMania Nations Forever seems to have come with the trojan horse psw.onlinegames.bs. I downloaded from FileFront. My AVG caught it when it launched at startup (twice now). Uninstalled TrackMania, (on the advice of several spyware sites)and the trojan is gone.

[Edit: It appears that despite being a free game the game has Starforce copy protection built in—labeled by some as 'malware', Starforce installs hidden device drivers on your system. More information, including removal details. -Jay]


I can't run Savage, yet I can run COD4? Anyone have an idea why?


The Forever versions of Trackmania have no Starforce. I'm sure the trojan horse warning is a false positive.
Then again, I've never gotten a virus and I've never used antivirus software.


For Savage: I don't know how to mine the red stones, so I can't build past two buildings. Someone help... thanks.

cstringe May 11, 2008 9:16 PM

Jay - thanks for the information. TrackMania is great. My nine year old daughter and I have been playing it for the past few days. I'll reinstall and continue the fun!


Oh wow, I am hopelessly addicted to Savage. It's great, it's a combination of my two most favorite things: a real-time strategy game and a first person RPG (Oblivion style) blended very successfully into one game.

Oh, and to nick: just attack the redstone mines. Attacking will pretty much do anything (mine, repair, build) although the Scavengers and Nomads do it best.

Anonymous May 12, 2008 1:59 AM

Anybody else having control issues with Psychonaut?

It looks like a fantastic game so far, but the controls are annoying. Specifically, when I'm holding down WASD (or arrows) to move in a given direction, sometimes Raz will keep moving in that direction until he decides to stop...which usually means running off a cliff, or into an obstacle. When he's doing this, I can't jump, punch, or do anything. This is especially bad when platform jumping, which I can't do because he keeps running off the edges when I try to jump across.

I've tried lowering the graphics settings so that my computer can keep up, but it doesn't make a difference.

On a more fun note...has anyone tried punching squirrels into oblivion? Seriously, they explode into pieces when you hit them.


Psychonauts YAY!
I had to delete pretty much every spare file on my computer to get enough spare disk space to install it, it's a bit of a monster. But worth it! It runs ok, occasional 'stuck record syndrome' on the cut scenes, but I'm sure thats my laptop being krunky. So far I've got to the underwater Lungfish, boy it's starting to get difficult, but excellent story telling and beautifully executed. Thanks for the tip!


hmmm... (psychonaughts)Does limited free play mean you download it once, then play forever(limited time up for download), or get it then play till the end of 2008?

fattywads May 12, 2008 8:47 PM

Jeez, I come to this site to play casual games that i get bored with quickly. Now i'm spending all my time playing phychonauts and jaws unleashed.

Thanks a bunch. Oh yeah, dont play jaws at work or with kids, as its kinda an arm ripping, people eating kind of thing.


I've recently been trying to hunt down all those great cult video games I would have liked but have never been able to play. After playing Earthbound, Psychonauts sounds like it'd satisfy both my desire for a great-yet-overlooked game of the past, as well as the one to play as quirky psychic teenagers. With Trackmania looking like a good solid racing game, and Mubbly Tower as a burst of silliness with an overall point, it looks as if my computer is going to grind to a halt this week.


It won't let me play Psychonauts unless I have a gametap gold account!


Wow... finally completed Psychonauts. It was an excellent experience through and through. Best game ever! (not that I've played many in their entirety, I tire easily).
Thanks for the tip, that was awesome. I wonder if Grim Fandango will come out as a gametap freebie... thats another one I'd always intended to get round to playing...


Noo! I've downloaded Psychonauts; it took me 15 hours (!) and Poof! When I click Start Game it displays the ad, shows "Please Wait". Then GameTap minimizes and shows up again! No error message!


Please help! i can't download Savage. i installed bittorrent, but the site doesn't regognize it!

queen-of-diamonds December 23, 2008 10:54 AM

I know this WD is kinda old but so cool to see TrackMania on JIG! I'm totally addicted to it and have been for like half a year now. I've actually gotten very good at it, much to my own amazement (70K LP atm :D) .
Totally recommended. One of the best free games EVER... the type of game you can't believe it's free but it is!


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