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Weekend Download №192

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Weekend Download

JohnB3D games? 2D games? Can't we all just be games and get along and have happy times together? What? Nobody's debating this and there's no contention in the gaming community over the game types? Then, why am I still writing interrogative sentences?!

beret.gifBeret (Mac/Win/Linux, ~40MB, free) - The 2D puzzle platform will never die, and Beret, despite its amateurish visual exterior, is another reason the genre should continue to thrive. Playing as a scientist who has gained telekinetic powers, you decide your employer, Evil Corporation, is too evil for your liking and decide to overthrow it and punish the wrongdoers. You do this with a smattering of telekinetic abilities that allows you to pick up and arrange blocks with the mouse, constructing platforms and re-building bridges as you move across the stage. Lots of levels to play, loads of collectible items, and a level editor you can unlock make this one well-stocked indie game!

mythology.gifMythology (Windows, 19.8MB, free) - A 3D action adventure game not unlike the later Legend of Zelda titles. You play as Timaeus who is searching for his parents who were lost at sea. You start off on a rather stiff dolphin-assisted escape from a hydra and end up running around ancient Greece with a sword and shield. NPCs to interact with, treasure chests to find, quests to fulfill, and items to find, this lovable game has got everything you would expect! Mythology may be a bit rough around the edges, but the gameplay is enjoyable in an old school sort of way.

oneandlight.gifOne and Light (Windows, 7.3MB, free) - A short, unpolished 3D platform game created in three days for a contest themed "shrinking". This curious little game gives you the ability to grow and shrink with the press of a button (er, two buttons, but you get the picture). Size yourself down to make tiny areas appropriately explorable, then get big again to traverse difficult landscapes. Quite a confusing experience at first, but once you get the hang of it, you'll see how interesting on-the-fly size changing can be!

Note: All games have been confirmed to run under Windows 7 and are virus-free. Mac users should try Boot Camp, Parallels, or CrossOver Games to play Windows titles, Linux users can use Wine. If you know of a great game we should feature, use the Submit link above to send it in!


Bandycoot July 2, 2011 11:35 AM

Every time I press space on One and Light, this message appears: Oneandlight.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.


Wow, Beret is really a meaty game (est. 20 hours of gameplay, according to its website), and as far as I can tell after the first few lengthy levels, extremely well-designed. I can think of a few other indie game makers who would benefit from being teamed up with such a designer.

I'm chiming in here to note that Beret should really be graduated into receiving a full review. I suspect the only reason it didn't receive one right off the bat is due to its "old-school PC" graphics.

Anonymous July 2, 2011 6:29 PM

Mythology seemed good at first look seeing as it has a small file size considering it's 3D graphics, but...

Unfortunately, the lack of foresight on the developer's side concerning the controls really sucks. emphasis on SUCKS.

almost all of the controls are left handed. was it really that hard to configure the movement to the directional pad? did he think we had more than 5 fingers on our left hand?

not to mention the lack of option to play on window mode.

I really hate games that do that.

wlangford July 3, 2011 10:55 AM

I agree with nobody's assessment of Beret. It definitely deserves a full review. It also gets bonus points for a native Mac version, as far as I'm concerned.

Dave Lopo July 3, 2011 12:54 PM

Having the same problem as Bandycoot... no explanation, no freezing, no lag, just an error that forces you to close the game. The audio even plays.

shadowmax July 3, 2011 1:21 PM

One and Light is kind of cool, but it took me a long time to get used to the controls. Would be nice to make them reconfigurable. Movement controls also felt very loose to me. Seemed to be a lot of 'over-steer' but that might have just be me not liking the key choices. Overall though I'm liking this one a lot. I am currently stuck on a green plateau with a pond and lots of brick thingies to crawl in and out of. Haven't got a clue, but I'll take a hint.

shadowmax July 3, 2011 1:28 PM

Oh yeah, one more heads up on One and Light. ESC will close the game, no questions asked. Can't tell you how many times I have done that by accident instead of remembering to TOGGLE help with F1.

shadowmax July 3, 2011 2:48 PM

Oh yeah, one more heads up on One and Light. ESC will close the game, no questions asked. Can't tell you how many times I have done that by accident instead of remembering to TOGGLE help with F1.

shadowmax July 3, 2011 2:54 PM

Sorry for the double post....browser hiccuped. Finished One and Light. Aside from being picky about the controls, the only thing I didn't like about this game was not seeing where my feet were. Being big on a small platform and shrinking could sometimes drop me off the edge. Other than that....marvelous adventure!!!!


