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Weekend Download

JohnBEveryone can relax, Friday the 13th has ended. But then again, you probably weren't worried about it, were you? Didn't think so. Either way, here's a reward for surviving the allegedly unlucky day: three awesome freeware games!

GemdanceGemdance (Windows, free) - An extraordinarily creative Breakout game that's both imaginative and challenging. Galatea is a dancer from Zodiac, but she wants a life of her own. The only way to do that is by becoming a god and escaping to another world. To do this, she'll need to work through several dozen levels, each featuring its own zodiac-themed gimmick. Gemini stage, for example, has twin paddles that work in concert, while Leo stage has a lion that fires at your paddle. A shockingly fun game, even if you don't normally go for Breakout types!

Don't MoveDon't Move (Windows, free) - A smart little game by Steve Richey that's as much a commentary on the video game-player interaction dynamic as it is a game itself. Don't Move gives you one challenge at a time, but all you can do to unlock it is make the numbers read what they need to read by moving around, standing still, and/or dying. It's designed to be infuriating, but there's an ending, and apparently a rewarding finish if you can make it through to completion.

Super Amazing QuestSuper Amazing Quest (Windows, free) - A pseudo 3D game that parodies old RPG tropes left and right. You play the role of a knight who is helping a princess by seeking out her stolen vase. Jump through the free-floating landscape as you fight off enemies, gain experience, pick up items, and encounter the odd NPC or two. And we really do mean "odd". It's a little heavy on the text interruptions, but otherwise it's a quick, light and entertaining game on all fronts.


spoilers for don't move

4 trophys out of 9 so far.
die left a bunch
die right a bunch
don't move
level up

Attempts max out at 2047
distance at 32767
Time is above 3951
Medals is above 30
Coins at 2991


spoilers for don't move

medals max at 31
coins at 1048575
Exp at level 63

At 4 maxes you get to level and gather coins much faster

at the first zenith goal you get a yellow suit
after 6 zeniths you get a white suit

wordmanwords September 14, 2013 7:02 AM

don't move:

One more trophy can be obtained by alternating between dying in the left and the right side of the screen.
One more trophy can be obtained by moving to the left or right side of the screen (before dying) and then not moving further.
One more trophy, I *THINK*, was obtained by pressing both left + right. Might be completely off here, though.
Last trophy appears to've been obtained when all others were.

Now, The next unlockable shows as "???". And I think I'll let someone crazier than me figure that one out.

rouanetmathieu September 14, 2013 7:05 AM

don't move again :

One of the trophies can be obtained too by standing still in front of a torch.



"...there's an ending, and apparently a rewarding finish if you can make it through to completion."

Citation needed :)

Alright, I'm to the same point as wordmanwords and likely some of the others, the new goal is "???" and I have no idea what to do next. You can loop through the level about three-and-a-half times at this point before dying, which just opens up way too many possibilities with zero feedback to tell you if you're heading in the right direction (no pun intended), having already done every obvious task this limited game allows.

Since I'm not a fan of trying to figure out secret codes that may-or-may-not exist, what was the source of this alleged ending, and has anyone managed to figure it out?

scherzinger.david September 14, 2013 11:54 AM


It's possible that being able to reach the ends of the screen IS the reward. Or maybe the final goal is to simply not move.

Can anyone tell me what the 5th trophy is? It's the only one I'm missing besides the meta-trophy, and I've done all the stuff mentioned in previous comments.


I reached the GAME OVER screen!

I'm writing a walkthrough right now :)


@scherzinger.david (and anyone else interested):

The list of trophies, from left to right...

1) Hold down left and keep dying.
2) Alternate dying to the left and dying to the right.
3) Hold down right and keep dying.
4) Stand still (possibly after moving a bit, I got this one trying to get...)
5) Stand still in front of a torch, such that the character completely blocks the flame.
6) Hold left and right at the same time.
7) Gain a level.
8) Have all other trophies.

@RustyKi--can't wait for your walkthrough, I'd like to see how this silly thing ends!


@JohnB--thanks for sharing the link! I tried going to the developers website/blog, but there was nothing to be found there.

coronacoreanici September 14, 2013 6:07 PM

Can someone who's finished just tell us how to unlock ??? please?


I don't feel like finishing the walkthrough so I'm just gonna tell you how to win and someone else can write it.


Opening 'DontMove.exe' in a hex editor and looking for some of the text from the game reveals a section which contains:

4 sequences of l's and r's. They correspond with 'Left' and 'Right'.
The sequences are:


How to use them:

The 3 long sequences:

Press the arrow keys in the order they appears in the codes. (l is left)
Each line awards you with a STAR.
What do they do? Nothing right now (According to the maker if the game, they might have a purpose at this stage of the game (I haven't found it yet)

The 4th short sequence:

After reaching '???' your ninja can scroll past the sides of the screen for a few times before exploding.
The short code corresponds with the sides of the screen. If you fail, try again.

The ending:

After entering the short sequence you'll be able to go past the sides.
Make yourself explode next the the right door and you'll be able to go down the stairs. GAME OVER (or is it?)

