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Weekend Download №166

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Weekend Download

JohnBIt's the first Weekend Download of the new year! We should celebrate or something, shouldn't we? How about with showers of gold, rainbows and candy? Mmm, tempting, but difficult. Our airship is in the shop. What about with a bunch of games that celebrate retro gaming mechanics?! Perfect!

sutef.gifsuteF (Windows, 6.8MB, free) - It's no mistake this game bears resemblance to the 2009 platform puzzler Fetus. suteF could be called one part platformer, one part puzzle game, one part "experience of what it's like going insane". The game tells the story of a blue character trying to escape from the Abyss. Some crazy things happen in this place, such as characters dying, bears wearing television screens, spirits following you, gravity changing, levels re-arranging, and... well, and more. Some brilliant level design here, with stages that require thinking and experimentation as well as some trial and error.

ninjasenki.gifNinja Senki (Windows, 10MB, free) - Another superb platform game, Ninja Senki focuses more on classic jump-and-shuriken gameplay like the Mega Man series of old. Your clan's princess has been kidnapped, so naturally you're off to rescue her. Movement is simple jumps and shuriken throws, with a slight double jump added to help you collect some coins and navigate tricky situations. Enemies gradually get more and more dangerous and require more hits to take down. Continues are infinite, which is fortunate, and when you die you restart at a nearby checkpoint, unlike most similar games from gaming's classic era. The only down side is the game doesn't save your progress, so you'll need to complete all 15+ levels in one sitting.

survivorlivingdead.gifSurvivor: The Living Dead (Windows, 64MB, free) - Probably not the gaming experience you were expecting from the title, Survivor puts you in the role of a post-teenage girl in the early 90s who is trying to defend a house from the living dead. Investigate background items, push things in front of openings, lock doors, and do everything you can to stay alive. It's a surprisingly cerebral experience punctuated by bouts of OH MY GAWSH ZOMBIES ARE ATTACKING. Bonus: lots of references to the early George Romero films.

Note: All games have been confirmed to run under Windows 7 and are virus-free. Mac users should try Boot Camp, Parallels, or CrossOver Games to play Windows titles, Linux users can use Wine. If you know of a great game we should feature, use the Submit link above to send it in!


Actually, suteF is the sequel to Fetus.
It's an excellent game by the way. Very hard at the end, but the atmosfere is superb.

Papachabre January 1, 2011 5:29 PM

Survivor: The Living Dead is awesome!

Anonymous January 1, 2011 10:28 PM

Survivor: The Living Dead is definitely fun.

Some strategies for killing

Board the door in the kitchen and wait for a group of zombies before pushing the dresser off the ledge.

Get into the bedroom and close the door then when they break the door down shoot the group of zombies with a shotgun or firebomb and watch them all die.

Follow step one and wait till the zombies break into the kitchen then blow the room up with the light for free kills.


Haha, in Hungarian, "Senki" means "nobody", so "Ninja Senki -> "Ninja Nobody" :D

Happy new year to everyone.



Thank you so much for this edition of WD. suteF is easily the best game I've played this year. ... New Years jokes aside, it still is one of the best games I've played in months. The narrative is (for the most part) fantastic and to me it feels like Submachines creepier puzzle-platforming cousin, presented in the style of Memento. Fetus was good, but this is a masterpiece!

On a side note, suteF reminds me strongly of another game with a similar 'trapped, death is no escape' theme, but I can't recall what it was. Not even the type of game. This is going to bug me all week.

By the way, does anyone have any hints for the 'Void Rim' levels? I found 5 (Channel C, room 1, go left) and 7 (channel D, ...somewhere...
I think), but that is it.


suteF is great!
I won the game and am searching for the void levels now.
It should be featured.


Void Rim Levels Basics:

There are eight Void Rim Levels total. They are accessed through hidden exits in select 'required' levels; there is no chance of bypassing an VR entrance level by taking a different 'path'. The VR levels appear in order, two per each channel, excluding CH F. The dots on the 'map screen' will light indicating if you have found them or not. So, the first two dots (starting from the left) represent VR 1 and 2 both found in CH A, etc.

Void Rim Level Locations:

CH A: La-zor, Boxes. CH B: We Shift Too, Lazer Entrapment. CH C: Move Right, Complexities (note: DO NOT switch gravity). CH D: Disjointed, Pyramid.

Do not use the monitors in those levels. Restart if necessary. When searching, a suicidal mindset is recommended.


Wanted to check out suteF since the reviews were so positive but it only opens in full screen. That just won't fly during my lunch break


About suteF Fullscreen:
Press Alt+F4 to switch to windowed mode.


You can deactivate full screen mode by pressing F4.


I played Fetus and suteF until the end (even won all void rims but couldn't find out a way to unlock chapter E, also played both "sides" of chapter B), I loved them both especially suteF even though it makes no sense and it might explode M. Night's brain.
I even played Ted's (aka rottentator) games, if you play Descent you could see where the concept of the blue protagonist and the weird character at chapter C come from.
Thanks for JIG, I spent almost a day playing these games.

Anonymous January 9, 2011 8:49 AM

I'm gonna have to check out suteF, because I've been playing Ninja Senki for a week and it's superb (I seriously can't believe it was free, I would gladly put down 15$ for this game.) If suteF is able to steal the spotlight from Ninja Senki so easily like it did here in the comments, it must surely be worth my time.


I really enjoyed suteF...but even after completing it and finding all 8 void levels, it still feels like I'm missing the point or something...and what looks like it would be chapter E is still blacked out. Is there more? Do I need to play Fetus to understand what is supposed to be going on here?


Sorry to double-post, but I went ahead and played Fetus and still feel just as confused! Is there an explanation or back-story I'm missing? It seems like there should be a really awesome one there!


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