I downloaded Beret for Linux (I have Ubuntu Lucid) and I don't know how to get it to run. I unzipped it and put it in one of my file directories, but when I try to open "beret," I get the following:

Could not display "/home/[me]/[dir]/Games/Beret/beret".
There is no application installed for executable files
[Select Application] [OK]

Can anyone tell me what I need to do?

Tadness July 3, 2011 4:49 PM

@ray9na, Ubuntu tries to prevent users from running executables not in the repositories like the Ubuntu Software Center. You have to right-click on the file, go to Properties, then in the Permissions tab, check the box that says "Allow executing file as a program" then hit close and try running the file again. You shouldn't have to do this again, but it's required on all downloaded executable files as a precaution against viruses/malicious programs. Maybe the reviewers should consider including that little detail on games running Linux, as being told you can't run it may deter people from trying the game if they don't know all you have to do is change the properties first.

shadowmax July 3, 2011 6:07 PM

Hmmm. running Win7(64). I couldn't get Mythology to run past the hydra portion. And even that was a crap shoot as all I saw was splashes with a shadow of something and an occasional star which I assume meant one of us received damage. I played a bit with compatibility settings - no success. Not something I'm willing to spend a lot of time on so I'll pass on this one.



Thanks, that worked like a charm. And I'll keep that in mind in case there's a next time.


I'm having so much fun with Beret. It's the best indie game I've played so far this year. As long as you can get past the bad graphics (especially that of the main character) it's an amazing puzzle/platformer, with a challenge & appeal similar to Braid. I can't wait to see more from this developer, as it's clear he's a champ at level design & keeping a lengthy game fresh with new challenges.


So I've started actually playing Beret, and I can't seem to get past the first level. I can't jump to where the medallion bits are and I think I'm out of range for the telekinesis. So I'm getting nowhere fast and wondering what I'm doing wrong.

Can anyone help me get started? Thanks.


Just to be clear: I can jump, but not high enough. I think that's my main problem.

shadowmax July 5, 2011 6:07 PM


Medallions and bits thereof need to be picked up by contact. But there has to be 'something' to move about or what's the use in having telekinesis right?



If you mean

use telekinesis to move Mr. Beret around

then I'm not sure how to do that.

shadowmax July 5, 2011 6:24 PM


Each level may have more than one room. Have you looked in the other room yet?



Ah, I've got it now, and I cleared the first level. :) Thanks.

I just got to the part where we

see ice blocks for the first time

and I feel as though I'm back to square one, though. How do I get past

the tower of stone blocks? I took out the two ice blocks and am standing on them, so I'm now two bricks taller and the tower of stone blocks is two bricks shorter, but I still can't scale it.



There's more than one way to climb a tower. Take it one step at a time.

marbled_brain July 6, 2011 9:51 PM

great level design on Beret... so far I've made it through the first three levels with most of the badges... the last room of the 2nd level (the "Main" area of the Department of Telekinesis) is killing me! There's the final orange quadrant, and the white badge... thing. I can't see any way to get up to either of them. My wall is dripping with head blood from all the banging. Any hints folks? nudge nudge?

Thanks! :)



Shall we join together in a rousing chorus of "D'oh!"?

Now I'm stuck on the last screen of the second level. I think I'm having the same trouble marbled_brain is.

There is exactly one block I can get to, but it's not enough to get me up on the platform with the other blocks so that I can get the last quarter of the orange medallion and then higher up to the white medallion.


jranker July 8, 2011 5:57 PM

To get the last orange medallion piece on level 2:

As the sign on the right side of the room says, you can use telekinesis on the blue medallion pieces. Balance the box on top of them.

To get the white medallion:

Move all the boxes and blue medallion pieces to the right side. CAREFUL trial and error using the technique you used to get the orange medallion piece will get you to the white medallion. You need all the blue pieces to succeed.



