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Weekend Download №1

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JohnBMore than just a doughnut (or donut, if you despise the 'gh' letter combination), the cruller is a symbol of mankind's struggle to evolve. Often topped with sugar or icing, crullers represent the twisted yet delicious journey that life as an upright mammal can be. We have to pay taxes, we have to stand in line at the DMV, sometimes we even have to watch American Idol. But at the end of the day, nothing says "good job existing" like a delicious cruller in hand (enjoyed responsibly, of course... we must maintain our trim figures). I would like to thank the Dutch for the word "kruller" and possibly even inventing doughnuts in the first place. I would also like to thank the following games in this Weekend Download installment for being just as delicious.

lylecube-g.gifLyle in Cube Sector (Windows, freeware, 1.14MB) - Ok, so it's not exactly a new game, but it's certainly one you don't want to miss. Lyle in Cube Sector is a remarkably open-ended adventure/platformer that, yes, resembles Metroid and Cave Story to some degree. What can I say, I'm a fan of the exploration games. Travel through the "wonked out lands of the Cubesector" finding power-ups that give you new abilities that allow you to explore even more. Not nearly as difficult as La-Mulana, but there's enough challenge and intrigue to keep you wanting more.

ancientempireslux.jpgAncient Empires Lux (Windows, Mac, Linux, demo) - Just like American History Lux, Ancient Empires Lux is essentially a glorified, historically-themed version of Risk. Move your armies across your territory to fortify weak areas and attack your opponent. The more land you control, the more armies you get, and the more powerful you become. With the ancient empires theme the game has a much more epic feel than the other installments in the Lux series. The interface is also a bit more polished than its predecessors. Too bad you can't play the Rome scenario right off the bat.

falafel.gifA Mini Falafel Adventure (Windows, freeware, 737KB) - That's right, delicious chickpea goodness is now in game form! An entry by LowFlyingCow in the Retro Remake's 4 Color Competition, A Mini Falafel Adventure is a platforming adventure that smells like a delicious combination of Knytt and Super Mario Bros. It's a surprisingly magnificent game with well-balanced level design and simple yet creative gameplay. Be sure to check out the other entries, they all have a little bit of awesomeness to show off.

acidbomb2.jpgAcidbomb 2: Rearmed (Windows, demo, 11.9MB) - Disarming bombs is cool when it's on TV, in the movies, or in a video game. Fortunately Acidbomb 2 happens to be one of those (I'll let you guess which). Created by Vertigo Games, the object is to diffuse each puzzle (which is a bomb) by detecting which tiles are pistons and which are safe. The game plays a lot like picross where you must use clues to narrow down possibilities. A wonderfully cerebral experience that really turns up the heat when the time starts ticking down. It's a bit complex at first, so make good use of the tutorial and you'll be diffusing in no time. The download is actually just a demo for the yet-to-be-completed full version, so in the meantime, satiate yourself with the first Acidbomb.

mezzowinter.jpgMezzo: Winter Edition (All platforms for online version, Windows for download, 3.8MB) - A cute and strangely engaging little puzzle game by ActionHead Studios. A 5x5 grid of squares sits in the middle of the screen. Your goal is to swap squares so the snowflakes are in a row/column facing each other with only one color in-between. If there's an odd number of cubes between them, an additional snowflake block is created. It works quite smoothly in practice and is a bit different than most puzzle games out there. Extremely enjoyable and challenging in later levels. The online version is surprisingly robust, the downloadable versions have even more content, plus there are penguins. Penguins that you can rescue and play with! Submitted by Dale


i just tried out acidbomb 2, and it is a fantastic game. the concept is as simple as minesweeper, but the game's style and that evil timer-of-doom make it incredibly intense. you have no idea how exciting it is to mark off the last of the triggers at the (literal) last second. my only gripe is that the background music switches a bit too much. like it can't decide what it wants to sound like, so it cycles through all the different loops.

okay, another gripe is that this is a seven-level-long demo for the real acidbomb 2, which is yet to be completed. but to hold me over until the real deal, i've downloaded the first game. awesome pick, john!


Good point, art begotti. I should have mentioned that. Thanks to the magic of the "edit" button, I have, and thus my mistake is almost untraceable!


Heh. I just played the first AcidBomb and beat it. Great game. As for Mezzo... I love penguins...


Lyle in Cube Sector is a great game. It deserves a full review.


in falafel, can anyone beat Rolfro? I always die on the part with the

giant eyeball fro

Anonymous April 13, 2007 11:40 PM

atención, acidbomb fans... the full version of acidbomb 2: reloaded is now available for download!

linkety link: http://www.vertigogaming.net/acidbomb2.htm

piwhiz22 August 2, 2007 7:03 PM

anyone able to beat levels 23, 26, and 29 for mezzo? please show how. thanks in advance

Dexmente August 3, 2007 3:04 PM

Hey I need help with the last level (30) of mezzo winter edition!!! Please.


here's 23 for you

make all red from middle one then move right one down

and 26

left one down, right one down

Now please give me 24,29 & 30


level 30 is easy (mezzo) the red and blue should be switched to destroy the top layer than the green and yellow to destroy the remaining sides


hey! this website is rockin man i love the game mezzo its awesome but i find it hard , hey everybody out there i will appreciate it if you put lvl 16 17 18 19 and 20 on this rockin web

Joe Weller October 17, 2007 11:14 PM

need help on lvl 21 of mezzo winter edition


Mezzo level 29:

top one right, bottom one right

Mezzo level 30:

right top red swap with blue to its left, then swap top green with bottom yellow.

Jacob X891 January 21, 2008 4:53 PM

for falafel, it says there will be three episodes. this is episode one. where are the other 2? was the project abandoned? if so, it's a darn shame, this game had promise.


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