After the ending:

The next time you playthrough is the same, with the exception of a percentage appearing in the middle of the screen.
As you get zeniths that percentage rises.
Reaching 'The End?' gives you 97%.

What about the remaining 3%?

Remember the stars from before?
Boom! 100%! Congratulations, you've finished the game... or have you?

After the second ending:

Start a third game. WAIT, you have more than 1%! does this mean... YES, you can finish the game with more than 100%, what happens when you finish the game with more than 100%? Apparently nothing, but I asked the developer and he said something is supposed to happen eventually. I'm still working on it :O


1. Holding both the left and right keys will eventually reward you - both RIGHT and LEFT trophies, a STANDING STILL trophy (either one), and the GRAY TROPHY.
2. Once you're familiar with the mechanics, Cheat Engine (google it) is a nice tool. Just load the process with the top left button, and enable the Speed Hack (middle right)



So are we meant to do all of this in one sitting? The game doesn't appear to save any of your progress.


ENDGAME: (Update on my last post)

Using Cheat Engine, I revealed that gaining 255% shows an endgame screen with the words "Please stop playing now!".
I don't know of anything beyond that, or before that (since I cheated). I do know that 200% didn't show any screen.
I'm assuming anything else I missed is unimportant. This has been fun.


I don't know what 'stvr' intended
If you feel the need, I suggest you use Cheat Engine (my tips on last post) to speed up the game.


Well I was trying to get some percentage points legitimately, but after finishing a few runs the game crashed. So...yeah. That kind of sucks. Also, getting the three stars makes your stats rise faster. So you should get them at the beginning of your game.

nwhitney1998 July 14, 2014 8:13 PM

After completing Don't Move, you get to a glass window with a view of another ninja exploding over and over to the left, stuck on whatever challenge took you the longest. Then when you start over, there is a percent counter that starts at 1%. After beating the game a second time, and restarting, the percent counter appears at "2%", and I don't have a long enough life to complete it 98 more times. By the way, when you get to the wraparound, make it so the bottom code says "lrllrlrr", then walk against the glass on the right until you die and break it. Have fun wasting time!

swoo703 October 1, 2014 10:22 AM replied to RustyKi


I've just discovered that silly game and went up to 6 trophies without spoiling me with any info on the Web but, after that, I gave up and found this thread with your walkthrough... so thanks to you for it.

Yet, I know your post is 1 year old but I just would like to add some point that it seems you've overlooked, 'cause I think it will bring the answer to your final question.

The zeniths are all based on the exponents of the number "2".
- Attempts is at: 2047 = 2048-1 = (2^11)-1
- Distance is at: 32767 = 32768-1 = (2^15)-1
- Time is at: 4095 = 4096-1 = (2^12)-1
- Medals is at: 31 = 32-1 = (2^5)-1
- Level is at: 63 = 64-1 = (2^6)-1
- Coins is at: 1048575 = 1048576-1 = (2^20)-1

So, I guess that your 255% finishing is the true end of the game since 255 = 256-1 = (2^8)-1

But I'm not gonna try it, that's for sure! ^^


A warning about using the star codes too early in the game, btw, at least in version 1.3 (which seems to behave slightly differently than the version described above by RustyKi) -

Activating the star codes early on seems like a good idea, since it makes all your counters jump up much more quickly. Unfortunately, it seems to break Trophy Number 2 when doing so. It makes trophies 1 and 3 much quicker, since each death is counted as three separate tries, but the same logic defeats number 2, because the game no longer recognizes that you've been alternating back and forth. So, at the moment, you'd need to wait to activate the stars until you've gotten that trophy.

Additionally, as I'd mentioned, v1.3 seems to act differently with respect to the endgame than whatever the version was last year. After completing the game at 100% the first time, the next round starts off with the percentage already at a full 100%, and activating the stars does not make the percentage go up. I haven't yet found out what happens at the moment when you finish the second time, 'cause I got caught by the situation I described above.

xolotl October 6, 2014 4:53 PM replied to xolotl

Bah, er... Disregard my previous post (at least the bit about the stars interfering with trophies). Must have been some kind of PEBCAK on my end, 'cause I tried again and it worked just fine. So, er, right.

DefenderHera December 10, 2014 3:05 AM

trophies and zenith

attempts: 2047
distance: 32767
time: 4095
medals: 31

level: 63
coins: 1048575

1st: die left a lot of times
2nd: die left, then right, then left, then right, repeat left and right deaths until you get it
3rd: die right a lot of times
4th: don't move
5th: die in front of a torch
6th: hold both left and right for a while
7th: level up
8th: free trophy when you get all the other trophies

I have no idea how to get the ??? achievement, but since you get an r when you go past the right side of the screen I'm assuming you have to have some combination of l's and r's but since my game is now only letting me go right (another screen popped up and my little dude is now constantly stuck going right and pressing left just makes him stand still) I can't try it... not that I would anyway.

WorstIdeaEver June 21, 2016 10:16 PM

FYI, "Don't Move" can no longer be downloaded as it's now going to be released on Steam instead. (With practically the same content, judging by the remove)


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