Getting the white medallion:

I have all 8 blue pieces and all 4 blocks. I have them all optimally aligned, positioned, stacked. I'm still just too short.


Unless by "all the way to the right" you mean ALL THE WAY to the right...

And now, to salvage this post:

One thing I've noticed, because I have Beret for both Windows and Linux, is that on Linux, the game is a little sluggish and the mouse (read: trackpad) controls are a little too sensitive.

Regarding One and Light: I haven't completed it yet, but is anyone else vaguely reminded of Specter Spelunker Shrinks?


*sigh* Nope.


Beret is driving me a little crazy and I hope someone is still here to see my plea. I'm on the last room of the second level and I just can not reach the white medallion.


I don't know what else to do. Please help!

jranker July 11, 2011 6:43 PM

Another hint on the white medallion for level 2:

When I said to the right, I did mean all the way right. You want to move the four boxes and 5 blue pieces into the right-side room (It's faster to throw them as far right as you can).

If you need more:

Once there, arrange them on the right side of the highest step so you can get to the ledge where the remaining 3 blue pieces are. Build a stairway to get to the white medallion.

Hope that helps!

marbled_brain July 12, 2011 8:55 PM

There are two rooms that are killing me right now, both in level 5.

A. to the right of the first room, with all the little blue jumpers, the spike ceiling and the red seeker

I feel like I'm supposed to grab a block and balance it on top of the little blue fellas, but i can't seem to wrangle them without losing them or dying

B. the room with the exit door, where

the orange piece is hidden by the mass of blocks to the right of the room entrance. i can get the piece, but then i'm stuck

Any help? :D

jranker July 13, 2011 5:47 AM

Beret level 5:
To get the piece in the last room:

Move the wood block in the leftmost column to use as a step. Move the block at the top of the middle column halfway out. Move the block to its right left so it supports the stone blocks over it. Remove the top wooden block from the middle column. Remove the other wooden block(s? can't remember if it's one or two) from the middle column. You should have three stone and one wooden block in the first column, one stone block supported by a wood block, a gap with the orange piece and four stone blocks in the middle column. You should be able to go down, get the piece then jump back up. If you can't, move the wooden support block slightly to the right until you can.

Hope that was clear and helpful. As for the other piece, I still haven't figured that one out.


What about the grey medallion in the same room you mention in level 5? Anyone figure that out?
Man, that game is hard.


I'm still on the last room of the second level, and I've gotten absolutely nowhere. I've done as jranker suggested, which I understood as

build a stairway from the ledge of clear wall where the cluster of 3 blue pieces is

but I don't see a way to

start climbing it without collecting any blue pieces.

It seems that no matter

how I build it, I'm trapped, whether I start with a blue piece or a block.

I've tried other methods and locations -- pretty much everything I can think of -- but nothing works. I'm starting to despair, here.

marbled_brain July 13, 2011 3:29 PM

ray9a, regarding that last room of Level 2:

Here's a screenshot of how I stacked the pieces to prepare for the stair building. Note how I have one regular block wedged in the right.
Beret Level 2 Stair Prepare

And here's a screenshot of how I built the stairs once I jumped up to the block wedged in the wall.
Beret Level 2 Stair Built

I would suggest making sure Beret is set to walk, not run, for the jumps up the stairs, and then have him run and jump off the top step. Save on each successful jump. Good luck!

marbled_brain July 13, 2011 3:44 PM

jranker, regarding last room of level 5:

Thanks for your description - i was pulling all the top wooden blocks out prematurely, letting the top stone block of the middle column fall and obscure the orange piece. i was alternately going around to the bottom right to get the orange piece, then being trapped... i got it now!

Now to figure out those pesky little blue guys....



Thank you! Believe it or not, I actually figured out how to build it (some small measure of Power of the Post), but the last thing keeping me from succeeding was

I was not in run mode.

Thank you to everyone for putting up with my slowness.


Sorry to spam, but:
Level ... three ... is ... EVIL!

That onslaught is proving to be impossible to handle on my Ubuntu netbook. Either my touchpad is way too sensitive or my USB trackball isn't sensitive enough. I'll have to see if it's possible on my WinXP laptop, where my input devices seem to calibrate to the game more appropriately.

If I am indeed at an impasse in Linux, this is highly disappointing. Has anyone else had issues with input sensitivity? Is there a way to fix it, or is this officially a Bug Report?


Well, I figured out the trick to the third level, which makes me feel a mite foolish (although in Linux the game *is* a bit sluggish and the mouse *is* too sensitive).

Level three is not the least bit evil. That honor is reserved for level four. Some issues and questions from level four are as follow:

Am I supposed to kill the red and yellow telekinesis enemies? If so, how?

Precisely two blocks are available to me. How do I get out of here? http://i.imgur.com/5UAC9.png

The rest of the level is probably just a matter of precision timing, unless someone has tips and pointers?

marbled_brain July 14, 2011 8:24 PM


Regarding your first question:

Anything that moves and can kill you counts as an enemy, so you won't get your all-enemies-killed badge without destroying them.

Regarding your screencap:

Crowd-source it



Gotcha. Those side rooms, though, those side rooms are nasty...

marbled_brain July 15, 2011 6:44 PM


Do you have any particular rooms or puzzles you need some hints on?



Thanks, but I think I'll stop whining for a while and give it some real sweat before I ask for more help. I think I've reached the point (at least on this level) where it's a matter of skill and practice as opposed to cleverness and puzzling.


You think levels 1 to 5 are hard? Wait for level "can't even get to the finish" 11...


I'd love some help with the room that has the last piece of the orange medal on level 9. I can get through the block puzzle to get the piece of medal but I cannot figure out how to get back out past the blocks. Thanks!


ANy help out there for the last piece of the orange medallion on level 9? I can get the piece but can't get back out through the blocks. Thanks!


Okay, so now I'm on Level 5. I've conquered the initial room and now I'm scratching my head over the side room off to the right. Any hints?


Beret has the best level design I have ever seen in my life (granted, I don't play any modern commercial games, so my opinion is likely narrow). Each new mechanic that is introduced is carried out so far past its logical conclusion, it's mind-boggling. There are some solutions I have gotten that are so incredibly devious, stuff like balancing blocks on top of enemies floating in mid-air, or complex chain events with bombs to hit switches, or carefully preserving bombs to use as stepping stones, that after I figure it out I feel like I've 'cheated' in doing something that the game designer couldn't have possibly thought of or intended; but I can't figure out what other solution there could be so I suspect kiwisauce really must have designed all this! And my mind is blown.

I'm up to level 13 with 67 medals-on the early levels I have all medals, then I stopped bothering to try to get the green medal (time trial) from the boss level 5 onwards, but besides green I have every medal except for the silvers on levels 10 and 11 and the blue on 13. I've easily surpassed 40 hours on this already. It's mostly puzzle-solving, but the two bosses I've gotten to so far were amazingly difficult and it was all reflexes and platforming. Plus balancing on enemies (i.e., putting a block on top of an enemy and standing on the block) requires a lot of reflexes to manage. Without the F1/save and F4/reload feature this game would be unbearable.

If anybody needs help on any medal that I have (again: I have every medal up to 4, and every non-green medal up to and including level 13 except for the silver on 10 and 11 and the blue on 13), I can give hints or solutions (@wgg, @arete, and @ray9na, I'll take a look at levels 9 and 5). What I really, really want to see is a complete playthrough posted on youtube, but it would take a demigod gamer (which I am not) to pull off such a feat. The medal I've probably spent the most time unsuccessfully on is the silver on level 10 and I would really appreciate help with that if anybody has figured it out. So far I have figured that I can…

throw one of the floating up-down spikeys in the bottom left quadrant over to where the green switch is, so that the green switch is going on/off every few seconds, just like the red switch does at level 10's last room. Then, I can get over to around where the silver medal is pretty easily, but I can only find one block to bring with me and I need a two-block height to reach the actual alcove where the silver medal is. I tried breaking the partner block of the floating purple block you use to ascend the shaft at the lower right by catching it in the green blocks as they switch on, but I think there is not enough time to ascend with the purple block, drop its partner block into the green switch-blocks as they come on to break it, and then grab the purple block and bring it with me at the top of the shaft.

so if anybody could help on that one I'd appreciate it.


@wgg and @arete: which piece of the orange medal do you mean? Do you mean the upper left?

Wow yeah that one took me a while to figure out and I don't remember the solution. The trick was something to do with

shifting the blocks in the third compartment around by fractions of a block-length in order to shift the load of the two stone blocks around around. The trick is to go through them the first time without letting either stone block drop; if either stone block drops, getting back out is impossible. I THINK (but I don't remember for sure) there was also one part in the shifting around where you had to throw one block up and rapidly move another block beneath it, which required a LOT of repeated attempt to get.

I'll take another look at this to figure out the solution again and get back to you.


Thanks, m3psi.

I got the first room of level 5, but not its side room off to the right (I got the blue pieces and the enemies but not the orange slice).

I got the second room of level 5, but not its side room off to the left at all.

And I'm not really getting the third and final room of level 5. I'm slowly, slowly working on how to get the orange slice, but I can't work out how to get the white medallion. (The blue pieces and the enemies aren't a problem.)


@ray9na, for the room off to the right:


You need to use the red guy


First, balance a block on top of the red guy as high as possible and stand on that block. Then, jump and simultaneously drag the block beneath you. The red guy will follow, and the block will hang in mid-air on top of it. But as it bobs up and down, the block will keep dropping-so jump as soon as you can, you can either jump up and reach the slice directly, or jump over to the alcove on the left.

If you can't follow from these directions, I've taken screenshots that I can post.

More to follow!


@ray9na, level 5, side room to the left of the second room


get to the top right without killing any enemies, and using telekinesis only twice


You need to get to the top using telekinesis only twice because you need one 1x1 block, and if you use telekinesis more than twice you will not be able to recover one (note how you need two 1x1s left in order to recover one of them).

The first use of telekinesis should be with the lower 2x2 block. Grab it, and stand on top of it in order to jump up to the slight ledge on the right, and then (WITHOUT LETTING GO) fling the 2x2 to the left. Next, jump up to get the other 2x2 block; again, click only once on it, drag it with you, and stack it on top of the other block to get up to the shaft at the left. That's two uses of telekinesis only!

Then, you need excellent timing to avoid the mines, but it's doable. Jump past them and don't kill any.

The rest should be obvious!


@ray9na, final room of level 5:

This one is not so bad. The real puzzle is

extracting all of the wooden blocks from the pile. It's hard but possible to not have to 'sacrifice' even a single wooden block to pull out any other.

Once you do that, it's pretty straightforward, you

use the blocks to build an epic staircase up to the medal!

I can post the solution to this puzzle, but I think knowing what you need to do might be enough. This puzzle was a ton of fun, because you can make a lot of progress through trial and error (i.e., it's not a puzzle where you either get the whole thing at once or you don't get it at all), and because (as far as I remember) there are no reflexes involved, it's pure puzzle and it's a nice change from some reflex-heavy stuff earlier in the level.


@wgg and @arete: hah! I figured it out again, it fortunately only took me five minutes to re-create.

So, you don't have to throw a block up one block-height and move another under it! That I think is still impossible, I wasted lots of time trying to do that when first attempting this puzzle.

The best way to explain is probably a screenshot:
(if a moderator is seeing this message and can post the linked image on JIG, please do so, replace the URL, and delete this parenthetical message! thanks!)

See in the picture, you need to balance two blocks absolutely on the last possible pixel. That's the trick. From here on I think it's easy, but I can post more screenshots if it's not clear.


Also, a tip for everyone playing Beret (not a spoiler because it's a game mechanic): if you hit "G," it toggles a circle around you indicating the range of your telekinesis. This might have been in the instructions, but if so I didn't see it. Having it on often makes things much easier.

Also, don't forget, hit shift to toggle running. Q toggles the display at the top.

marbled_brain July 22, 2011 10:05 PM


Regarding the first room to the right on level 5:

The key is not to kill anyone until you have the orange piece.

Not enough?

Save every time you do something. Any time the seeker gets close, throw him back to his alcove, but don't kill him. If you kill any single one of these guys, you have to load the previous state.
If you notice when you start off the the blue jumper to the far left can't jump over the left column (column 1, or C1), that should clue you in that there's a reason behind the column arrangement.

Need more?

First, pick up the far left jumper and hover him behind you, where the arrow sign is. Then, as you move right, drop him so the seeker won't come after you. Jump on C1 and wait for the two jumpers to jump into the space between C1 and C2. As the second one lands, jump onto C2.
You are safe in this spot as long as you don't move.

For the next part,

it helps to turn on your telekinesis range circle. Jump far right, and grab the left block from the cubby as soon as you can. Drag it out and use it to pin the jumpers that are trying to get you. To see how I did it, check out this screencap. Then grab the other block. Don't worry about the blue pieces yet -- you can grab those at your leisure later.
You are saving every second, right?


the idea now is to arrange the two blocks next to each other like the cross bar of a T atop column 2. Then, position all the little critters to the left, and help guide them into a single-file column. They won't all fit under the left block at first; you can move the block up until it almost clears the one on the right.
This part will take some jockeying, but you should be able to get all seven beasts into a tall column, with one block balanced on top and the other to the right, blocking their exit. You will need to stand directly on top of the column, otherwise they will attempt to seek or jump out to the left and the column will collapse.


The next part will likely require a few tries. You need to jump up and simultaneously place the lower block atop the other one. Then, before the column can collapse, run and jump far left to land in the seeker's alcove. I think I did this best by moving the top block to the left as I ran and jumped before it dropped. It takes a bit to get the timing.

Almost there...

Once you are in the alcove, you need to pick up a block and hold it in front of the alcove in such a way that it lands on the seeker's head. It will start to drop, and just as it gets level with your feet, get on it then launch yourself at your bobbing orange prize. Again, this will take a few tries, as Beret tends to want to just jump straight out of the alcove, over the floating block and straight to a horrible death at the hands of the li'l blue dudes. Well, they don't have hands, but you get the point...

The rest is just cleaning up. Hope that helps, let me know if I can clarify anything for you.

Also, when you talk about the room to the left, do you mean the one where you have to throw all those blocks to kill the enemies?


@marbled_brain: whew! that's quite a lot. I think I've found a much simpler way. I think I will submit my screenshots for what I describe for ray9na after all:

This much might not even be necessary. I got up real high by stacking enemies:

and then jumped, simultaneously throwing the block up. The red guy follows me, the block lands on it, which allows me to jump again. While my reflexes were not amazing enough to take a screen shot at the highest point, or as I was jumping off the block (in this screenshot the block has dropped down a bit as the red guy hovers up and down), I can confirm that I was high enough to reach the orange piece without even needing the alcove on the left:

Certainly, you don't need to keep all the enemies alive! That might have been a nightmare!



Wow, my head is spinning from your description. As for the room off to the side of the second room, that's the one where (detailed description of the room follows)

you enter on the lower right through a row of blue Beret blocks. There's an orange slice in an alcove on the left side. There's exactly enough room to get a normal-sized block in there, which will probably be needed since the slice is just out of jump reach. There's a stack of normal-sized blocks near the top, with the bottom block sitting in a telekinesis block. But I can't see a way to do a darn thing without telekinesis, so crunch go the blocks.


I've also been playing One and Light. I'm at the green level, and for the first time I have absolutely no idea where I'm supposed to go. Can anyone help me here?

It's kind of an interesting game. I don't like the utter lack of save, though. It's frustrating to have to start all over again if I need to quit.

marbled_brain July 22, 2011 10:55 PM


in the room to the bottom left,

You're absolutely right about the crunching... three blocks means two crunches max. You have to be very judicious and efficient with your telekinesis, and you have to be very fleet of foot to deal with your enemies sans offensive maneuvers.
When you do use your telekinesis, hold on to whatever you're manipulating as long as you can. Also, like the top right room, don't bother with the blue pieces until you've secured the orange.

Let me know if you need more detailed help with this room.

Also, for the final room in level 5, there is a good description of how to get the orange piece listed above somewhere.

Good luck!


ahhh why aren't my comments showing up! I have answered all your questions, @ray9na, and have an alternative for @marbled_brain as well…

jranker July 23, 2011 6:33 PM

As an FYI to anyone who hasn't checked the download page for Beret lately, there's an update that corrects an unsolvable puzzle on level 13 and makes a few minor adjustments to level 11. Also there's an almost 20 minute let's play Beret part 1 video. I haven't watched it yet to see how far it goes.

Back to trying to figure out the second boss.


Thanks for the help on the level 9 orange medallion piece m3psi! Couldn't have done it without you! There are some puzzles on orange pieces in the room just before the second boss that are befuddling me now. This is proving to be a really challenging (and fun) game!

marbled_brain July 25, 2011 8:21 PM


For an alternative to the right room on level 5 (thanks for inspiring me to find a more elegant solution m3psi -- this is probably your alternative, or similar)

Kill all the blue guys -- paint the walls with their blood. Or don't. It doesn't matter, cause you don't really need them. I was deluded before, but I see clearly now. The only one you need is the seeker.

Get a block out, balance it on the tallest column, put the seeker under it, and levitate straight up to the orange piece.


When you have the seeker under you, jump up and drag the block up with you. The seeker will fly up under you and momentarily hold the piece up higher, dropping a bit each second or so. If you do this repeatedly, you will bootstrap yourself up, up and ... upper?
Claim the orange slice, spike the seeker, grab your blue pieces and move on with your life...

Good luck! Again, thanks m3psi!


I have time once again to sit down and play Beret. Everyone helping me figure out level 5 has my admiration, respect, and thanks. Orange medallion wedge, check! :)

The one thing I'm not seeing is how to get the white medallion that's in the last room. (I'm not playing the rooms in order, so this does not mean I'm almost out!) I have all of the wooden blocks,

and they're more than enough to reach the blue pieces, but they're not enough to reach the alcove above. Trying to start building a staircase on the left edge of where the orange wedge was only gets me trapped under the spikes.

Has anyone gotten this?

marbled_brain July 26, 2011 7:29 PM


You have every single block pulled out? That's all you need to get it. Try a different starting point.


Build the staircase starting with a block wedged into the gap in the wall to the left of where the orange piece was.


@m3psi: I would like a step-by-step solution for the last room of level 5, if you don't mind; I can't get either the orange or the white medallion (there are two blocks I can't pull out).
There are other medallions I'm missing from levels 1-13, but I want to try a bit more on my own before asking for help...


Scratch that - I found it by myself. Now I'm up against that evil, evil second boss...


Oh, and btw - I figured out the way to the grey medallion of level 10. Kinda obvious, once you figure it out...
Let me know if you still need help on it.


I finally got past Beret level 5 -- whooo!

And so no sooner do I begin level 6 than a fearsome puzzle leaves me scratching my head. It's in the first room, scrolled over to the right.

A yellow beastie, a red beastie, and link blocks. How do I maneuver the beasties away from safety and into the deadly spikes?


Hooray for Power of the Post. I cleared the first room of level 6 (don't ask me how), but how in the WORLD do I even get TO the side room at the bottom left of the second room? Or, for that matter, how do I get up to the top left of the second room, where the blue pieces are?


I don't have time to answer, sadly, but it's definitely doable.
You should check the official forum: http://www.indiedb.com/games/beret/forum


Emöjk, thank you for the link. It's given me another source of Power of the Post. :-P

I'm now in the room off to the right side of the last room of level 6, trying to figure out how to get that last orange wedge. I don't have a lot to work with, which suggests *what* needs to be done. It's just that, since there's so little to work with, it's hard to work out *how* to do it.


Holy cats, I figured out how to get the last orange wedge in level 6.

The answer was right in front of me.

Ever notice that if you support the link block, the one you can control directly, the block that's linked to it will, in the absence of barriers, maintain a specific absolute position from it? BUT if you support the linked block, the one you can't control directly, and let go of the one you can, in the absence of barriers it will keep falling.

You dropped the link block into the abyss? Oh noez!

Links can be severed.

I am currently locked in battle against Blockster, the first Evil Boss. It's pretty obvious what needs to be done, it's just really incredibly hard.


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